How To Renew Your Platinum Amex SPG Gold Status

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One of the value-added benefits of the Platinum card from American Express is the fact that just having the card gets you automatic Starwood Preferred Guest Gold status. You can read about the benefit here.

To activate your status, you can call the Platinum Concierge number on the back of your Platinum card 1-800-345-AMEX (2639) and ask the customer service rep at Amex to contact SPG for you, which usually goes quickly.

One of the Amex Platinum perks is automatic SPG Gold status.

One of the Amex Platinum perks is automatic SPG Gold status.

Starwood Gold (normally attained after 25 nights or 10 stays) gets you perks including a 50% bonus on Starpoints (so you earn 3 points per $1 spent at Starwood properties), room upgrades, 4pm late checkout and a choice of welcome amenity: either 250 bonus points, free internet or a complimentary beverage.

Since we just reached March 1, when hotel elite status from the previous year usually drops, a few readers have emailed me complaining that their SPG Gold status appeared to go away even though they still have the Platinum card.

Gold status entitles you to perks like points bonuses and free internet.

Gold status entitles you to perks like points bonuses and free internet.

Not to worry! It’s not a one-time or one-year benefit. As long as you have the Platinum card, you will have SPG Gold status – it just doesn’t renew automatically.

Starwood has no way of knowing whether you keep your Platinum card from year to year, so each year as the elite drop date approaches you should get an email from Starwood Preferred Guest warning you of a change in your membership status. When you get that email, call Amex and have them renew your SPG Gold status for the next year, and that should be the end of it.

Although Gold status doesn’t get you a huge amount in terms of amenities, the bonus points are nice and the free internet can be worth a lot, especially at hotels in Europe where internet charges can be upwards of $20 per day. Plus, this could be a good backdoor way to get in on the new Starwood-Delta Crossover Rewards program so you can double-dip on earning points and miles when staying at Starwood and flying Delta. In any case, I wouldn’t turn down free status!

Has anyone had trouble renewing the SPG Gold status you get from your Amex Platinum card? Share your experiences below.

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  • jmw2323

    my wife’s keeps renewing automatically even without a current Amex Plat

  • davep

    I’ve had the AmEx Plat for 2 -3 years and my SPG seems to renew automatically – I’ve never had to call.

  • Bobflan

    Does this work for Delta Platinum Amex also?

  • Discover Amex

    I actually just called yesterday to upgrade to Gold status for the first time (I’ve just recently acquired the AMEX Platinum Card). I called Starwood directly, was asked by the operator to enter my rewards number, then I was directed to a representative. I told the rep that I was a platinum card member and wished to upgrade to Gold status. After about 30 seconds of awkward silence he confirmed that my account has been upgraded effective immediately. I didn’t have to confirm my American Express information or anything. All I gave them was my Starwood member number, and my name. It was extremely simple and I look forward to the benefits I will receive with my new Gold Status.

    I am wondering if it was so simple because I have the American Express Starwood Preferred Business Card as well. I couldn’t see American Express allowing Starwood to see I am a Platinum Cardholder but it could be linked.

    Thanks TPG as I followed your guide that you posted a year ago!

  • thepointsguy


  • Steve

    I’m an authorized user with a business platinum. Tried calling in a few days ago and they told me that the account holder had to call in, but that the benefit should apply to all cards on the account. Last year I was able to call in no problem… wondering if I should just call back as it’s not that convenient to have the account holder call in.

  • thepointsguy

    I’d just call again or even try calling Starwood

  • Rcworl

    I’ve never had to renew!

  • steve

    Should the status downgrade already have occurred?
    I was gold last year, but only had 2 stays at SPG properties last year.
    no platinum card.
    still gold…

  • thetravelplaybook

    My only question about this is if it counts towards Lifetime Gold Status…

  • Schmenge

    Boy, sure not a lot of points opportunities lately…

  • Mo

    Does this apply to the Mercedes Benz Amex Platinum?

  • thepointsguy


  • Mileswhore

    Since we’re talking about Platinum cards, if I apply (at the same time) for a Business PRG card and a Platinum Mercedes AMEX, would that be one credit pull?

  • Adam Lasnik

    I had a rather annoying experience. I emailed the concierge service, and they told me I’d have to call in to make the request. Called in, got transferred. Spoke with someone that I thought was in SPG customer service, and they told me that they couldn’t do anything until I lost my Gold status, and then I’d have to call back again. Asked when I’d lose the status and they told me “probably sometime in March.” Gee, thanks :.

  • Adam Lasnik

    And though I’m increasingly feeling like a whining 1stworldproblem’er, I did express my annoyance also via Twitter and, as requested, via email. I got a prompt and apologetic email reply, but basically was told, yeah, you have to call in, sorry :.

  • Huff Daland

    SPG actually e-mailed me a couple of weeks ago informing me that my Gold status was expiring. I called SPG before Mar 1 but was told I’d have to contact AMEX Plat to renew after the first. I did just that and have my Gold status renewed while on the line. Definitely worth it for the free WiFi access.

  • BostonBen

    I called Amex at the end of February, and they put me through to an SPG representative who said the SPG Gold renewal went through just fine. On March 3, I bought Delta tickets, and then logged into my SPG account to book a hotel. I was surprised to see that I no longer had SPG Gold status. I called Amex the next day and and was connected to an SPG representative who confirmed that my Gold SPG status was no longer Gold, but that she could rectify it. Logging into my SPG account confirmed this. I expressed some concern about my crossover rewards SPG points not being posted from my Delta purchase since SPG did not have me at Gold status at the time of purchase. After speaking with her supervisor, the SPG representative told me that the cross-over rewards would be based on my status at the time of my Delta flight. I don’t travel until next month, so I guess I won’t know for sure until 4-6 weeks after that.

  • Gerald

    Do you happen to know about the Marco polo gold status ? does it automatically renew it self with amex plat? What happens if you cancel your amex plat ? do you get downgraded from marco polo gold to basic or silver immediately ?

  • John

    Do you also earn SPG points with the Platinum card?

  • mattolo

    I lost my National Executive status this year in the same way. Can I just contact the Platinum concierge about this too?

  • Steve

    Called AMEX again and the guy said no problem. Put me on hold and called SPG with my info.

  • Alefintl

    i just had to renew it. i called up SPG directly and they did it.

  • Justin

    Mine also renews automatically and has for at least 2-3 years–as long as I’ve had it, anyways.

  • Allan Klein

    If you’ve travelled since enrolling in crossover, you’d notice that you get your SPG points after you fly the legs, probably sometime after Delta posts them. I purchased tickets before Crossover got started and still got the SPG points after flying them.

  • WalkinPNeumonia

    Thanks for the reminder. I’ll be staying at a Sheraton on my trip to Brussels in a few months.

  • Mistah Mista

    I had to renew; didn’t realize I lost Gold status until I showed up at a Sheraton to check in.

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  • tim

    does having SPG gold bestowed give you a leg up on earning SPG plat? or does one have to still complete 25 stays/50 nights?

  • thepointsguy

    Amex points transfer to Starwood at a bad 3:1 ratio

  • thepointsguy

    Doesn’t help for Platinum- still need to earn that from

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  • jacisme

    Thanks for the info TPG. I just called and renewed my Gold status. Entire process took less than 5 min (with two separate reps working together). Very easy. EVEN BETTER: The email I got 3 min later from SPG saying I’m now Gold (again) says I’m good until Feb 29, 2016. 2016! They just renewed it for two years!

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