50,000 American Miles Bonus Offers on 3 Citi Credit Cards Until December 13, 2012

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Update: Some offers mentioned below are no longer available. View the current offers here: Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage® World MasterCard®, CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World MasterCard®

Offer Expired: December 13, 2012

While 50,000-mile offers on the Citi American Airlines AAdvantage cards have been elusively floating around the web for a while, many of the application pages did not state the mileage bonus amount, so applying for them was somewhat a leap of faith. However, most people reported success with their applications and those offers can be found here.

As you’ll see, those links take you to application landing pages for the Citi Select AAdvantage American Express and the Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage® World MasterCard®, but there are no explicitly stated terms about the mileage bonus or the minimum spending requirements, though the reports are that you have to spend $2,500 in 4 months to earn the 50,000-mile bonus. I cannot verify these links, so your miles may vary, but it could still be worth applying through those offers and taking your chances.

For a limited time, though, I have links to official  50,000-mile offers on the following three American Airlines cards from Citi until December 13, 2013 (update: these offers have expired). The downside is that the spending requirements for each card – at $10,000 over 12 months – are much higher, but the mileage bonus is explicitly stated, so you know what you’re getting.

Here are the three current offers and what they include:

Citi Platinum Select / AAdvantage Visa Signature Card: Unverified offer as seen on FlyerTalk

  • For a limited time, Earn 40,000 American Airlines AAdvantage® bonus miles after $3,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of cardmembership*
  • Your first eligible checked bag is free*
  • Priority Boarding with Group 1 privileges* and 25% savings on eligible in-flight purchases
  • Earn a $100 American Airlines Flight Discount every cardmembership year with qualifying purchases and cardmembership renewal*
  • Double AAdvantage® miles on eligible American Airlines purchases*
  • Earn 10% of your redeemed AAdvantage® miles back – up to 10,000 AAdvantage(R) miles each calendar year*

Citi Executive / AAdvantage World Elite Mastercard: Unverified offer

  • Earn 60,000 American Airlines AAdvantage bonus miles after $5,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of cardmembership
  • Earn an additional 10,000 AAdvantage bonus miles after you spend $10,000 in purchases within first 12 months of cardmembership
  • Your first eligible checked bag is free
  • Priority Boarding and 25% savings on eligible in-flight purchases
  • Earn 2 AAdvantage miles per $1 spent on eligible American Airlines purchases
  • Admirals Club membership privileges
  • 10,000 elite miles when you spend $40,000 on eligible within a calendar year
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • SmartChip technology
  • $450 annual fee

CitiBusiness / AAdvantage World Mastercard:

  • Limited time offer: Earn 40,000 American Airlines AAdvantage bonus miles after $3,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of cardmembership
  • Earn an additional 10,000 AAdvantage bonus miles after you spend $10,000 in purchases within first 12 months of cardmembership
  • Your first eligible checked bag is free
  • Priority Boarding  with Group 1 privileges* and 25% saving on eligible in-flight purchase
  • Earn 2 AAdvantage miles per $1 spent on eligible American Airlines purchases and on purchases in select business categories including office supply, telecommunications and car rental merchants
  • Earn 5% AAdvantage mileage bonus with renewal of annual cardmembership
  • Earn a domestic economy American Airlines Companion Certificate each year of cardmembership when you spend $30,000 or more in purchases and renew your cardmembership. Redeeming certificate costs $120.60-$142.20
  • 25% Savings on eligible in-flight purchases
  • $95 annual fee waived the first year

Where these cards vary is in a few key individual benefits, which should help you decide which card you want.

The Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select’s standout perk is the 10% rebate on redeemed miles up to 10,000 miles each year. It basically brings down the price of a roundtrip business class award ticket from North America to Europe to 90,000 miles if you use it up in one fell swoop.

But remember, American and Citi also offer reduced-price awards for Citi AA cardholders on flights within the US and Canada originating within the 48 contiguous United States – like 17,500 mile economy and 42,500 first class roundtrip awards to select quarterly rotating cities – so you could also be saving an additional 7,500 AAdvantage miles on your domestic itineraries (though you do have to pay a $25 booking fee to redeem these over the phone).

So let’s say you booked two roundtrip domestic flights in first class for 100,000 miles total. You’d actually need just 85,000 miles thanks to the reduced-priced awards, saving you 15,000 miles, plus you’d get another 8,500 back for a total savings of 23,500 miles – almost enough for another reduced-price roundtrip economy ticket.

The other perk specific to this card – a $100 voucher when you spend $30,000 or more each cardmembership year isn’t nearly as impressive and represents the equivalent of only a 0.33% return on your investment.

The Citi Executive AAdvantage World Mastercard is the thoroughbred the Citi/AAdvantage card stable, and it comes with a hefty $450 price tag. That might be worth it if you take full advantage of this card’s value-added perks like Admirals Club membership (which runs between $300-500 depending on your elite level and whether you’re a new or renewing member) and the 10,000 EQM’s you get for spending $40,000 or more in a year.

If you’re putting a lot of business spend on your card and coming close but not quite making the next tier of elite status, those 10,000 miles could put you over the edge. That could be especially lucrative if you’re aiming for Executive Platinum status, which confers its own array of valuable benefits including 8 systemwide upgrades a year, each of which could be worth thousands of dollars depending on how you use them. This card is also a good choice for use abroad since there are no foreign transaction fees and it has SmartChip technology, which makes it easier to use in Europe.

The CitiBusiness AAdvantage World Mastercard is kind of like a happy medium between the personal and the business card. It carries the same annual fee as the Citi Platinum Select, but still includes several business-friendly benefits including the 2x category spending bonus on business expenses, a 5% annual mileage bonus on the AAdvantage miles you earn on purchases made with the card, and the opportunity to earn a roundtrip domestic economy companion ticket when you spend $30,000 or more in a year.

Which card you choose depends on which perks interest you the most. I personally carry the Citi Platinum Select since I like the 10% mileage redemption rebate and the various Visa Signature cardholder perks and protections.

That said, there’s no reason why I (or anyone) can’t get more than one Citi AAdvantage card using the two-browser trick to get two at once and basically double your bonus as long as you can meet the spending requirements.

However, Citi only allows 2 applications for any cards (personal or business) within a 60-day period, so you cannot get all three cards at once. Still, two out of three ain’t bad – especially with 100,000 miles to show for it! It is possible to get another 6+ months later, so if the 50k bonus comes back down the road (or the phantom links still exist) then you may even be able to get 150,000. I’d recommend getting two personal cards in one application and then a business version 6+ months later.

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  • Diamond Vargas

    Can you please clarify the comment about Citi only allowing 2 applications within a 60-day period, which would imply you could apply for 2 in one day and then a 3rd card 61 days later, but then advising to wait 6 months? Seems likea conflict in logic.

  • Artezd

    Does Citi still report the bonus miles as taxable income?

  • Rudy2828

    Not on credit cards. Just on bank accounts.

  • MeLlamo

    There is no leap of faith involved with applying for the non-landing page CitiAA offers. ZERO. Literally, thousands of people have had success with it. I am not aware of any that were denied based purely on it being an unpublished offer. And the spending requirement is only like $2500 or $3000 for the 50,000 miles, way less than the $10,000 required here.

    But hey, you get a commission for pimping these worse deals. So go right ahead.

  • HikerT

    Yeah 10K x 2 = 20K spend is ridiculous. Go here for better offers:

  • slider34

    On the companion ticket can that be used for award flights or only paid flights?

  • thepointsguy

    What Rudy said

  • thepointsguy

    I’ve blogged many times about those offers and included the link in this post. The fact of of the matter is with easy spending (Bluebird, Vanilla, Netspend, etc) I think many people would rather apply for an official offer that they know they’ll 100% get. But if they want the other offers, they can still apply for them as well, but no one knows how much longer Citi will keep honoring them

  • thepointsguy

    Paid flights

  • Scott H

    I like it that in your top deals tab under the Citi AA you still mention the 50k for $3k spend…oh but wait, when you click on the link it re-directs to the much worse deal of 50k for $10k spend. Bait and switch? You probably learned that little piece of ethics in your wall street days. Keep up the honest work.

  • dhammer

    Honest mistake Scott. I can’t believe that Brian would ruin his reputation over this. YMMV.

  • hAApygoLucky

    Are these offers for new card members only?

  • Raymondlam8

    If I applied for 2 of the 75K offers, can i apply for 2 of these again??

  • Eric

    As usual per the T&C: “*This Citi® / AAdvantage® card offer is only valid for new applicants for a Citi® / AAdvantage® account applied for by December 13, 2012, pursuant to this offer and excludes prior Citi® / AAdvantage® credit cardmembers and any other Citi® / AAdvantage® credit cards offered.”

  • Rudy2828

    If you feel that way don’t visit this site anymore. Give Brian a break.

  • Jason

    “I think many people would rather apply for an official offer that they know they’ll 100% get.”

    Really? I’m curious, what % of folks do you suppose are so nervous about links for which hundreds if not thousands of reports have demonstrated 99.99% success, that they’d rather spend 3-4x as much? What % would you estimate?

    (And this isn’t $100 vs $300. This is $10G’s we’re talking about).

  • Ben Hughes

    Just yesterday my 100,000 points came through for meeting spending bonuses on both cards. I was wary at first two, but am relieved now.

  • Mordyamazon

    if i sign up 1 business card and 1 personal in the 2bm does it get 1 hit or 2
    as i dont want 2 personal as the 450 fee is steep
    let me know any ideas spending 10k on each is no problem i can do that in a week

  • Alcat0035

    Hello, u did the double browser trick a year ago and got 50000 points for the Citi Visa and Citi Amex. Does that mean I can only apply now for the business card to get points or do I still have opportunities to do so still that I’m missing? Thanks

  • Alcat0035

    I not U sorry

  • The Points Guy

    It was an honest mistake – the link in the Top Deals section was redirecting to the new offer page and I didn’t realize it. Thank you for pointing it out, since I have fixed the link to go to the offer with the lower spending requirement but no mention of the 50,000 bonus that is found on FlyerTalk. I’ve written about those offers extensively, including in this post:

    The reason I posted about these offers is that there are a lot of people who are wary about applying for a credit card with an unstated bonus that is linked to from a public forum.

    This isn’t about the commission since only one of these links is an affiliate, and all these offers are public, so people have a choice about where to apply for them. This post was just to let people know that there are public offers of 50,000-mile bonuses out there, and that they can be a great deal.

  • SteveA

    I, for one, would rather use an official link and spend the $10k. Or I might use the official link and just take the 40,000 points and not worry about the last 10,000.

  • HeyJuan

    I applied last month (and received my AA CITI Signature VISA) but they only gave me 25000 miles. After I complained that they were offering more now they “kindly” agreed to give me 5000 extra as a “goodwill” gesture.
    Guess I should have waited (if I knew) and gone for the 50,000.

  • rose well

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  • Fanfoot

    Still confused by the T&C’s. I have a long time Citi AA World Elite Mastercard yet applied for a Citi AA Platinum Select World Mastercard when there was a 40K offer, and got the 40K miles when I hit the $3000 spend required. I’d like to add one of these cards to my wife’s collection, but since she’s already got a long-time Citi Gold AA World Mastercard that I’d rather not cancel and a Citi AA Amex which she could cancel since its from July (we’re past 6 months)…

    Seems like she could clearly apply for the Business card. No problem there, as I don’t see anything in the T&C’s about being a prior Citi Personal cardmember. But the personal cards have that only for new citi members language… Would she get the miles for a personal card? Would it matter if she canceled the Amex first since she would still be holding onto the Citi AA World Elite M/C?

  • Zhangapang

    Do you know if I didn’t do both apps on the same day and only did one, but still haven’t activated the new card yet, is there still a way to get two cards to double up on the points?

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  • William Power

    Is this offer still valid? It still takes you to a non-landing page. I do too prefer an official link.

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