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I don’t know why, but Hertz normally charges $60 for membership in their Hertz #1 Club for Gold status. The only real benefit to membership is expedited check-out; when you arrive at the rental location your name is displayed on a board and you can drive off the lot (just showing your ID at the exit). Most car rental companies offer this service for free, so it really baffles me why Hertz feels the need to charge $60. However, Hertz may be coming to their senses, because the generic sign-up page now shows the $60 annual fee as waived. Once you get free membership, I don’t believe they will ever bill you (I haven’t been). You can confirm this by emailing customer service, but I’ve never heard of someone actually getting charged the $60 once getting enrolled for free.

Waived fee for Hertz #1 Club Gold.

It’s also easy to get your membership waived if you work for a company that has a corporate contract with Hertz- that’s how I initially joined. Their corporate enrollment form is here and if you are a Delta Diamond you can use Program Name: SkyMiles, CDP Number: 165385 with Promo code: 4001.

To get real perks with Hertz you need at least 10 rentals or $5,000-$6,999 in revenue to get Five Star status which entitles you to a one car class upgrade, 10% bonus on points earned and a free day (600 points) for every 15 rentals. President’s Circle is achieved after you hit one of the following: 40 or more rentals , $7,000 or more in revenue or 120 or more days charged. That status entitles you to guaranteed reservations (which can be a lifesaver during last minute trips to cities that have no rentals available), 25% point bonus, guaranteed one-class upgrade and better customer service.

If you want instant car elite status and have the Amex Platinum card you can get National Executive, which includes upgrades and enhanced free rental day earning and Avis Preferred, which includes expedited pick-up and special offers.

Hat tip TPG reader Kevin.

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  • Jordan

    For those of us under 25 there is another huge advantage for Hertz #1 Gold status beyond the expedited checkout: no underage fees. There are often coupon codes and workarounds to get this fee waived with other companies, but as a Hertz #1 Gold member you can use other coupon codes to get deeper discounts on rentals and still have your underage fees waived for some pretty stellar savings.

  • BigTex

    Terms say they could charge you after 1 year…right?

    As of September 4, 2007, the Program membership fee is US$60 for one year, which fee may be waived by Hertz. At any time during the year You may notify the Enrolling Company in writing of Your desire to cancel Your Gold Plus Rewards membership and obtain a refund of Your paid membership fee for the remaining months of the year. Hertz reserves the right to cancel or suspend Your membership for any reason at any time, without notice. If Hertz cancels Your membership, it will refund to You a pro rata portion of the membership fee You paid with respect to the period in which the cancellation occurs, unless cancellation occurs following Your failure to pay any sums payable by You to Hertz or any of our licensees, subsidiaries or other affiliates or Your violation of any of the terms of this Agreement or any other obligation owed by You to any Hertz company. If You return Your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Card within thirty (30) days of receipt, and before renting a car using the Program, then You will receive a full refund of Your membership fee. **Your membership will expire on the expiration date specified on Your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Card, or in the absence of such expiration date after 12 months from submission to You of such card, unless, in either case, Your membership is renewed or extended for an additional period of 12 months upon payment by You of any membership renewal fee notified to You by Hertz. **Hertz reserves the right not to renew Your membership and will not be obliged to provide any explanation for not doing so.

  • Brian Desmond

    Hertz Gold doesn’t guarantee (or even offer AFAIK) waivers on the underage fees. That’s a function of the contract you’re renting under and/or whatever coupons you have.

  • Jordan

    Now I’m a little confused. A function of the contract you rent under? So if you join the program and make a rental reservation, the waiving of underage fees is only a benefit of that contract and not the program itself? I’m not sure I see how you distinguish the two. I’ve enjoyed this benefit many times and thought that it was a direct result of my enrollment in Hertz #1 Club Gold. I hope I don’t sound snarky, I just genuinely don’t understand the distinction you’re trying to make.


    “Are you 21 or older? Start enjoying the benefits of a complimentary Hertz #1 Club Gold membership with your next rental with Hertz.

    In addition to waiving the $60 membership fee, You’ll also enjoy:

    No additional fees related to your age**. This is a fee that is usually applied to each rental day for renters ages 21-24 years-old.”

  • Brian Desmond

    I never saw that benefit in the 4 years I was Hertz Gold and in that age bracket. I only ever got the fee waived if I rented under a contract (CDP) that had that waiver in the terms.

  • Nate

    I would like to get clarification on this. If its true, I would switch to Hertz.

    I have enjoyed every part of my National Executive membership through my Amex Platinum, EXCEPT the underage fee. A lot of times the underage fee comes out to more than the rental fee.

  • John Ruda

    I agree that benefits are limited for Hertz Gold. I used to be primarily loyal to Hertz Gold but started using National Executive and find it to be superior. I’ve always been able to select a premium vehicle for free (such as Toyota Avalon) and sometimes the associates even offer a bottle of water. I also find it takes a while to earn rewards with Hertz. National has good rewards promos from time to time.

  • Jordan

    Definitely true. I can confirm I’ve never been charged underage fees since joining, including once when doing a walk up rental without a reservation. Join here:

  • Jordan

    May have been a bad link. Try this if the other doesn’t work…

  • Bill

    Do you have the email address for Hertz customer service? I cannot find it on their website.
    I am not earning milage points for Hertz rentals in the Dominican Republic and I would like to find out why.

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