Targeted Offer: 100% Bonus on Purchased US Airways Miles

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US Airways is currently offering select Dividened Miles members a 100% bonus on purchased miles now through August 31. To see if you are eligible, go to the Buy Miles page at, enter in your Dividend Miles number and name and see if the 100% bonus shows up. Sadly I was not targeted, but please feel free to comment if you were.

On US Airways’ Buy Miles page, it will ask you for your name and Dividend number to see if you qualify for the bonus.

Purchasing miles from a frequent flyer program is usually a high-price / low-value way to add some miles to your account, and is generally only a last resort if you need to top up your account for a particular award. But every so often there are some purchased-mile bonuses that might be worth it to some travelers and depending if you have an upcoming award in mind.

Normally, it costs 3.5 cents per mile plus a 7.5% tax. With this promotion, the cost is closer to 1.9 cents. For instance, if you were to purchase the maximum amount of 50,000 miles, you’d get a total number of 100,000 miles for $1,881.25. That’s enough for a low-level business class ticket from North America to Europe, which normally goes for between $3,000-$5,000.

Another example that might be worth it is if you needed 90,000 miles for a business class ticket from North America to Asia (on any Star Alliance carrier). Those tickets are normally around $5,000-$6,000. But with this promo, you could purchase 45,000 miles for $1,693.113 ($1575+ taxes) and get 45,000 bonus miles, for a total of 90,000 miles. Another significant discount.

Unfortunately, the US Airways website does not show any availability for the other 26 Star Alliance carriers. They have the same Star Alliance availability as United or Aeroplan, it’s just that they don’t show it on their website – you have to call 1-800-428-4322 to book an award and they will waive the phone booking fee since partner awards are not bookable online.

As always, whether a mileage purchase is worth it to you depends on your travel needs and the award you intend to redeem your miles for. If you are hoping for low-level domestic coach redemptions or even awards on competitive international routes, you’re probably better off just buying tickets. However, US Airways is a Star Alliance member and has a pretty generous award chart, so if you are hoping to redeem premium class awards on expensive routes with low taxes, then you could definitely reap some value from this promotion.

Note: These purchases are processed through so they generally do not count as “Airfare” (for the Amex Premier Rewards Gold 3x category) or for reimbursements

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  • pointer

    On your Starwood Preferred Guest Card there is 25k bonus advertised however the link only shows 10k.

  • Christopher Wu

    gotta be random. I checked 7 people; all having had bought miles within the past 6 months. Two were new accounts within the last six months, all other pre-existing. 1 of the new accounts were eligible, 1 of the old accounts were eligible…

  • Dave McComb

    I got this offer. I have redeemed 100,000 miles this year and also bought through other promos twice. Hard to say whether I’ll do this one or not, but I probably will. 100,000 miles for business class to Buenos Aires is a pretty good deal. Of course it has to be booked on United…

  • Neil

    I got the offer. When I go to the US site, it says “Thank you for redeeming your Dividend Miles this year!” So they seem to be targeting people who did redemptions this year. Earlier in the year, I redeemed for a domestic FC ticket.

  • Frugal Travel Guy

    yep targetted. currently no status and only 2200 miles in my account. I bought the last time it was cheap to buy us miles

  • Andre Grant

    I got it as well. I redeemed in May to Italy in First. Not sure if I will take the plunge, because I’m not sure if the merger will go through with American.

  • PJ

    Sad to say US AIRWAYS is NOT getting same availability from Air China as United and Aeroplan. ALL of them are Star Alliance partners

  • PJ

    there is a 5K bonus for referring a friend. So far I refer my daughter once and wife and a few friends on two occasions they AMEX is slow in giving me 5K I called in to bargain for 3K goodwill bonus.. SO far 2 out of 2 I succeeded. Hope we can see 30K plus 5K from referral bonus

    Last year, the best was 30K plus 10K

  • thepointsguy

    Would the merger dissuade you or do you mean you won’t invest in miles until you know they have a partner to bring them through bankruptcy?

  • thepointsguy

    I got in the last time it was $1,478. $1,800ish can still be a good deal, but I’m up to the ears in miles!

  • thepointsguy

    I did some redemptions, but still wasn’t targeted. Oh well, everything happens for a reason!

  • thepointsguy
  • thepointsguy

    Log out of your amex account or open in a new browser and it’ll load

  • Donna Rose

    So I called a Dividend Miles agent, and apparently you have to have been ‘invited’ via email to participate in this offer. I got two different stories from two different agents; one said that you had to have redeemed mileage previously this year; the second said you had to have purchased mileage. I did my best to sweet talk my way into this deal but alas no luck.

  • Forwardtosarah

    I was targeted. I bought miles last summer & redeemed them for a Hawaii trip earlier this year …

  • Nachiket Deshpande

    Question about US airways miles in general (in the backdrop of a merger with AA) – is there any chance that US Airways miles might get devalued if they merge with AA? AA is the bigger carrier, so it doesn’t look like US Airways would remain in the Star Alliance, but move over to OneWorld. Would US Airways Dividend Miles transfer over 1:1 to AAdvantage miles in that situation? Any ideas? Buying US airways miles would be rather pointless otherwise, right?

  • BonusEligibleCAM

    I redeemed miles for a trip to NYC from PHX last January.
    I was not targeted via email, but when I entered my DIVIDEND Miles number, it was accepted and I am able to buy miles with a 100 percent bonus.

    Thanks for the tip TPG!!

  • Ozzie

    I typed my Dividend number in and I got through to the next page, but there is no mention, I can see, of bonus miles, I take it this means I don’t qualify either.

  • Andre Grant

    Well, in part I prefer Star Alliance because of the availability. Also, I’m not sure about the devaluation of the miles if the merger happens. Or do you think that’s an overreaction?

  • DaninSTL

    Seems like a good enough deal if your using them for international business but I hate the 7.5% tax. I’m tempted but don’t really have $1800 to throw at this right now :(

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  • Keithr23

    If I do buy miles with this promotion, can they be easily transferred to another persons account?

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