Enter My Club Carlson Golden Giveaway – Win $500 and Gold Status

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Because of its lucrative earning structure, some great redemption values, a generous elite status system and new credit card products, I’ve been giving the Club Carlson hotel points program a close look in my Maximizing Club Carlson series, whose posts include Base Level Earning and Redemptions,  Business Program, Elite Status and  Cash + Points Redemptions.

Enter my contest by telling me your favorite Carlson credit card benefit.

Enter my contest by telling me your favorite Carlson credit card benefit.

This week, I’ll be hosting Club Carlson’s “Golden Giveaway” and awarding two of my readers with a $500 Visa gift card and a full year of Gold status (or Concierge status if you already have Gold status). Enter by 11:59 pm ET on Wednesday, March 6, and I’ll select two winners and announce them on Friday, March 8.

To enter, I want you to tell me what your favorite feature of the Club Carlson Visa credit cards is, apart from the bonus award night benefit (which is the best one, in my humble opinion).

You can check out this post for the details on each of the three US Bank Club Carlson credit cards, but just as a quick refresh, the benefits of just the Club Carlson Rewards Premier Visa Signature (personal) card are:

  • Up to 85,000 Bonus Gold Points to start. Receive 50,000 Gold Points after your first purchase, plus 35,000 points after you spend $2,500 on your card within the first 90 days
  • 10 points per dollar on eligible purchases at participating Carlson Rezidor hotels worldwide and 5 points per dollar everywhere else Visa is accepted
  • 40,000 bonus points each year after you renew your card and pay the annual fee
  • Bonus Award Nights – when Gold Points are redeemed for two or more consecutive award nights, the last night is free – exclusively for cardmembers
  • Automatic Gold Elite Status once the card is used. Existing Gold Elite members receive 15 qualifying nights toward Concierge Elite Status
  • Annual Fee: $75

The bonus award night benefit seems to be everyone’s hands-down favorite because it essentially gives cardholders a 50% discount on award redemptions for two-night stays, meaning you can save 50,000 points on a top-tier hotel redemption.

If you have one of the Carlson credit cards, you can get 2 nights at the Radisson Blu in Fiji for just 44,000 points.

If you have one of the Carlson credit cards, you can get 2 nights at the Radisson Blu in Fiji for just 44,000 points thanks to the bonus award night benefit.

So to enter my giveaway, I want you to tell me which other benefit of the card is your favorite and why.

You can do so either by:

1. Leaving a comment on this post.

2. Following me on Twitter and sending me a Tweet with the hashtag #TPGCarlsonGiveaway

3. Following me on Facebook and posting a comment on my Facebook wall.

4. Sending me a creative Instagram with the hashtag #TPGCarlsonGiveaway.
I’ll select two lucky winners at random and announcing them here on Friday, March 8, so be sure to enter by the deadline for your chance to win.

*U.S. Bank and Carlson Inc. is not liable for any part of this contest.

Disclaimer: The responses below are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.

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  • paige

    yes please!

  • Paul Thomas

    Please enter me in this!

  • Erik Mosley

    It’s got to be the 85,000 signup bonus – that’s good enough for almost 4 free nights (with the BOGO award night feature)

  • Thomas

    instant gold status is always a plus

  • Jim

    The 40,000 point renewal bonus will make this a keeper.

  • Mcconje

    Its a combination of the 85k signup and 40K renewal means getting and keeping the card are worthwhile

  • Nicole m

    The bonus points!

  • Brandon

    40k point renewal bonus!

  • Robert P

    Automatic Gold Elite Status is huge benefit of the card, status is a lure that money can’t buy, at least cheaply

  • bmp412

    The bonus points

  • Dia Adams

    I like the 40k bonus points per year with the reasonable $75 membership fee. Seems a good card to hold onto! Thanks for the contest.

  • James B. Wilcox

    I think my fave feature would be the annual 40,000 bonus points upon renewal. With points + cash redemptions starting at just 5,000 points and the potential to leverage redemption values if you have the Club Carlson credit card, I think it would be relatively easy to get the $75 annual fee back in value. Award devaluations among most of the big chain hotels this spring is simply increasing the value proposition here.

  • CCM

    10 points per dollar spent at hotels is a great bonus

  • DeWayne Williams

    Bonus award night is the best feature.

  • Myhotrs

    Love the 40k at renewal, appreciate the trade off in exchange for the annual fee.

  • Derek

    5 pts per $ on all spend…not many match that.

  • Dave Golden

    I love the instant gold status upon receiving the card. You always know you will be treated well and get better service just because you have their card. Thank you!

  • Ali

    The 5x per dollar on non- hotel spending would beat other card’s regular spend/earning opportunities.

  • The Travel Playbook

    85,000 points to start!

  • A.S.

    The total spend bonuses. Both 10x on hotel spend (better than any other hotel, and 5x spend – fairly valuable in its own way.

  • Matt

    The instant Gold status after first purchase is a really nice feature.

  • Terenceyap02

    85000 signup bonus, at lower Cat hotels, it’s redeemable for several nights of bliss with family

  • Zootlet2

    I guess the 85,000 signup bonus would be the next best.

  • jhorre1

    The 40k bonus points for renewing your card annually. A great benefit to help encourage people to keep the card instead of getting the initial bonus miles and then cancelling.

  • Jessica M

    I love the gold status that comes with the card!

  • Owen S.

    Automatic Gold Elite Status is a great benefit!

  • Tyler S.

    The 85,000 points – multiple free nights FTW.

  • Cory

    40K at renewal. It’s nice when there is enough incentive to renew the card. It’s easy to get spoiled by sign up bonuses, but there’s almost never an incentive to retain after the bonus.

  • Kebarry

    The just about instant Gold status is a great perk, you get room upgrades on your award stays plus all of the other benefits of being golden.

  • marilynn

    Automatic gold elite status.

  • Yi

    The buy 1 get 1 free for award nights is my favorite feature of the card. Although I was only approved for the Visa Platinum (65K points instead of 85K for visa signature), I still appreciate the card.

  • Mipo777

    Got to love the instant Gold status

  • Sergey

    My choice – 40,000 points each anniversary and 5pts/$1 earning for everyday purchases!

  • HB

    40,000 bonus points for renewal is the most charming to me

  • Hbarenz

    The 40k point renewal!

  • renee

    the 85,000 point sign up bonus

  • BunMama

    I’m going with the 85k points to start out with, which clearly covers the annual fee. And since its not a Chase card I haven’t maxed out on available credit yet!

  • Eric

    My favorite feature has to be the initial signup bonus. Anytime that you get a nice initial “gift” from a CC, you feel like you’re already on top!

  • Daniel

    There is just ONE great benefit……auto GOLD status, and 85k points!!! You cant beat that!!

  • Brian H

    The 40k bonus points for renewing your card

  • Jurmar

    The 40,000 annual bonus more than justifies the fee plus when you take into account the BOGO it offers way more than any other hotel card in term of yearly retention bonuses.

  • Viperboy97304

    i like the 85k bonus along with the gold status. 85k points thats almost 4 nights in fiji!

  • Yang

    The 40k bonus keep me stay for another year!

  • Alex B

    I like the 40K points on renewal, which more then pays for the annual fee if you use it wisely!

  • Amanda S

    I like the annual 40k bonus. It’s kind of nice to have a real retention bonus to not have to just churn the thing.

  • kais1594

    Bonus Award Night is the best feature. You can get even more out of all those bonus points.

  • Biggles209

    The Gold Elite status has to a strong #2 (after the bonus award night, of course). Question: is it one entry per method, or one entry total?

  • Cindy B

    The 40,000 point annual bonus. Coupled with the bonus award night and Gold status, it makes it worth keeping the card after the first year.

  • Kal

    40K annual bonus for $75 annual fee is a steal.

  • Ryan

    Annual bonus points

  • Jonathan H

    The 40k point annual bonus.

  • Cpatel20

    Automatic gold elite status upon using the card. Can’t beat that.

  • Vin

    The signup bonus

  • Scott

    I am particularly fond of the 5x bonus points on all purchases.

  • CHE

    40,000 points per year for a $75 annual fee. you can transfer that into 7,200 UA miles so it’s like buying miles at ~1 cent/mile.

  • FlavCity

    late check is new new fav. bc when u combine that with a late eve. flt home, you pretty much get an extra day for free! Just did that in SoBe with my SPG gold status thx to TPG’S 100k plat. heads up in jan..and now I can do that with my Carlson :)

  • Micah

    Man, tough call between the bonus night and the renewal bonus. I’ll say the bonus night. Really helps to stretch the point value.

  • Miro

    Bonus points at renewal. Best U.S. Bank credit card family.

  • Dheenu Sivalingam

    For me redemption starting at 9000 points is the fav feature

  • DZ

    85k Bonus points with a reasonable minimum spend

  • mixedpuppy

    I had to think about what could be taken away and still make me want to get *and keep* the card. The gold status, yearly bonus and bonus nights are what make this card special.

  • Deepyarn

    I like the 85,000 point bonus because it is 85,000 points with a very reasonable spend.

  • Hilary

    The 40,000 point annual bonus.

  • Sara

    40,000 annual bonus points makes the fee on this card totally worth it!!

  • Kristina

    I love the renewal points. Makes me want to keep the card!

  • Buddy M.

    40k points each year after renewal; not many cards offer that.

  • Joseph M

    Automatic Gold Elite Status is the deal for me.

  • Tcmaes

    5x bonus on all purchaes is what draws me in.

  • HT

    40k points upon account renewal!

  • Dfyfe76

    85K points is awesome, I like to use them for lower redemptions so this is about ten free night! Add the bonus nights on top of this….wow

  • Sfera

    I love the free nights after every 2 nights! That’s the best free night benefits among major chains

  • Eric W

    The 40k annual bonus is the best bc that’s enough for a night in a category 4 hotel.

  • Somsubhra Maity

    40,000 bonus points on annual renewal!

  • Narayanais

    40K annual bonus is my favorite as it allows me to justify the annual fee and is enough for me to keep the card as long as the benefit lasts.

  • Thepointstraveler

    the 5 points per dollar earning structure on all purchases makes this card a very lucrative long term hotel program!

  • Ariel Stock

    Gotta be the bonus nights!!

  • Jim

    5 points per dollar everywhere else Visa is accepted

  • frank R

    the 5x times points on everything is what is the best for me.

  • Jeff Broman

    I would love to win this. I could really use some hotel points for upcoming trips.

  • Chris

    40,000 bonus points each year

  • Lisa

    My favorite feature (other than the bonus night) is the number of points earned just through regular spending. It’s easy to earn a free night in just a few weeks!

  • Antoin Glenn

    5 points per $1 spent in eligible net purchases everywhere else, because that’s better than the new Hilton rate!

  • Hans

    40k Annual renewal bonus

  • Paul W

    The 40K points each year

  • Kay

    Automatic Gold Elite status is great.

  • Caroline Smith Lowman

    The 40,000 annual bonus points for keeping the card!

  • Kristi

    The 85k Signup bonus.

  • Jetsfan

    The Bonus Points!!

  • Josh A

    The initial Gold Points offer – even if you don’t reach the spend in 90 days to get the 35,000 extra points, the 50,000 offer is enough for a stay in one of their top-end Radisson Blu properties. I stayed in the Radisson Blu Style in Vienna this summer (rate is currently 339 euro this weekend) thanks to their Free Nights promotion and that offer completely sold me on Club Carlson program.

  • Fred

    Bonus nights!

  • Wilson T.

    Bonus points each year

  • Tshantz

    So I have a lot of hotel cards that give a free annual night. I like the 40k points, because they do not have to be used within a year like most cards, and with 10 extra points per dollar,,, during triple point promos like right now,,, you can stack up some real value with this card.

  • Jane

    I really like the Visa concierge. The bonus award night makes it great. I already used it in Sydney last month. Loved to get that 50,000 points back in my account.

  • Superbear83

    40K bonus points sounds pretty good:)

  • Ray

    Automatic Gold Elite Status for sure.

  • Lenny L

    I like the 85,000 signup bonus, because that can be redeemed for more than the normal 2 nights at a hotel.

  • JoshL

    My favorite is the 40K points on renewal each year. No tier-restricted, subject to expiration certificate to deal with. I like that the best.

  • Brian V

    The 5 points per dollar spent is my favorite feature, that’s almost like getting 3 starwood points per dollar when using them for their highest tier free nights.

  • XX

    I’m a fan of the renewal points. More than pays for the annual fee.

  • Jenny

    Annual 40k bonus!

  • Caldwell4az

    wow! thanks points guy!!
    the 85,000 Bonus Gold Points to start is sure a great beginning!!
    I would use them in Europe where points go far and inventory is huge!!

  • SteveS

    The 85,000 signup bonus is great! It lets you stay multiple nights at great properties around the world!!

  • Dan

    40,000 bonus points each year after you renew your card and pay the annual fee

  • Eddy

    The 85,000 Gold points awarded for the reasonably minimal spend is great!

  • jn024

    85k points is the best benefit to me.. glad you are shining some light on club carlson which is a pretty great hotel program

  • Babs

    Never thought I say this but I like the gold status for upgrades. Makes me feel special.

  • john g

    totally the 5 points per dollar! reasonable redemption rates at some decent places in Paris.

  • John

    The annual bonus points.

  • Slomichael

    Gold status upgrade, which means room upgrade and In Room Welcome gift, early/late check out, 50 % bonus points, Online booking 2000 points bonus. AND if I win Concierge status!!

  • Amy Walker01

    Oh wow, my birthday is this week. What a birthday present that would be. I love Club Carlson. Their promotions are awesome. Other that the free nights, I would have to say the 5x points on every $1 spent is great :)

  • Fbcom1

    the 40k annual (along with the free night) makes this a card worth keeping and more than makes up for the annual fee.

  • Mark

    The earning on base spend is competitive. The gold stats is great too. I have had gold through a status match and have gotten suite upgrades or upgrades to rooms with a viewhigh floor. I stayed at the same hotel a few times in a month and they had my keys ready when I arrived. I have also gotten nice welcome gifts. These things have made me pretty loyal to Carlson since they have great promos and earnings compared to what other chains have been doing lately. I have gold for another year but will be getting the card to make sure I keep it going forward. Oh, and gold gets you a 50% bonus on points for stays and 2,000 at booking online. This all adds up really fast.

  • Vince L

    The fact that it is issued by US Bank and not any of the big name banks is a huge plus.

  • Tim

    The 85K bonus is the most lucrative offer because not only will that get you two nights in a 44K property or 97.5% of the way for 2 nights in a 50K property after the min spend points (which there are great international Blu options for both amounts), or you can transfer them out for 18,000 airline miles assuming you can get an extra 2,500 points or spend another $500 on top of the $2,500 requirement (85,000 + 12,500 earned from the $2,500 in spend reqt).

  • Nat

    Bonus Award Nights are like 5th Night Free on steroids!

  • Matt L.

    The gold status is the most valuable benefit for me because of the 50% bonus.

  • Levi

    I love it for the Gold Status

  • Marc T

    It’s all about the 10x points you earn by staying in Club Carlson properties. Added with the 2000 booking bonus as a Gold member and the 3x points promo their running right now + 2for1 or 4for2 deals in EMEA and you’ve got yourself an AMAZING deal!

  • Wardell

    I personally enjoy the fact that we are given 40,000 points per year upon payment of the annual fee. This alone is almost enough to secure two award nights at most of the top-end Club Carlson properties.

  • Bob

    Gold Status

  • Sean P

    I like the 40K bonus points every year. Makes it a card you can keep long term even with the fee.

  • Susan

    Bonus Award Nights – when Gold Points are redeemed for two or more consecutive award nights, the last night is free – this is almost reason enough to have the card and start redeeming those points!

  • Kester Spindler

    I want.

  • rob

    The annual 40k point bonus is awesome.

  • Ashleighabaker

    40000 points for renewal of card. Keeps a customer, even those of us who churn, sticky.

  • Lindadukess

    That on my short stopover in London next month I will be staying in the center of everything at the Mayfair hotel for for free !!! Thank you Club Carlson

  • Mark

    My favorite feature besides the “last night free” award is definitely the 40,000 Club Carlson Gold points awarded each year upon membership renewal. Considering the top tier hotel award costs 50,000 Gold points, this is outstanding value for the $75 annual fee on the personal card.

  • Xbrantarx

    I think the bonus night can’t be beat!

  • SC Parent

    Two for one award nights!

  • jj

    40000 points yearly more than makes up for annual fee.

  • Karl Mitchell

    This is a great card with many excellent perks that work best together, and so it’s hard to pick any one perk out.

    However, I tend to be inclined towards the philosophy that points used soon are worth more than points used at some point in the future on some unspecified aim. After all, you never know when your life is going to change, or your hotel program is going to devalue. So, for me, it’s got to be the 85k sign-up bonus, by a tiny margin.

    his is mostly because I have some big trips coming up, and adding that to all those points I’ve accumulated from various promotions over the past year or so, in the context of the bonus award nights, means that I’ve got enough collected for a length (10 day) European vacation in some pretty nice hotels.

  • Anna

    Automatic Gold Elite Status once the card is used. Existing Gold Elite members receive 15 qualifying nights toward Concierge Elite Status

  • David Horowitz

    I love these hotels. Thanks!

  • Sal

    40k annual points and 2 for 1 night stays!

  • hansmast

    40,000 bonus points each year. Many cards give a free night, but 40k points is almost equivalent, but must more flexible.

  • Jamie

    I love the bonus each year of 40,000. No more wondering whether to bother with the annual fee, because it’s definitely worth it.

  • Evan Pike

    Last night free is the best! … apart from that, the gold status with potential room upgrade and gift is great.

  • vanilla

    i like how you get gold status with the card!

  • Aarif

    Hard to beat the bonus night benefit, but other than that I’d say the 5 points per dollar of general spend. If you manage to get a modest half cent per point at redemption time, that comes out the 2.5% back, which is pretty good.

  • Ke

    My favorite-The bonus award night benefit seems to be everyone’s hands-down favorite because it essentially gives cardholders a 50% discount on award redemptions for two-night stays, meaning you can save 50,000 points on a top-tier hotel redemption.

  • Phil

    40k bonus points for renewal. If used in conjunction with the free award night on a two night award, you can easily get close to $1,000 in value from these points by only paying a $75 fee.

  • Mike

    40K to the bank!

  • Lucy T

    The 40,000 bonus that you get for renewal makes this card a keeper.

  • Keri

    I agree, 40,000 bonus points per year is almost as good as a signup bonus

  • Octavianhouse

    Bonus award night!

  • Nikki

    The Gold status makes the annual fee worth it! especially because I avoid hotels if I don’t have status with them. :)

  • Nelumbo

    Bonus award night sounds good to me

  • Cummingsdesign

    85,000 bonus points for sign-up.

  • Kevin

    The 40k bonus points for renewal. That is enough for some very nice properties!

  • Daniel

    the bonus award night is great!!

  • Brendan the Hooley

    The 40,000 points per year does it for me!

  • Ang N

    Gold status update is my favorite

  • Owen G

    They had me at the free nights, but the renewal bonus also makes it worth keeping this card.

  • Debopriyo

    4ok annual bonus points..that makes the card a valuable asset as 40k is often good for many Carlson hotels.

  • Dave

    For sure the bonus award night!

  • Jacks

    40,000 bonus points each year after you renew your card and pay the annual fee

  • Kelvinpaulstroud

    85,000 bonus points is the way to go!

  • Chris K

    Gold status – this is particularly helpful in Europe with early check-in and the way staff respond to requests

  • Bill

    The best additional benefit is the Gold Status! Automatic 2,000 pts with every online booking.

  • nic

    gold status (at a pretty low fee)

  • Sarah C

    Last night free of course!

  • Sherylz

    The 85k sign-up bonus and the 40k annual renewal points. Wow!

  • Randy B

    85k points to sign up and the 40k bonus points each year upon renewal.

  • Jeffrey D

    Automatic gold status of course! Indispensable, and particularly nice for Club Carlson.

  • Lina

    Gold status for the win!

  • Brad

    40,000 bonus points combined with the bonus award night is great.

  • Terri

    Instant Gold Status…!!!!!

  • Hafneris

    40K bonus points each year.

  • Udia

    Bonus night benefit for sure…

  • Eric

    Definitely the automatic gold status!

  • sdg13

    Gold status upgrade!

  • Alex K

    I love the base 5 points spend on anything- a good all around spend card.

  • SS

    The card’s benefits build on each other. For instance, I love getting Gold status benefits, which build on the 10 points per dollar on eligible purchases. One $200 night could get me a whole extra night at a place like the Park Inn Berlin City West.

    Earn 4,000 points base (20 points x $200)
    Earn 4,000 for booking a double gold points rate (these are often inexpensive)
    Earn 2,000 status benefit (50% bonus for all cardholders, who get Gold status)
    Earn 2,000 card bonus (10 points per dollar at eligible hotels)
    Earn 2,000 points online booking bonus
    = 14,000 points total

    Do this twice, and redeem 28,000 points for 2 free nights at a Category 3 hotel (using the 2nd-night-free benefit). No other credit card even comes close!

  • Abyssian

    The earning potential with the 10 points per dollar spent at Club Carlson properties when combined with the chain’s frequent lucrative promotions makes this card a powerhouse point generator.

  • Plumdodge

    The bonus upon renewal of 40,000 bonus points each year after

  • Sonnypatel94

    The automatic upgrade to gold status is the best benefit for me as I love a room upgrade ;)

  • AI

    Easily the status upgrade to Gold. Makes these stays helpful, with room upgrades.

  • SSM

    My favorite is definitely automatic gold elite status!

  • Rob

    Gold status upgrades are the best for me. Looking to book a new trip so winning this would be perfect timing!

  • Mitch

    Definitely the 40K bonus points each year. With just $2,000 in spend (assuming not a cent spent at Carlson Rezidor properties), that gets you to 50K points in a year, good for two nights at any property once you factor in the bonus night benefit.

  • dp


  • Chris

    The 40,000 bonus points more than makes up for the annual fee!

  • oneeyejack

    85K bonus to start and 40K every year!

  • Daniel

    Easy…Existing Gold Elite members receiving 15 qualifying nights toward Concierge Elite Status!

  • Amyrule007

    Bonus award night is the best part.

  • JD

    The 40k points after each year, that’s almost enough for a night in any Radisson Blu and can be worth much more the $75 annual fee.

  • N N

    I’m a fan of the 40,000 yearly bonus miles. It’s a big reason to keep the card past the first year.

  • Brianm_5

    I like the 40k bonus points each year plus the free night on the 2 night reward redemption

  • FindAWay

    5 ponits per dollar for everyday spending.

  • Nick O

    The sign-up bonus is great, but I love the free Gold status due to potential room upgrades.

  • Naina Sood

    I think it’s the 40K anniversary points every year – definitely offsets the annual fee!

  • Jeff

    My favorite benefit is the automatic Gold upgrade.

  • flyinace2000

    The 15 nights toward concierge status if you are already gold!

  • Sharon

    Without a doubt the renewal of 40,000 points when you renew your card each year for the $75 annual fee. With the gold status and the bonus award night it makes the renewal point more valuable.

  • cathn

    Gold Status, for room upgrade, bonus points, etc… and it never hurts to have status at a hotel!!!

  • Gustav316

    Definitely the free bonus night for consecutive award night redemptions because it increases the value of you gold points redeemed by upto 50% potentially!

  • Mary

    Bonus award nights seems like a great deal

  • T.R.W.

    Definitely the 40k bonus points each year plus the free night on the second night reward redemption. Thanks for this promo!

  • Lauren

    I’d have to say the 40k points annually. I love cards that give anniversary bonuses to offset the annual fee.

  • afterbang

    Id say the 40k points on renewal. Better than a free night cert that expires.

  • Harlan Vaughn

    Definitely the instant gold status :)

  • Georockc

    instant gold! pick me!

  • 2thepoints

    Definitely the 40 K bonus points worth the annual fee

  • Kt95131

    Instant gold is big. Those free upgrade options after each booking are awesome.

  • Kevin Voisin

    Instant gold status

  • Bucky Katt

    I’d have to go with the Gold Status, with the upgrades, bonus points, etc.

  • Tracystmac

    Love the bonus award nights! amazing option to help points strrrrrretch.

  • Christina Oddy

    The bonus points make it sound good

  • Johnny

    Of course it’s the gold status upgrade! Nothing like getting that status without having to actually spend the nights!

  • Ann

    Gold status

  • Henkelri

    Definitely the automatic bonus points upon renewal! A good incentive to renew!

  • Carl Cheng

    instant gold

  • Rick

    Gold Status is a great benefit….

  • Jeff

    I love the fact that you get 40,000 points on for essentially $75!

  • Mad

    The free night for one award night is what I plan to use a lot.

  • snakedoc1

    Definitely the 40K bonus points…….. makes paying the annual fee worth it! Love the card and the Club Carlson program.

  • JamesP

    The bonus award night – I’ve already been using mine!

  • RJ

    I like the bonus award nights – almost a 50% discount on award redemptions for two-night stays

  • Ben

    I would say the Gold Elite benefit – I’m currently a Gold elite CC member, but if I don’t qualify for it next year this benefit of the card would be great. I’ve always been treated very well as a Gold Elite member at CC properties!

  • Yoo Chun Kim

    this is why i love TPG

  • DJ

    I think the 40K point annual bonus is the best, right behind the bonus nights. Who wouldn’t use 40K points for $75, especially when it can get you multiple nights at hotels in the US.

  • Nguyen

    For me, it is the automatic Gold Elite Status once the card is used. Thanks.

  • Shindou2006

    40000 annual points

  • general45

    The 40,000 bonus points for a $75.00 renewal fee makes keeping the card a no brainer.

  • Lyssa

    I like the 40,000 points on the anniversary. Besides the free night when you book with points, the 40,000 o the anniversary is another great reason to keep the card. It makes it worth the annual fee.

  • RK

    The annual bonus. Too many cards are not worth keeping after the initial bonus.

  • Sandeep B

    Easily the bonus award night! What an easy way to stretch out your points.

  • R Gage

    Gold status is the best

  • Kelly S

    I like the 5 pts per $ for every day purchases!

  • Vanessarmz

    My favorite benefits of the credit card are the 5 points per dollar on every day spending and 1o points per dollar on Carlson Hotels spending . Also have to mention the great perk of 40K bonus points each year. This makes it easier to get your point balances high enough to redeem for at least one free night with using points every year to stay at the great 50K/night properties like my favorite Radisson in ARUBA!!!!!!

  • Kent

    40k points for $75 renew, yes!

  • Jackmshi

    I believe that 40,000 renewal bonus points each year is the best, because it pretty much covers the annual fee and it allows you to keep this card as long as possible.

  • Teja

    The 40k bonus points is the best benefit in my opinion since 50k points can easily land you a stay at top tier hotels

  • Alan W

    The bonus award night benefit is the best feature from the credit card. This can save me a lots of $$$$ when I am going to travel in Europe. Even in US, this feature can save a significant amount of money

  • Chris

    The yearly 40k Bonus!

  • Jic2022

    40,000 renewal bonus points.

  • Nick

    I personally like the two-part bonus for first-time cardholders. Many other offers provide a first purchase bonus OR a bonus after hitting a minimum spend threshold, so it’s nice to have both!

  • Aurelien Windenberger

    I am all about the 40k renewal bonus points. I love it when the credit card pays for its own annual fee!

  • wln

    40000 points a year!

  • Sam

    Auto gold status is the best perk.

  • K.P.S.

    I love the upgrades! I have gotten upgraded 3 out of 3 stays at Club Carlson properties this year :)

  • Kamal

    50K on first purchase. No need to worry about minimum spending and you still get 50K points.

  • Elaine

    The yearly bonus points on renewal! Thanks – the timing is great because I just joined the Carlson Club!

  • Mattellfe

    Last night free if you have cc, they have for the past 2 years stay in any hotel and get 50,000 points for free , and also the top tiers are only 50,000 so u can find nice ones for 2 nights 25,000 each night .
    Thanks for the promo

  • jeremy

    My favorite is the Gold status, which is I think is great just for a low fee card, but I love many of the benefits.

  • Kenny

    gold status. breakfast. i get hungry

  • Carol

    Bonus Points on renewal and Bonus Night Benefit

  • Lve2travel

    I have the card! I often extend my stays for the bonus nights! But getting that cookie treat upon arrival in the room is the icing on the cake!

  • Kim

    Annual bonus points and gold status make this card a keeper.

  • Elena Garcia

    I like the annual bonus of 40k points! worth the annual fee in my opinion


    Great giveaway! Also tweeted it out.

  • Mif

    The gold status is my favorite as it is extremely generous.

  • Steven C

    40,000 bonus points each year which more than pay the annual fee. Almost one free night at top tier hotel or as many as 4 nights at low end. Even if you don’t use for hotel stays and convert at rate of 100,000 points to 18,000 miles for your choice of airlines. Paying $85 for 7,200 airline miles is no brainer.

  • Mike

    The gold status is my favorite as it is extremely generous.

  • Jason

    For any fans of the show Monk, the obviously best feature of the card is 10x point earnings. Since 10 is Monk’s favorite number he would only use this card and no others.

  • Mike V

    The 85,000 at signup!

  • Dan Lebron

    The 5 Points per dollar everywhere Visa is accepted is great. You can basically use it anywhere and rack up points quickly.

  • TheMontaneVole

    Definitely it’s 5 points per dollar on all purchases everywhere Visa is accepted! This will allow points to accumulate incredibly fast–and Club Carlson’s redemption rates are very competitive with other hotel points systems too!

  • shanijean

    85000 points for meeting the initial spend, and then with the 40,000 annual points, its a card that keeps on giving – making it a keeper, not a churner.

  • Winnie

    Love that the card earns 5x points everywhere. Given the low redemption rates for some Club Carlson properties, this totally makes the card worth it, IMHO…I will gladly pay the annual fee for 40,000 points.

  • Slee

    I’ve recently been staying primarily at Carlson properties since getting the CC card a few months ago. Aside from the signup bonus points, I like the additional bonus points earned on the card…this quarter being 60pts per $ spent. I’ve already accumalated almost as much as the bonus point sign up via 4 stays.

  • Ray G.

    The 40k bonus points for renewal is my favorite for sure!

  • Lawrence Abramson

    Here’s a benefit that I learned from US Bank today, but which is not listed among the other benefits. Authorized users also enjoy gold status and other benefits.

  • Sagegal2

    Got my card, bought a pack of gum and soda and got 2 nites in Bangkok at Park Plaza for 15K, seriously, what a steal! Plenty points extra for another couple nites if I want too. Plus bonus points for online booking. Love it.

  • buster

    Gold status and 40,000 points makes it a card I’ll keep.

  • Steven

    Gold status upgrade

  • JP

    Automatic gold status!

  • Phillip Denoble

    The gold status automatically

  • Zahn

    I would have to say the 40,000 bonus points on the cards anniversary. When combined with the last free night award, those 40,000 points are easily worth $300-$400 dollars in Europe; another nice perk Club Carlson!

  • pc8488

    The Bonus Gold Points are the best feature since you can use immeidately for a free stay!

  • Bayloop

    Automatic gold = room upgrade and In Room gift, early/late check out, 50 % bonus points, Online booking 2000 points bonus. Awesome benefits!!

  • BostonBen

    The 40,000 bonus points each year is nothing to sneeze at.

  • JK

    I think 40000 bonus points becomes much better with bonus award night benefit. With $2000 everyday spending, it translates to 2 nights stay at a premium property in Europe.

  • A_vi

    5 points/dollar everywhere

  • The G

    Radisson Blu’s are IMHO the coolest chain.

  • Sherman

    •40,000 bonus points each year after you renew your card and pay the annual fee

  • Blippery88

    The bonus Award night benefit. Fiji, Wow, wouldn’t that be great!

  • *!

    Annual renewal bonus

  • Tringuyen82

    40k points every year is awesome

  • Joschrin

    The color of the card is the other greatest beenfit

  • Dad to GO

    For me it’s gotta be the 5 points on any purchase. That is a benefit that can/will be very useful!

  • LRZ

    I love the Gold status! Great benefit.

  • Mkliao

    Bonus Award Nights – when Gold Points are redeemed for two or more consecutive award nights, the last night is free – exclusively for cardmembers

  • Huff Daland

    Really like that 40,000 point bonus for annual renewal.

  • Paul W

    5 points per dollar on regular spend is very fair, and Gold status for holding the card is nice too.

  • Davidwhotz

    Bonus points and status are my favorite

  • Terry

    40000 points on renewal. Certainly a great value on rooms or convert to miles. $2000 spent per year plus the bonus points will get you 8000 miles a year for just 75 dollars.

  • jordan

    40k points each year on renewal is very nice

  • Karim Sie

    40000 points for renewal, great value for 2 premium nights.

  • Alexis L

    The 40,000 bonus points are my favorite. Makes paying the annual fee worth it.

  • Matty

    Gold Status is the most awesome feature giving access to the 2 for 1 & 4 for 2 offers, awesome value!

  • Corey

    The bonus night is a pretty sweet idea for multiple night redemptions

  • sam

    I just got approved for this card last week! Haven’t even got it in the mail yet, but I’m so excited!! I really like the the 40k points on renewal. Combine that with the bonus award night (I agree with everyone else–that’s the MOST AMAZING feature) and you have total awesomeness! As long at those features are attached to this card, it’s one that will stay in my wallet long term.

  • Joanna K

    Bonus award nights, for sure!

  • Evan

    Gold Status

  • Jesse


    Do you know what credit bureau it pulls the inquiry from when applying the carlson visa card for Texas residents

  • JP

    Buy 2, get 1 free award nights!

  • Steve

    40,000 bonus points each year after you renew your card. That’s nearly another 2 nights at a high end hotel.

  • Dave

    40k points on annual renewal has gotta be one of the best perks!!

  • Eric

    The fact that this card is not issued by Amex, Citi, or Chase.

  • Guupster

    Definitely the 40,000 bonus points for each years renewal.

  • srmteach

    Gold status upgrade

  • tomszack

    For sure it’s the 40,000 anniversary bonus points on renewing the card; that’s a free night at some pretty great properties!

  • Andy

    early/late checkout, because I am not a morning person

  • ArubaJenn

    The initial bonus: 40,000 bonus points after you spend $3,000 in the first 3 months.

  • Glendamariemoore

    I like the Gold Elite status which then allows me to take advantage of their 2 for 1 specials on their properties in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East that require a Thursday/Friday stay or a Friday/Saturday stay.

  • Steve S.

    Gold status giving me late checkout, bonus points and a welcome gift!

  • ShawnFFX

    5 points on any purchase. That will add up very quickly, and then FREE hotel night!

  • Ulysses

    85,000 Bonus Gold Points to start, plus 40,000 bonus points each year after you renew your card.

  • Lars

    Carlson points are good value in European hotels, especially with cash+points bookings.

  • Pernell

    My favorite benefit has to be the Automatic Gold Elite status because of the perks that come with it: room upgrade, bonus points, etc.

  • andrewleen

    Last award night Free!

  • Aleks

    Gold status by virtue of having the card.

  • teleboat

    Renewal bonus.

  • Its1pj

    I really enjoy the cash + points option for stays in europe. I’ll be using it in Rome this fall!

  • Philip

    Having the last award night free is a great feature

  • Maryjane

    The 85,000 bonus points are my favorite because then you’ve got a vacation already paid for (when you combine the 2nd ngt free). Nothing’s better than FREE

  • Ben

    40k renewal bonus, which is almost as good as a free night certificate.

  • Rick Ehman

    The last night free can’t be beat. I had a reservation with them in Lucerne booked for 2 nights than got the card and received half my points back. As good as a new credit card signup with no credit pull.

  • Lor

    The automatic Gold status with the last night free. Double Bonus

  • Wissou

    The gold status and the 85k points !

  • Brock B

    Easily the Bonus Award Night, this really lets you stretch out the points and try out lots of new places!

  • Marc W

    I like the automatic upgrade to gold status. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • CL

    40000 bonus points on card anniversary!

  • Chase

    I like that you get gold status automatically. You get a welcome gift and late checkout with that. Sometimes, it’s just the little things!

  • Francisco

    The renewal bonus – on top of all the great bonuses, after a year’s worth of fun, you another free night!

  • JTP

    The insane sign up bonus is it for me.. especially since you get 5 points per $, by the time you hit the required spend for the 85K, you are actually close to 100K. Unmatched in the hotel CC world!!!

  • KR

    40,000 bonus points each year; I always like cards that I can keep even with an annual fee

  • Rence

    Definitely the renewal bonus! Great to make the card worth it every year, and keep me coming back.

  • Ryan H.

    40k points each year on renewal is the next best benefit.

  • TJ

    3rd night free, with gold to boot……WOW!

  • Iowan

    The last night free is amazing. I plan to gift a few 2-night stays to friends in Europe and Asia

  • NaveJ

    40 k bonus points each year!

  • Yogesh

    85000 points on gettting the card itself!

  • Amy

    85k Signup bonus. It can last for several nights with the free night benefit

  • Perumal

    “40,000 bonus points each year after you renew your card and pay the annual fee” – not a common feature , rewarding loyalty and also a compelling value.

  • Andreas Stein

    40000 points each year as a bonus

  • Gdimperio

    For sure the 40K bonus points each year is my favorite — what other chain does that?? So great!

  • Linda S.

    50,000 Gold points plus an additional 35,000 points sounds pretty attractive.

  • YesMissWin

    I actually love that they give you a bonus annually and it’s sizable – 40,000K points gets you nearly 6 nights at a level 1 hotel!

  • Stacey B.

    I like the upgrade to gold status. Great program!

  • Dustin

    The annual bonus is nice. I prefer cards I can keep and feel are worth keeping year after year. 40k points is almost enough for 2 nights at a top hotel, and that is worth the $75 annual fee.

  • mikes

    The bonus award night benefit… Gold is great, but I’m already gold. Would love to be concierge. :)

    Really this is a great card with many great features.

  • Seth

    The 85k sugn-up bonus!!

  • Matthutchison340

    Annual bonus is great!

  • dl

    85k signup bonus is one of the best around

  • Kevin W Chen

    40,000 bonus points each year after you renew your card and pay the annual fee — the bonus pays more than the annual fee, this is the card to keep for long…

  • Dina

    Defintely the gold status for bonus points and upgrades.

  • Kevin

    The 40,000 renewal bonus points each year. It makes paying the annual fee worth it.

  • Chris Y.

    The status, in conjunction with the prospects of getting lots of extra bonus points per stay, if you’re crafty.

  • Katherine

    I like the annual bonus because I can choose how to use the points.

  • Ed

    Bonus points for spend @ Carlson properties!

  • nelsonjo

    Yes, please! Last night free.

  • yesleez

    The 5x on everywhere spend is pretty solid when comparing to non bonus spend on other top cards, such as SPG.

    10k spending gets you two nights in their top tier vs one night for cat 4 SPG.

    This card is definitely on my next churn!

  • Monjun Chao

    I like the annual bonus because it more than makes up for the annual fee.

  • James

    Automatic gold status upgrade.

  • Lemmiwinks

    The 40K annual bonus which makes up for the annual fee means that this card will be a keeper.

  • Amauri Viguera

    I think the Gold status is nice, but that will only get you so far. The 5x spend I think is actually the most useful one to accumulate points.

  • Kohei

    Love the 40000 renewal bonus points!!

  • Daniel

    The generous sign is bonus is always great, I use to live in Australia where the max signup bonus I saw was around 15,000 with a $149 annaul fee.

  • W Brian Duncan (aka IPBrian)

    I absolutely love winning and I love the second free night!

  • bxw11

    I like the anniversary points.

  • Bargain Hunter

    For me it’s 5 points per dollar. Effectively I get 2 nice hotel nights in Europe for every $10k in spend. Hard to beat!

  • jmw2323

    363 comments so far. You can’t beat the 40k points each year as an anniversary bonus. Guess I’ll have to keep the card a while

  • ZL

    Definitively the 40k annual bonus

  • kgv

    40,000 annual points to renew? No brainer!

  • rts63

    I love the low annual fee for great benefits and bonuses, although I’d have to say my favorite is the 85k bonus after the first swipe!

  • BostonFly

    Love the gold status and the 3rd night free! Means two work nights turn into a third relaxing one!

  • Gmarinski

    The annual 40,000 point renewal bonus

  • Jqk1

    50k points after 1st purchase

  • Varun Mehta

    Last night free is by far the biggest selling point of the card for me.

  • Jlac

    40,000 renewal bonus

  • JY

    Annual 40,000 point renewal bonus is a big plus!

  • XW

    Gold status upgrades! Plus huge sign up bonus!

  • Malik

    The additional 35000 miles

  • Well Traveled Mile

    Gold status upgrades

  • CLD

    I like the 40,000 pts with renewal each year. I may actually keep this card around awhile

  • sue

    I like the big initial signup bonus.

  • Matt

    The 40,000 pts with renewal each year. More than pays for itself.

  • Jennifer Mc

    The 40k after paying the fees is great.

  • Pawtim

    I’d say the annual bonus points upon renewal — more flexible than a “free night stay” certificate like Marriott has.

  • Ahh7131

    Looking forward to switching from Hilton to Carlson

  • happy_2_b

    Lots of things to like about this card- but I most like that it is a US Bank product, so is different from Chase, Citi, AmEx. They are a bit harder to get, but worth the effort just to have a different product in a churn

  • Nandohun7

    I love that you get the Gold status automatically!

  • T HD

    The 10 points per dollar at Club Carlson hotels and 5 points everywhere else is pretty generous compared to the points-earning abilities of other hotel cards!

  • Paul

    5x points on all spending. Combine that with a quite reasonable reward chart and you can earn a free night very quickly without jumping through a lot of hoops to hit bonus categories

  • Robbie

    The Gold status is definitely the next best perk

  • Matt Karolian

    Two words: Gold, Status.

  • RobW

    I have to say the Gold Status upgrade takes the cake for me.

  • Miriam

    The 40k annual bonus is nice

  • Michael W Travels

    Second awards night free.

  • Joe

    Gold Status hands down!!

  • Lynn M.

    The last night free and the Gold status. I just received my 35,000 bonus points for my Visa and will soon be booking 4 nights for the number of points for 3 nights at the Radisson Blu in Berlin.

  • SpoonMan

    The 40K each year on renewal is my favorite after the bonus reward night.

  • Michael

    The 40K each year and golden status

  • Sil

    40k year annual bonus no doubt.

  • Elena Vo

    I really like the 40,000 points annually just for maintaining the card without any extra hoops to jump through. Moreover, I believe Carlson offers a better service overall– which is a subjective opinion.

  • Jennifer

    40,000 points with renewal is a big plus.

  • Dhinkle16

    85,000 points is nice cause you can get a lot of bang for your buck with them, especially with all the recent devaluations in other programs.

  • Den

    Gold status is gold.

  • Randy Ronning

    My favorite? Free Internet Access that comes with going elite- so I can keep up with The Points Guy blog, and get the latest and greatest tips for other perks, freebies, and upgrades.

  • Boomerangbadger

    40k points for a great low annual renewal fee!

  • Andrew Churchill

    Renewal bonus points!

  • Ahmed

    Gold Status and 40K points. Can’t beat that!

  • Tami

    The 40000 renewal points helps make the annual fee worth paying!

  • Holly B

    The 85,000 points to start, because who doesn’t like free points?

  • Dennybob

    Last Night free is amazing.

  • Holly H.

    40,000 points for renewal is my favorite

  • Michaelboddicker

    The annual bonus points because with $2,000 in extra spend, you get 2 free nights at a category 6 Radisson Blu!

  • Allen K

    easy and free transfer of points to any other club carlson member, great way for family to rack up thousands of points into one account.

  • Twinky_the_Kid

    All those points on renewal — enough for a free night almost anywhere!

  • Chadcannon

    40,000 bonus points each year after you renew your card really neutralizes the annual fee. This then be redeemed for buy one get one free!

  • Ketan S

    40,000 bonus points each year after you renewal is my favorite benefit.

  • John Ruda

    Upgrade perks from the free Gold status

  • Pavan

    Definitely like the annual 40k points. You can use that to leverage the bonus night and get more value out of the card every year

  • David Archuleta

    My favorite feature of this card is its renewal bonus with 40,000 bonus points each year that can take me to Paris for a great redemption value!

  • Jmansour

    40k points after renewal!

  • SajerGuy

    Gotta love the 40k points on renewal…combine that with the bonus award night benefit and you’ve got a potential two nights at a good hotel for $75.

  • Jrglass1949

    Bonus Award Nights

  • Michelle

    How much easier could it be to get points?!? That 85k point sign-up bonus is worth almost 3 nights in New Orleans… and with all the money I’ll be spending on beignets, oysters and sazeracs, I’m sure I could earn another night with the 5-points you earn on the dollar!

  • Seth Dewlen

    40 k annual points definitely makes the annual fee easier to swallow.

  • Shorty

    The 40k points on renewal is great.

  • Nick H – DFW

    Gold Status since it allows you to accrue more points with stays and online bookings!

  • Dashsiva

    Where does Club Carlson rank for people, especially with the recent changes in hotel programs?

  • brianyyz

    The Gold + 40K

  • Harold

    Gold status because of the perks which come with it.

  • B-Rad

    5 points everywhere is pretty generous

  • Yaokai Jiang

    40k annual bonus!

  • Marlene

    Yearly bonus points!

  • Eric

    The bonus points for yearly renewal. They make this card a keeper.

  • Marty

    The annual bonus points are the best!

  • Denise L

    Gold status.

  • james k

    40,000 BONUS points each year is my favorite. It is like buying the points at at 0.18 cent, which is a very good deal.

  • Jeff4jojo

    I used to have the old Raddison card and stayed at one of their properties from time to time. You have to know which of their properties are good ones and which need a bit of help. But, if you are an educated consumer, the Raddison’s are fine….especially the Country Inn’s. Now that Hilton has killed the golden goose I might give their card a shot again and stay at some of their properties.

  • Vsinghal98

    My favorite feature is the Free Bonus Award night. Specially powerful when redeemed at a premier property like the Radisson Blu in St Martin or Fiji

  • Sarah

    85k signup bonus since it’s almost enough for 4 nights at top properties with free 2nd nights.

  • Rick

    40k per year…
    Where was I? How did I miss this perk in the last few months lol.

  • Rajnish

    Free nights are awesome.

  • Shruti

    I love renewal bonus of 4000 points.

  • Charlotte (TYR)

    40K for renewal is a huge benefit versus the other credit cards for hotels!

  • Mikeyboy7627

    40,000 renewal bonus

  • ed

    Love the 40k renewal bonus

  • Garyst16

    85K sign up bonus sounds great to me!

  • Jackie S

    I like getting 40,000 bonus points annually upon renewal of the card

  • Jenny

    40,000 points at renewal each year!

  • Dave

    48-hour room availability guarantee at participating hotels with Gold status on the Business Rewards Visa Signature.

  • Ley

    Annual bonus points. Yay!!!

  • Mike

    Gold status upgrades! Just got upgraded this weekend to an oceanfront spa suite.

  • Marty

    5 points per dollar spent and free Gold Status.

  • Marcwint55

    gold status is excellent as it gives you a good shot at room upgrades

  • Lorriewins

    85k bonus miles

  • Dwinballer

    the renewal bonus every year is very generous and worth more than the annual fee

  • Kfloveinme

    5 points per dollar everywhere else Visa is accepted??! I can rack up tons of points with that feature alone! Also Receive 50,000 Gold Points after your first purchase, plus 35,000 points after you spend $2,500 on your card within the first 90 days is always a good deal to me!

  • Andy

    Gold status

  • Julie Smith

    40000 bonus points each year on renewal gets me 4 1/2 nights in Orlando with my family at the Radisson Universal Drive!

  • Hill

    I got update to the suit each time I lived in the Radission and Country Inn. I do like the 40k points each year which can cover the annual fee and help me to keep this card long.

  • Joel J

    85,000 points up front is pretty nice.

  • Daniel

    85,000 sign up bonus!

  • Spesalvi00

    85K sign up bonus sounds great to me!

  • Coruscate

    Last night free for 2 or more nights redeem!

  • Con

    Gold status!

  • Ron

    Gotta love those 85000 bonus points at sign up.

  • Bob

    Gold status.

  • Stanley C

    the 5x points for regular spend and 10x points for club carlson spend, makes it extremely easy for award redemptions

  • Michael

    Annual Fee is only $75 – I was kidding.

    Generous 85,000 bonus points at sign up offers a great start!

  • Smithgail18

    40,000 onus points each year is my choice. I don’t much like just taking the sign up bonus and then canceling so a retention bonus works for me.

  • Itscarr

    Annual 40k bonus has to be my favorite – good retention plan.

  • Paul


  • Oberonin

    the 85K sign up bonus

  • Andy O

    Gold status

  • eric

    sweet 85k sign up bonus

  • Craig

    Gold status (concierge if I win :)

  • HS

    40,000 bonus points a year for renewal means that the perks don’t dry up after signup

  • Erik

    I think the 40k annual bonus for paying the annual fee is a very nice gesture. Thanks TPG!

  • waynekim5


  • Peter

    Gold status upgrade

  • DWG

    The Club Carlson Visa card’s European “secret” is one of my favorite features. With the card’s Gold Status, you can book two weekend nights for the price of one night. Or four nights for the price of two. If you book two nights, check-in must be a Friday or Saturday. If you book four nights, check-in must be a Wednesday or Thursday. You’ll save money, won’t use points, and earn points. It’s an outstanding deal.

  • Eric Pease

    4ok bonus points and the free nights can’t be beat!

  • Andrew Mac

    Hands down the bonus reward night, all the other benefits and points earning opportunities enhance this feature giving the lucrative points earning potential for fantastic free travel.

  • Martin

    gold status of course (or concierege, if i win :-) )

  • Stratos

    A lot of pretty good stuff, but Gold status and 40k each year is probably the best, apart from the bonus award night!

  • Tricia

    Renewal bonus would mak me keep this card in my portfolio!

  • susan fabiano

    gold status upgrade

  • elliotta2

    I like that there’s a fee-free version of the card I can keep in my wallet long term!

  • Jamaezzzing

    Gold status upgrade would be the best :)

  • Orgjkjung70

    The last night for two or more consecutive award nights is free.

    Gold Points are redeemed for two or more consecutive award nights, the last night is free

  • Lynn

    Annual renew bonus….that plus min spend equals 2 nights!

  • Mike S.

    Gold status.

  • Jhjun69

    The last night for two or more consecutive award nights is free.

  • Alex

    Gold status and the auto renew bonus each year!

  • Lantean

    i like that you get 40k miles for the card each year… it makes you not only want to get the card, but keep it too.

  • Ryan from MA

    the Award night benefit is CRAZY!

  • Melody

    40k bonus points after renewal!

  • Melody

    40k bonus points after renewal!

  • Alan Li

    Gold status for lifetime of having the card. Room upgrade can be pushed for even if no automatically offered at check-in. Radisson Blu’s usually give Business Class rooms for upgrades which often come with free breakfast and movies! so this is a huge benefit despite the programme itself doesn’t offer free breakfast at Gold level

  • mike D

    getting gold status and having some 40k points is a nice touch. easiest way to burn and churn as i always say.

  • BillF

    gold status upgrades are great

  • Cathy

    The gold status upgrade is the 2nd best benefit because of the extra perks.

  • andycww

    love the status!

  • Justin

    Instant gold status is a total winner

  • Kinetic7

    Annual bonus of 40000 points

  • Brett Albertson

    The 5 points per dollar on regular spend is the greatest benefit, as it allows easy accrual of Club Carlson Points.

  • Kathy K

    the benefits – other than the free award night – the annual bonus of 40K is wise as it helps ensure that people will want to renew after the first year. essentially, 40K is a free night at many, or most of a free night at some, for a price of $60. Using these points with the cash and points option can spread out the benefit over many stays.

  • Jhisgen

    Gold status concierge when I win LOL

  • Francisco C

    85k initial bonus

  • caccac

    I like Gold status, I don’t travel frequently enough to earn it, and it makes me feel special!

  • Kara

    I like the idea of having Gold status for just having a credit card.

  • Joe Yakamavich

    Love the instant gold.

  • AJM

    Definitely Gold Status!

  • Scott Cooper

    The extra night free is awesome.

  • Miro

    10 points per dollar on eligible purchases at participating Carlson Rezidor hotels

  • Krys

    Getting approved for this US Bank card is a treat in itself because approvals with US Bank don’t come easy. Then to be able to enjoy Concierge Elite Status to look for broadway shows would be great!

  • Sbbi98

    Gold status.

  • Augustine

    Gold status!

  • Corky

    I love the renewal bonus.

  • Lynn

    Gold status upgrade.

  • Judy S

    Gold status

  • Jrjcopp

    40K points with renewal!

  • Phil

    Love the use points for one night get a second night free. If you’re traveling with someone and they have points too, then 4 nights equals 2 on points, a great deal. If anyone has stayed at the Mayfair in LON, love to get feedback, will be there in APR on points

  • MP1007

    85,000 Gold Points to start…

  • Andy

    The low Annual Fee for so many perks!

  • Debbie

    I haven’t been too interested in hotel cards, but after learning more about the Carlson card, I’ll probably add it to my next round of applications. The sign-up bonus is great of course, but the bonus night will make it worth the annual fee.

  • leann

    love the 2 nite requirement to save 50,000 points

  • Rick Frendt

    Renewal bonus of 40,000 points every year!

  • TTN

    Gold status – Love anything instant.

  • Big Pizza

    50k points can get you any carlson hotel for two nights. 40k renewal points means you pay $75 for Almost two nights anywhere.

  • Zen

    40k annual bonus point plus Gold status.

  • Sruti

    The bonus points on credit card signup!

  • Timothyprice1

    40,000 bonus points per year for sure. So many hotel cards don’t give me enough each year to want to keep the card but the 40,000 points are just enough to keep me around.

  • Jason T

    The 40K renewal points.

  • April

    Love the renewal bonus!

  • Ellen Casper

    40,000 bonus points each year after you renew your card~~

  • Erik

    For me it’s clear the 50,000 Gold Points you get after the first purchase AND another 35,000 points after spending $2,500 within the first 90 three months is what makes this card great!

  • Karen

    The potential 85,000 bonus gold points is what makes this desireable to me. I don’t have a Club Carlson Visa, but having an immediate (almost) award available to use after meeting spending requirements is a good way to hook me. Especially if it’s to Fiji!

  • Margithind

    Got this card to use on a scandinavia trip– so my favorite characteristic is good selection of hotels in Europe/ scandinavia!

  • Erik

    Oops! Meant to write “90 days” but changed my mind to “three months” but forgot to delete “90″ … sorry!

  • Cris

    40k annual bonus point plus Gold status

  • TracyC

    Well since you won’t let me say the bonus night, I would have to go with the sign up points! How amazing are they!!

  • Nik

    The bonus award nights — what a great way to extend the use of all those gold points from the various promos last year.

  • JL

    amazing annual bonus because of the bonus night

  • Heather C

    I love the buy one get one free reward night bonus.

  • Ruthie

    gold status!

  • Tiffany Winner

    i like the bonus points for renewing because it keeps up the incentive every year

  • Adriano

    In my opinion – for all goodwife fans ;-) – the 40,000 bonus points EACH YEAR is great, because it gives you another free night at certain properties or is very close to all Radisson hotels…

  • Ed

    Bonus Award Nights!

  • Precia

    Sign up points, wow.

  • Greg

    The 40K renewal points!

  • Judi

    85,000 bonus points to start and 40,000 points every year on renewal.

  • FlyFlyer

    By far the best is the free night award redemption. I have already used it for some amazing hotels in Europe. LOVE CC!

  • Vike80

    Buy one get one is the best!

  • Bradley B.

    Renewal points. It offers an incentive to keep the card around.

  • Adrienne B

    My favorite benefit is the 40,000 point renewal bonus!

  • MarcMon

    40,000 renewal points! I wish every card did this

  • Joe

    At current award levels, the 40,000 bonus points per year (for the $75) gives one free night at a category 3 or 4, or two free nights at a category 2, or four free nights at a category 1. Aside from the bonus award night, the bonus points annually is my favorite benefit.

  • Urih85

    Buy one get one is awesome!

  • Christy

    i like the 85,000 points and 40,000 renewal points!

  • Ronmiller997

    Automatic Gold Elite Status once the card is used. Existing Gold Elite members receive 15 qualifying nights toward Concierge Elite Status is my favorite feature !!

  • Lee Huffman

    I like the 40k annual renewal points, which will get you a night in many of their top properties.

  • Peter Sierk

    40,000 annual renewal points!

  • ArkansasTraveler

    Automatic gold status = room upgrades in my experience at Radissons here in the US which is always nice!

  • John B

    I like the annual bonus. Always nice when the annual fee make it worthwhile.

  • JakeDew

    Room upgrades are a nice feature when on vacation.

  • Pmlago

    The Bonus Award Nights is the benefit I crave!

  • Tian Y

    The bonus reward night rocks!

  • Patrick B

    I like the 85,000 points ith relatively low spending. Together with their previous bonuses and contests I would be in very good shape for a trip to Europe

  • Jeffrey

    Renewal bonus is great!

  • Maher H

    40,000 bonus points each year and free second night on redemption.


    Bonus Award Nights – when Gold Points are redeemed for two or more consecutive award nights, the last night is free IS MY FAVORITE FEATURE!!!

  • Ellen V

    My favorite is the 40,000 points yearly and the free night on award stays of 2 nights or more.


    The bonus reward night IS FANTASTIC!!

  • Char Wilson

    The bonus points on renewal make it worth keeping!

  • RT

    Gold status upgrade + the ability for early check-in & late check-out!

  • Robyn

    Bonus points on anniversary make it a card worth keeping.

  • Olga

    Definitely the automatic Gold Status and the benefits that come with it

  • Kathy

    My favorite is the bonus points on your annual renewal. 40k will get you a night in a category 3 Hotel. Nice!!!!

  • Leeapoth

    5 points/dollar on everything and the 40,000 annual bonus.

  • Mythrock

    I love your blog!

  • Rlkanner

    I like the automatic Gold status. You go on vacation and with all these tips and tricks, you end up still having to pay for food. Gold status gives you concierge club which means free food! How could you possibly go wrong??

  • Rasputin_KY

    It has to be the 40,000 bonus points at renewal. This almost makes up for the annual fee. Not a big fan of their gold status. Room upgrade just means a room on a higher floor or room with a view. Once, I got upgraded to a room on their executive floor, but denied access into their lounge. All this in Asia where service and elite recognition is usually better than anywhere else in the world.

    In-room welcome amenity – the less said about it the better. I received it only once in 4 stays as a gold member last year (ironically during the stay I decided is probably going to be my last one with Club Carlson group). They are still wannabes with poor execution everywhere.

  • Robbie

    The Gold status is definitely a great perk

  • Phoward336

    Gold status upgrade for me!

  • Bill

    Automatic elite Gold Status sounds like the best

  • Delaney

    40,000 bonii for $75 annual fee

  • Jetstream007

    The 40K points @$75 is best and it makes the card a keeper (for creditscore)!

  • Thomas

    Redeem award nights and get one free

  • Ray

    For me, it is the 40,000 bonus points at renewal – really takes the sting of the fee away!

  • Mike Stawitzky

    I like the bonus reward night!

  • Avishaister

    The 40,000 point retention bonus. It’s almost a free night valid anywhere.

  • snufflespa

    Auto-Gold is good…and then using that to status match elsewhere is great…

  • Ryan

    That gift would be awesome!!!

  • Val F.

    My favorite feature in the redeem 2 nights for the price of one.

  • Horst

    I like the annual renewal bonus adding another 40k to my account nearly as much as the regular room upgrades that come with my gold elite status.

  • Jae Shim

    if i win, can i apply for the card first then get the upgrade?

  • B J

    I really like the 40,000 point retention bonus. It gives me a free room at my favorite
    Carlson hotel.

  • FormalHall

    I am a big fan of the 40,000 renewal points: nice and clear benefit which outweighs the annual fee and avoids bargaining with the cancellation line.

  • Albert Ruiz

    Receiving 40,000 bonus points each year after I renew my card and pay the annual fee is the greatest bonus of all. I never thought I would say this but with this offer I might even look forward to the annual fee.

  • Pwtravelblog

    The renewal bonus points are awesome along with the instant gold status.

  • Devonpack

    Definitely the automatic elite gold status

  • Macken7

    I like the five points per dollar with a VISA, which is accepted everywhere.

  • Brian

    I like having the automatic gold status upgrade, makes it so I don’t have to worry about going all the time but can truly reap the benefits!

  • Christie Ritter

    I like the 85,000 Bonus Gold Points for signing up and spending $2,500 within the first 90 days.

  • ADAM

    40,000 bonus points each year after you renew your card and pay the annual fee Sounds like a great deal.

  • Elehmann

    Gotta be the 5x points on ALL purchases with AMEX Hitlon dropping to 5x and dropping Drug Stores and Telecommunications, etc…. I can easily pick up 5,000 – 7,000 a month putting my Cell Phone, Internet, Sat Tv, XM Radio, on auto pay… Add in my way (too many) trips to the corner drug store… I could top 8,000 a month with little to no changes in my spending habits. Don’t forget with the $2,500 spend you easily pick up 12,000 pts….It is a pretty ‘cool’ looking card, also.

  • Elizabeth

    Country Inn & Suites are nice properties.

  • RoadNinja

    Gold status as it gives me another option for upgrades on the road

  • Taryn

    Love the 40K annual point bonus!

  • mangoMan

    Gold status or annual renewal bonus….hmmmm…guess I’ll go with Gold status.

  • Mike

    40,000 bonus points annually.

  • Ricky

    3rd night free on a 2 night redemption, beats the typical 5th night free of other programs!

  • Mikedlk

    3rd night free on a 2 night redemption!!

  • 15 years in the miles game

    Several good options to choose from, but i will go with 85,000 points to open the card. Awards starting at 9000 points plus the bonus night means i can get up to 20 nights free for 1 card sign up. Very impressive

  • Brian Cogswell

    I love how free they are with giving out the late-checkouts to cardmembers. Nothing like a leisurely sleep-in on a night away form the kids!

  • Chitownfella

    the 40k points

  • boxedlunch

    Like the extra redemption nights.

  • E Siegel

    Automatic Gold Elite Status

  • Phil

    Not too shabby with– Up to 85,000 Bonus Gold Points to start. Receive 50,000 Gold Points after your first purchase, plus 35,000 points after you spend $2,500 on your card within the first 90 days

  • Hannah

    I love the generous 40k annual points!!

  • Shirley

    I like the online booking bonus of 2k points!! All the points they dish out add up fast for me :)

  • Mike

    my favorite benefit is the 5 points per dollar on other spend.

  • CucumberJay

    I like the plentiful bonus points, both initial and recurring!

  • Tarynjoy5

    50,000 Gold Points after your first purchase, of course!

  • Mike C.

    Gold status is great for someone like me who could never get there on my own!!

  • Jimmy He

    I like the 40,000 bonus points each year after you renew your card and pay the annual fee of $75… that way you can stretch your bonus award night based on your needs… Enough for 8 nights at Category 1 or 4 nights at Category 1 or 2 nights at Category 3 and 4 hotels! Not too shabby!

  • I.Sella

    To me it’s the 10 points per dollar if on CC or 5 pts per dollar everywhere!, it’s a good deal if the Credit Card is used as the main and daily one.

  • Aarond1234

    The Annual bonus makes this card well worth keeping. Lots of points per dollar of spend will get me staying at a lot of properties.

  • tiffany l

    annual renewal bonus!

  • Joel Giefer

    50K points after first purchase is pretty cool.

  • sanchari

    Annual renewal bonus , an incentive to hold onto the card

  • Lynchmc1954

    I like the 40,000 point bonus to get started for the second year. A great one two punch.

  • Dar76124

    My Favorite

    40,000 bonus points each year after you renew your card and pay the annual fee

    Basicaly a free night eevry year

  • Dave

    Like that for every 2 award nights booked the 2nd is free

  • Sanjay Rajpal

    The bonus night!

  • Emily Cellana

    5 pts/$ everywhere visa is accepted?! That’s incredible!!

  • Amy

    I love the 40k annual points.

  • Alex

    Definitely the automatic gold status.. or in case u already have it..the help for concierge status.
    Wish we had the same opportunities in Europe to have these credit cards!!!

  • LynneAynn

    My favorite feature of the Club Carlson Visa credit cards is the point earning structure (10 points per $1 spent in eligible net purchases at participating Carlson Rezidor hotels worldwide and 5 points per $1 spent in eligible net purchases everywhere else). You can really rack up the points if you frequent this hotel chain.

  • Vinay

    Gold status and annual bonus

  • Laura C.

    Five points per dollar everywhere is awesome!

  • Hawaiishark71

    Automatic Gold Elite status!

  • HenryC13

    Club Carlson is my favorite program after all the devaluation that happened with other programs. Not only are the bonus award nights, gold status, annual 40,000 points awesome, I love how the credit card offers 5x on each purchase which combined with bonus nights can add up to 3-3.2 cents per point. Which I believe is great.

  • Diane K.

    The annual renewal bonus is a great incentive to keep the Club Carlson Visa card!!!

  • Ken

    I like getting 5 pts per dollar on everyday spending.

  • Midi

    40k annual points upon renewal

  • Uri

    Gold status for a very low fee and bonuses for online booking – cannot beat that.

  • Haloastro

    The 40,000 renewal bonus points is a great feature that would make it easier to keep the card year after year, and the Gold Status is a plus too.

  • mw

    I like the gold status with the card

  • Dgrl

    a free night with point redemption means twice as many stays if used for nightly awards

  • coley

    the gold status has many benefits when checking in

  • Dalaney

    The fact that you get 40k annual points entices me :)

  • Kris A

    My favorite benefit, which I had the pleasure of experiencing first hand myself last week was the points I receive for stays in their hotels. I stayed for one night in a Radisson-SFO using my Club Carlson credit card. The rate was 129.00. When I saw my statement, I received a total of 11K points for my one night stay. If my Math is correct, that’s equivalent to 1.17 cents per point. An amazing deal. Not only that, I got an automatic upgrade to their business floor with restricted entry. Using the card for Radisson stays I believe is the best benefit of this card!

  • Kris A

    My math is incorrect. I got 85 points per dollar spent! That’s an awesome deal!

  • FrankieC

    The 10 points per dollar at CC hotels comes in handy. I’ve moved a few work stays to a local Country Inn (now re-branded as Four Points unfortunately) during the triple points, between triple points, CC spend, gold, 2000 online booking, etc, my $100 a night stays are turning into half a night at London Mayfair!

  • kentleytx

    I’m new Club Carlson but have quickly become a huge fan. Can’t wait for my 40,000 point bonus after my first year – this is an amazing perk.

  • Ralph L

    40k points for an annual is a good deal

  • DJ

    I like the feature of a free night with award redemption

  • Lauren

    Gold status included!

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  • Or N

    Gold Elite status.

  • Pointsandtravel

    I like the gold status with the card

  • PK

    Gold upgrade!

  • Andrew L. AUS

    My favorite benefit of the card is the gold elite status.

  • Victor

    50k points after first purchase!

  • Jimgotkp

    Gold status with the CC.

  • Tiff Comiskey

    My next favorite is getting 5 points per dollar with regular spending; most programs only give 2 or 3 points at the most.

  • CJ

    Gold status and bonus points for spend.

  • Michelle

    I like the 40,000 annual points, essentially covering the annual fee :)

  • AnnieLovesParis

    I like the “5 points on every other dollar spent where Visa accepted” part of the Club Carlson Premium Rewards Visa Signature card! I just might have to get it!

  • Mrsoul78

    40,ooo points every year is the best feature of the card. After the last free night on award stays of course.

  • Jenny P

    40,000 bonus points each year after you renew your card and pay the annual fee is a great retention plane

  • Celia

    Gold status is a nice benefit

  • Robert P

    I really like the 40,000 bonus points each year after you renew your card and pay the annual fee; it a great deterrent to churning and makes the card holders feel valued.

  • jerry

    My favorite feature would be the 40,000 points each anniversary. That’s a really good offer they’re making.

  • Elyse

    I think the automatic CC gold/silver status upon use of the card is the best perk!

  • Mruby75

    I love the gold elite status, great sign up bonus. The points for spending are highly valuable to me as I travel and frequently stay at these properties. I think I get some extra perks from time to time when I use the card at the hotel. They really appreciate and make it worth it.

  • Bexho2000

    I love the ability to get a free night when redeeming 2 or more award nights – I know this is indirectly a benefit of having the card but I just got 3 nights free!!!!!

  • Kevin Pollack

    40,000 annual points sounds pretty good to me (Gold status isn’t too shabby either).

  • Rob Hall

    I would have to say automatic Gold Status. Complimentary upgrades, points bonuses and especially the early check in and checkouts are extremely beneficial to my family of small children. It really helps with nap time flexibility.

  • R L

    I love the ability to get a free night when redeeming 2 or more award nights – I know this is indirectly a benefit of having the card but I just got 3 nights free!!!!!

  • Michael

    I like the annual renewal bonus adding another 40k to my account nearly as much as the regular room upgrades that come with my gold elite status.

  • beakybirdy

    The annual 40,000 point renewal bonus!

  • KevininRI

    The annual renewal bonus of 40,000 points is 80% of the way to 2 free nights at any Carlson hotel in the world, easily worth at least 5 times the annual fee, and arguably the most generous renewal bonus out there for hotel-branded credit cards.

  • tly

    Gold status – was just upgraded

  • Diana L

    A contest, a contest – oh what a hoot
    The prize a $500 Visa gift card and gold status to boot
    The Points Guy’s creative; he’s making us think
    It can’t be that hard – I’ll just check out the link
    The question he poses just might be tricky
    Can’t use the obvious answer, oh what a pity :(
    So, I’ll go with my gut as my answer is Gold, the Gold status upgrade with all of its perks – yes, that’s my answer as it totally works

  • Tim

    Instant gold status is the best benefit!

  • Steve

    My favorite perk of this is 5x pts per dollar on all spending. even if you get .4 cpp out of your points it’s a 2% equivalence. If you do points first night, 2nd night free, that makes it a 4% equivalence.
    It’s not the best 5x card, but it’s nice to have the option!

  • Katherine

    I really like having Gold Status with the credit card. this allows me to book the EMEA 2 for 1 and 4 for 2 rates.

  • andrew

    The annual 40,000 point renewal bonus!

  • Jessica

    44,000 bonus points on renewal – That’s almost 2 free nights anywhere!

  • JB

    I like that Gold status is included

  • Erny

    Gold status

  • booshala

    Combination of the 10 points per dollar plus the gold membership that adds a bonus multiplier… plus if you sign up for their business program, you get even more points.

  • Jessica

    oops, I got too excited with the 4′s. I meant 40,000 bonus points on renewal!

  • OnlyOne

    The 40,000 annual renewal bonus! It’s clearly one of the top renewal bonuses available as it can almost net you two free nights at any of their hotels. Amazing!

  • Chris

    The Gold status definitely!

  • Courtney

    I like the minimum 5x on each purchase and the 40K on renewal!

  • Abby S

    The other best benefit is the 40,000 points for renewals.

  • max

    I’m going to have to go with the Gold status update.

  • ed

    40,000 bonus points each year

  • Stephen

    I think its really the 40,ooo upon renewal. With that AND the 2nd night free, there’s so much reason to keep the card regardless of what redemption level you prefer to book at.

  • AP

    The sign up Bonus Points

  • Pan

    Automatic Gold Status!

  • nick m

    40k points annually is def not too shabby! Gotta love it!

  • Michael Pawlik

    With the Bonus awards night , the 40,000 points for renewal could get you 4 free weekends at a 9000/night property. That is fantastic!

  • Nikdro

    Bonus Award Nights

  • Jonathan

    Love it for free second award night!

  • Aaron

    My vote is for Gold status.

  • skizz

    I love the 40k points upon renewal; it’s at least 2 free nights at a Cat 4 with the bonus award nights, or you can easily stretch it using Points + Cash bookings.

  • Donn

    Sign up Bonus of 85000 after $2500 spend is a great perk.

  • Rocksurf

    5 points per dollar on everyday spend is amazing – I can rack up the points fast and make them worth twice as much along with the 2nd night free bonus on the club carlson card!

  • Lemmiwinks

    50K points after the first purchase!

  • jpgisbd

    I love the 40k points upon renewal; it’s at least 2 free nights at a Cat 4 with the bonus award nights, or you can easily stretch it using Points + Cash bookings.

  • ghick

    Are you kidding me, my favorite card is teh Premier Rewards because of the low annual fee, 85,000 points the first year and then another whopping 40,000 points on the one year anniversary. Those points go a long way

  • eric

    Club Carlson is one of my favorites right now due to the recent Hilton and SPG devaluations

  • Rose Bomstein

    40k points annually — makes the annual fee worthwhile.

  • Mike Dickens

    I’m kinda excited about the Gold status!

  • Coolmom

    Oh, Club Carlson, where do I begin…well to start Gold status…..

  • Steve B.

    Annual renewal bonus of an additional 40K! Thanks!

  • Jake

    The bonus points!

  • Sharon

    40,000 points added to account each year !

  • David G

    5 points/$ everywhere

  • Debi

    5 points/dollar on everything

  • Dina Muskin

    The renewed bonus of 40,000 each year! Who ever heard of a sign up bonus for renewing your card? This is great!

  • Andrew S.

    The bonus points are the best perk!

  • Goober153

    gold status is always nice!

  • turgutbey

    I like the 40,000 renewal bonus and the Gold Status.

  • Mklein28650

    The 40,000 annual points to offset the annual fee. Now I don’t need to think twice about keeping this card!

  • Brad

    My favorite benefit is gold elite status

  • Glen

    Favorite benefit: 85,000 points for spending $2500 in 3 months is splendiferous! They’re practically giving you at least 2 hotel nights!

  • April

    The 10 points per dollar is pretty sweet. Actually, everything about the card is pretty great!

  • Matthew J

    The 40K annual renewal bonus points are great, but I really think the best perk is Gold Elite Status.

  • Lewis

    My favorite feature of the Visa card is how quickly you can rack up points when every $ gets 5 points, except every $ gets 10 points at Carlson properties. And the 40K anniversary bonus is a major plus!

  • Pianopageturn

    I like the 5 points per dollar everywhere. I am used to cards with one to 1.25 points per dollar, and have been surprised with how quickly the additional points per dollar adds up.

  • Jacob

    Gold status upgrade, which means room upgrade and In Room Welcome gift, early/late check out, 50 % bonus points, Online booking 2000 points bonus. AND if I win Concierge status!!

  • Hitesh Chandwani

    I think it’s a tie for me between Gold Elite Status and 5 points per dollar spent. 5x on everything is better than any card out there!

  • Ron B.

    Last night free!

  • Karl

    Favorite feature? The 5x Club Carlson points on all uncategorized spend is very good!

  • Hleigh66

    The 5 points everywhere is a pretty nice option.

  • ela

    2nd night free bonus

  • khang111

    free second night

  • yasssmina

    I like the gold status and the 40.000 points every year, makes it a great deal!

  • Nat

    5 points everywhere!

  • Kovi Reichman

    Bonus award night and gold st

  • khang111

    second free night

  • Ryan

    Gold elite status…it’s the only major brand I’ve never had before!

  • withaspark

    The base earn rate is incredible!! I can’t believe everyone isn’t talking about how valueable Club Carlson Gold points can be!–and 5 pts base on non-bonus categories??? I have yet to get a value of less than 0.9 cents/pt on anything I’ve booked or even speculatively booked, and I have found many 1.4 cent/pt redemptions (after the 1 free night of course).

    The US Bank Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa is the perfect rewards travel card for those of us that like to take short weekend or road trip vacations; where 2 nights is all you need before wanting to see the next memorable stop; or, for those of us that feel more comfortable in a Country Inn & Suites than Waldorf. Do I sound like a fan-boy yet?…this card/program is itching for a devaluation…but I’m certainly counting myself as lucky and loyal to ride it on the way down.

  • bb

    The easy way to get gold status upgrade is what I like about the card.

  • Ben B

    The gold status upgrades and the 85,000 bonus points

  • Dave M.

    40,000 bonus points a year which makes it worth the annual fee…

  • aa

    I like the quick way to get gold status. Getting gold status means I will get more benefits such as room availability guarantee and welcome gift.

  • shampz

    For me the best benefit is the 5 points earned per dollar on non-hotel spending, great way to rack up points for awards!

  • Jer2911matt

    I love that the last night is free, plus the 50,000 points at first purchase is awesome too

  • Mike S.

    I like the annual renewal bonus.

  • Jason C

    I love that I will be able to use the 85,000 points to book 2 nights at the Radisson Blu Saga for 38,000 points and another 2 nights at the same hotel for a total of 76,000 points! This will cover our 4 nights in Reykjavik, Iceland!!!! Thanks Thepointsguy and Club Carlson!

  • ASW

    The automatic Gold Elite Status that comes with the card is my favorite benefit because of the Room Availability Guarantee and the 50% Points Bonus.

  • EarlVanDorn

    Aside from the free room night, the automatic Gold status with the Rewards premier card.

  • Ben Senise

    I think the 40k annual bonus is the best!

  • iWander

    Secondary to the 3rd night free bonus, I prefer the 60/85,000 point sign-up bonuses.

  • RDimperio

    I didn’t know about the annual renwal bonus. Chalk that one up for me.

  • JRC21

    40k points!

  • Luke

    Gold status for room upgrades!

  • Heather @ pass the dressing

    Sign up bonus. But poor me. Thanks to some poor churn planning, I applied and was rejected. WOMP!

  • AisleSeat!

    The 85k points!

  • Kathy

    40000 points each year after paying the annual fee is pretty cool

  • Nachamasol

    The sign up bonus

  • Aram

    Definitely appreciate the sign up bonus, but the yearly 40,000 is a nice perk.

  • John W.

    Annual renewal bonus for me!

  • Valerie

    Gold status upgrade…which means 50% bonus poins!!! Woohoo!

  • Jtgray

    I think the best feature of the card is the annual 40,000 point bonus. Even with a very conservative valuation of Club Carlson points, they pay for the annual fee and more. Just holding the card for years to come will generate value.

  • Nils Homer

    The renewal bonus.

  • JN

    Gold status

  • Ben C.

    The bonus award night is definitely a great perk, but the 40,000 annual points are also great (and actually both those benefits may work well together to get a very discounted award stay!).

  • ACML

    My favorite extra is the online booking 200o points bonus, very good card tHat I will likely get in the near future.

  • Susan

    The extra bonus points, plus the annual renewal point bonus, plus gold status. Lots of great features!

  • Ken

    Since I don’t stay at hotels enough to have status, I appreciate the Automatic Gold Elite Status.

  • Charlene

    85,000 Bonus Gold Points to start!!! Love FREE nights …

  • Cammie Z.

    The 40K signup bonus is definitely the best!

  • carogonza

    I love the sign up bonus! 40K

  • Nikki

    Hands down…fave is the regular spend 5x. Its like the ink on steroids since you get the bonus on everything, which is easily an extra 160k points/yr for us.

  • Colin

    Bonus Award Nights – when Gold Points are redeemed for two or more consecutive award nights, the last night is free – huge value!

  • Artvndlay

    Gold Status is a great perk for the card to come with, extra points for every stay even though some years I don’t requalify!

  • Philling

    The Bonus Night is totally ‘Rad’

  • xiao

    5 points per dollar spend is great bonus

  • Chris W

    Gold status upgrade which comes with the Club Carlson 2 for 1 night special
    and 4 for 2 night

  • FlyerM

    The signup bonus is by far, the best feature.

  • Disc Golf Guy

    I like the 40k points bonus for renewing each year. This definitely makes up for the annual fee.

  • Travis

    Count me in

  • Travis

    Whoops! I like the bonus points feature for each year you have the card open and paying the annual fee. It more than offsets the Annual Fee and you can get some really good value out of it!

  • George the Travel Monkey

    I already have Gold Status but would like to try out Concierge!

  • MichaelP

    40,000 points annual bonus which basically means it’s worth up to 80,0000 when use to book 2 nights at a 40,000/night award for only $75/annual fee.

  • Andy

    5 points per dollar on all purchases!

  • Tom

    The signup bonus of $85,000 points after spending $2500 is the best feature. After meeting this spend you will have at least $97,500 points in your account which is almost enough for 4 free nights at their top properties if you use the bonus award night feature of the card.

  • Richard1148

    I like the 40k bonus points when you renew your card.

  • Heather R

    The sign up bonus and renewal points each year are my favorite features, other than the bonus night, obviously!

  • Venicesnapper

    The 40k annual bonus indeed!

  • Scguy

    I’d love to win this…thanks!

  • parkandfly

    Club Carlson! With 40,000 bonus points annually (my choice as best perk), you are nearly at the top award level (50,000) every year. Add to that the bonus award night and you have a deluxe room for two nights for $75 every year? This is a requisite travel card portfolio addition.

  • Mam

    The annual 40K bonus is great, and offsets the renewal fee–and gold status got me a room upgrade and in room welcome amenity on my last stay!

  • Munjason

    The 40k annual bonus.

  • Bkc

    My favorite feature other than the free night with every 2 or more night redemption is the 40,000 annual points.

  • AsanteSana

    The 40K annual bonus all the way!

  • Liz M

    The best benefit besides the award night is the 40,000 anniversary points. This card has many great aspects!

  • Gailcs

    5 points per dollar and gold status!

  • Fizz

    40 K renewal bonus!

  • CFamilyTrips

    My favorite feature is the general ease of earning points…5 points per dollar and the 40k renewal bonus! This is going to be my general use card when I am finished wih minimum spends on others. I enjoy USA road trips with my family, and Country Inn & Suites are great with kids!

  • Lance

    You can’t beat the annual 40k points and the gold status that goes along with it. It’s great!

  • dqdisqus

    I do not have the card, YET, but outside of the signup bonus it seems hard to go wrong with bonus award night and 40,000 renewal bonus.

  • athanfrost

    I love the high earning ratio for points for purchases made under the card!

  • Marc_knittel

    4ok bonus on annual renewal

  • Pamie81

    Gold Status

  • Dan

    85k bonus hands down!

  • Matt

    The annual renewal bonus! Well worth the annual fee for a getaway night with the spouse…and without the kids!

  • Saby

    Annual 40K bonus on renewal is the 2nd best benefit IMHO

  • Candace Pfeifer

    Gold Status because you get a 50% point bonus!

  • Joe

    Renewal bonus of 40000K, 5x per dollar spent plus Gold status…WOW!

  • T Nick Usalis Knight

    The five points per dollar spent!

  • Kutbert

    The signup bonus is quite good and I am also very fond of the 50% points bonus.

  • George

    Automatic gold status rocks


    I can’t wait to use the bonus reward nights in EU later this year.

  • Joy Chowdhury

    Love the five points per dollar spent!

  • Richard B

    40,000 bonus points each yea

  • Junboy10

    40k yearly bonus

  • Wbtm4

    The initial bonus points to start!

  • Jeremy

    40k renewal bonus is pretty great.

  • Sean

    The gold elite status is a wonderful perk of the card.

  • Barry

    I like the yearly point bonus because I have no problem redeeming at low end hotels!

  • Paul Henell

    Gold Status

  • Paul Henell

    Gold status

  • Steve Boyko

    The gold status would be my favourite.

  • Lissette

    I love getting the Gold Status along with the extra points for booking online!

  • Freewega27

    The gold status would be my favourite.

  • Dallas

    Instant gold status. Would be nice to win and test Gold out!

  • steve

    online booking bonus

  • Gordon_mc

    Annual 40k points bonus !

  • Montreal Poster

    I like the fact that it’s NOT a Chase or AMEX or Citi churn!!!!

  • Kristin S

    Automatic Gold Elite Status is my favorite!

  • Ian P.

    Gold status is a great perk.

  • Daniel Millar

    I got the card as soon as it became available since I had two planned award stays … obviously it helped with the bonus award nights. My new “favorite feature” is Gold Status. I had Gold Status last year via a status match (a PointsGuy idea) from Marriott but I didn’t renew it despite several stays. In 2013 my status temporarily dropped from Gold to Silver but then increased again mysteriously to Gold again without any intervention… presumably thanks to the credit card benefit. Combining all those features with the 85,000 bonus points crease a card with potentially excellent value, especially ex-US where Radisson has much nicer hotels. It’s great for 2 night weekend stays for example.

  • Genex786

    85,000 Bonus Gold Points to start with, wherein we receive 50,000 Gold Points after our first purchase.

  • Garg7578

    40,000 bonus points each year after we renew for 75 dollars only. That is the best feature- 40K points are far more worth than the 75 dollar annual fee.

  • TravelwithDeluxeFood

    2nd night free is the benefit I like the most. Although compared to starwood and Marriott, the point of a same room is higher, but 2nd night free beats the higher point disadvantage.

  • Chris

    Love the annual 40k points!

  • awardwinner

    Free bonus award night with two cosecutive-day reservation. Unbeatable….Incredible….

  • RyanG

    The low spending threshold (2,500 in 3 Months) to get 80,000 points is crazy because of the high value of each point. At around .9 cents/point, 80,000 points will go a long way. At .9 cents/point, you are looking at $720 dollars

  • Jhjun69

    Gold Staus and the lst night free

  • Orgjkjung70

    The last night free option is most attractive.

  • Carlo D

    3rd night free for booking 2 award nights is awesome, especially in the pricier Blu locations.

  • kodoma

    The 40k annual bonus is the best part for me.

  • Shaquanna

    Earn rate of 5 points for everyday purchases.

  • dhdrummer

    85,000 Bonus Gold Points to start since I will have a couple of free nights

  • Karen

    My favorite feature is the 40,000 annual bonus points.

  • Miaminj03

    40,000 annual renewal bonus – makes it worth keeping and off the “churn list”!

  • DaVe

    The Gold Status upgrade is my favoite feature.

  • Rob P

    The 85,000 points!

  • Ros2025

    The 5 points per dollar on non-bonus spend is pretty generous

  • Robert


  • Joe

    85,000 points! Can’t ask for more

  • Carista

    I like the gold status. Hotel staff have been very accomodating the minute they see this card.

  • Theresa

    Gold status

  • yogaqueen

    Definitely the 40,000 points bonus every year for renewing the card.

  • Davisje6

    Gold status!

  • KLC

    I like the gold status and the annual bonus pts.

  • Schick Shannon

    85000 points is a great sign up bonus

  • Noah

    Gotta love status!

  • Nghi

    My favorite is an extra 10 points per $1 spend at Club Carlson hotel. 20 standard points + 10 points for gold status + 10 points for credit card spend = 40 points per dollar at Club Carlson!!!

  • Sampol

    The 40,000 annual bonus points make this a keeper, especially considering the beautiful properties in Europe!

  • MS

    I appreciate the Gold status.

  • Mark241co

    Gold is more valuable than just the 3rd night award. Extra points and perks abound.


  • Nathanael

    40000 annual bonus points!

  • Scott [scott6003]

    My favorite card is the Club Carlson Business card. My favorite benefit is the 5 points per $1 on all net purchases. More points leads to more free nights. More free nights leads to more trips. More trips leads to more happiness.

  • Traceya2000

    I like the idea of 40,000 points at anniversary. I have the business version which is only $60 annual fee as compared to the $75 annual fee for the personal card. So, for $60 a year I can get one or two free rooms – more when doubled with the 2nd night free perk. I’ll keep this card forever and it will add to my longevity in my credit history.

  • Matt s

    Definitely getting the free night when staying on an award for more than 2 nights.

  • slc95

    My favorite feature is the annual bonus pts (other than the free night).

  • Bry70

    The 85k sign up bonus

  • Smeurer8

    The gold status is great to have – helping you get all those benefits in lean times even when you might not have the applicable stays (plus all the benefits that go along with having the hold status.
    Aside from all the points you earn from joining and purchasing, the additional points you get each year just from keeping the card, are a huge motivator in trying to add to that, and earn free stays so much more quickly.

  • Stephen9

    The annual bonus points and free nights.

  • Megi

    Gold status and 85k bonus.

  • Ellen

    the 50K first use bonus

  • Smieri

    The 40k yearly points at renewal is my favorite.

  • Groucho Mama

    The bonus award is amazing, but I think the renewal points are also pretty decent. I also like the rollover of points benefit with the gold status. I have a stay coming up in London that is split. I put in a application for the card on Friday. I need to call them tomorrow..

  • HB

    40,000 points on renewal!

  • Jimmyboy1950

    I’d like to apply for this card for the GOLD status perk which has great benefits like 2000 pts for booking online and it appears that if you have the card and say book a room for $100 you get 30 points per $ as a Club Carlson GOLD member (20 + 50% or 10 =30) this added to the $10 points per $ for putting that room on the card gives you 40 points per $. 6000 pts for a $100 room. now think about when there is a triple points promotion. the GOLD status you get with the card seems HUGE!

  • Joe N

    Definitely the 40k anniversary points.

  • ImAlreadyThere

    The upgraded Gold Status

  • Kusian

    85,000 points, that’s good enough a reason for me.

  • kare

    The 85k bonus and the 40k annual bonus!

  • Micedp

    it seems like a great card

  • bksmk

    Free nights and bonues (85 sign up and 40 annual).

  • Misty

    Gold status (free upgrades) and free nights!

  • Soulseared

    goldstatus is what i want!

  • Bundy

    the annual 40k points at anniversary is the best perk!! you are paying 150$ in two years for 80k in points, or for 1-2nights for a high luxury hotel!

  • Rulamjdos

    40k annual bonus and the status doesn’t hurt either.

  • Peter S

    5 points per dollar spent is awesome

  • Heather

    The 40,000 annual bonus is probably my favorite, after the bonus award night (naturally) – Club Carlson is quickly becoming my go-to, so that yearly bump is totally worth the fee.

  • uneedles

    It has to be the annual retention bonus because no other hotel card gives such bonus points.

  • Joe

    I am both a Club Carlson Rewards Premier Visa Signature and a HHonors Citi Visa Signatures card member. I like that with CC that earning points and nights is easy and quicker. They also did not destroy there program like Hilton did. I will be using my CC way more often now.

  • Jeremy

    other than the free night on award stays the best thing is the base earn rate which is pretty generous at 5 pts per $. That requires just $10K of spend to get a night at the top hotels. This requires much more for other chains.

  • Andrewstravel

    The 85,000 points to start is definitely a winner!

  • grosscar

    close to two free nights with 85000 sign up

  • rnotonewhere

    free night on two award stays

  • Diana S

    The best benefit (next to bonus award night) has to be the 40k bonus points on anniversary! With this, I don’t have to break my head about churning and reapplying!

  • Travel2hih4

    I appreciate the Bonus Reward Night option and Gold Status which I would like to experience at the Radison Blue in Berlin this summer. My childhood has great memories of that lively city.

  • S.J.

    I love that there is a retention bonus of 40,000 points each year. I wish other cards enticed me to keep the card beyond the first year too!

  • BobChi

    The card has lots of good features, but I like the annual bonus which more than makes up for the cost of the annual fee.

  • Jfadds

    gold level statys

  • ETA

    40,000 big ones on renewal

  • MJA

    free night on award stays

  • Alina

    The 40k bonus each year.

  • KAM

    Annual 40,000 Points!!

  • Michiganwine

    I love how many points you can earn and the savings on the redemption side of the equation.

  • Majesto

    Has to be the automatic gold status. Increasing your earning power while getting some decent perks? Sign me up.

  • Dfitz11

    5Pts per dollar and gold status

  • Styleagent

    The 2-4-1 points booking option. Can’t wait!

  • De

    I like the bonus night perk!

  • Marcia

    I like the Gold status. On a recent trip to San Juan Gold status gave me an upgrade plus a free continental breakfast and an afternoon snack.

  • Dan

    Gold Status for me is the second best after the bonus award night.

  • steviemcd1

    This card has several great benefits that caught my attention:
    Renewal Bonus is a big plus, Gold Status opportunity, 5 Points per dollar, Bonus award nights, and all the benefits that other cards offer such as Auto Rental coverage, Lost Luggage etc

    Lastly, they have not downgraded the awards structure like HHonors !!!

  • Larry

    Free night on award stays rocks.

  • Adamczyk585

    For the money, Club Carlson is a great program. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to obtain Gold Status.

  • Respo40

    base earn , free night award booking

  • Scott921

    Automatic gold status is a great feature.

  • Joel

    Gold Status!

  • Al-Nawaz Rajan

    The free final night is the best benefit. I love that I can essentially book things in a specific way to get 2 nights for every night that I book.

  • Sbbi97


  • Daphne

    40k bonus on renewing is awesome, and I love the late check-out. Since we travel primarily for pleasure the late check-out is an awesome perk – gives us a little extra time to get out and do something in the morning and then get back to the hotel for a little down time before departure.

  • Elizabeth

    I like the fact that you receive 40,000 points at anniversary…..makes paying the annual fee sting a little less!!

  • Stubtify

    The 40,000 bonus points per year– this card is a keeper. I suppose they could raise the annual fee in years to come; but as it is right now you’re basically buying 80,000 CC gold points for the $95 (doubled with the 2×1). That’s at the BARE minimum a $300 value. On the high end if you used all 40k to book 9k rooms that run $65 a night you’re pulling $520 in value out of that $95 AF!

  • Alec

    It’s not a single feature. The points-earning options and the card bonus combined with really excellent properties in some of the most interesting cities in the world – from London to Batumi – make it one of the few programs that really works for the leisure travelers as well as the business traveler.

  • Nick

    85,000 sign up bonus is my favorite

  • Gino

    renewal bonus!

  • Asavvy

    I like the 40,000 annual bonus after paid fee

  • Tpgfollower

    automatic gold status

  • Djthayton

    The club Carlson card is really cool looking I just got it in the mail and I can’t wait to use it. hopefully by the summertime i will be able to use it at one the hotels in Anaheim.

  • Luosuola-shan

    I really like the 40,000 annual bonus!

  • Ben

    I want Gold :-)

  • David

    The annual 40K point bonus on renewal has got to be the best perk. When combined with the 2nd night free benefit no award redemptions, this basically means Club Carlson cardholders get close to two nights free at a top tier Radisson Blu every year!

  • DrewBird

    The signup bonus is fantastic. Second place is the easier access you have to status.

  • Rjfmjf

    I think the immediate Gold Elite Status is the best – very useful in our trips to Europe every year!

  • Travel Summary

    I like getting Gold Status.

  • mo b

    whats the easiest way to get gold

  • Guest123

    I like the gold status

  • UbErich

    I like the tons of bonus points

  • md9802

    40000 renewal bonus is awesome

  • AbbeC

    I think the bonus points on renewal will be one of the best benefits, to go along with the low points requirement for some of the hotels.

  • phil

    The Gold status.

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  • Paul

    Lorem ipsum I hope I win

  • Holly

    I am an spg loyalist but am thinking that club Carlson will be my next hotel card!

  • Michael Heffner

    I’m digging the free night after 2 booked. That’s a great deal and tremendous value at some of their nicer / resort-located properties.

  • RestlessLocationSyndrome

    No question, the bonus award nights are what interests me in getting this card.

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