Happy Amex Small Business Saturday! Rack Up the Free $25 Statement Credits

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Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for: American Express Small Business Saturday. I’ve written about it a couple times, will keep this short- basically register every single one of your Amex cards- including additional cardholders on your Amex issued cards (Bluebird, Corporate, prepaid and gift cards are ineligible, unfortunately) here and then spend $25 at a small business that accepts Amex and you’ll automatically get a statement credit of up to $25. You’ll even get the credit for other Amex cards- like Citi issued AA cards. Even if you don’t want to dine/buy anything tomorrow, you can buy a $25 gift card and it will count. Or drinks. Or whatever your deal loving heart desires!
Registration was limited, but as of yesterday I was able to register cards and you can register up until 11:59pm MST today. You can search for official Amex small businesses here, but most non-chain/corporate stores should trigger the statement credit. Amex has the IT down pretty good- last year I got an email within 20 minutes stating the credit was on the way.

Happy spending!

Official T&C:

Please remember that you must enroll your Card to takeadvantage of this offer.  Enrollment in the offer is limited.

1. Limit one (1) $25 statement credit per American Express Card.  To be eligible, Cardmembers must enroll an eligible American Express Card in this offer at  Prepaid and Corporate Cards are not eligible.

2. The number of enrollments is limited.  Enrollment opens at 12:00AM MST (“Mountain Standard Time”) on November 18, 2012, and will continue until 11:59PM MST on November 24, 2012 unless the enrollment limit is reached sooner.

3. To receive the $25 statement credit, the Cardmember must use his or her enrolled Card to spend $25 or more in a single, in-store transaction at a qualifying small business location on Saturday, November 24, 2012.  To receive the credit, the transaction must equal $25 or more (for example, if your transaction is only for $15, you will not receive a credit).  Multiple transactions of less than $25 will not qualify even if the combined total of those transactions is over $25.  You may purchase multiple items that together equal $25 or more, but you must purchase them in a single transaction to receive the statement credit.

4. Qualifying small business locations are those identified on the Shop Small® Map, available at  In addition, small business locations that accept American Express through Square also qualify and can be found on the Square Directory at  Small business locations that do not appear on the Shop Small® Map or that do not accept American Express through Square will not qualify for the $25 statement credit offer.  Please note that business location information provided on the Shop Small® Map and Square Directory may contain inaccuracies or errors, including as a result of information provided by third parties. Transactions with political campaigns or political action committees are not eligible, regardless of whether they appear on the Shop Small® Map or in the Square Directory.
5. If American Express does not receive information that identifies a transaction as having occurred in-store at a qualifying small business location, the transaction will not qualify for the statement credit.  For example, the following transactions will not be eligible for the credit:  transactions made using an electronic wallet or any other transaction made through a third party; and transactions not made directly with the merchant.

6. Statement credit will appear on your billing statement within 8 weeks after American Express receives information from the merchant about your qualifying purchase. Note that American Express may not receive information about your qualifying purchase from the merchant until all of the items from your qualifying purchase have been provided or shipped by the merchant.

7. Statement credit may be reversed if qualifying purchase is returned or cancelled.

8. The Card Registration Terms and Conditions will also apply at enrollment.

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  • Chase

    What do you mean “Citi issued AA cards?”

  • Siefji

    Some bloggers are saying this year it HAS to be on the list for it to qualify….is this not your assumption?

  • dev

    i have 4 american express credit cards. can i register all 4, use them seperately and still get $25 credit for all 4 cards?

  • thepointsguy


  • thepointsguy

    That would be the safe bet, but last year there were businesses not listed that did qualify so.. I’m not 100% sure

  • thepointsguy

    Citi has an American Express American Airlines card- that would be eligible for small business Saturday

  • Dutchkin_77

    I called American Express, and they told me it
    MUST be either on the list or on Square.

  • dutchkin

    When I called, they mentioned that this year
    the deadline to register on the map was Oct 31 and
    that no other businesses would be honored.

  • brett

    Just an FYI, it wouldn’t let me register my Bluebird card “Unfortunately, this card is not eligible for this offer”

  • Michael Kmiec

    The search function on the AMEX website for small businesses is really bad. Keeps crashing out. Not designed for mobile phones at all.

  • DealsSeeker

    This has happened to me 3 times. Then I sent my husband in to buy a starter pack, then tried to register the starter pack and got the same results. I called them up and they said that the ONLY way to register it would be online and to try again. Pathetic! I would expect more from Amex! soooo frustrating!

  • lwildernorva

    Good chance to double dip here. Since many of the businesses participating are local restaurants, not a bad idea to crosscheck Small Business Saturday restaurants with restaurants that participate in the Rewards Network dining programs for United, Delta, USAirways, AA, Southwest, and Priority Club. Gift certificates count as purchases under the dining programs so you have a chance to earn 125 miles/points for free per card registered. Of course, make sure your Amex cards are registered with those programs. And check to make sure that Saturday is an earnings day with RN for the restaurant.

  • Ackrach

    It actually says this in TPG’s original post. Bluebird and gift cards are not included in this deal.

  • Grubor

    Registered 9 AMEX cards and just sent the wife out to spend $225 for free. I wish I had thought about this event earlier. We have 4 kids, and I believe you can add anyone to your account as a card holder – even if they are under 18. This means that next year for every account my wife owns or I own we can have 6 people on the account. If my wife and I each hold 4 accounts a piece, that’s 8 accounts with 6 people on each account – or 48 cards or $1200 in free stuff next year. Let’s hope they repeat this promo next year!

    Any by the if anyone is jealous that I will be able to score $1200 in free stuff next year, this about what it costs me to fly my family of 6 on vacation then you won’t feel as bad anymore…

  • Nobnitin

    Did shopping today in small business using registered card but did not get confirmation email from amex confirming $25 credit. Did anyone get an email.

  • Tophat

    Same thing here, its been 3 hours since the purchase. Last year I got an email in about 5 minutes but if others are not getting the email, I guess it must have changed.

  • gail pagan

    the registration is easy. But finding out which stores participate is terrible. The web site is amateur. When I call a restaurant that I think is on the list, they can’t even answer whether they participate. Terrible, Terrible.

  • No2rain

    I attempted to register my AMEX but was refused because I am CANADIAN. I really get pissed with all these offers to loyal customers that in the fine print are restricted. There are SMALL BUSINESSES participating in our community but we are not allowed to participate. I wonder if the small businesses know that they are in for some fun if an AMEX customer expects a reward.

    I am always angry when, as a Diamond HHonors member, I am also excluded from many offers. If we are good enough to be customers then perhaps we should be good enough to share the rewards.


  • Lee

    Registered 6 cards. Used the first one this morning…got an confirmation email from AMEX. Used the other 5 at listed locations this afternoon and as of yet, no email confirmations.

  • Bill

    Confirmations of purchases with cards issued by AMEX came through around 1 AM. Have not received confirmations of purchases with AMEX cards issued by CITI (AA) and Bank America (VS).

  • mkderm

    What can we do if we did not receive confirmations on some of our purchases? Can we call a number to try and prove we purchased the stuff from a listed small business?

  • T Nick Usalis Knight

    At least you get to live in Canada ;-)

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  • C75K

    Good luck with the future Financial Review, please let me know how it goes…

  • Patrick Mc

    One of the local businesses that I went to posted the charge on Sunday the 25th even though I went early in the day on Saturday the 24th. Is there anything I can do to get the credit? I assume that quite often small businesses post charges late which ends up defeating the entire point of AmEx providing the credit for one day only. I got my credit from AmEx at all of the other stores I went to. I don’t mind spending the money to support the business as I frequent the establishment already…but it would be nice to get the credit due from this promotion.

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