My Obsession With Uber Continues; $10-$25 in Free Ride Credits for New Members

by on February 12, 2013 · 48 comments

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As I’ve written in the past, Uber is a great app that allows you to page private cars and taxis directly from your smartphone without having to wait out on the street and try to hail a cab or call a town car. The rates can be a bit more expensive than taxis, though still competitively priced, and the service is a godsend in cities where it can be difficult to find a taxi or at times of day when taxis are scarce. I can usually get taxis in NYC, but I find Uber to be uber-useful in Los Angeles, where taxis are scarce and expensive. Just this weekend I used it to get a black car from the Beverly Hilton to the Staples Center downtown to go to the Grammys. Normal car service companies in LA try to charge a fortune on award show days- often requiring 5 hour minimums. My Uber car came in 6 minutes and was $50.


I also like the fact that the service automatically bills the (points-earning!) credit card you have on file and that gratuity is included, so no arguing with the taxi driver about whether they only take cash, waiting for a receipt, or any other little inconvenience like that. I use my Sapphire Preferred for 2.14 points per dollar, since Chase classifies car service as a travel expense.

If you don’t have an Uber account, you can use my link to sign-up and after you take your first ride we both get $10 in Uber credits.

Beyond that, Uber is also offering a one-off incentive for NYers who take sign up and ride this week. New  Uber users who sign up and use the promo code nycfashionweek get $25 off your first ride in an Uber “BLACK” or “SUV” vehicle in New York City. You just have to use it in New York, and you must use it by February 15, 2013 (so take your Valentine’s Day date out for a ride!).

Get $25 off an Uber ride in NYC by this Friday.

Get $25 off an Uber ride in NYC by this Friday.

Uber is available in over 20 different cities internationally including Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm, Vancouver and Milan. While it isn’t always the cheapest way to get around, it can be a lifesaver when other transit options don’t work for your needs.

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  • Matt C.

    I absolutely love Uber. I find it’s typically about 30-40% more than a cab ride of the same distance, but so much nicer, quieter, more convenient, etc., etc. In some cases their fixed rates can be cheaper than cabs – this is true from Palo Alto to SFO, and it was the same rate for me from SEA into downtown Seattle.

  • UberLover

    Here’s another promo sign-up link:

    Starting Friday, it sounds like you can use Uber to order taxis in NYC on a one-year trial basis.

  • Vik M.

    Could not get the nycfashionweek promotion code to work. Kept coming back as invalid.

  • heels05

    You can get 25% of your first 5 rides by entering code TECHdotMN

    You can sign up here too –

  • Jonathan Gray

    I am not sure if this is everywhere, but in San Francisco you can use the Uber app for cabs too! The availability is slimmer but if you can get one, you pay exactly what cabs normally cost, with the tip including in the cc charge, and it comes to you (no hailing).

  • Josh

    Even though Governor Patrick declared a State of Emergency in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Uber decided to impose Surge Pricing. Would you recommend a hotel that imposed Surge Pricing on their rack rate or a grocery store that increased their normal prices during a State of Emergency?

  • Jonathan Gray

    Hmm. The alternative is not being able to get an Uber. Supply and Demand. With surge pricing, you ensure availability for those who have money. Without it, it becomes a lottery.

  • kimpossibble

    Ha, I like how you just casually slipped that in that you went to the Grammy’s. Well played, you.

  • thepointsguy

    Haha I was tweeting and instagramming all about it! Awesome experience, though last years show was better ;-)

  • Fjgogo

    “Welcome” to all new customer! Your UberTrouble just starting……
    Good luck!

  • Tpgreader

    Just discovered that the uber app on the iPhone sucks huge amounts of battery life if you don’t force quit. FYI.

  • Neet

    Is the code not valid anymore Brian

  • Neet

    Is the “nycfashionweek” code not valid anymore Brian?

  • David Liu

    invalid code for nycfashionweek. Needs to get this fixed

  • David Liu

    $91 to JFK from Flatiron…a bit steep AFAIC

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  • PHXFlyer

    I’ve used Uber before but I got a code recently for a product called zTrip (I can’t find the code but I think it was zwelcome10) which is the same thing as Uber but if you’re able to get the codes, you can also get about 150 flyer miles per airport transfer. It’s only in select markets but growing like crazy since they offer the airline miles and they don’t contract drivers like Uber does.

  • Ubersaver

    Mystery Discount Code – uberridesavings

  • Arnold

    Just signed up with Promo Code – uberbillclinton. Save me some money!

  • Chicago uber

    Ubersavings10 helped me save $10 on my first ride.

  • Dave Rodgers

    Thanks! Code uberridesavings saved me $20 on my first ride.

  • Jessie

    Here’s a new code for $20.00 off your first Uber ride:

  • Arnold

    Used and saved $20 today!

  • mrtibbs1999

    3 New codes. These give you $20 if yuu choose USA as your country, £20 if you choose the UK or 20 Euros if you choose any eurozone country. I think it’s a glitch so use em quickly!!!




  • Emily


  • UberChicago

    Chicago users get $20 off their first uberx or black car ride with promo code: ADAMG

  • kvp

    $10 off your first ride with code: o2jcq

  • mika
  • Steven j

    Uberfall10 seems to be the most recent code.. Works like a charm.

  • Thomas

    pwe9d: $10 off your first ride

  • Ryan

    Thanks for the post. I love this app! Its about time that getting a taxi is fun and not full of worry about getting your card details stolen! You can even get $10 off your first ride with discount code CW9NZ

  • UberFan

    $60 in Uber credit for new customers. Receive $10 in Uber credit once monthly for a total of 6 months. Promo code: HJ6ND

  • Tysrack

    New $30 code combo!
    Sign up with code C9BGM then after sign up enter code KALEB for a total of 30.00 in free rides

  • Smiths Carl

    Get an extra $10 your first uber ride with this promo code:


  • James Henry

    Try Uber…

    Get $10 off UBER on your next ride


    or use PROMO CODE ubernew10off

  • Stacy

    Free credit added to your account when you sign up with UBER!

    Use code: 7wcui

  • Jeremy

    This one worked for me! Thanks

  • SarahisUberAwesome

    Use Code UberHolideal2013 to get $10 off your first ride!

  • ubermaniac

    Free $20 credit when promo code qva4m is used before Dec. 31 or $10 when used after.

  • Jason Davis

    $20 off your first ride with promo code ye7hw expires 12/31/13

  • emanuel

    $20 uber credit for new users
    Expires 12/31

  • Jm

    I’ve used Uber in two cities (Philadelphia and Boston) and it’s worked pretty flawlessly. In boston used only the mobile site (no app) and worked great

  • Sarah

    Use Code UberNYE13 to save time and money and get $10 off your first ride!!!

  • Leonardo

    Mystery Discount Code – uberridesavings

  • Billy Michael

    Try Uber and get $20 of your First Ride!!!

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    Cheers :)

  • Ryan Manning

    Sign up before the end of January using code cw9nz and get $20 free credit to use on any Uber ride! Love the app and love the discount!

  • Marissa

    $20 off for new users: 439sr

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