Transfer Delta Miles for .5 Cents Each Through August 31, 2012

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Transferring airlines miles to another member is generally a big waste of money. While it can come in handy when trying to top up another family member/friend’s account, I much prefer to generate miles via promotions or in a worst case scenario transfer American Express Membership Rewards points directly into their account to avoid paying money to simply move a mile from one account to another.

Delta normally charges 1 cent per mile plus a $30 per-transaction processing fee for the ability to transfer miles between accounts, but until August 31, 2012, you can get 50% off this rate and have the transaction fees waived.

If, for instance, you wanted to move 30,000 of your SkyMiles into someone else’s SkyMiles account it would cost $150 with this promo instead of $330. The maximum you can transfer out of your account is 150,000 SkyMiles, and the maximum you can receive is 300,000.
Unlike past transfer promotions that included mileage bonuses, you aren’t getting any bonus miles with this one, so this isn’t a good opportunity to create new miles at a cheap price.

I’d only take advantage of this promotion if you have an account with a small number of miles that may go unused and by moving them into another SkyMiles account they then become valuable again for future redemptions or you are topping up an account for a specific redemption you have in mind. Otherwise, leave your miles where they are.

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  • Pointsandtravel

    Both my kids had 18000 miles each, that has been setting there for over 3 years, so I decided this would be the best time to transfer them at $90 each set, too bad this one doesn’t have a bonus!

  • mspswede

    Thanks for the heads-up! Transferred 11k from my daughter’s account.

  • nsk

    This is perfect for clearing out the little 1k / 2k accounts that various family members have lying around. Thanks TPG.

  • mbrosen

    Just topped off my girlfriend’s account to +25K with 2K miles from mine.

    Good lookin’ out!

  • TPG Intern Ryan


  • Steve H.

    Any idea when the promotion will be coming back?

  • Mtpohl

    I am Delta Gold. Living in ATL; so it is my hometown airline.
    Transferred my last 2k over to my wife, who has a Delta Amex Card. Cost $10, benefit $20.

    Now, I am officially done with Delta. I use AA, US Air, and Star Alliance for all of my flights out of Delta’s MAIN hub. Their prices aren’t competitive in the ATL market (if one knows what he/she is doing), and let’s not even begin to talk about Skypesos!!

    Glad I got several hundred thousands of mine via Amex Cash Card, before they devalued their own “currency” into oblivion…


  • 89x


  • Robby Shields

    Ah! This was great. I was looking for a way to take my mom’s 10K miles without paying that ridiculous fee. Thx!!

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