Reminder: Last Day To Activate Chase Freedom for Q2 Bonus Spend on Groceries and Movie Theaters

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One of the best features of the Chase Freedom card is the ability to earn 5 points per $1 you spend up to $1,500 each quarter on certain categories of merchants that also change quarterly. Since Quarter 2 of 2012 is (already!) coming to an end June 30 and Quarter 3 will be starting July 1, that means two things for Freedom cardholders.

1. Make sure you activate your card for the Q2 spending bonuses on grocery stores and movie theaters by today, June 14. Chase will retroactively credit you with all spend in those categories so far this quarter and you’ll still have two weeks to max it out, like buying gift cards at your local grocery store even if you don’t plan on spending $1,500 in groceries on the card. I wrote about the spending bonuses in this previous post if you want more information.

2. Starting tomorrow, June 15, you can register your card for the Q3 category spend bonuses including gas stations and restaurants.

Even if you just register at the deadline, you’ll still earn 5x points on all your category spending from all quarter.

The great thing about activating your card is that, per this FAQ section on the Freedom card’s site, even if you don’t activate till the last day of the activation period (ie today!), you will still earn 5 points per $1 you’ve spent all quarter up to $1,500. You just have to be sure to activate before the deadline. That’s also why you should get ahead on Q3 by just activating your card tomorrow.

To avoid a last-minute time crunch in the future, you can elect to have reminder text messages or emails sent to you so you remember to activate your card for the bonus earnings each quarter.

If you just have the Freedom card, those points are just good toward cash back, but remember, if you also have a Sapphire Preferred or Ink Bold with Ultimate Reward card those Ultimate Reward points can be transferred to United, British Airways, Southwest, Korean, Hyatt, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Priority Club and Amtrak. I personally find United miles to be the most valuable transfer partner since their award thresholds are pretty low, they have generous routing rules and fees are dirt cheap. Earning 5 United miles for every dollar spent is a pretty amazing deal for a card that has no annual fee. 

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  • Lantean

    For next quarter… Do gas stations or restaurants sell gift cards? Not their own but something useful like Amazon or Kohl’s? I don’t eat out much and I don’t have a car either, I wonder how I’m going to max out this one… :-(

  • JW

    Why is this not just automatic? Is it them trying to not have to give points to the 10,20,30% of people that will forget?

  • Jtgray

    By keeping you engaged with this product they will have more attentive customers they can cross sell to. That’s my guess.

  • Simon

    I read from DAN that any dining purchase of less than $5 to $10 is better paid with freedom than with chase SP becos of 10% bonus and 10 bonus points for chase freedom and checking linked.
    I don’t know how this chase freedom 10 bonus and 10% bonus points in addition regular 1x to 5x bonus cash back you earn works.
    Please write a detail post on how we can best take advantage of chase freedom points. please
    i also heared of tricks to earn more points with freedom by swiping multiple times for less say a $10 purchase

  • PJ

    I did buy Sunoco gift cards at Sunoco Gas station when 5 % rebate was on . you can have GAS 5 % off all year around if you have enough Freedom cards to have N @1500 = 6000 if you have N= 4 cards in your family.
    This quarter, many grocery stores let you buy GAS cards with freedom ie you can get 5 % off and when you use GAS cards in the 4th quarter you also have a 5% save .. the good thing about gas card is you are supposed to get gas at Cash price NOT credit price so works out better than a straight 5 % off as in 3rd quarter.
    We do have a supermarket which let you buy $1000 store gift card for $950 ; in a sense you are getting mroe than 10 % off since Sapphrie 1 point is clearly worth more than 1.50 cents .

    If you are convivnced, by the end of this quarter you should exhaust the 1500 per card cap on grocery item. some stores even let you buy$500 VISA gift cards with 5.95 activation fees >> you are getting close to 5% back on CHase credit CARD. Mathwise ; i pay $506 for $500 gift card and get points 506 plus 10 plus 51 ( cHASE 10/10 Excusive) plus 2024 (4% EXTRA) ; 2590 Ultimate Reward points is worth more than $31 to me to net my cost of $500 gift card down to $475

  • PJ

    When you have TOTAL CHECKING with Chase: In my case, I keep a minimum $1500 balance
    In return, Chase awards you with 10 % more on points earned and 10 cents for each swipe ; the so called Chase 10/10 exclusive.
    I charge $1 cents on Freedom card to pay for parking. I get 1 point plus 10 % on 1 points plus 10 points for each swipe = total 11.1 points
    I charge 500 on grocery this month i get 1 point X 500 + 50 ( 10 % on 500) + 10 points each swipe plus 4 points X 500; if you charge 50 times to come up $500 instead of just a single charge of 500 you are ahead by 49 X10 = 490 points

    Many cable/wireless companies let you make multiple payments for a single monthly charge: get your youngsters to click many many payments to come out with a total monthly charge. then you will be CHase UR points rich

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