What Would You Like To See In The Points Guy App?

by on February 25, 2013 · 20 comments

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Team TPG is always looking for ways to expand and better the site so one of our next big projects is to design an app. The main functionality of the app will pull new content and posts from the site as they are published and will notify users if an Amazing Deal is posted.

Get ready to make room on your smartphone for the TPG App!

Get ready to make room on your smartphone for the TPG App!

We have several ideas for how we would like the application look and function, but before we begin this process we would first like to hear from you. Please share with us any suggestions or requests for what you would like to the see in the app and we will do our best to incorporate what is most important to our readers! Your name and email address are optional but if you would be open to us contacting you further about your ideas, feel free to provide that information. Thank you for your help and support, it is greatly appreciated!

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  • Alan Fowler

    Please ensure the app has some additional functionality/ efficiency beyond just your blog. I’ve downloaded apps from other thought leaders, and, in each case, the app was nothing more than their blog, the twitter feed, and the speaking schedule. Not doing more hurts your brand.

  • Tejash Patel

    Awards charts, transfer partners charts (that dynamically change with sales), destination guides, and maybe just maybe real time award seat availability ;)

  • HeavenlyJane

    I need an easy way to remember which car is the best to use with a certain kind of spending. I have a wallet full of card but cannot always remember which is the pharmacy card and which is the gas station card, etc.

  • Csenio

    Utilitarian tools, like charts would be great. Building out some award wallet type functionality, while potentially a big undertaking, would be awesome. Key airline and hotel phone numbers/polices….

  • Hesslers

    When carrying 6 credit cards or more, it is difficult for me to remember which card to use for what type of purchases to maximize the points. I’d like to see a way to log in the credit cards I carry and then say you’re at a gas station the app will rank your cards so you know which one to use. It could also keep track of spending goals for sign up bonuses, MQM bonuses, etc.

  • Rob

    A few things:
    - Please keep the app’s interface standard with the native GUI, nothing flashy, useful is better. Use the standard iPhone /.Android controls.
    - Message threads subscriptions – the MilePoint app has done this very well.
    - No website / app hybrids, if it’s an app, it’s an app. Not a mini-site inside the app.
    - Keep add at standard locations, not floating in the middle of the screen.
    - Full sharing support, using native API – this will benefit both the user and TPG.

    I’m up for Beta testing and even design advice (I’m a software developer and a fan of TPG).

  • Joe B

    I’d love to see a push notification when ever an amazing deal or amazing fare pops up!

  • Pacifico

    I would like to see TPG app or website response the comments instead of just ignore it. Please consider to reply comments before expand your business.

  • Jon

    Sorry…but I don’t want yet another app on my phone. I have too many already. I read TPG (along with other blogs) via RSS feeds in the Pulse newsreader app.

  • Mikes

    (1) It would be nice to have a comprehensive list of contact numbers for airlines, hotels, etc. Perhaps twitter addresses and FB pages also.
    (2) I’d like to see a ‘favorite TPG posts’ section, perhaps even integrated with the website at some point. I frequently wind up having to google to find a post that I want to look at again, even sometimes for a fairly recent post.

  • Karl Mitchell

    Definitely optional push notification on deals and new stories.

  • Prince

    Don’t need an app for a blog. Thanks!

  • PhatMiles

    A partial response for # 1 could be award wallet where they give the contact numbers for every loyalty program served by AW

  • gpaya

    Two apps already exist for that – Wallaby and Glyph.

  • natlestercoll

    push notifications for “amazing deal alerts”

  • Justin

    If that happened the deals would last way less time than they already do. Sometimes you’re online and get lucky…other times you’re not. Such is “the game.” Push notifications of mistake fare deals would ruin it.

  • ballardFlyer

    I’d prefer you just publish a decent responsive website. No interest in yet another content app.

  • vortix

    To build upon PhatMiles’ reply below…both of your wishes are simply content. There is no benefit to providing content (without additional app-based functionality) in an app.

    The info you’re requesting could be published to TPG’s website, which would allow you to access it via any mobile device, computer, tablet, etc. You could even store it on your device for offline viewing via existing apps (and often using internal browser functionality).

  • bodphila

    Perhaps reminders tied to reservations of the perks one should expect (or ask for) based on status when checking into hotels or flights.

  • Jwmont

    YES! amazing deal alert push notifications, BUT, only for paid downloads – charge for a download because it’s definitely worth it, but a lot of people probably wouldn’t pay so the deals will last…

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