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Early this morning, Delta launched a new, refreshed version of their website. While any change is annoying at first, I do think the overall look is sharp and there is a huge focus on social media. While thats all great, I really wish they would have put the same time and energy into fixing their online award calendar, which unfortunately seems unchanged and still buggy. However, here’s a quick rundown of the new changes and whats coming down the pipeline.

Welcome to the new

You can now customize your Delta picture by connecting with Facebook. Once you connect with Facebook, your Facebook picture will become your Delta profile picture. Also, in the information section, you can store your Twitter handle, so I’d imagine when you tweet @deltaassist they would be able to find your reservations and information easier.

Also, another new feature is you can view the upgrade list online and it lists all the passengers ahead of you by name similar to the iPhone app (which is great if you are monitoring where your friends are on the list). Previously, it would only show your position online, so this a nice new feature. When it comes to the award calendar, unfortunately it doesn’t look like this was touched. We still have the same, broken one which us frequent fliers have to deal with!

In addition to the new website, Delta recently revamped their kiosks at all the airports and you can expect to see new mobile applications for the iPhone and other devices to be rolling soon which will feature the same design as the website.

New Home Page.

DLCorpGuy posted on Flyertalk:

“As some of you have already noticed, we’ve been doing site maintenance this morning to test some new features. As DLCorpGirl mentioned last week, there are some exciting things coming from the e-Commerce/technology teams and this is one component of it. Testing will continue for the next couple of days so I can’t provide a lot of information, but stay tuned for further details early next week. Our teams are working to resolve issues as quickly as possible.”

New Seat Maps

With that, I will be posting a more thorough post in the coming week of all the new features and functions of the site, but in the meantime here are some of the highlights mentioned on the Delta Hub:

My Delta is your secure, password-protected home for all the business you conduct through — including travel and payment preferences, SkyMiles account information, and more.

Imagine all your travel information and preferences on a single page and dynamically linked to the ticketing process. Welcome to your digital dashboard.

Establish a private Delta profile — even if you’re not a SkyMiles member — and securely store all your important travel data including passport information, favorite destinations, activities and interests.

We’re transitioning away from the PIN-based login, to a simpler and more secure username and password.

This trip map not only tells you where you’ve been, it tells you where you’re going.

Your upcoming trips, in every detail, saved here. Keep all your travel plans organized and close at hand. Flight information, hotel reservations, car rentals: if it’s booked through, you’ll never miss a beat.

Keep payment information and receipts where they belong: safe. Losing or emailing travel receipts is so 2011. From now on, itemized receipts for flights, hotels, and car rentals are securely stored online. All your preferred forms of payment, as well as certificates and eCredits, are kept here, too.

Click. Instant SkyMiles account info. Whether you’re a SkyMiles newbie, or a Diamond Medallion member with a million miles under your belt, My SkyMiles keeps your account up to date and a click away.

I haven’t had too much time to test out the new site, but feel free to share your thoughts. I’m sure there will be bugs, but it’s good to see airlines at least trying to make their online experience a little bit more efficient and enjoyable.

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  • Richard

    The ticketing engines on Delta dot com continue to be broken. As noted the award ticketing engine is a wild goose chase into the rabbit hole… And I have yet to successfully search for a ticket on the Delta dot com web site in over a year as the results on the Delta dot com web site are limited and often 2X-3X the price of the tickets found via other resources such as ITA or Kayak. In the end the tickets can be ticketed via Delta dot com but only via segment by segment searches and choosing each and every segment separately.

    So very odd… A trip on given dates from point A to B is $650 via Delta dot com but a search via Kayak results in a $250 ticket; a $250 ticket that can booked on Delta dot com by simply clicking on through to Delta!

  • guest

    I just spent 30 mins on the new website. What a mess! The site used to be simple, not full of tricks, and relatively efficient at laying out information and getting you quickly to where you needed to go. This new site is full of annoying windows, pop ups, and drawers — all digital gimmicks — which don’t add any value to the experience and make it more difficult for really frequent fliers to get to the basic flight and FF info that we need. Already wrote to Delta to say how disappointed I am with the new site. Hope they reconsider this set of decisions – simpler is better in the digital world!

    A disappointed Diamond Medallion

  • Mike A

    Where are the certificates and e-credits now? Can’t find them under my profile, where they used to be. Anyone else found this area yet?

  • JohnnieD

    Pig with lipstick……………..

  • Mike A

    nevermind… they are in the MY WALLET module.

  • thepointsguy

    Yes, they are in “MY WALLET” you should be able to see them all and any system-wide upgrade certs there as well.

  • Asdfsdfas

    This is a negative development. Barack Obama will now take 40% of your credits since they are in your wallet. Everyone deserves a trip. You didn’t make that reservation. Someone helped you do it along the way. You didn’t earn those points. Somebody helped you along the way. If you earn more than 250k SkyMiles per year, it’s advisable not to leave them in your wallet.

  • Deidre

    Delta has your passport number, birth date and credit card information and they want you to link it with your Facebook profile? Given Delta’s technical ineptness and Facebook’s privacy issues, this is a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Nic

    It was not launched this morning, I saw it yesterday. The graphics looks so bad like when you start a computer on safe mode. I can’t access my trips. Thumbs down

  • msp2anywhere

    OK everyone, let’s all take a big step backward… wait, already has!

    In trying to book a simple MSP-MIA itinerary, I get sometimes three choices for each direction, sometimes thirty. Yes, a difference that big WITHOUT changing any search parameters.

    If it ain’t broke.. oh, never mind.

  • CMH

    The first tab on the left on the new homepage is “My Trips”. On the bottom of that, there is a button labeled “Go to My Delta.” Clicking on that (you might need to make a new password) brings you to “My Delta”, and on that page there is (on the right, for me) an area called “My Wallet,” which shows my certs. Hope this helps.

  • MR. C

    I just used the site for the first time and there’s an erroneous $335 eCredit in My Wallet. Thumbs down, so far…

  • yitz

    I want to change my pin (someone that i dont want to have it has it) but that doesn’t seem to be an option. I can only add a password. But that wont stop my old pin from being able to be used to log in. Anyone know how to change the pin. Thank you

  • schwaja

    Just tried to sign up for a new Skymiles account (my old one was so old, it didn’t work), and their sign-up page doesn’t work. I filled in all the info, and was never able to click the “Next” button on the bottom of the page – it just stayed grayed-out. I tried from multiple browsers, as well as my Ipad, and same problem with all of them.

  • Aryeh

    Has anyone else noticed that Economy class travel in Y/B/M class, that should accrue 50% extra class-based MQM’s, now does not appear to do have these in the listing for the travel – the MQM’s for the flight are simply the base miles. hard to know if this has carried through to the totals….

  • Atlman34

    Absolutely awful. As a business traveler I want something easier. When I select “My Delta” there are 12 different options on the screen including credit card offers and car rentals. As a medallion member for 10 years I just want to see my information, my itineraries and my check-ins without having to search for it. The concierge at my hotel agreed to check me in and print my boarding pass before leaving the hotel. It took her 15 minutes (UNPROMPTED or GUIDED) to figure out the new website. Absolutely pitiful. Did anyone at Delta run a beta test on this new website????????

  • APage

    Has anyone noticed that when you navigate to a link related to from google etc and it’s been a while since you logged in, it just gives you the “session expired screen” and if you log in at the bottom it just takes you to the home page and NOT the link you were really after? It’s stupid annoying, especially when you are trying to look information up.

  • Fiestamo

    Is anyone having trouble with using the website on an iPad?

  • Bluesman

    Terrible for keeping up with your status. Now instead of showing where you’re at AND what you need to get to the next level, they just show you your current standing. No indicators whatsoever of how many MQMs or segments you need to get to next level. Overall the new design is too busy and like others have noted too geared to garner clicks on irrelevant sales pitches.

  • Wjb

    Who created this web site…not a business traveler…it’s very difficult t navigate and a huge downgrade. he old web site was fine was to use. They have never heard of if it’s not broke don’t fix it. Very frustrating web site and practically unusable on an iPad!

  • Guest

    Absolutely terrible. It now take me 30 minutes to book a flight that used to take 5 min. It is loaded with content that a business traveler simply doesn’t need. Whoever designed this sight has never traveled.

  • kimpossibble

    It’s been a couple of weeks now and I can definitively say…I still hate it.

  • thepointsguy

    I agree.. Clunky and annoying

  • DL 20xxxx7635

    On Nov 22, 2012 Delta informed me to select a gift for passing the 2Million Miles mark. Impossible to enter the gift selection on new website. After at least 3 customer service exhanges was informed on Dec 22 to wait another 10 business days to fix the website problems to select the 2M-gift! Unbelievable poor customer treatment in this age of technology!
    At the same time I reached also the Gold status with Emirates: I receive the gift by Fedex overnight mail within 5 days.
    Lucky Delta: is difficult to travel 350K/year without Delta living in Georgia!

  • Frequentflyer

    I hate this new website! I can’t get the seatmap to come up so I can select seats…this has happened several times now…just get a blue screen with my seat info but without the seatmap. Called customer service and IT man said no one else has complained of this, and I need to reload Internet Explorer…
    I am at a loss as to how to get my seats…..

  • Lhhp

    worthless! works fine at home, but not on my laptop. business centers at hotels have same issue. spoke with 2 “reps” today, neither was any help. one said clear cookies, other said use a diffderent browser!

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  • Danmel8268

    I wish Richard Anderson would tape a feature not telling how much he enjoys sitting at his Delta President desk, rather he fired the team responsible for the website and the stupid plan to add MQD in order to reach status with delta. Show another airline your status with Delta and they will move you to their program immediately, with better perks and service.

  • Katpat

    Only since it was launched. >:( Any time I try to sign in with those ridiculously small boxes, it tells me my session has expired. Worthless, and if it not available to me when I am away from a PC, I may look for another airline.

  • Parkerfrancine54

    What an awful site. So many glitches.

  • Destitude

    I can’t even use their site to check prices on a Mac still! I tried both Safari and Chrome and I can never close the window that asks if English is my default.

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