Sunday Reader Question: Maximizing the Amex Platinum $200 Airline Rebate

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TPG reader Ken asks:

“I have an American Express Platinum card and as the end of the year approaches I did not want to waste the $200 airline incidental expense credit.  Do you have any recommendations on how to best utilize this credit.  I have thought about trying to use the credit to pay a portion of the fee charged by the airline to use the club lounge.  However, I am concerned about whether this would be the best use of this credit because I have a family (wife and 2 kids) and I wouldn’t leave my family behind to use the club lounge.  The cost to purchase family airline club lounge access for a year is very expensive.”

To learn more about the Amex Platinum’s $200 airline credit and how it is one of many perks that make paying the card’s $450 annual fee worth it, you can check out the post I wrote last year about Maximizing the Amex Platinum $200 Airline Credit.

But to run you through the details again…

This benefit is for all Platinum card members and runs on a calendar year – so if you don’t use it all by December 31, 2012, you lose it. So this means that if you got a Platinum card now- you’d get $200 until December 31 and then another $200 on January 1. Those $400 in credits basically pay for the first year’s annual fee of $450. Also, if you ever decide the Platinum card isn’t the right choice for you, you can always downgrade to a lower/no fee card or cancel and Amex will refund prorated your annual fee.

The credit is automatic and you will be reimbursed for the following items:

Approved items:
Checked baggage fees
Overweight/oversize baggage fees
Change fees
Phone reservation fees
Pet flight fees
Airport lounge day passes and annual memberships
Seat assignment fees
In-flight amenity fees (beverages, food, pillows/blankets, etc)
In-flight entertainment fees (excluding wireless internet)

This credit is not applicable for the following charges:
Airline tickets
Charges processed by merchants other than the airline the Cardmember is enrolled in (for example, inflight Internet services providers such as GoGo)
Charges made by airline partners (for example, Cardmember purchase ticket on enrolled airline Delta, but purchases food on an Air France flight)
Trip insurance / baggage insurance
Ticket upgrades (Including American Airlines Upgrade Stickers)
Travel agent fees
Point transfer fees
Duty free purchase
Award ticket fees
Gift cards issued by Airlines

Although there are a lot of “not applicables” on that list, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence on Flyertalk that people have in fact been able to use their $200 reimbursement to purchase cheap airline tickets (under $200), upgrades, and even elite status through a variety of methods that have to do with the amount a ticket or airline voucher costs in addition to the way it is coded on their credit card bill.

It seems as though, if the charge is quoted as “Travel – Airline,” that the chance of reimbursement is pretty slim. The operative factors here seem to be both the way a ticket is charged, or the amount of money spent on a fare, as well as a variety of sidestepping methods that include purchasing airline vouchers (usually at the $100 mark or under) that can then be used pretty much for any expense on the airline, including tickets. Flyertalkers have reported getting reimbursed for sundry expenses including upgrades using miles and cash where they paid for the charge with their Platinum card, annual airline lounge membership in some cases, and even a US Airways elite status challenge, so have a look at that Maximizing post and the Flyertalk thread to get some ideas – and be creative!

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  • David

    Late this summer, my award redemption fees of about $179 were covered by the $200 dollar credit. Has this happened for anyone else?

  • Tim

    We have 7 of us traveling with checked bags in between the Hawaiian islands in Dec. on Hawaiian Air and Island air.

    I know that they will charge $15 per bag for each passenger, each leg every time we fly.

    Would my Platinum Amex cover each of these passengers bag charges?

  • LUR

    As long as Hawaiian is the airline you chose to receive the $200 credit, and you charge all the baggage fees on your Amex Plat.

  • Fredex

    I just bought 2 AA $100 gift cards that were reimbursed. Did it in 2 separate online transactions to make sure the first GC cleared before doing the other.

  • MiamiMike2

    Does anyone know if this covers the cost of an AA Challenge?

  • Vetternancan

    So .. if I’m reading this correctly, if I’ve already PAID for Economy Plus seats on a flight I just purchased, I can use the $200 credit against them?

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  • Guest

    where’d you buy them? through the AA website?

  • Brad


    I received my Platinum Amex in Nov 2011 and used my airline credit in Nov. 2011 and Jan 2012. I have already transferred out my points to Virgin then to Hilton Honors and would like to cancel card now. If I were to buy AA gift cards in 2013, wait for credit to hit statement, then cancel card, would AMEX charge me back the reimbursement out of my prorated annual fee?

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  • pd154

    I don’t really trust Amex deals any more. Have American Express Business Gold as the offer was 25000 pts for spending $3000 in first 3 months. Did well over that, have never had am Amex card before, and called to confirm that i had when i did not see it show up. They said i had spent enough but it would be a max of 2 billing cycles to see the “bonus”. It is now past the date that the email they responded to said was the latest that it would be. So I doubt tat the platinum would be any better, all american express products are out for me. I only got it for the points as many places don’t take it anyhow. The thing that annoys me is that i paid $120 for the privilege of using their card! Not like they will refund that if you are not satisfied. Luckily have not tested it out but 30% if you forget to pay on time is twice what some cards are.

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  • LCS108

    Can you purchase miles with the Amex Platinum card and have that considered a re-imbursable expense? I’m not clear on that… We’re about to lose that $200 credit this year.

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