US Airways Chairman Preferred Credit Card Deal Expired?

by on February 14, 2013 · 33 comments

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Update: The public offer for the Chairman’s Preferred US Airways Dividend Miles Premier World Mastercard has expired, but you still might be able to apply for it – check out this post for more information on it as well as a version of the card that comes with 35,000 bonus miles and the first year’s annual fee waived. The current offer is 40,000 bonus miles with first purchase and up to 10,000 bonus miles for a balance transfer within 90 days and an annual fee of $89 that is not waived.

Up until now the best offer for the US Airways Dividend Miles Premier World MasterCard was the special Chairman’s Preferred offer as I wrote about in this post (which you didn’t actually need Chairman’s Preferred status to get).

The offer for 40,000 miles after first purchase seems to be the best one remaining on the market.

The offer for 40,000 miles after first purchase seems to be the best one remaining on the market.

However, that link now shows the offer as expired (coincidentally on the day of the merger announcement?). If anyone has a working link please share it in the comments section below, otherwise the best working offer to my knowledge is 40,000 miles after your first purchase and up to 10,000 miles for a balance transfer. If you go directly through the US Airways website, the offer is only for 30,000, so my affiliate link is actually a better deal.

Update: If you already have Chairman’s Preferred status, the 60,000 mile sign up bonus may still show up. I do not have that status so I can’t guarantee that it will work, but comment below if this has happened to you.

As far as the 10,000 miles for a balance transfer, I would not recommend doing that because there is a 4% fee to complete the transfer, which would totally negate the value of any miles received. Still, 40,000 miles with no spend requirement is a pretty decent offer- especially if you are looking to build up your AA balance, since we should see the availability to transfer between US and AA hopefully by the end of the year.

American and US Airways executives did not talk about who would keep the credit card relationship post merger, but my bet is on Citi who currently manages Americans credit card portfolio. Though the merger is expected to take a while, the US Airways brand (and credit card product), will cease to exist at a certain point. Continental’s stuck around for a little while after the merger, but is no longer an option. For the top Citi AA offers check out this post to get up to 50,000 miles per card.


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  • Goat Rodeo

    technically it had already expired (last month) – they just pulled the application.

    Glad I got mine in prior to the merger announcement… hopefully it and my Citi AA card show up today.

  • john doe

    It works for me… I get to application and the landing page says “up to 50k miles”: 40k after the first purchase, 10k after a year.

  • robhalla

    I was approved over the weekend on that link, so I’m hoping I get that deal and not the lower value one.

  • Goat Rodeo

    thats not the old link that was shuttered down… thats a different offer.

  • Samuel Adams

    That’s unfortunate! The affiliate link doesn’t waive the annual fee, doesn’t provide 10,000 miles upon anniversary, and promises only 15,000 miles bonus if you don’t qualify for the premier world mastercard version.

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  • Brianlasater

    I (thankfully) signed up for and received the US Airways Chairman Preferred card last week. What will happen to people with existing cards once the US Barclay’s card program ceases to exist. IE – will they just cancel the cards and transfer the balances to another Barclay’s account, or will you be given a Citi AAdvantage card?

  • shussey

    i applied about 5 hours ago under the older no fee link. Instant approval but nothing in my confirmation email that says which offer i rec’d. I guess i have to now just wait until i get the card to verify the offer. No screenshot when applying- thought I’d get it later today :-(

  • crismanila77

    I just applied using your link! Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t want it to disappear again!

  • nick

    Earlier this morning, that link didn’t work (I only found a 30,000 point offer). Just now, it did work with the 40,000 miles. I applied and was accepted…

  • DL

    So in looking at the terms for your link (Thanks TPG!), here’s the verbiage:

    Balance Transfers: Upon approval we will provide you with your Cardmember Agreement and, to the extent permitted by your credit line, process the requested balance transfer from your new account to pay on the MasterCard®, Visa®, American ExpressSM, or Discover® Card account(s) listed below (minimum $100, maximum $20,000).
    Fees: Either $10 or 4% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater. (During the first fifteen billing cycles after account opening, either $10 or 3% of each transfer, whichever is greater).
    Balance Transfer Bonus Miles: Earn one (1) mile per one dollar ($1) in balances transferred to your US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard requested in the first 90 days after account opening, up to a maximum of ten thousand (10,000) miles.

    So for $10, I can transfer in $333 and get 10,333 miles. Add that to the $89 annual fee and you’ve got 50,333 miles for $99. Right?

    Still not as good as 60k with the annual fee waived, but then again – I’m curious if Barclay’s would honor the 10k anniversary when US is gone and the card has been discontinued.

  • thepointsguy

    No, you get 1 mile per transferred dollar. So a $10 transfer would cost $10 and you’d get 10 miles. Not a good deal! A 10k transfer would cost $400 for 10,000 miles.. also not a good deal.

  • thepointsguy

    Hopefully you’ll get the annual fee waived one!

  • Laird Broadfield

    I’m less interested in more US miles OR AA miles (at the moment I’m sending my occasional US flights to A3 anyway) than I am in the chance that transferred US miles will accrue to AA Million Mile balances.

    Any way to read the tea leaves on this?

    (Speaking of which: I had to reinstate a vanished US account recently, and I don’t see “lifetime miles” anywhere. Should I, or is that not a US thing anyway?)

  • Frank

    I can’t remember if it’s this card or another but I believe one was capped at 100 dollars.

  • Frank

    wow, when did it expire? I signed up for it at 1am.

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  • Momentforlife9

    I just got approved for 9k at 5:30pm CT time with the 50k promotion.

  • Ed Carney

    So the deal wa 40K after first purchase and 10K after first anniversary and 10K every year after. So I assume this card will not make it to first anniversary so essentially it was only 40K?

  • Lonestarlady53

    I too applied thru the 40,000+10,000+10,000 Chairmen Preferred link (even though I am not Chairmen preferred) and got instant acceptance on Feb. 8, but my confirmation email didn’t specifically say which deal I got. So, I am just waiting to get the card and make my first purchase to see what happens.

  • Momentforlife9

    I look at this card like 40k of miles towards my AA account for a First class trip to europe.

  • Crispus Buttocks

    Same here, applied last night with the “no fee” link (most miles). Got instant approval but I did receive the confirmation e-mail almost immediately.

  • Hitesh Chandwani

    For all those who missed out…FlyerTalk has a few links for 35k miles after first purchase, annual fee waived for the first year, 10k with a BT, and 10k on anniversary. That’s only 5k miles less than the original, annual fee waived, Chairman’s Preferred card.

  • Hitesh Chandwani

    Ummm….found this one on FT just now….T&C EXACTLY like the original offer

  • SM

    I applied for and was approved for a US Airways Premier MC in late November 2012. If I canceled the card next month (need to spend $500 in March to get the 15,000 bonus miles), how soon should I consider applying for the card again in order to maximize its churnability before being taken off the market (via the 35,000 FT offer)?

  • Kevin G

    I think the Barclay’s churn party is over, folks. I just received a letter stating “we are unable to approve you for a US Airways Dividend Miles credit card because our records show that you already have or have had a US Airways Credit Card account”. This is true, but it’s been two years. I am bummed… I really wanted one last 50K bump in my DM account before it combines with AAdvantage miles.

  • Ed Carney

    Anniversary 10k miles kind of a big deal for this card, no answers?

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  • tassojunior

    If you check the FT thread there’s a trick where you can first open a 35K link and then the old 40K link will open. I did this today and altho the status link and the phone agent could not find the application, I received an email notice of approval within an hour.

  • Lonestarlady53

    Update – FYI – I got the 40,000 posted to my account. Also already received companion voucher and lounge pass. I must have lucked into some of the last opportunities for this bonus.

  • cliveeta

    Last time I appied for the Premier card I got the Platinum which only came with 15,000 m startup bonus. I believed it was 15k after first use and 15k after spending $750 in 2 months but despite a number of calls I never got that second 15k miles. I closed that a few months ago and just got another. Again they sent the Platinum so I called to double check I was getting the 40k before activating. The rep said that there had been a number of comments from Platinum card recievers on this subject and she assured me that I will get the full 40.000 miles and that this wasnt the old bait and switch!

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