Starwood’s YOUR24 Platinum Elite Benefit Is More Like 50/50

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When Starwood Preferred Guest enhanced its elite benefits last year, one of the perks was the benefit awarded to Platinum members who reach 75 nights or more called YOUR24. YOUR 24 is the ability to check in any time you want and check out 24 hours later (or at the same time on your check-out date). For example, if your flight arrives at 4:00 am, you can confirm that arrival time and check out at 4:00 am on your departure day, which could be a good benefit if you have a late-night flight. You just need to confirm it within 48 hours.  Plus, if you check in anytime 9am and after, you still get 4pm late checkout. If you check in before 9am, your 4pm late check-out will not be guaranteed.

YOUR24 is part of SPG's new Platinum benefits.

YOUR24 is part of SPG‘s new Platinum benefits.

There’s nothing worse than arriving somewhere super early in the morning and then having to wait around all day until 3:00 or 4:00 pm to check in, when you’re already exhausted and have wasted a day, so I was planning to use this benefit all over the world in the time since I hit the 75-night mark and even surpassed the 100-night mark just under the wire at the end of 2012.

However, this benefit is based on availability and is managed online and through the Platinum line. When a pilot ran with certain members in 2011-2012 it found that nearly every single stay was accommodated. In the time since it’s been opened up to all 75-nighters and that I’ve tried to use it, however, I’ve found availability to be extremely spotty at best and have only been accommodated about 50% of the time, which seems to be in line with what other TPG readers have emailed me.

Here’s a brief rundown of my YOUR24 experiences:

Westin Dublin in December 2012 – DECLINED

St Regis Monarch Beach in February 2013 – DECLINED

Le Meridien Monaco in September 2012 – APPROVED

Four Points Sheraton Miami – Approved but then declined when they upgraded me to a suite so MIXED

All in all not a very impressive track record – especially considering I’m an SPG 100-nighter and have a Starwood Ambassador who’s supposed to be on my side helping me with benefits like this but who has proved less than effectual, unfortunately.

So my question to you is, have any of you other Starwood Platinums had similar experiences? Have your YOUR24 requests been fulfilled or have they been declined? Share your experiences below!

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  • Dhurd

    Only tried to use it once at the Moana Surfrider in Hawaii. We should have been able to get a 4pm check out, we ask for 3pm, and best they could do was 1pm.

  • Kyle

    took a redeye into newark monday night, they were able to accommodate my 5:30 check in. and didn’t make me check out at 5:30 this morning… though I prob would have flipped if they tried to pull that

  • LauraF

    Also a 75 nighter. Same problem exists for suite nights. The problem seems
    to be directly tied to the central system. In a few instances when suite nights weredenied, we call the hotel direct and recieved the suite upgrade. Interestingly we were never charged for the suite nights as those charge backs go through the central system as well.

  • al

    I am batting about 50% with this as well. 100 nighter.

  • The Bro

    I’m a 75+ nighter too….I’ve found suite night awards really tough to use (in fact, haven’t cashed one in yet….not for lack of trying) although I’ve gotten upgraded to a suite a few times by calling/chatting the hotel check-in desk directly.

    As for Your24….it’s a total joke. I’ve actually been laughed at for even asking a hotel to consider it… now I’ve given up and just grease the check-in desk with an Andrew Jackson for an early check-in as needed. Guess how many times that works?–everytime.

  • SG

    75 nighter. I’ve had all of my Your24 requests granted, including a few with suite night upgrades. But these were definitely not busy properties at the time I was staying. My most successful attempt was at the St. Regis Princeville in which both a Your24 and Suite Night upgrade were approved. 1pm check in to a Prinveville Junior Suite in early March.

  • Diana

    I also have mixed feelings about Your24. One hotel didn’t even know of its existence. I’ve also got plans to stay in Dubai in December this year and the Grosvenor hotel has already told me (via my ambassador) that they can’t honor a check in earlier than 10am (I’ll be arriving at 4am). So far, the Your24 benefit seems like a joke.

  • clayd333

    I was turned down at the W Hong Kong, I later booked their car service and when we arrived at 6am on SQ1 F :) we were booked into our room at 8-9am. I am not sure if it was using their driver that greased the wheels, but it was nice. We also got early check in at the St. Regis Bali which was really nice too (basically added 3/4 of a day on a $1300/night lagoon villa)… I agree though this is a really hit or miss benefit and I am not so sure I will push for either the 75 or 100 tier this year (I probably will hit 75 just because I really like SPG properties). I think the 75 and 100 should have some other benefit to reward the truly loyal SPGer.. But it is hard for me to complain when I am writing this from a free executive suite upgrade at the Le Meridien Istanbul..

  • Aaron G

    I hit 140 nights last year, and I have the same issue. Roughly 50% of the time it works. The Ambassador program isn’t that great either. Typically it takes 2-3 days to get a response.

  • superfly

    Curious–how do you go about slipping the front desk clerk a $20 bill? Has it ever not worked? I’m afraid if I tried this it wouldn’t go over well…

  • Matt

    I was approved at one hotel but had it mess up due to me getting upgraded to one of the suites. I had to wait 3 hours for them to make my room up. Spoke with the manager about the stupidity behind the YOUR24 if it doesn’t work and they gave me 10k spg points for the inconvenience. It pays to have an ambassador and good status :)

  • Apage

    I’m a 200 night ambassador as well and have never been confirmed for a YOUR24. It’s never worked for me but once I get there, usually they can find me a room that has availability earlier

  • Jamison

    thanks Brian for the insight.. I won’t be aiming for SPG 75 this year based on less than 50% chance of a YOUR24 approval. I”ll probably just hit 50 just like last year

  • Abhi

    I have the same problem and also with Suite Nights! I just have them piling up because they’re pretty much NEVER accepted. I’d rather get points than unusable benefits.

  • clayd333

    I always put a ~20-50 dollar/euro/whatever bill on the counter with my passport when I walk up. It is in plain site, if everything goes well I say this that it is for them. If they are indifferent or it looks like it is not going my way I politely ask for change for tips…. I have only asked for change for tips a few times….

  • Chris

    Isn’t the surfrider a “resort” so they don’t have to honor 4pm late checkout?

  • JRS

    I have had all my Y24 requests granted with the W Santiago Chile and all of my suite requests granted with the Westin Paris, Moscow Sheraton and the Parker in Palm Springs. A polite conversation and a kill them with kindness approach will most likely move your agenda forward. I am concerned about the 100+ night benefits. I am aiming for that this year but I am not liking the reaction to the concierge benefit.

  • ccory1

    75 Nighter. I’ve only had my Your24 requests declined and when I’ve inquired at check-in front desk staff has never heard of the benefit. I’ve also had no success with “guaranteed room availability.” I’m just aiming for SPG Platinum this year and using my additional nights to get InnerCircle status at Kimpton which has shown far superior appreciation for my loyalty.

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  • Johnny

    It seems like every nice property considers themselves a “resort” property now.

  • ghfatw

    It’s hard even to fill out the form now — this program is very frustrating

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