Targeted American Status Match and Challenge Promo – Gold, Platinum and Executive Platinum Offers

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Loyalty Lobby reports on three targeted American Airlines promos that offer Gold, Platinum and Executive status matches and challenges to former elites looking to regain their status as well as packets of 500-mile upgrades.

The offer is instant elite status through August 31, 2013, as well as the chance to extend that elite status through February 28, 2015, by flying a certain amount of miles by August 31, 2013.

You register at the American Airlines Bonus Offers page by midnight CDT on May 15, 2013.

Register for the promo on the AA offers page with code HVLP1.

Register for the promo on the AA offers page with code HVLP1.

To qualify for Gold, you must register with the promotion code HVLG1 and fly 6,000 miles by August 31, 2013. You also get 10 500-mile upgrades just for registering.

To qualify for Platinum, you must register with the promotion code HVLP1 and fly 12,000 miles by August 31, 2013. You get 20 500-mile upgrades just for registering.

To qualify for Executive Platinum, you must register with the promotion code HVLE1 and fly 30,000 miles by August 31, 2013, at which point you’ll be awarded 8 EVIP systemwide upgrades.

The qualification requirements seem pretty doable in four months, and you can earn miles on American Airlines, American Eagle, American Connection, British Airways, Iberia, JAL or Qantas, making qualification even easier if you are planning some international travel.

Even if you didn’t receive this email, you can still try to register for the promotion. However, it’s unlikely that you will be deemed eligible. Still, it can’t hurt to try!

If you don’t qualify, but want status on American and have some travel coming up, you can always just do American’s normal status match/challenge, though the highest tier you can qualify for is Platinum and you need status on another airline in order to do so.

For their normal status challenge, American requires a co-pay and a certain number of Elite Qualifying Points (not miles) within a 3-month period: 5,000 for Gold and 10,000 for Platinum. American does not generally do challenges for Executive Platinum. American also charges a sign-up fee for the challenge. The most recent costs were: $120 for Gold and $240 for Platinum. Once you’ve done your research, enroll in a challenge by calling AAdvantage customer service at 1 800-882-8880. Earlier this year, American was doing status matches for United 1K to Executive Platinum’s but that offer is no longer valid (view the Flyertalk post for more information).

Did any of you receive the targeted offers? If so, what were your circumstances?

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  • Goat Rodeo

    exceedingly lame.

  • sda

    I was able to register for the Platinum promotion.

  • D Daniel

    Once you register are you then selected? Or is it automatic?



  • thepointsguy

    Thanks, updated the post!

  • thepointsguy

    It will be automatic if you’re eligible.

  • D Daniel

    It said I was registered……….. does that mean I’m selected?

  • pcg

    I’ve never been elite nothin’ and I was able to register for the Platinum promotion.

  • Goat Rodeo

    No. You can register for these and not be qualified. This has happened in the past.

  • Goat Rodeo

    You can register for these promos, get the confirmation email and think you’re qualified, but if you did not get the email you will NOT get the bonus/status update.

  • Avi

    Registered for EXP. I status matched EXP last year but was unable to qualify so they dropped me to Platinum (Yay) this year …

  • Jon

    I registered and it sent a confirmation email. Now what happens – I did not get a target email either so I guess no Ex Plat status challenge for me?

  • Goat Rodeo

    you will get nothing. Edit: cept the email confirmation. ;)

  • Michael Carey

    Dont’ get how AA can offer the same bennies for 30K of flying — whereas current Executive Platinums have to fly 100K!

  • thepointsguy

    Not necessarily – you’ll have to see in 7-10 days if the 500-mile upgrades are deposited to your account.

  • thepointsguy

    You can call American AAdvantage to ask if you were registered for sure and they can tell you about your eligibility, though doing so might raise red flags.

  • Avi

    Got the confirmation email as well .. still not sure if I will get the status .. but I am planning to get EXP anyways this year …

  • Jerry

    I have registered for Platinum, how long does it take to get the miles credited on the account and also see my new status ? thanks

  • Pat

    I never got the target offer, but it worked when I applied for the Exec. Platinum level.

    Can you fly Cathay as well for this promo?

  • jason

    Do you get upgrades as Platinum ? Is it worth it?

  • Trevor

    So, the options are: Register, (a) get confirmation and still potentially be ineligible or (b) register, get confirmation, call AA and potentially raise flags? Seems to me like its a no brainer, unless it has negative impact on everyone else… So the question – does it?

  • Trevor

    Correction – If you get the confirmation, shouldn’t your AAdvantage Account show as the status (e.g. EXP)? How long for that to show?

  • thepointsguy

    If you were eligible, you should get the upgrades in your account in 7-10 days.

  • Jerry


  • thepointsguy

    It should in 7-10 business days.

  • thepointsguy

    No, just the airlines mentioned.

  • Trevor


  • Shane

    I did get the targeted Platinum offer, but have no idea what their criteria was because I’ve never been Platinum with AA previously. Several years ago I had Gold status, but had let that lapse and had focused on Delta for a while. This past year I’d done so little paid travel that I didn’t have status with anyone.

    Their use of the term “instant” is a little misleading considering they then disclose it will take approximately a week for the status change to apply. I had some existing upgrade credits in my account that I would have used for the AA flight I am currently on if it was possible… but despite the best efforts of the gate agent (who spoke to at least half a dozen different people on the phone trying to sort out the discrepancy between what the system said and the printout of the “Instant Platinum” email I had given her) it wasn’t possible to speed the process up. I can’t complain though, given it was status I am not really entitled to.

  • Bre Rossetti

    It’s not that much if a stretch when you consider that normally you have 12 months to achieve 100k and here you have 4 months the achieve 30k

  • Derek

    I got an email offering instant gold through Feb 28th, 2015. No challenge match, no qualifications. I was platinum for 4 years then dropped to gold when I moved to Europe and just lost even gold this past feb. The code was different than the ones in the post: HVMG1

    Registered for it yesterday. When I saw this post today, I tried both the exec platinum with the modification (sub G for L) and it didn’t work, but the platinum one did. Don’t know what it registered me for though. I’ll let everyone know when I find out.

    Anyone experience anything similar?

  • Adam

    So I registered for the promotion for EXP and I was confirmed. I’m currently EXP till Feb 2014 but this promotion will springboard me till Feb 2015. How can I confirm if I’m actually eligible.

  • PF

    Thanks for the info. The Gold worked for me and I haven’t had status with AA.

  • Blue Eyed Devil

    EXP worked for me, no clue if it will actually post.

    I’m well on my way to a 100k year on United this year but if this AA EXP status actually posts I will shift all my spend over to AAdvantage. Only reason United gets all my corporate $$$ is because AA makes it hard/rare to status match. I’m willing to be lured away if they want my money but I’m not holding my breath, for some reason they don’t want Delta or United’s high-value flyers.

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  • travelstar

    Interesinng info. thanks!

  • Alex

    Registered for EXP, waiting to see if it goes through. I fly 4K/4segments a week with AA and currently am Gold, getting close to Plat so only EXP fast track made sense to me.
    Am I reading it right that we should instantly (7-10 days) get the status from the promotion we sign up for, e.g. instant EXP for just signing up for the EXP challenge? That would create a ton of “temporary” EXPs.

  • Henry

    Are the “miles to qualify” butt-in-seat miles or EQMs dependent on fare class?

  • davep

    Do points flights count? I usually don’t fly enough for status, but already have MIA-LHR on BA booked in August, but with points.

  • thepointsguy

    Butt in seat- AA doesn’t give bonus eqms for class of service- only eqps

  • thepointsguy

    Not if you used miles. But if you used credit card points like cap one they buy the flight so it will count

  • BOSflyer1

    When is the “start date” for flying miles which count towards this promotion? Is it only files flown from May 1- Aug 31st or from Jan 1?

  • thepointsguy

    April 29.

  • Kathy K

    Hi Brian. I put the code in for the gold challenge and it accepted the promo and sent me an email confirming my registration. What would happen if I went back and put the code in for the platinum challenge? if it accepted me for that, would I then be registered for both challenges – and come out gold or platinum depending on whether I hit 6K or 12K by August?

  • BOSflyer1

    Will flights on Cathay Pacific count (if booked using an AA flight #)?

  • Henry

    So, a N-fare flight on JL (normally 30% EQM and 0.50 EQP) would count 100% towards this promo?

  • wingtipwalker

    Existing Gold, just signed on for a Platinum challenge through July 15…they charged me $180.

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  • lisette

    what other credit card points count cos I have 150k points at amex and wanna know how to max it out but american not one of the airlines to transfer points so if I use it outright for tkt will it count for miles towards elite status promo?

  • Jerry

    I am not eligible to the offer, because it’s a targeted offer :(

  • Cleverremark

    Just received the following email from AA when I asked to verify that the match was going to honored:

    First, on behalf of all of us here at AAdvantage® Customer Service,
    thank you for being one of our valued AAdvantage Lifetime Platinum®

    As it turns out, this particular offer was a targeted promotion sent to
    a limited number of AAdvantage members, based on a variety of criteria.
    While the offer is only available to those customers who received an
    email from American Airlines directly, please be assured that this does
    not detract from your value to us as an AAdvantage member.

    We appreciate your business very much and hope to have the opportunity
    to welcome you aboard again soon.


    Leann Simes
    AAdvantage Customer Service
    American Airlines

  • Nick Z

    how about EQMs earned through the Citi Executive AA card?

  • Nick Z

    how about EQMs earned through the Citi Executive AA card?

  • Nick Z

    how about EQMs earned through the Citi Executive AA card?

  • George

    I could not agree more. I am Platinum for life but it’s been a while
    since I did a large amount of yearly flying. I took the risk of
    calling AA consumer relations and talked to someone, was on hold an
    exceedingly long amount of time (I think they were calling AA customer
    service) and they get got on the phone and said “I am not going to be
    able to help you.” I think he wanted to, just when I was transferred to
    Customer Service, they politely explained to me that not only do you
    need to code registered for; they had to send out a mailing and if you
    did not get this, forget it on getting EXP. after august 2013 after 30K
    miles. Since I see you are also platinum for life, I would think they
    would use this mechanism to get back previously high flyers/chargers in
    their system. At any rate, I did notice last spring a noticeably lower
    number of my Plat. Upgrades going through, and I am sure it’s because
    of these automatic challenges.

    Exceedingly lame says it very succinctly. ERRRRRRR

  • Schmenge

    Just got about my 10th “last and final” offer to renew GLD by paying $540–and then that will only give me status til Feb 14. As a former PLAT and GLD at various times–just who exactly is AA targeting for FREE?! Was hoping this last “offer” was the email for the promo above–alas, no. Again, who is AA trying to target with this?

  • NYC

    When I sign up for the platinum challenge and pay the $240 fee, but only get 5,001 eqm will I still get gold?

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