Citi Executive AAdvantage Mastercard 50,000 Mile Bonus Through Admirals Club

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Update: Some offers mentioned below are no longer available. View the current offers here: Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage® World MasterCard®CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World MasterCard®Citi Executive Advantage World Elite MasterCard

During my recent credit card app-o-rama, I applied for both the CitiBusiness AAdvantage card and the Citi Executive AAdvantage World Mastercard through Citi’s main 30,000 mile link (but later found this Flyertalk thread which promoted a 50,000-mile sign-up bonus, but apparently does not work). Well, I learned my lesson because though I got approved for the 50,000 miles on the CitiBusiness card, the offer I was giving on the Citi Executive card was only 30,000 miles. So I had Citi delete the application in the hopes that I could find another offer for 50,000 miles and apply down the road (the phone rep suggested at least 60 days).

Little did I know that I’d find one so soon! On my recent trip down to Brazil aboard American Airlines’ new 777-300ER, when I stopped by the American Airlines Admirals Club Lounge, I found a stack of these little pamphlets sitting on the reception desk:

AA offerSo the 50,000-mile offer is still out there! To score the bonus, you’ve just got to spend $5,000 in 3 months. The pamplet says to mail in or call 1-800-505-1648, though I’m sure they’ll ask for a code, but it never hurts to ask if you can apply without one. However since it’s at the front desk of most lounges, you can probably snag one even if you don’t enter the lounge.

This offer is even better than the 50,000-mile Citi AAdvantage card offers from December where you’d earn 40,000 miles on each by spending $3,000 in 3 months but then had to spend a total of $10,000 in 12 months to earn the final 10,000 points.

I’m particularly interested in this card you can get 10,000 Elite Qualifying Miles (EQMs) as a calendar year spending bonus when you spend $40,000 or more on the card, and can be the extra little push you need to requalify for elite status. As a reminder, the other terms and benefits of this card. I have lounge access through my Amex Platinum, but the card also comes with Admirals Club membership, which will raise its prices to $500 for general members come May 1! That’s more than the $450 annual fee of this card, which also has the following benefits:

  • Your first eligible checked bag is free
  • Priority Boarding and 25% savings on eligible in-flight purchases
  • Earn 2 AAdvantage miles per $1 spent on eligible American Airlines purchases
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • SmartChip technology
  • $450 annual fee

The best current public offer out there is for 30,000 miles when you spend $1,000 within 3 months, so though you have to spend more money to meet the requirement on this offer, the 20,000-point premium is worth it to me, not to mention the fact that I can pretty much put the whole spending requirement of $5,000 on Vanilla Reloads that I can load onto my Amex Bluebird card ($5,000 is the monthly max) and put that toward my future expenses if I need to.

Unfortunately, there’s no public link I can list here (unless someone has a working one) with the 50,000-mile offer, so your best bet to get it if you are in the market for a new credit card and some American Airlines miles is to stop by your local Admirals Club and pick up the pamphlet for yourself and apply using the hard copy (how 20th century!). This one was sitting right at the initial reception desk, so you don’t actually even need to set foot inside the club itself to get it, just drop by on some pretext and grab the pamphlet while chatting with the desk staff.

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  • schmenge

    So, this card will cost me $450 to get 50,000 miles + spend limit?

  • RG

    yes sounds that way. But you get the extra benefits. honestly does not make since if you have he amex plat, unless you are an AA elite looking to re qualify

  • Bob
  • RG

    the only reason reason why I see the card costing $450 is because of AA lounge Access. ( rip off) All other benefits seem to be the same as regular personal card that costs $95 I don’t know why citi does not want to add no foreign transaction fee benefit to their regular AA card?

  • JakePB

    Actually, it’s $450 to get 20,000 miles because the public 30,000 miles card waives the $95 fee in year 1. $.0225 per pt = not a good deal unless you really value lounge access.

  • HangulHana

    What were the annual fees on the 50,000-mile Citi AAdvantage card offers from December where you’d earn 40,000 after $3,000 spend in 3 months and a total of $10,000 in 12 months to earn the final 10,000 points?

    Were they less than $450…? This isn’t sounding like such a great deal.

  • thepointsguy

    This card makes sense if you can get the 10,000 EQMs and/or value the lounge access. Otherwise, getting one of these 50k offers makes more sense

  • thepointsguy

    The ability to earn 10,000 EQMs is the real draw- no other AA card gives that option. If you don’t want lounge access or elite access, get one of these cards

  • thepointsguy
  • LTL

    Great post. I am trying to rack up AA miles for an upcoming trip. In had done 2x75k in September 2011, and the 50k biz card in April 2012. The two personal cards are now closed but the biz is still active.

    I understand that since it’s been 18 months I can get the ‘usual’ Amex or Visa again (but not x2 since the ‘trick’ seems gone). Could I get one of those PLUS the Executive? Or would that fall under ‘too many apps at once’?

    If I get, say, the regular Visa now, do I have to wait 18 months for the Executive?

  • Brian L.

    Citi doesn’t want to add no foreign transaction fees to their regular AA cards because that would mean one less reason to get this card, and they make more money off this card. Citi isn’t a charity.

  • Fanfoot

    Assuming the 18+ months between Citi AA card applications advice is valid (and there aren’t tricks around it), then one reason to get this card would be to get another 50,000 AA miles when they might deny you if you just apply for the regular AA card again. At about a cent a mile, which isn’t bad if you think of it that way. Assuming that if you’re a Citi AA Card Holder Citi doesn’t deny you access to this card (seems less likely).

    And if we’re just thinking of miles long term, that getting this card doesn’t stop you from getting your next AA personal card in another 18 months…

  • Yati

    you say to wait 18 months between Citi apps. Any suggested wait time with Barclay’s? I applied and got the 40K US Air Dividend miles last May, but only closed the card about a week ago. How long should i wait before re-applying for the same card? I’ve heard of people getting this card multiple times. Thanks for your suggestions.

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  • Rich

    I am in the Admiral’s Club in DFW and just read this. Sure enough, that little pamphlet was up front. Thanks TPG :)

  • pj

    Hello, can you please share the application code for this offer? I am not lucky enough to have Admiral’s club access.

  • Rich

    Be careful with Citi and spend bonuses. They start the clock when you apply for the card! I didn’t receive and activate it until a month later. So they decided that I did not meet the 3 month spend requirement.

  • Kaziopeia

    Update. I just applied through this link

    and received the 50K offer with these benefits

    I did not get approved instantly but called 1-866-606-2787 and it took them 5 mins to approve the application :)

  • Sandra

    I am looking for a card that will give me more than 1 checked bag for free…any ideas?

  • Winelover

    Just FYI – Admirals Club at JFK has flyers for 60,000 miles sign-up offers.

  • Jeff

    I was able to call the number listed above (about a week ago) and the representative told me the offer was now 60,000 bonus miles. I applied and had the card arrive today. While I have no proof of the 60,000 (was on my cell phone and not recorded) I did take notes of the call and his name. We shall see!

  • Matt

    I just got an invite for this same card but I would get 60,000 miles when I sign up.

  • shar

    do u have to use aairlines only?

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