TPG Spring Cleaning Contest And National Survey Results – Do You Know Where Your Points Are?

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I recently commissioned The Princeton Group to conduct a national survey to find out how much people know about and are using their miles, and the results were very interesting.

It turns out that 73% of Americans who have frequent flyer miles don’t know how many they have and 59% said they don’t know how these programs work.

73% of Americans with airline miles don't know how many they have.

73% of Americans with airline miles don’t know how many they have.

The other interesting facts to come out of the survey were that only 67% of us collect reward miles and points at all, and of those, 27% of people admit that they have let some or all of them expire.

Perhaps the most surprising fact? That those in the 18-29 age bracket are actually the worst at keeping track of their miles – 80% of them admitted they don’t know how many they have! Come on Gen Y – you’re supposed to be the tech savvy ones! With so many apps and tools for tracking miles and points, this just doesn’t make sense.

27% of people have let miles expire.

27% of people have let miles expire.

What also doesn’t make sense is why so few people are keeping track of their points and miles when there are such good resources out there to do so easily. Miles and points are a form of currency. They are worth money. Sometimes they are worth a lot of money – depending on how you redeem them. The bottom line is that your points and miles are an asset and they are worth keeping track of.

Given these results, I’ve decided to host a reader contest and giveaway to make sure that no one’s miles go unused anymore.

A lot of people - nearly 60% - don't know how frequent flyer programs work.

A lot of people – nearly 60% – don’t know how frequent flyer programs work.

Now that the sun is out and shining and we’re all starting to think about summer travel, I think it’s time we all did a little spring cleaning, starting with our miles. So I’m going to be giving away some premium memberships to both TripIt Pro and AwardWallet to readers who enter my contest as well as a 30-minute personal phone consultation with one of them to maximize their personal points strategy.

Airlines have gotten more aggressive lately about blocking tracking sites’ access to account information, so not all of these are able to actively track your points, but there are workarounds and it’s still good to have all your information in one place that’s easily accessible.

TripIt Pro Prizes: Give Me Your Best…And Your Worst

I have six free one-year trial memberships to TripIt Pro to give away. TripIt Pro includes features like: tracking all your frequent travel account information including balances and expiration dates, instant alerts about flight delays, cancellations and gate changes (often before airlines themselves even notify you), the ability to automatically share your travel plans with contacts and complimentary 1-year memberships to Hertz #1 Club Gold and Regus Gold.

TripIt is a great resource for keeping track of your points and miles.

TripIt is a great resource for keeping track of your points and miles.

I’ll be giving three of these away to the readers who submit their best stories about how they have kept track of their points and used them for a valuable redemption. 

I’ll give the other three away to the readers who worst stories about letting their points or miles expire. We’ve all done it, and the first step to recovery is admitting failure.

All winners will be selected at random from those who submit a valid comment using their email address at the bottom of this post.

Meanwhile for those of you who don’t end up winning, you can still try out TripIt Pro with a free two-month trial subscription – just redeem it by May 31, 2013.

AwardWallet Plus Prizes: Share On Facebook

One of the services I use for tracking my points and miles balances is AwardWallet, which has a basic membership that tracks balances and travel plans, notifies you when your balances are set to expire and allows you to share your travel plans. They also have a premium membership called AwardWallet Plus that does all that in addition to displaying historical account balance changes, allows you to export award balances into spreadsheets and will display unlimited award expiration notices.

AwardWallet Plus will keep track of your miles and tell you when they're set to expire.

AwardWallet Plus will keep track of your miles and tell you when they’re set to expire.

I am giving away unlimited six-month AwardWallet Plus memberships to new users and also some OneCards that allow you to customize all of your mileage accounts onto one physical card for your wallet.

To win these prizes and get the AwardWallet Plus sign-up codes, go to my Facebook page and share the photo of me using my AwardWallet account. We’ll give six-month memberships to AwardWallet Plus to new AwardWallet subscribers (you can’t have had an account in the past, free upgrades to 100 members who share the photo, and the 50 OneCard coupons to another 50 Facebook fans who share it as well.

50 Facebook fans can win free OneCards from AwardWallet by sharing my photo.

50 Facebook fans can win free OneCards from AwardWallet by sharing my photo.

It’s spring and we all have to get our houses in order, starting with our points, so these free memberships to some of the best miles-tracking services out there are my way of helping folks maximize their miles and not let them go to waste!

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  • tscateh

    I currently have just over 40000 delta skymiles and 3700 ultimate rerewards points. We just redeemed skymiles for flights to and from a transatlantic cruise, Miami to Barcelona!

  • Robert

    The father of my girlfriend is a retired executive who formerly had Senator status with LU’s Miles & More. Once he stopped working, he stopped flying. And once he stopped flying, his status drop from tier to tier, year after year, until it was gone. So long as he had status, his miles were protected. A quarter of a million miles were at stake. And no one knew about it until I thought to ask. The miles were saved with only days to spare and put to good use at Christmas, with minimum fees which is difficult with Miles and More, on the following itinerary: CDG-CAI-LXR-AMM-LHR. Stopovers were in CAI & AMM. The return to CDG was unavailable so we took the Chunnel. All told we got to see Cairo, the pyramids, Memphis, Luxor, the Valleys of the Kings, Nobles and Artists, Petra, the Wadi Rum, the King’s Road, the Wadi Mujib, and London. A fabulous time snatched from the jaws of mile expiration. All the accounts have subsequently been entered into Awardwallet of course.

  • Joseph Mansour

    I use awardwallet and a spreadsheet and was able to book a trip to south of france last summer with united

  • Joseph Mansour

    I let my usair miles go to waste because i was simply not as savvy as i am today

  • Jon

    Ever since I earned my first mile on Continental I have manually tracked all my miles and points until Award Wallet came out. I still use award wallet but also have an excel spreadsheet that I check monthly to update and make sure nothing is expiring. I used my miles and points on a trip to Europe all free to visit my girlfriend.

  • Precia

    Living in middle america, I always kept track of airline miles just for the specific airlines by flying them or using the corresponding airline credit card. Last fall when my husband started talking about his business Amex (that I never use or see), a lightbulb went off. We realized we had tons of points racked up from his business Amex that we had never looked at or used! We used the points to take a family trip to Ireland to celebrate his parents 50th wedding anniversary. We took 9 people on reward points! To see family age 9 to 79 able to share a great holiday was priceless. After that, I found The Points Guy and vowed to not let one reward point or mile slip by. Now I just need Tripit to keep track of all of it:)

  • Loren

    I wish Delta, American and United allowed third party sites to track their points. Do you have any clout here? :)

  • skyszky

    My wife went to the States from Asia. We bought a Flex Class round trip fare from Narita to LAX and got an eUpgrade with Air Canada. We paid with Delta miles (Economy) from LAX to Mexico. From Mexico she got another Delta awards (business) to FL. From FL, she used her miles to go to Canada (Business) on AC. From Canada back to Asia, we used my AC eUpgrades to get a Business upgrade. I used a Marriott Rewards/Amex for two LAX Hotels. I used Capital One miles for a Hotel in FL for her.

  • Devin

    For my bachelor party to LAS, I was able to save points and help some buddies out. I used the 2 US Air companion tickets to book 3 economy tickets, then used miles to upgrade all 3 of us to First Class. Though I initially didn’t have enough points for all 3 upgrades, I was able to use one of the 100% bonus programs thanks to TPGs alert and get enough for the gang. And with my Preferred status (again thanks to the preferred trial TPG has mentioned), I make up almost all the points I used for my upgrade. Ended up saving about $1000 total, which honestly we will probably just lose in the casino…

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  • Carey

    The very first time I ever earned points was in November 2011 during a Club Carlson 50,000 point promotion. I drove from Boulder, CO to Colorado Springs, CO to stay one night at the Radisson. I earned the 50,000 and then used that momentum to book a trip to Iceland and stay one night for free at the Radisson Blu 1919 in Reykjavik. I have been hooked ever since and have since traveled to Manchester, Istanbul, St. Petersburg, Copenhagen, Berlin and Prague by utilizing miles and points.

  • Frederick Millett

    TPG, I’ve been reading your blog for several months now and have learned so much – your posts and insights are invaluable. My girlfriend and I have been saving up our Delta Skymiles (and taking your advice and getting signup bonuses on credit cards) and just redeemed them for an amazing trip that was TPG-recommended. We each redeemed 120,000 Skymiles for a trip in Business class to Paris (2-night stopover), and then Economy class to Mauritius for 7 nights (unfortunately business class wasn’t available for these flights). It took some imaginative and creative routing since for some reason JFK-CDG on Air France has disappeared from Skymiles, but nonetheless we got there and back in Business class for all but the Mauritius legs and only paid $300 in fees – still a great deal considering the flight would have cost around $4500! Without your advice about building open-jaws and stopovers into our intineries, this would not have been possible. So what about hotels? I got the Visa Hyatt card and used the two free nights to book a stay at the Park Hyatt in Paris; had plenty of HHonors points (I’m Hilton Diamond) and used those points on a 5-night cash and points stay at the Hilton Mauritius for 16,000 points plus $65 (a great deal post-devaluation since nights go for around $250, so still getting about one cent per point!); and then decided to splurge and stay for two nights at the Four Seasons in Mauritius, recently ranked by TripAdvisor as one of the best hotels in the world, using the AMEX Fine Hotels and Resorts program that you’ve recommended (this will be my first time trying it out). All said and done, this amounts to about a $14,000 trip that we’re getting for about $2500 – that’s a savings of about 80%! Thanks for all your recommendations TPG!

  • Emanuel

    Wish I new about the Points guy years ago!!!

    I literally lucked out on over 40+k miles since i forgot that they go to waste when there is no activity within 12 months!!! Tried, tried and tried again talking to a supervisor but they had no sympathy for me. HAD TO LEARN MY LESSON THE HARD WAY!

  • Tony

    Mine is a bad example story where a tracking program probably would’ve come in handy. Instead, at my house, we used a whiteboard in our home office to track our 9 different travel related loyalty accounts, updating it once a month. We have since grown up to Excel spreadsheets. For our anniversary, I was going to surprise my wife with business class tickets to Greece (her homeland). It would be the first time either of us had ever flown non-coach. We had spent every dollar for the prior 3 years on our BA Avios card and saved a ton of miles, enough to get a companion ticket after the first year, the only one we earned since the beginning. So we were going to go big with it. But we had a family tragedy the next year, and neither of us could get the work schedules to align for a big trip to Europe after that. So then this year comes. We’ve saved 500K Avios. We go to book everything and spend a heartbreaking amount of points (you all know that feeling!)…and our companion ticket expired a month earlier! It cost us a huge amount of points and the ability to upgrade to first. I am still scarred to this day.

  • Roy H

    Really a story of worst to best… I traveled to Australia when I was much younger and was really excited to have to FF miles to use after the trip. Well being a youngin I forgot all about them and most ended up expiring or being used to lame magazine subscriptions. I learned my lesson after college and get into tracking them..I stuck with a couple programs and worked credit card offers. I have since been able to fly all over the country/world many times for free with miles I primarily earned with everyday purchases. Credit to this website and the flyertalk forums for sure!

  • pssteve

    A few years ago I let some US miles fade into the sunset thru inaction and figuring I’d limit award travel to AA. Little did I know that AA and US would 1 day merge and my 22000 miles would be worth something.May still persue them after the merger.

  • NC

    I started in the points game 1 year and 11 months ago. I am guilty of hoarding my points and never spending them. I think I’ve only spent 7000 SPG points for a 1 night redemption and 7000 Marriott points for a 1 night redemption in all of this time. I don’t know how many points I have exactly, but it totals over a million.

  • Norbert Ver

    MileWise is free too!!

  • max

    A “best” story… Back in 2000 I graduated college and had done a job interview for a management consulting firm. One of the questions discussed concerned the airline industry and specifically their strategy around frequent flier programs. Well, one of the first things I did when I started living in the “real world” after school was sign up for the Delta Platinum Sky Miles American Express card. Without knowing much about what programs were out there, and certainly without any TPG blog, I just reasoned I’d put as much $$$ on that one card as possible to rack up miles. The fee was hefty for me at the time, but in retrospect, totally worth it. Rack up points and miles I did, and in the decade-plus since having that card I’ve been able to enjoy numerous free trips around the world, plus make use of their domestic companion tickets. Not to mention I’m now a longstanding client with Amex which really helps with the small things beyond just mileage accrual (customer service, waiving of fees, overnight mail of a lost card, etc.) Oh, I never did land that job by the way… :)

  • Alexis Lavko

    My best points redemption story was before the BA avios devaluation. I enrolled in award wallet to closely track BA and SPG points accumulation, and as soon as I had enough points, I would book that portion of the trip. My husband and I flew business class to Japan on points accrued with the BA credit card. Then we spent four nights at the Park Hyatt Tokyo for free, courtesy of the Hyatt credit card. We redeemed SPG points to stay Westins in three other cities. All told, the retail value of the flights and hotel stays was over $16,000 and all we spent was a couple of hundred on taxes for our flights!

  • Side31

    Worst story nominee HHonors: My parents “own” a timeshare that was purchased some years later by Hilton Hawaiian Vacations. So now they get annual points to pay for their week, for being owners. I was frequently flying from Shanghai to Hainan (the Hawaii of China) and staying at the Hilton Sanya, so I was starting to accumulate my own HHonors points. A few years ago, my wife and I accompany my parents to their time-share, where I am offered 50,000 points to sit through their Timeshare presentation. 2 hours later, points are all mine! I’m fast approaching ~100K miles Fast forward to October of 2012, when Hilton sends me an email “to keep your points active, you need to earn points every 12 months. Act before January 01, 2013 or all of your points will be forfeited”
    Guess how many points I have now? Yup…ZERO. I should probably be banned from coming here.

  • Bre

    Last year I decided to introduce my English husband to Disney World in Florida. We are big kids at heart but there was no way of convincing him that the trip was worth spending actual money. So I turned to my points. We had enough Jet Blue points to fly one way direct. In order to make the return leg of the trip happen I applied for the Citi AA card with the 30k bonus. I quickly hit the spend requirement and received the 30k miles not long after. I used those to book us both into business class with the additional AA miles I had in my account (flying through MIA). Because I had the AA card I knew that I would get 10% of those miles back (so 5k) that I could use to planning our next trip. We then used SPG miles to book into the Dolphin. Then we needed to get our passes. I realized that I had some Virgin Atlantic miles that I wasn’t going to use to use for our next trip to LHR due to the hefty fuel surcharges, so I transferred those points to Hilton (at a rate of 2:1) and used the Hilton points to book passes at Disney world since they had a special offer on. All in all the travel and passes cost us $16. And I got a picture of Will with Mickey, which was pretty priceless.

  • Meghan

    I spend two years dating an English guy and spend thousands and thousands of dollars flying BA, united and Lufthansia to/from LHR. Also, we took two trips to India on Emirates. I never kept track of any of these points and let them expire. OR even worse, I never registered a frequent flyer number to get credit for the trips! I always assumed it wasn’t worth it to keep track, and that I didn’t travel enough to see any return on collecting points. Years later I finally joined the world of miles and points and I’m bummed I missed out on all of those points! Well, ya live, ya learn!

  • Harlan Vaughn

    Oh man. For the longest time, I had no idea about the various alliances. I lived in Canada, and credit my Air Canada flight to Aeroplan, my United flights to United, and my Lufthansa flights to Lufthansa. I had no idea that I could’ve banked them all into one central account, so I lost out on a lot of bonus miles and status with any airline. So dumb. Now that I’ve wised up, I’m very good about where I credit my miles. It still burns me to think of all those miles that hung out for so long… a lot of them actually expired. :(

  • Aimee

    As a recent graduate, I was one of the 18-29 year olds who was definitely not tracking my miles and points. I have only recently gotten into obsessing over them, and it has paid off. I got two RT flights from DC to Vegas using miles alone. And I will be racking up points for the hotel stays.

  • Chad

    I love to travel! That’s why The Points Guy is bookmarked on all my devices! I used my Chase Sapphire Preffered points for a Hyatt Park Place! And I work for Marriott! As a Marriott Associate we get special rates at all of our properties when it is available. The other weekend I had two days off and I wanted to fly to Vegas to surprise my girlfriend who lives in Germany and was going to be there for a girls trip. I couldn’t find any associate rates at the Las Vegas Marriotts, which includes the Cosmopolitan. So I went to my Ultamite Rewards page and saw Hyatt was the best option because it would only be 16,000 points to stay two nights at the Hyatt Park Place with fee breakfast and free airport shuttle and free shuttle to the strip.
    I quickly signed up for Hyatt gold passport and quickly transferred my points.

    I checked in and impressed my girlfriend that I surprised her! Of coarse I would have paid to see her but this just made the trip even better!


  • Chantal Cloutier

    Mine is a story not of my points (which I track religiously) but my cousin’s. We were speaking recently of an upcoming trip together and how I would be using my points to fly business class. She was bemoaning the fact she had too few points for a flight and they were close to expiring. I told her to check into alternate uses for the points rather than just let them expire. Sure enough, she was able to book a full week’s use of a rental car for her ‘useless’ few points and saved quite a bit of money for the trip.

  • PointsEnthusiast1933

    My dad now has 450,000 BA points, because I told him that he might have points from all these years of purchasing on credit cards, so he transferred 300,000 RBC avion points to British Airways with a 50% transfer bonus, now we all have points to fly on AA, or One World partners, whenever, wherever.

  • Jackie F

    I “manage” both my husband’s and my points by keeping a list of points, programs and expiration dates on a paper near the computer. I’ve done pretty well so far, but probably should try a more hi-tech way to keep track as I am getting more points in more programs! One of my best redemptions was using a fifth night free spg redemption for 5 nights at le Meridien Barcelona after a transatlantic cruise a few years ago which I coupled with a 50% off points needed platinum requalification gift certificate…. And as I recall I booked the award stay just after starwood announced and implemented a one category reduction for the hotel in late winter that year. I think i only used 24,000 spg points for that stay! Wow! What a great value at a fantastic spg property!

  • Tricia

    I am relatively new to the whole points world, dabbling off and on at first. With 4 kids, and not a lot of money, we spent many vacations just driving to visit family. Now that our kids are older and we are living/working overseas with three of them (one is in college), I have much more of an incentive to earn! In the last six months, I’ve signed up for 5 new cards (4 in one app-o-rama) to the tune of 215,000 points. Not a ton, but not a bad start. Before that, I had signed up for two different cards when they had a 100,000 sign on bonus. I used part of those points last Christmas to fly my daughter over to Hong Kong for free and put all of us up in in a five star hotel in Beijing. Not bad! Working on getting some free tix back to the US this summer and a couple of free nights in LA.

  • Marcus Worth

    It’s interesting to contrast this “lack of knowledge” (which is admittedly scary) with the things that apparently bother the knowledgeable about frequent flyer programs.

    Frequent Business Traveler magazine and FlyerTalk just published the results of a survey on Frequent Flyer Program Pet Peeves and a lack of award availability on the desired dates topped the list, followed by availability but at a higher level and then surcharges and fees.

  • Not Proud But Got To Japan

    A few years back I was saving American Airlines miles for a trip to Japan. It took me forever, but I finally got them. I couldn’t wait to go. And then one day I called AA to check my mileage balance and they said it was 0. The miles had expired.

    I catapulted straight into the 5 stages of loss, starting with disbelief and anger. Before I headed into acceptance, though, I came up with a crazy scheme. The miles expired because there was no activity — but if I could somehow make *retroactive* activity they’d come back.

    On their partners page I found an old promotion that literally gave maybe 50 points. I called the company and said I’d applied for the promotion months ago but hadn’t gotten the points yet. Somewhat miraculously, with zero proof, they credited me with points dated a month or two back, and my miles reappeared.

    I went to Japan — a week in Tokyo, then a week with a rail pass — and had the best time of my iife. But I learned a lesson, and now I have one sheet of paper listing all of my intangible assets (freq flyer miles, free hotel nights, etc.) along with their expiration dates.

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  • Andrew

    I recently took a new rotational job based in Europe. Everything about this opportunity seemed perfect at the time, except when I discovered that while all of my travel, moving, etc expenses would be covered when I moved in Europe, I first had to get myself there. Packing your life into a couple suitcases is no easy task and finding affordable transatlantic flights at the time was a huge chore. I did however have several thousand Delta Skymiles that I racked up using their online mall. Weighing the options between economy and business class tickets I came to the decision that it having 2 free checked bags with the ability to be heavier than economy’s 1 free checked bag, as well as the added comfort of flying business was worth the additional point outlay. Only issue was I was still about 15000 miles short of the award ticket. I processed the reservation and had 24 hours to accrue the miles and thought back to a post about transferring AMEX rewards points to Delta and AMEX’s policy on point advances. After calling up AMEX and having 14000 membership rewards points + 1000 point advance they gave me transfered to delta i was in business!

  • Monge10

    I have about 250,000 SPG points as well as 100,000 United points. We recently were able to get 5 nights in Paris free with the SPG points. I was happy with that. I am a recent joiner to the site and am learning so much, thanks.

  • Matthew

    I let about 95,000 AA miles expire when I was “uninformed”. They’d been collected over about 6 years, then I stopped flying AA and never paid attention to the balance. Won’t happen again!

  • RunningMan23

    Before learning the “points game”, I let 12K Hilton Honors points expire. I was pretty mad back then, but just earned 80K with Citi and Amex HH cards!

  • BillF

    A few years agoI had a Capitol One card with over 100K points. I was planning to redeem them when the annual fee came due. Without thinking I cancelled the card and when I went to redeem the points a few weeks later they were all gone. When I called I was told you had to have an active account and when I tried to reopen it they would not reinstate the points. Live and learn to read the rules closely.

  • tallworldtraveler

    Always have used points and miles. I am a teacher after all. We don’t make a lot of money on average. Gotta figure out another angle – points and miles – oh yeah. This year I’ve been collecting the points and miles like a mad woman. I’ve been saving for my 50ieth. Thanks to AwardWallet – a genius product, I can keep track of my 2 free Hyatt nights, 2 free Hyatt Status upgrades, 2 free Hilton nights, and now a Chase Sapphire with 40,000 to transfer to Hyatt. Bday is in HI, at Grand Hyatt Kauai. I haven’t decided the flight there yet, since I don’t know from which point I’m flying in from, i.e., Europe or US, but covered by AA, UA, USairways, Korean Air, or Alaska Air to get me there on an award first class.

  • KurtisK

    I am focusing on accruing Delta Skymiles but after reading several of your posts have decided to diversify and will be applying for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card to make the 40,000 point bonus.

  • hollie

    Fortunately I am an Alaska mvp gold and thanks to the occasional cc churn and Alaska’s great partnerships, I have managed to snag several first class trips to Europe, Asia and am now working on my Australia trip with a side hop to Bali in Business this fall.

    Being gold allows me to make changes without fees – shh! – getting me exactly the flights and times I want with some minor persistence – quite helpful for coordinating those side trips. Thank you bringing the Hyatt card to my attention. We are looking forward to our 2 night stay at the Hyatt in Sydney.

    One of my mileage tragedies has been the loss of my Cayman air mileage number – without the number there is no finding your account ever again. Lets face it, they dont make it easy to get freebies. I actually keep a copy of all these account numbers in my safe, as well as cloud and hard drive…

  • Katie

    Poor points management… I had gotten a SPG gold account through Delta many years ago. I had earned several thousand points, and after I stopped traveling as frequently I tried to keep it active. Well, much to my dismay, I had somehow created two different accounts, and I kept my second account active (the account with 0 points). My account with several thousands of points expired and was gone :(

    Lesson learned. I now have a spreadsheet where I keep all of my frequent numbers!

  • Marlene Konkoly

    I keep track of airline miles very closely, because I value those the most since most of my hotel activity is non-points earning, such as priceline.

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