New Visa Signature Cardholder Benefit: CLEAR Expedited Airport Security

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Visa Signature credit cards offer an array of valuable perks including auto rental collision damage waiver insurance, purchase and warranty protection, Visa Signature Hotels benefits and even free wine-tastings at various wineries in Sonoma County, and now Visa Signature has just started a partnership with CLEAR that provides cardholders with yet another perk: expedited airport security.

Save time at select airports with CLEAR.

Save time at select airports with CLEAR.

CLEAR is a program that issues biometric cards to airline passengers so they can get through security faster. It is currently available in Denver, Orlando, San Francisco, Dallas Fort Worth and Westchester.

Now Visa Signature cardholders can enroll to receive a six-month free trial membership plus a $60 discount off the annual renewal rate, which is normally $179 (so it’ll cost $119 instead).

Sort of like you have to with Global Entry, first you register online, then you have to go in and verify your identity in person at one of the enrollment centers (at the airports they service plus a few other locations).

To take advantage of the preferential CLEAR membership pricing, Visa Signature account holders can visit

Although I wouldn’t turn down a free perk, and I might take advantage of this just to test out CLEAR next time I’m flying through one of the airports where it functions, I think getting Global Entry is a much better deal.

Global Entry itself is for expedited customs and immigration and now functions at 40 different airports, but when you get a Global Entry card, you are registered as a Trusted Traveler and can save that number with the major airlines. When you check in for flights and head to the airport for your trip, your boarding pass will include information that you are a Trusted Traveler and you can use the TSA Pre-Check line and zip through security quickly, skipping ahead of even elite status lines in many cases, and not have to remove liquids or laptops from bags or take off your shoes. It’s saved me tons of time at various airports.

Not only that, but if you have a Platinum card from American Express (including the business version and the Mercedes-Benz version I just got), the $100 five-year membership (literally less than a fifth of the price of CLEAR) is reimbursed, so you’re essentially getting all that time-saving for free.

Still, if you live in one of the cities where CLEAR functions and you have a Visa Signature card (or several) it might be interesting to test out the free six-month trial and see whether it does save you the time it promises. If you do take advantage of this, report back on your experiences here!

As a reminder, Visa Signature cards include the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase SapphireBritish Airways Visa, the Hyatt card, the Marriott Rewards Premier and Marriott Rewards cards, the Southwest Plus card, Bank of America’s Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines cards,Capital One VentureCiti Hilton HHonors and Citi Hilton HHonors ReserveUS Bank FlexPerks, and the Citi AAdvantage Visa Signature.

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  • Silvia Prieto

    I am wondering about their car rental insurance. Does it cover a rental in Australia. If not, what is the best credit card to use to get primary car rental insurance? World Mastercard is generally the best but it specifically excludes Australia.

  • Link Whore

    Wow 16 affiliate links in a post explain a Visa signature benefit? Man you know how squeeze out as much as can eh?

  • 1250

    I thought CLEAR wasn’t about clearing immigrations, but clearing TSA faster…
    In your article it looks like CLEAR and Global Entry are competitors of each other…

  • 1250

    Never mind, read wrong. I’m sorry.

  • Link whore

    Lol comments getting deleted so common here now.

  • Justin

    I don’t know where you live (Venezuela, perhaps?), but in America we don’t begrudge people for making money. If you don’t find value in a blog, don’t read it, but what’s the problem with being compensated for providing value?

  • Cliff Redeker

    The secret lies in the combo. Clear is like a guaranteed front-of-the-line pass at SFO. I’ve never been chosen for TSA Pre-Check (via NEXUS/ Global Entry yet. Global entry for customs, of course, is brilliant.

  • Link whore

    lol, So you are the grammar nazi going around deleting comments, arent you the same guy who said it was ok to do 20k per month on VR from OD? Being compensated by showering me with nothing but affiliate links is not of value to anyone but your selfish greedy a$$.

  • Chris

    Are you sure your name with the airline matches your name with your trusted travel program?

    Given the now widespread rollout of Precheck, the value proposition for CLEAR seems minimal if you have a high success rate by membership in a trusted traveler program.

  • disqust101

    Sorry, us Americans do begrudge those who pimp products mercilessly for the sake of a buck. Only in some delusional alternate universe is such behavior considered acceptable…

  • jkmrkm

    Do CLEAR or/and Global Entry impact domestic travel as well as international?
    We travel domestically, frequently out of O’Hare International, Chicago. Any thoughts?

  • Wil

    I have clear and TSA precheck, last week my precheck # would not show on my boarding pass. Why? Random pick of traveler to pass through TSA hell check. Instead I used my clear pass, sure I had to remove shoes,etc but I didnt have to wait at the end of the line. Where is the trust in the Govt traveler program? I think i just answered that question.

  • TrustedORwhat

    Better still, I was once picked out for a “random” check even though I am a trusted traveler and my boarding pass had “TSA PreCheck”. Where is the trust in these programs? Go figure!!!

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