Targeted: US Airways 100% Buy Miles Promotion Until October 31, 2012

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Earlier today US Airways announced an amazing 100% bonus on sharing miles that equates to purchasing miles at roughly 1.1 cents a piece.

I just received a targeted email offering a 100% bonus on purchased miles until October 31, 2012. Normally miles cost 3.5 cents a piece plus tax, but with this promo they come out to just about 1.9 cents each, which isn’t as great as the share miles promo, but not a horrible option for those people who want to buy a small amount of miles so they can leverage the share miles promo- since you need existing miles to take advantage of that bonus.

It is a targeted promotion, but I tried out a few other accounts that I manage and some were eligible even though they didn’t get the email, so it can’t hurt to try and login and see whether the 100% bonus offer populates. If you are eligible, once you enter your information it’ll show red text highlighting the bonus.
 100,000 miles through the buy miles promotion costs $1,881.25,  or nearly 1.9 cents per mile.

Alternatively, you could purchase 12,000 miles and get a 12,000 mile bonus for $451.50. You could then transfer those 24,000 to another person’s Dividend Miles account for $288 and account number 2 would end up with 48,000 miles. You could then transfer those 48,000 back to account #1 for $546 ending up with 96,000 miles for only $1,285.50, or almost 1.3 cents per mile- much cheaper than buying them outright.

If you need to increase your US Airways balance to take advantage of the Share Miles bonanza, you can also transfer Starwood points to US Airways at a 1:1 ratio and you get a 5,000 mile bonus for every 20,000 points transferred. Note: it can take up to a week or more to transfer from SPG to US Airways so plan in advance- if you start now, you’ll have more than enough time before the promotion ends October 31, 2012.

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  • Alex

    There is also another one I got this morning that gives you up to 6000 preferred miles when you buy 50,000 miles.

  • George

    Is there any risk in setting up “dummy” accounts to transfer miles between? Do you need to use separate emails or addresses or names or anything?

  • thepointsguy

    You can’t have two Dividend Miles accounts with the same email address. As for risk.. I don’t know how US would verify an account identity since there’s no social security number or drivers license number required to open an account.

  • thepointsguy

    Interesting- are you going to bite? I’d rather have the 100% bonus!

  • Alex

    Not likely, I’m about 4k from Gold status (doing the trial preferred) I can get way more miles flying for that price and still rake in the miles using my mastercard (the double miles promo)

  • Docomo153

    yea, its targetted, not showing up for my account

  • Seritonin

    Is there a limit on how many times you can transfer between accounts?

  • thepointsguy

    No- just the maximum 50,000 sent to other accounts and 100,000 miles received per account (including bonus miles)

  • Ten60

    What happens if you book a flight and then get off early in a city on a through booking like from la to ord and ord to nyc and you decide to get off in ord and pick up your luggage later in nyc after taking another flight

  • Grant Thomas

    I believe if you had/have their US Airways credit card you are targeted because both my parents had the card recently and both accounts have the bonus

  • Sid

    I have a DM account which was recently opened by Barclays and 40K deposited there with the sign up bonus. I also have had another DM account for many years which has 0 miles and no activity for the last 5 years. Can I just transfer my 40K miles to the 0 mile account? Both accounts have the same name but different email IDs and physical addresses. Or should I avoid risking and transfer to a friend instead (and purchase the ticket from his account)? Does DM allow multiple accounts?

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  • Aaron

    Is there any way to use the US Airways Dividend Miles card to sweeten the deal when purchasing miles, or do the miles come from

  • FlyingDoctorWu

    I’m not sure if that’s exactly true.. you might not be able to set up a second account with an email address that has already been used but my parents who have been DM members for a loooong time have the same email address associated with each of their accoutns (because they share the same email)

  • Al

    I may not be so targeted. It definitely works for me

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  • BkA

    Your luggage would not make it to NYC without you onboard!

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