Silver Preferred Status for New or Renewed US Airways Club Membership

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US Airways is offering both current US Airways Club members up for annual membership renewal as well as potential new members trial Silver Preferred status for 90 days when they sign up for a year of US Airways Club membership.

You have to enroll by September 30 and mention the promo code CLBTR, and trial Silver offer is only available to non-Preferred members. The updated elite status on your traveler profile will be applied about 4 weeks or so after accepting the offer. To retain that Silver status after the trial, you’d have to fly 7,500 or 10 segments on US Airways within the 90-day trial period, then you’d have Silver status through February 28, 2014.

Since I don’t have elite status on US Airways and I would be a new member, this offer would cost me $450 for a standard annual membership plus a $50 new member initiation fee for a total of $500.

That’s pretty steep, but it might make sense in certain circumstances because membership grants you access to 250 club locations worldwide including United clubs and Star Alliance lounges. If you have a Platinum Amex, you could use your $200 annual airline rebate toward your club membership, bringing the cost down to $300.

Granted, the Amex Platinum already gives you access to US Airways Clubs (as well as American Admirals Clubs, Delta Sky Clubs and Priority Pass clubs), so essentially you’d be getting a back door pass to United and Star Alliance lounges. United Club access requires a $50 new member initiation fee and sots $475 annually for non-elite members, though because I’m a Premier Platinum member, it would cost me $400, so by taking the US Airways offer, I’d be saving $150 and getting low-level US Airways elite status (at least for the trial period) in the bargain, which confers benefits like free first checked bag ($25 normally), priority check-in and boarding, preferred seating and complimentary upgrades on domestic flights as well as to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Also remember that a status match and challenge on US Airways usually costs $200 to try for Silver ($400 Gold, $600 Platinum), so if you had been considering a status match, doing it this way would save you that amount as well.

I wouldn’t mind United lounge access, but I already have Platinum status on United (and thus Star Alliance Gold status which means lounge access when flying internationally), so I won’t be taking advantage of this offer, but it could be interesting for those of you looking to try out US Airways elite status and getting access to both its lounges as well as those of United and Star Alliance when you fly.

If you are a US Airways Dividend Miles member, but didn’t receive a targeted email, you can subscribe to the “News & Offers” newsletter on US, or to take advantage of this offer specifically, call (800) 828-8522.

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  • Suzannehendrix

    Brian, is this targeted? Do you have a link? I can’t find access to this offer on US Airways website and I would like to sign up. Thanks.

  • The Points Guy

    You should get the offer either by subscribing to the “News & Offers” newsletter on US, or call their Club desk at (800) 828-8522 and ask about the offer.

  • Fielding

    Just remember US Airways does have the smallest club footprint of any American carrier by far.

  • Sheryl Whalen57

    I called USAirways about this offer. According to the agent with whom I spoke the only club available with the trial membership is USAirways. I specifically asked if United would be included both for free baggage and clubs and I was told, “No”. I would have signed up for the offer had she replied affirmatively to both airlines being included.

  • Suzannehendrix

    Sheryl, there are two memberships available-full and trial-that is just for the club membership having nothing to do with trial preferred status. If you purchase the full membership and then get the trial silver preferred, you should be getting the United access to clubs, but not free baggage; it’s jsut for the club access to United. Then you would have a trial 90 day silver preferred on US Airways which would convert to a year + long status as long as you flew the required miles in 90 days. If you combined this with the current offer which is doubling elite qualifying miles, you should be able to do this pretty quickly on US Airways.

  • Suzannehendrix

    Just got off the phone with US Airways via the phone # Brian provided. The year long normal club membership is $500 and gets you into United lounges also-and other Star Alliance. The trial “silver preferred” does not kick in right away-it takes around 3 weeks, which sucks because I have a flight on US Airways coming up before that, but oh well. I also asked about the US Airways Dividend Mastercard bonus going on with double preferred qualifying miles and the agent seemed to think those would not qualify for the full silver preferred status, only actual miles flown.
    I did it and I am going for the full silver preferred status by doing a mileage run PHX-JFK which if I book with my US Airways mastercard by October 31 and fly by Dec. 31 should get me double preferred miles. I will report back on what happens…

  • Suzannehendrix

    One more issue I asked about…you can buy a silver, gold, etc., on US Airways and then you fly the required number of miles in 90 days and you get that status for the next year. Now since this club membership came with silver trial preferred I asked the agent what would happen if I flew enough to get up to gold status during the trial phase and she said it would not get me to any other status other than preferred, although the miles earned to count towards the following year of elite status….just an FYI….

  • FreqflyerPHX

    When purchasing the annual membership with this offer, you absolutely will get United Club access. She must have been referring to the Trial 90 day club membership, which is US clubs only. This offer is for the full membership, access to UA and Star Alliance Clubs, and you’ll get the Trial Silver Preferred for a 90 day period, in which if you meet the minimum flight requirements, you can retain Preferred status until February 2014.

  • FreqflyerPHX
  • FreqflyerPHX

    For this offer, you can earn Gold, Platinum or even Chairman’s if you fly the required amount. This is just like the regular Trial program except you can also reep the benefits of a US Airways Club membership…..which includes access to all UA Clubs and Star Alliances Lounges worldwide.

  • Train McGhee

    So if you challenge into silver with the trial, but fly 30,000 miles in 90 days, would you obtain silver or chairman’s status? During the regular challenge, this usually works right? Does it work with the club/silver status trial?

  • thepointsguy

    It’s a normal challenge so you would attain the higher elite status if you flew enough

  • TrainMcGhee

    Does it say that anywhere is their terms, incase it comes up? Thanks!

  • TrainMcGhee

    Also any word on if the double pqm’s from the credit card promo counts towards the challenge? Thanks!

  • Suzannehendrix

    Hey, I actually know a lot about this Train, as I called in and got the scoop and had the same ? you had.
    -double miles from the credit card promo will not apply to the silver status, but will count as elite qualifying miles for the following year.
    -if you fly over the 7,500 needed to qualify for silver, you will not get anything but silver status. You would have to call in and pay the upgrade the fee from silver to the next level in order to achieve this. This is the case no matter what level you paid for the trial period and regardless of the club promo.
    According to the agent I spoke to, I will get silver status in the next 2-3 weeks. My club membership is immediate, however. Now, once I get the silver trial status, I can call back in and upgrade that to say gold or whatever I wish, I just need to pay the difference between the normal silver status and whatever the next level up is. Then I would have to fly the required # of miles according to what level I purchased.
    What I didn’t ask is if I purchased trial chairman’s for example and only flew the 7500 miles, would I then get upgraded to silver after the trial is over or would I lose that status as well. I should call in again and ask…

  • TrainMcGhee

    Does the status last till 2014 if obtained now? Also while you are doing the regular challenge you don’t get the status, correct?

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