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I just logged into my account and saw that my rollover MQMs from 2012 have already posted. I am starting this year off at 7,141 MQMs without stepping on a Delta plane in 2013. While that isn’t as much as I rolled over last year, it’s a start and I didn’t want to get overly invested with Delta last year in case the rumors of SkyMiles changing into a revenue-based program turn out to be true. Because of that, I diversified my loyalty  portfolio and qualified for American Executive Platinum and United Platinum.

My new year's bonus with Delta.. wish other airlines would follow

My new year’s bonus with Delta.. wish other airlines would follow

However, Delta’s rollover perk is great in my opinion since it allows customers to keep flying the airline after they reach an elite level for the year because you know those miles will go towards the next year’s qualification. In most programs, your elite miles reset to zero on January 1 of every year, so it’s nice to start your year with rollover padding, even if it’s just a little.

Rollover Basics
Rollover benefits mean Medallion Qualification Miles earned in 2012 above a member’s earned Medallion threshold level will roll over to 2013 and count toward 2014 Medallion status qualification. Whether you roll over 500 miles or one million, there’s no limit.

If you are a Silver or Gold Medallion the maximum you can rollover is 24,999 miles, since anything more would bump you to the next level; Platinum Medallions may rollover up to 49,999 MQMs; Diamond Medallions have no limit to how many MQMs they can rollover. Something important to point out is if you do not qualify for Silver Medallion status, you wouldn’t be able to rollover any MQMs, so you must achieve elite status at some level in order to rollover miles.

All my MQM's over 75,000 were rolled over.

Members who receive complimentary or gifted Medallion status are ineligible for rollover MQMs unless they earn more MQMs than the gifted status requirement. For example, if a member is gifted Silver Medallion status in 2012 and also earns 30,000 MQMs in 2012, he will be able to roll over 5,000 MQMs since the Silver Medallion requirement is 25,000 MQMs – so essentially it’s the same conditions as earning elite status normally. Gifted status doesn’t gift you any MQMs- just temporarily elevates your status, so if you get gifted silver and accrue 28,000 MQMs, you are still a Silver with 28,000 MQMs- not a Gold (50,000 MQMs).

As I discussed in this post, sometimes it makes more sense to rollover miles than to gun for the next elite level – especially if you think you’ll be flying more the following year and can use the head start to qualify for an elite level you haven’t historically been able to hit. For me it means that, while exploring the elite benefits of American and United this year, I at least have a foothold toward earning Delta elite status at the levels I have been used to like Diamond and Platinum without having to necessarily fly all those miles this year.

Maximizing MQMs from Credit Cards
If you didn’t get as many rollover miles as you need/want you can always get a bunch by getting Delta Amex premium credit cards. The Reserve card ($450 annual fee) gives 10,000 MQMs with the first purchase and an additional 15,000 MQMs at $30,000 in spend and yet another 15,000 at $60,000 in spend. The Delta Platinum card ($150 annual fee) gives 5,000 MQMs with first purchase and then 10,000 MQMs at $25,000 in spend and an additional 10,000 at $50,000 in spend. You have all calendar to achieve those spend thresholds, so it is better to plan and start now if that is an angle you want to take to maintain/achieve Medallion status.

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  • Thomas

    I was happy to rollover 383 as I needed a last minute flight to hit Gold.

  • seansleepyshark

    I ended up rolling over 19,874… This year will definitely achieve Diamond!

  • Urbanist

    Does anyone know if you can sign up for the Delta cards multiple times and still receive the spend bonuses? I have had a reserve in the past, but cancelled it after I reaped all the rewards the card offered. Can I sign up again and redeem the same bonuses?

  • bb

    I hope so! I opened up a second Platinum card to get the “Gold Medallion Welcome bonus”. I have 4 months left for the first card that I will cancel as soon as the miles post from the second card. It should qualify because it is a second new card. We will see. I have to do the 2k spend in 3 which I have planned by the weekend getting a new TV for the playoffs.

  • Jetstrem007

    KL/AF FB now has the same ‘rollover’ miles sytem in place and starts from 0. So even people who fly irregularly wil make silver at some point.

  • Matt O’Rourke

    I just rolled over 41k miles. It feels like between this benefit, and the 125% of every mile earned, once you hit diamond, staying diamond is pretty easy.

  • Steve

    I just rolled over 144,500 miles.. I’ll do another 250,000 or so this year meaning I’ll roll over 275,000 mile next year a.k.a. 2 years of Diamond guaranteed on Jan 1. I’m not sure how long Delta will keep this program running.

  • nightowlky

    The MQDs might change it for some people…like myself. But, still a chance to hit Gold next year (heck, might even hit it this year if some travel plans come through…)

  • Jay

    Im a silver who finished the year with 40000 miles, so I should get about 15000 miles right? They haven’t posted yet, should I be worried and call Delta?

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