My Delta Nonstop NYC Experience

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A while back, I wrote about a promotion Delta was having called Delta Nonstop NYC, where you could complete online missions and search for Delta Red Coats in NYC to win a trip to Los Angeles.
As it turns out, I was a winner in their online game, and at first I was excited about having won a trip to Los Angeles. However when I found out more about the prize, my excitement turned to dismay.
The prize was valued at around $5,000 (including a flight from JFK-LAX, dinner at Nobu in Malibu and overnight accommodations then a return flight the following day), and I would have to pay taxes on it, right around the rate of 35% – so $1,750. Not only that, but the flight would be in  coach, and there would be no mileage accrual.
Frankly, I’d rather buy a first-class ticket to LA myself and earn the mileage and elite bonuses, eat and stay where I want, and call it a day – probably for right around the same amount of money I’d be paying in taxes.
Figuring someone else might enjoy it I also tried to transfer the prize to another person, but that was not allowed either so I had to simply forfeit it.
Delta NonStop NYC

Delta NonStop NYC

Silver lining: Delta is actually thanking people for entering the contest by sending select SkyMiles members redemption codes for between 3,000- 5,000 Delta SkyMiles. However, I didn’t get the email, which is probably because I “won”, but at least the folks who didn’t win anything at all have been getting a decent participation prize.
Even if you didn't win, you could still receive 5,000 SkyMiles just for playing.

Even if you didn’t win, you could still receive 5,000 SkyMiles just for playing.

This is one of the reasons I encourage readers to enter contests and social media promotions. Many airlines and hotels have these online promotions all the time, and they are frequently just using them as an excuse to give away miles and points, as in this case. So even if you don’t end up winning a grand prize, you could still walk away with some bonus miles or points – maybe just the amount you need for a specific award instead of having to buy miles at exorbitant prices – and all it takes is a few minutes of your time.

Did you get offered bonus SkyMiles for entering this promo? If so, how many, and have they posted yet? Share your experience below!

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  • Adam

    Got my 5000 miles through and email link. They posted pretty quickly once I claimed

  • Michael W Travels

    I got 5,000 miles which posted very fast. I wrote about it:

  • Bonnie

    If the prize was so awful and an economic loss, why transfer it to someone?

  • Jennifer

    Crap. I saw this email but didn’t realize they were giving me miles. I deleted it and now can’t find it. Maybe I wasn’t even offered the miles?

    See you at the NYT travel show later today!

  • thepointsguy

    Surely someone values a private concert by Fun more than I do!

  • Dave

    I got 5k miles – already posted.

  • Aleks

    Wow, not much of a prize if it costs you $1300!

    I got the 5000 miles and they posted almost immediately after entering the code.

  • Cameron Johnson

    I got 3,000 miles and they were credited next day

  • Rob Ontell

    I got 5k and I’m not sure when they posted but it was a few days max

  • Brabbit

    I would have totally taken it!

  • Jon Miller Time

    my 5k posted instantly, you forgot to mention you won a private concert by the band F.U.N. as well…

  • TravelBloggerBuzz

    Type “How to Dispute the value of miles or prizes reported as taxable to the IRS”. First hit is G. Leff’s old blog post on this. Worthy of a read, give it to your CPA!
    I am getting a couple of those in 2013 already & printed the piece & added to my 2013 Tax file;-)
    And it the Delta prize valuation was not reason #1,235 to hate Delta, I don’t know what is!

  • Lara

    What??!!! You pull in 400k?? Yeah not applying through your links again!!

  • MarcK

    Where are you getting this info from?

  • thepointsguy

    That was spam.

  • LordeSMFiende


  • Lb

    I too was a winner of the contest and decided to decline the prize. However, I did win 5,000 miles specifically for playing the red coat challenge (not the other parts of the game).

    Oh for anyone wondering that in addition to costing ~$2,000 the flight out to LA was on a Monday! How outrageous that they expect every winner to miss out on a minimum of two days of work to pay for a $1,000 a day vacation.

    5,000 was a nice consolation prize, but so unfortunate as it seems like none of the winners wanted to even go. My only regret is not playing the contest on more email addresses so I could’ve received extra 5,000 bonuses.

  • Lb

    Follow-up: I did get a second 5,000 mile bonus on a different email address!!! Deposited right away, 10,000 miles total to the same skymiles account.

    Hope there was someone out there who set up 100 accounts and is currently enjoying a free first class around the world ticket.

  • Danray

    Have you reviewed the new delta website? I think it is very confusing but maybe it’s just me.

  • Elyse

    I won 5,000 miles from playing the game and they posted instantly! It was a pleasant surprise.

  • Susan

    I won… and am going on the trip. And I received the 5K Delta Miles. My +1 also played the game… didn’t win… and didn’t get any consolation for playing. Go figure.

  • pattypm83

    I won and I went and it was AMAZING!!!…Top shelf service and treatment, the food/wine on the plane flowed freely, the Delta crew werre terrific…They had our luggage waiting for us at LAX boarded a bus with more food and drinks..taken to Pepperdine Univ for a private comedy show with Aziz Ansari, then on to NOBU malibu and a meet in greet with Chef Nobu, wait staff were lined up as we entered this incrdiable venu with wine and drinks and a bevy of appy’s that were beyond delic! Then we were seated for an incrediable meal, a full tasting menu with all of Chef Nobus most beloved creations, nothing was off limits, including top shelf open bar! …Chef Nobu then personalized a copy of his cook book for each and every one of us. Finally checked into SLS Beverly hills hotel, private concert in intimate room with band Fun which lasted a n hour,,more top shelf open bar, then onto Andre Balzaac club and yet more food and drinks…was it worth bet…EVERYONE had a blast…you only go around once in life,… may think Im some piker with no life but believe me I am well traveled, wined and dined…and this was an amazing experience…..

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