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Resident Hilton HHonors TPG contributor Nick filled us in on Hilton’s October sweepstakes yesterday – the same day Hilton finally announced what their fourth quarter promotion would be, so here he gives us the details on what Hilton HHonors members can expect this falland why he’s not thrilled.

Well, the same day that I bemoan the lack of an announced fourth quarter promo from Hilton HHonors, they go ahead and release details, and as expected, it is just about as underwhelming as they get. From November 1 – December 31, you will earn 1,000 bonus points for every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday night that you stay. The registration page is still not available on the Hilton HHonors website, but this link is active.

Simply sign in to Hilton HHonors using your username/account number and password/pin (or sign up for an account), and the confirmation page will look like this:

As usual, there is a lengthy list of hotels that have chosen not to participate, the vast majority of which are in the United States. Be sure to check this list prior to any stay during the promotional period. As usual, if one of your usual jaunts is on the non-participating property list, be sure to let them know that you will not be staying with them as a result of their lack of participation so that maybe they’ll reconsider their position.

I’m sure many of you will agree with me that this is probably the least rewarding promo out there this quarter. I’m guessing that their sweepstakes took the place of October (in their minds, at least), but I can’t for the life of me understand why they would exclude Tuesday and Wednesday nights. As a frequent business traveler, those two nights are among the most common for me, and I’m guessing many are in a similar boat. My only guess is that Hilton’s revenue management department crunched the numbers and decided that those nights already have high occupancy levels during the week, and the incremental cost of giving the bonus points is higher than any reservations cancelled as a result of those nights being excluded.

I have not booked any stays for November or December yet, but I for one will not be giving Hilton HHonors any of my business on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, and I would suggest others do the same. This may not be practical if you have a five- or six-night stay in one location, but the only way Hilton will rethink promos like this in the future is if they see a distinct revenue impact on the excluded nights.

Keep in mind that this promo is stackable with the Virgin Atlantic promo, but that will only help for the first five stays. Such a weak promo certainly isn’t going to lead me to stay at Hilton properties any more than I would without one.

What are your thoughts on this promo? Will you stay more or less as a result?

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  • Forwardtosarah

    Is there somewhere we can find management or specific hotel email addresses so that we can let the opt-out properties know we’re not happy? I cancelled a few Hilton reservations during last quarter’s promotion because they were at opt-out properties, but I couldn’t find any contact info to let them know the opting out was 100% my reason for cancelling.

  • Cliff

    Compared to the “Stay three times, get a reward certificate” from last year, this is a pittance indeed. Had I only chosen Marriott or SPG years ago….now I’m too far in the Diamond mines.

  • Kathy K

    I was thinking of staying at a doubletree in Amsterdam over a weekend in November for 40,000 points. I just saw that cash and points is now available – about $100 and 20,000 points. the hotel is not on the excluded list.

    so, do you know whether the bonus points be given for cash and point stays?

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  • Eric

    No, it looks like just paid stays.

  • Eric

    Your best bet is to call the property directly and ask to speak to a manager or for the manager’s email so you can send in a customer service issue.

  • Nick

    The FAQ page of the Hilton HHonors website says that the cash portion of the Points + Money reward redemption is NOT eligible to earn points. See #13 at the following link:

    However, you can earn points for “eligible charges” to the room during a reward or Points + Money stay. Exactly what constitutes an eligible charge is defined in the Hilton HHonors T&C. Visit this link ( and scroll down to #8.

    In my experience, as long as you have at least one eligible charge on a room booked with points, you will earn points for that charge as well as any bonus points being offered by a promotion. However, I have not made a Points + Money reservation before, so I have no way of knowing for sure if these stays are treated the same as full reward stays (though I strongly suspect that they are).

    Enjoy Amsterdam!

  • Kathy K

    so a combo cash & points is excluded?

  • Lgr 58

    I have been a Diamond for many years now and they have done this type of thing before. I am extremely disappointed in this promotion and expected much more out of them. They now go into the penalty box for the 4th quarter.

  • Nick

    I know some hotels did (at some point) have a direct e-mail address listed on their homepage, but they may have moved away from that. When I’ve had a comment or concern for a specific property, I’ve always had luck e-mailing the generic Hilton HHonors customer service e-mail address ([email protected]). Sometimes I’ll ask for the feedback to go directly to the property, and other times they do it automatically. In fact, I once got a response from a hotel’s general manager within 3 hours of sending the initial e-mail.

  • Kathy K


  • Nick

    It’s never too late to switch! After Hilton HHonors dropped Southwest as a double-dip partner for 2012, I switched a bunch of my stays over to SPG and managed to hit Platinum this year (I tried to do a challenge by staying 18 nights over 3 months but just missed it and had to qualify the hard way). I had 60+ stays over 100+ nights with Hilton HHonors last year, and this year I probably won’t have more than 40 stays over 60ish nights.

    Unfortunately, I fear promos like this will be the norm going forwards. Hotels are seeing their occupancy rates tick up, and I’m sure many chains realize that they don’t need huge promos to fill their rooms anymore. I sure hope I’m wrong though!

  • Darren Martin Perks

    I did a chash and points stay a while back in Q2 and at the time I just got points for my “charges” and the associated Q2 bonus on those charges not the “cash” for the stay

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