Amazing Deal Alert: Free Weekend Rentals From Avis

by on March 26, 2013 · 67 comments

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**Update- This deal is now dead. It may still be possible to book via and applying this code there. Just to be safe, I’d make a back-up refundable reservation in case Avis tries to not honor this**

Per Mr. Pickles, Avis is currently offering free weekend rentals when using the promotional code TUEA002. This gives renters two free weekend days with no minimum rental. The code is valid for rentals now through June 30, 2013 at participating locations in the U.S. This won’t last long, so if you are interested you should book now!

Using this code, I was able to book a 2 day rental in Orange County for $0.

Using this code, I was able to book a 2 day rental in Orange County for $0.

To book head on over to the Avis site and choose your dates and location. The rentals do require a Friday overnight and need to be returned by Sunday at 3pm. Be sure to enter TUEA002 in the coupon field. On the next page, select your car type ranging from compact-full size (The normal price will be quoted here), but click either “Select” or “Pay Later” and on the final screen you will see the discount applied.

I was able to find some locations where I could get the rental for $0 such as the Orange County Airport. Others have a mandatory facility fee which this doesn’t cover but the total came only to $4.50. My best advice is if you have an upcoming weekend rental is to book this now since you can always cancel. This deal will not be around long. The code is valid at corporate/participating licensee stations in the U.S. (excluding the Alaska and the New York Metro area), Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. You can even enter your favorite frequent flier number to earn some miles. Please feel free to comment below on your experience.

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  • FullSizeCAM

    Coupon is Blacked Out in Phoenix March 25 through April 1, 2013 due to Spring Training.
    I priced a full size car (ex. Chevy Impala) for first weekend in April–

    TOTAL: $22.69 taxes and fees (Prepaid or Pay later— amount is same)

  • Jimbo

    Doesn’t seem to work at sfo, looking at 1st weekend of May.

  • John

    Isn’t working for me for multipe city and dates!

  • Sam

    You can book from Saturday to Monday… did this for $6 total for St. Louis May 11-13

  • Gary

    Sweet! Booked Friday-Sunday at TYS in May for $1.50!

  • Brian

    Got a number of 2 night reservations at DCA for 7.80 per rental, fantastic deal!

  • noneemac

    Just scored LAX June 7-9 for $10 a/i.

  • noneemac

    And scored an SFO two-nighter for $20 a/i (dang facility charge!)

  • Mikaela

    Thanks so much TPG! I actually am going to be in Orange County in May and was able to get the weekend for free. Do you think this will be honored?

  • Shanghai9

    Works at the Newport Center Mall location, a short hop from Manhattan via the PATH train. Also input my USAA number (go to their website), which will hopefully provide free insurance. Thanks for the excellent tip!

  • Josh

    So you guys think this code can be used an unlimited amount of times by the same person? Like I can just book a free rental every weekend through June 30 right now and they will honor it???

  • Brendan the Hooley

    $16 for a two-nighter in Seattle. $99 for Thur-Sun in Chicago. They really pile on the taxes there.

  • john

    may 3-5th in lihue for $16 full size

  • Cleber Rosa

    Did work for me.

  • emily

    do you have to put the driver’s information in when you book? i’m under 25 but i’m sure i can find a friend to drive, i just haven’t yet.

  • Mitt R

    Coupon Expired :’(

  • MS

    Just worked for me. $3.42 for a full-size weekends in both May and June from Westport, CT. Thanks Points Guy!!!

  • Pat MC

    Just worked for me just 2 minutes ago, where did you put in Frequent Flier Number? I didn’t see that option

  • Jim

    Got 5/31-6/2 in BFL for $0.00!!!!!

  • Michael

    Saturday night required according to the booking I just tried at ORD

  • Dimik

    works in Hoboken, $10 fees but you can do Sat-Mon as well. Thanks a lot!!!

  • Curhan88

    Worked for Miami in may ( fri-sun) and Denver in may (early sat – sun evening) great tip!

  • goinverted

    Yep. $0.00 for Fri.-Sun this weekend at SNA. Very cool! Thanks TPG!

  • Stefan Shagwell

    Thanks for the tip TPG. Worked Atlanta Fri-Sun Tax $3.77

  • WDN

    Worked for Oklahoma City first weekend of May- $10.52 in taxes/surcharges. Awesome, thanks TPG!

  • goinverted

    Also got $ 0.00 in Orange County on Memorial Day weekend, and $10.93 for each of the last two weekends in June at IND.

  • Ryan

    just saved $40! Pickup 9am Thursday, Return 3pm Sunday just $45. Score!

  • Bucky Katt

    $1.46 for Washington, DC (Union Station) for this weekend. We don’t really need the car, but are getting it . . . just because . . .

  • Sam

    So, we’re sure that there isn’t any sort of paper coupon or certificate that has to be turned in, right? I had a couple of Avis reward day certificates that I used recently that work in a similar way and I had to hand them over when I picked up the car.

    2nd question. I put in my Rapid Rewards number (I’ve got the companion pass, so I really like SW right now) and it said “Estimated Miles: N/A,” on the confirmation page, under the airline member info. Is anyone getting anything different with another airline?


  • Drew

    Still works as of 11 pm CST. Just booked June 7 – 9 out of DCA for 7 dollars

  • Paul

    Great find! I just reserved Seattle WA Thurs-Sun 4/25-4/28 for $20/day including all fees and taxes. I didn’t realize taxes on rental cars are higher than flying!

  • uaphil

    Worked in Portland, Or. Sat 4/20-Mon 4/22 (even though not Fri pickup or Sun return)

  • Matthew J Fitzmaurice

    just booked 4/20-4/24 ORD for a huge savings using this code…no friday stay needed

  • Matthew J Fitzmaurice

    Booked another ORD 5/31-6/2 25.00 total

  • Randy

    Good for Fresno – Mother’s Day weekend

  • Matthew

    Some locations also are requiring a Saturday night stay so can not use the coupon if only using Friday to Saturday

  • Yolo

    Not getting it to work…dead now I presume?

  • zeffer

    Seems to be dead. For NYC or MCY on multiple dates it states “This coupon [UUCA011] entitles you to a free upgrade at the time of pickup” but charges full price. Am I missing something?

  • Carrie

    Just worked for me for a rental at the San Fran airport. Maybe it just depends on the location?

  • zeffer

    How bizarre. It currently only shows an upgrade when I try to book that location. I’d have thought the coupon would expire, not change from “two free weekend days” to “free upgrade.” Any trick to how you priced it?

  • Emily

    Isn’t working for a June 28-30 out of OAK :(

  • bam28

    Worked for Charleston, SC – Pickup 10:30 A.M. Friday, Return 5:00 Monday (yes, even though it says return on Sunday, I thought I would try it and it worked.) Saved $72.

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  • beenalmosteverywhere

    Additional savings when you use AWD # Z364310

  • Tyler

    Still works at 7:45am Pacific on 3/27. $7 rental at DCA.

  • jubin

    not able to use the coupon now… ” cannot use the coupon code online. Need to present the coupon at the desk” while trying to book for AZ.

  • J. Simmons

    I’m trying to do it and it saying I have to go the counter.

  • Yolo

    New message as of 11:05am EDT:

    “This coupon can not be applied to online reservations. Please present this coupon at the counter.”

  • Abbi

    I think they just cut it off, I made 2 reservations, was about to do a third.

    “This coupon can not be applied to online reservations. Please present this coupon at the counter.”
    Is it still working for anyone past 11:05 am Eastern March 27th?

  • Ben

    Still works if you book on a non-Avis site – try – 3/27 11:50am

  • timdas

    not working anymore

  • george

    Tried it and got the message that it could not be used on online reservations. Coupon must be presented at counter. It was for DCA.

  • Uconnmarc

    Just booked for this weekend out of IAD for $2.47

  • Nimusu

    Do we need to present this coupon at rental counter ?

  • Daniel

    This comment needs to be bumped. Hertz has a similar code that gives you a free rental day, but requires a coupon upon rental otherwise it goes to full price. I assume this is the exact same issue with this code. It may price out online this way, but I can only assume they will want the coupon at the start of trip or at the end when you return the vehicle.

  • Sunny

    they are asking us to present a coupon at the counter….
    Anybody has any idea where we can print it ….

  • JTA

    Would not work on the Avis site, but just booked the deal through $2 for weekend rental out of Raleigh, NC

  • Scott Manniello

    Just booked for Friday night til Sunday afternoon in Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) in the month of April. Did not work through but was able to book via Grand total of $15.75 for taxes using TUEA002 and AWD #Z364310. Was also able to get MilagePlus points too!

  • brian

    I will wait to hear reports from first rentals, I wonder a physical coupon will be required to get deal?

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  • sam

    If you see n/a it means that the yes is not eligible for earning miles

  • sam

    if u have a copy of coupon to present at the counter u will get an upgrade

  • Ben

    Sad news, just got an email – 3/28 10:06pm – “At Avis, our goal is to provide a stress-free rental experience whenever you need a rental car. Upon review of your recent reservation, XXXXX, it has come to our attention that the discount code you have entered is invalid, and so your reservation has been tentatively cancelled. If you have a valid coupon certificate, we are ready to restore your reservation. Please note, you must present your valid coupon certificate at the time of rental.”

  • donna

    Yesterday I made my reservation with Avis, used the code, and was happy! I decided to cancel the reservation with I made previously with another rental company. Just 3 hours ago I received an email from Avis saying they cancelled my reservation because the code was invalid. If I had a valid coupon certificate, they could restore the reservation. This deal was a time waster! I will have trouble trusting The Points Guy.

  • Mike

    I had a reservation, it was cancelled as I was told that this promotion is for holders of the American Express card holders only

  • MizLiz

    Just got the same message Ben did. Reserved OMA for 5/3 yesterday with no problem. Bummer. But it happens. Thanks all the same.

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