Chase Southwest Visa 50,000 Point Offers = Companion Pass Quicker Than You Think

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Update: This offer is no longer available. View the current offer for the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card here.

Chase and Southwest frequently change the sign-up bonuses on the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Cards between 25,000 and 50,000 points, but they recently bumped both the personal and business cards Premier offers back up to 50,000 points (marketed as 2 Roundtrip Flights after the required spend) after you spend $2,000 in the first 3 months of opening your account. The annual fee is $99, but you get 6,000 anniversary points every year, which are worth about $100, thus negating the annual fee after the first year. The personal Premier card is a Visa Signature card and there are no foreign transaction fees.

Valuation Southwest Rapid Rewards cannot be transferred to other frequent flyer or hotel programs and the only partner airline you can redeem on is Airtran, which was acquired by Southwest in 2010. Rapid Rewards is a fixed-value frequent flyer program, which means you can use the points to redeem for any flights (you don’t have to worry about availability or blackout dates), but based on the type of fare (Wanna Get Away, Anytime, Business Select) your points are worth different amounts. You get the most bang for your point when you redeem for Wanna Get Away fares – the 50,000 point sign-up bonus is worth approximately $900 in Wanna Getaway Fares (I recently redeemed Southwest points and got 1.8 cents per point when redeeming for Wanna Get Away fares).

It’s All About The Companion Pass The kicker is that Chase credit card sign-up bonuses count towards Companion Pass Qualification, which you need 110,000 qualifying miles in a calendar year to get the much coveted Companion Pass status. A single 50,000 point credit card sign-up will get you almost halfway there. I’ve written about the Companion Pass in the past and I truly do think it is one of the most lucrative frequent flyer perks out there, because it allows you to take a companion with you for free (just pay minimal taxes). The fee companion is good whether you pay for a ticket or use points, which is a great benefit because you can rack up over $1,800 in Southwest Wanna Gey Away fares by getting the personal and business versions of this card (read below). Another great aspect is that the pass is good for the year in which you qualify for it and the entire next year. So if you get the pass in March of 2013 it will be good until December of 2014! If you fly Southwest a lot – or even a moderate amount, the Companion Pass can save you thousands of dollars. Double Dipping? Chase generally won’t let you get the sign-up bonus for the same exact card twice, but the good thing is that there are a total of four Southwest credit cards: The Premier personal and Premier Business which have $99 annual fees, but 6,000 anniversary points which are worth $100 in Wanna Get Away fares. The Plus Personal and Plus Business cards have $69 annual fees, but only 3,000 anniversary points which are worth $50 in Wanna Get Away fares. You can access the Premier Business and Plus Personal card 50,000 point offers by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page. The Plus Business link can be found here.

Business Premier and Personal Plus offers are available at the bottom of the screen

Business Premier and Personal Plus offers are available at the bottom of the screen

I’m personally not a Southwest flyer because they don’t fly the non-stop transcontinental and international flights that I need, but I know many people who are and love their simple way of doing business. If you ever need to change a ticket there are no fees- you simply move the value of your ticket towards a new ticket. You get two free checked bags and their elite status gives priority boarding and even free WiFi for top-tier elites. Offer Details:

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  • Jamison

    this is a great deal! have fun flying Southwest Friday Brian

  • thepointsguy

    It’s been years since I flew Southwest- wish me luck!

  • Anon

    If I got the Southwest Personal / Business -Premier- version of these cards in the last year (December ’11 & March ’12) you’re saying that I can still apply for the Southwest Personal / Business -Plus- versions this year and the 50,000 bonuses will reliably post? Southwest has increased it’s presence at my local airport dramatically in the last 6 months (new routes + Air Tran conversions) so I’ve got a solid reason for wanting these cards again.

    If it matters both of those Chase Southwest cards have been closed for ~6 months.

  • thepointsguy

    It all depends on your credit and relationship with Chase, but yes- you could potentially get both Plus versions of the card for an additional 100k. I haven’t done it, but hopefully someone else can chime in. Generally Chase will let you get different products within the same family line. For example I had the old Ink, new Ink Bold and then got the Ink Plus- all 50k bonuses posted like clockwork

  • JT

    Can I apply for both personal cards at the same time and get the points or does it have to be one personal and one business card?

  • thepointsguy

    I have heard of people getting two personal in a day, but you’ll most likely have to call the reconsideration line at 1-888-245-0625 to get the second (or both) approved. I’ve only ever done a personal and a business and never had an issue

  • Gary

    You know you’ll just LOVE the leg room!

  • MSPTraveler

    Technically, if you have the Companion Pass, the 6000 anniversary points are worth closer to $200. If you get the cards now and earn the CP in, say March 2013, you will have it for all of 2013 and 2014. So, the 6000 points you get when you renew in March 2014 can be used to book 12000 points worth of travel through the end of that year.

  • mike

    If i redeemed a similar southwest offer last year, I’m ineligible for the personal bonus, but can I still receive the business bonus? Also, when I did the personal offer, I had my wife as an “additional cardholder” – does that invalidate her eligibility for the bonus offer?

  • Ace

    I applied for both Premium Personal and Premium Business. Personal was immediately approved and am awaiting review on Business card. I’ll keep this distro posted with my luck.

  • The Travel Playbook

    I got both the personal and the business in one day!

  • The Travel Playbook

    And 1 out of 2 bonuses have posted as of today!

  • thepointsguy

    Being an additional cardholder does not preclude one from receiving a signup bonus if they apply themselves in the future

    Yes- you can receive the business bonus even if you’ve had a personal one in the past

  • thepointsguy

    Good luck- the business reconsideration line is 1 (800) 453-9719

  • thepointsguy

    Auto approved for both or did you have to call the reconsideration line?

  • mike


  • Lyons

    Both my wife and I applied in early December for the personal and business cards. We both had to call the reconsideration line for the business card, but were both approved. We then waited until January to meet our spends and extra to qualify for our companion passes. She got hers last week and I got mine in today’s mail. We met the spend and extra through a combination of things… Charge Smart for two mortgages, Teleflora for Valentines flowers, hotel transfers, and a significant tax payment. Thanks for alerting us to this outstanding opportunity for my wife, I, and two kids to travel. Final accounting= 227,000 miles and two companion passes good until the end of 2014. Can’t help but LUV southwest.

  • PJ

    did you have to has business ID to get business card ? I have my eyes on INKBOLD but not sure if CHase as lenient as AMEX which has been giving me business cards without asking what my business is

  • thepointsguy

    You can get chase business cards with SSN as sole proprietor

  • Lyons

    I used my SS# and listed myself as the sole proprietor. Lots of questions by the rep but I told her I was just getting started with a business selling products on Ebay.

  • Jamison

    good luck!

  • Margarita

    You mention that you can’t use southwest points for international travel and they dont have any transfer partners except for airtran. However on their site, it says that you can use the chase portal to purchase international travel with your rapid rewards points. I can’t seem to find more detail, but it seems to contradict what you are saying. Could you clarify for me.. Maybe im just not reading it correctly. Thanks =D

  • thepointsguy

    There are weird redemptions within Airtran and Southwest for international trips, but they are hard to book and generally not valuable

  • ceile

    How to do double dipping? Do I fill out each application i.e Personal Plus and Business plus separately ? thanks

  • PJ

    I just noticed 1st year’s fee NOT waived anymore and spend is now 2000 . I was spoiled for no fees and only with a purchase

  • thepointsguy

    Yes- two applications separately. One will likely get put into pending (they assume the second is a mistake) so call the reconsideration line to get it approved

  • thepointsguy

    Yea the minimum spends have been creeping up across the board

  • Galfriday21

    I am a newbie to using these points. Last year I got the Chase Sapphire and Business Ink Bold for points. I now have 49K on my Sapphire and the Business Ink Bold has 151K. I want to take advantage of the Southwest for the companion. pass. If the get one of the cards for the 50K can I transfer my ur points from my other cards to southwest to apply for remaining points for the companion pass. What is best way to handle?

  • Gary72

    My wife and I have both had chase SW signature personal cards (have since cancelled)…Are the Premier cards a different category??

  • thepointsguy

    Points transferred from Sapphire/Ink do NOT count towards Companion Pass unfortunately

  • The Travel Playbook

    I had to call the reconsideration line on the personal card. The business card went through fine!

  • JJ

    I had to call the reconsideration line for the business card and was denied. I tried to say I was in the process of starting my own online business. I was denied because it isn’t officially up and running yet and I did not have definitive projections of earning for the first year. :( Since I already applied and was denied am I out of luck or is it okay to try again and have more definitive answers for them?

  • Treane

    If I got an Ink Bold in November, is it too early to sign up for another business card from Chase, or is 3 months sufficient? Thanks!

  • thepointsguy

    Yes they should be

  • thepointsguy

    There’s no set time limit- it’s just the overall amount of credit chase lends you- if you hit that you may have to shift credit lines from other cards to get approved for a new one

  • Treane

    Thank you!

  • Dittygritty

    Are there different links for Personal and Business? I applied using the link above and got approved…

  • John K

    For short distance flights, its hands down a winner. Albeit, they do have frequent delays, but it’s no frills, no brainer experience. If you book far in advance, some short hauls can be had for about 10,000 points ROUND TRIP, plus $5 for taxes and fees. (i.e. LAX-SFO) Add the companion pass into mix and now, you are getting TWO RT for 10,000 points plus $10 taxes and fees.

  • thepointsguy

    Business is a different link- click the one above and scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the business card link as highlighted in the image in the post

  • Gary72

    Thank you

  • Sam

    The Southwest site says that annually you can earn a max of 15,000 tier qualifying points if you spend $10,000 annually on the card. The sign up bonuses won’t cap out that 1st year and it’ll post the entire amount? Thanks

  • Dittygritty

    I spoke to the rep and got both the personal and business card approved.

  • Jim

    I’ve been a Chase Southwest cardholder for the past two years (personal premier) and love it. I use it for my business which does around $200K/year on the card — much more than enough to earn the Companion Pass every year. I signed up for the biz card yesterday and was immediately approved.

    Given the amount of money we spend on the card and given the fact that we have many more miles than we’ve ever used in a year, would it make sense to split our spending onto another card where the extra $90K spend will do more good? If so, any recommendations?

    It looks like we missed out on that great BA 100K bonus that just ended which really bums me out. We fly to Hawaii every year where we own a timeshare, so something that can be used to get there would be ideal.

  • goose

    I applied for the personal plus card on 2/8 and got instant approval of 20k (my first chase card). Today 3/2 I applied for the personal premier card and had to call reconsideration but eventually got approved for another 12k without moving lines around. Now, I just hope that I can get the bonus for both? Anybody ever done that?

  • sam

    I wanted to apply for Southwest premier business card. I can’t seem to find a link or able to search on chase site

  • Jason

    I have the Southwest card and recieved the 50k bonus points. Would I receive the companion ticket if I transferred 50K points from Ultimate Rewards to my Southwest account?

  • Jason

    Sorry, just saw the answer to this lower in the thread. For those who didn’t see the answer, it is NO. Transferred points don’t count towards the companion pass

  • Andrew

    Got approved for the personal and business Plus cards last week. I had to call the reconsideration line for the business card, which I called the morning after I applied.

    Originally, the rep said I was declined, because I had too much credit already available through Chase, but she offered to move some around. I told her to close out my Chase BP card, which I have not touched since they changed the rewards program on it, and then she approved the Business Plus card!

  • Justin

    Do you know if you can get the premier personal and the plus personal to get the two $50K bonus or if one has to be a business account?

  • thepointsguy

    Scroll to the bottom of the link I have in the post and you’ll see business application links

  • thepointsguy

    You can get two personal though I think it’s an easier case to get approved for 1 personal and 1 business but I don’t think it really matters

  • Grumpy Eric

    I’m looking at doing this to get the Companion Pass but I think I might have screwed myself. I originally got the Personal Plus card and got the 50k bonus. That was towards the end of 2011. Late in 2012, I called to get the card changed to a Personal Premier so that the annual points would offset the fee. I’m pretty sure that I can get approved for a Business card easily, but since I got the Personal Plus and converted it to the Personal Premier, am I out of luck on getting the bonus on another Personal card? I know you probably can’t answer that but wondering if you have any tips on how I can quickly get a Companion Pass since both my girlfriend and I love to travel.


  • Rafael

    I applied for the business and personal cards at the same time. Business card got approved with a $20K credit line but the personal was declined. I called the reconsideration line and they split $10K from the business card to open the personal card. SO USE THE RECONSIDERATION LINE! It’s worth the 50,000 points

  • wendy

    THe BA bonus miles are a pain in the rear. Your best bet is to try to use them on a partner airline but that too is tough. It’s a great deal but you have to really spend a lot of time trying to use them.

  • Steve

    Just spoke with Southwest and they say the 50,000 bonus points do not count toward the companion pass. Is this true?

  • Travis Sherry

    Steve- They have said that before and it is still counting, at least up until a few weeks ago. I’m guessing that they didn’t change their policy and that the person you were speaking to just wasn’t aware that it does, in actuality, count.

    Guess we will find out in a few weeks. Let us know if it did change!

  • Travis Sherry

    Grumpy Eric- You are probably out of luck with the personal cards. I was able to get two business cards however, even though it was by accident. If you have a business with an EIN number, you could get a business card with your SSN and a business card with your actual business and get them to route to the same Southwest number.

    Or, maybe you should try to talk your girlfriend in to getting it? Then, she can take you as the companion!

  • Zach

    I received my 50,000 bonus points in early February, and they did NOT count toward tier-qualifying / companion pass qualification. I even called Southwest and tried to get them to honor them as such, and they said they do not count.

  • Anna

    Is this offer gone? The link leads to a page which says at the top “the offer you selected no longer available”

  • scotty

    (Asking for a friend) — if my wife and I each get a card, we can each accumulate half of points required for the Companion Pass. But can we combine our accumulations to qualify for the Pass? Or must all the points be earned by the one person looking to qualify for the Companion pass?

  • thepointsguy

    Same account

  • Rafael

    Following up to my earlier post, bonus points from my personal card were credited 3/27. Bonus points from my business card were credited 4/05. All counted towards the companion pass.

  • Jordan

    I signed up for both the personal/business cards about 6 weeks ago. I signed up for both cards on the same day, but did not get approved for the business card until three days later (they were having a hard time matching up my business TIN number with what the IRS actually had). I received my personal card bonus points after about 5 weeks, but have yet to receive my business bonus points. What would you suggest that I do? Should I wait for my next billing cycle to roll around to see if the business points come in? Should I call Southwest, or am I just out of luck on those business rewards? I really want to get this companion pass.

  • Vicky

    The fine print in the Southwest Companion Pass rules clearly states that enrollment bonuses do NOT count towards companion pass status. “Companion Pass Qualifying Points are earned from revenue flights, points issued on Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Cards, and points earned from Rapid Rewards Partners. Purchased points and points earned from program enrollment, Tier bonuses, flight bonuses, and Partner bonuses do not count toward Companion Pass status.”

  • Steve

    Well I guess the 50,000 bonus points do count for the companion pass, because I just qualified!

  • dlk03

    The companion pass is a fantastic perk. We are in the travel business and use the card to buy Southwest tickets for our clients earning double points. The points add up quickly. We fly Southwest about once a month and as the pass can be used even if I pay by miles we haven’t paid for a ticket Southwest ticket in 4 or 5 years.

  • Ben

    So whats the verdict? Will my 50K bonus points be added as TQPs? Some of y’all have said yes and some of y’all have said no. Should I call to see if they will do it?

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  • Jordan

    How long does it take for the points to be available to use? Do I have to use 2k first? Do they come automatically after i spend 2k or after 3 months?


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  • DMyhre

    I am lost here. I want a card that I can earn points for a free flight. Do I have to buy a flight to earn points toward a companion flight. It sounds like the card will accumulate points for a companion flight only. Is that correct?

  • dth00

    You will get 1 point for every dollar spent on normal purchases. 2 points per dollar on SWA purchases or partners. Each point you accumulate will count towards the companion pass status however for A list status only 1500 for every 10000 points count.

  • dth

    They usually post to you account about 3 weeks later. For example when I reached my my 2k requirement the points were posted along with my montlhy accumulated points 53657 points. Points are posted monthly

  • Shep

    I’m 11K points short of the CP with SWA and the year is quickly coming to an end and I’m not sure I will have any more trips gaining me more points towards the CP. I have a lot of Marriott points. Can I do any transfers there and have the Marriott points count towards the CP? Also, if I get one of the SWA Credit Cards now on 10/19/13 and spend $2K on it by the end of the year 2013, when will the 50K points post to my SWA account putting me past the 110K points to receive the CP? Will I have time to receive those points in order to get the CP by the end of the year?

  • Scott Kleinberg

    I am working on a companion pass for Southwest. Know I probably should have waited to begin so that I could qualify in january, but I used the southwest promotion this summer, not knowing it would extend until the fall. I hit the second 50k bonus and the $10k qualification requirement this month, but my account statement closes on 12/23 and I just found out that my miles may not post for 30 days. Will I qualify for the companion pass? or will the miles that post in January count towards 2014?

  • Eric Vargas

    I was denied; when I called, I was told I had opened too many accounts with Chase recently. He said closing cards and shifting credit weren’t an option right now and to try again in a month or two. Does that sound right? Or should I call again?

  • Kelly

    Couple of questions.
    How long are the points you get from hitting the $2k in 3 months good for? And can you only use them yourself, or can you book your family on a flight together and use the points for the trip (multiple people)?

  • Ray

    I have a question regarding the timing of qualifying for the companion pass. As long as the 110k miles are credited into your SW account early in the calendar year (Jan) you’ll qualify for almost 2 full calendar years with the pass. Correct? So ideally, you’d apply mid Dec for the cards then have the points deposited in Jan?

  • LMP

    How long after hitting 110 did it take for you to be notified that you reached Companion pass qualification?

  • Stefan

    I just hit it and it took about 4-5 days before the website let me add my “companion”..Just booked my first flight using it!

  • Krishna

    Is it possible to transfer points from other cards to southwest’s rapid reward? Which ones? Can you only get points by using the card?

  • jan

    I plan to take my family to new york in Oct 2015. My credit score is 799. What south west cc should I apply for and when should apply for ( card or cards) in order to get companion status?

  • jan

    correction October 2014 instead of 2015.

  • Matthew Jerabek

    This is a scam, I requested tickets for travel around Christmas Tampa to Seattle points needed 202,420. You get 50,000? I accepted the card offer in June, by SouthWest Rapid Rewards own representative Andrea, Jose, Brandon 5218 and Abbie 43; there was never a time two free tickets were available to travel in Dec. since I have been a Rapid Rewards member.

    Before I accepted the card I called Chase Visa and Rapid Rewards they said travel at Christmas would be no problem that was July?

    This is nothing but a bait and switch!

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