Reminder: 100% Bonus On US Airways Shared Miles Ends October 31, 2012

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Back when it first launched at the beginning of the month, I wrote about US Airways’ current 100% bonus promotion on shared miles that equates to purchasing miles for roughly 1.1 cents each and why it’s such an amazing deal.

This is just a reminder that if you’ve been considering scoring bonus miles this way, the promo comes to an end this Wednesday, October 31. Unlike some past promotions, this one isn’t targeted and there is no need to register as you will receive the 100% Bonus Miles automatically when you go to the Share Miles page.

As I pointed out in my post from earlier this month, normally US Airways miles cost 3.5 cents each plus a 7.5% tax, but with this promo that cost drops to just about 1.1 cents per mile, which can be an amazing deal depending on how you redeem those miles.

Just remember, there are a few rules.

1. You must be a Dividend Miles member for at least 12 days, so sign up now if you are not and want to take advantage (sign-up here for a free account). This promotion limits mileage sharing to 50,000 miles (100,000 miles with the bonus).
2. The 100% bonus goes to the person who receives the miles, not the one transferring them.
3. The maximum you can transfer into an account is 50,000 so the recipient ends up with 100,000 (which includes the bonus miles).
4. For each Share there is a processing fee of $30 and a 7.5% tax recovery charge and GST/HST will be charged to Canadian residents.
5. This transaction is processed by so it won’t count towards airfare multiplier categories like the 3x on the Premier Rewards Gold or 2x on Sapphire Preferred. 

As always, whether a promo like this is worth it depends on your travel needs and the award you intend to redeem your miles for. If you are hoping for low-level domestic coach redemptions or awards on competitive international routes, you’re probably better off just buying tickets. However, US Airways is a Star Alliance member and has a generous award chart, so if you are hoping to redeem premium class awards on expensive routes with low taxes, then you could definitely reap some value from this promotion.

As always, do the math for yourself before deciding to jump on this promotion, but this is one of the best US Airways offers I’ve seen in a long time and much less complicated than their Mileage Maximizer promotion I took advantage of this past summer.

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  • Greg

    Your comment #3
    The maximum you can transfer out of an account is 50,000 and receive is 100,000 (which includes the bonus miles). Is not quite correct.

    The maximum someone can receive is 50,000 (100,000) with bonus. You can transfer out as much as you would like I believe. For example if you had 200,000 miles, you could transfer out ALL 200,000 BUT a maximum of 50,000 to any one account. So if you transfered 50K to four family members that would be fine.

  • Voiceofganesh

    I transferred 96k out of an account last week.

  • GM

    What is the current thought on the best way to find flights once these US Airways miles have been transferred? I know that in the past, it’s been said that searching Continental worked best. Is this still true with United?

    The specifics of my situation, if it matters: I would like to use 160K miles to fly RT Boston-Bangkok in first class.

    I have searched on United, and I see that awards are available, but the prices in miles are presumably based on United’s reward chart rather than the US Airways chart linked to in this post. If I find an award on United, how do I know if the 160k price from the US Airways chart applies? Any thoughts, in general or specific to that flight, would be much appreciated.

  • Elliot Zemel

    Can I do multiple transfers on the 31st or is there a time delay until the points post online?

  • Jim

    I transferred 150k out of an account. The three recipients each received 100k (50k base + 50k bonus) no problem.

  • Valuefinder001

    If any of you guys want to do a transfer to me- and I will transfer back it would be awesome! I have no US miles and would love to take advantage of this promo

  • Mileage Update

    If they just would have had that Grand Slam promo I wouldnt need to buy any USAir miles ;)

  • Guest

    Thanks guys. The multiple transfer out is what I wanted to hear. I assume miles post immediately?

  • thepointsguy

    As long as its initiated by the end date, you’ll be fine

  • thepointsguy or are great ways to search Star Alliance availability…saver level awards can be booked with US by calling

  • The Points Guy

    Thanks! It was a misread, I corrected.

  • Nate

    These transactions used to ring up as Other than using Prepaid AMEX is there any way to get more than 1x point on these transactions?

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