$2,012 British Airways Business Class Fare Sale

by on June 27, 2012 · 17 comments

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On Monday, I reported about an under-the-radar summer business class sale to Europe with fares to London as low as $2,500 or so. Fast on the heels of that news, however, British Airways has just announced an official business class sale of $2,012 fares from several US gateways to London and Manchester this summer.

It’s not quite as good as the airline’s 3-day $1,952 sale celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee back in May, but almost. The sale starts Wednesday, June 27, and runs until next Tuesday, July 3, for travel between July 16-September 2, 2012, and the $2,012 fares include all taxes, fees and surcharges.

Among the US gateways are:

Dallas/Ft. Worth
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New York JFK (The JFK-London City service is also included)
San Diego
San Francisco
Washington, DC

(Note: There are also other sale fares from Toronto, Montreal and Calgary, as well Paris, Madrid, Dubai, Cape Town and Mumbai.)

You can find the rest of the terms and conditions here, but just note, bookings must be made a minimum of 14 days before departure, this is only for roundtrip fares, all travel must be completed by September 2, and a Saturday night stay is required.

There was availability on the sample routes every day during the sale period.

I just checked on a couple different routes, and the availability seems to be great (including on Oneworld partner, American Airlines).

LAX-LHR was just $2,007. Normally that ticket is around $6,000!

For example, I was able to book a business class ticket from Los Angeles to London in mid-July for actually less than the sale fare—a total of $2,007.07. That ticket normally goes for around $6,000 at other times of year.

Plus, remember, if you have the British Airways Visa, you will get an additional 10% off your fare if you enter the code CARDOFFERU into the Promo Code box, bringing the total to just $1,807. Incredible! If you used your BA Visa to pay for this fare, you’d earn 2.5 Avios per $1, bringing the total Avios you earn to 4,527 plus whatever you earn flying based on distance and a 50% mileage for flying business class. So all in all on this LA flight, for instance, you’d earn the Avios on spending plus 8,163 for actually flying for a total of 12,690 Avios.

Remember to plug in your promo code if you have the BA Visa for an additional 10% off.

Just to double check, I pulled up the itinerary for another sample route from Denver to Manchester via Chicago on American Airlines, and that came in at an even lower $1,956.67.

The fare sale is good on many partner airline flights as well, including these from Denver to Manchester on American.

Virgin Atlantic doesn’t exactly seem to be matching the fares yet, but I was able to find some days in the matrix when I searched for that same Los Angeles flight that came up with the same $2,007 fare, so I suspect they’ll start matching most fares on most routes that British Airways holding the sale on.

Though it’s not matching the fare sale on every day, Virgin Atlantic is still offering some fares that are equally low.

$2,000 isn’t a small amount of money, but on certain routes like those from the West Coast, it is only about a third of what these tickets normally cost, and in many cases, just a few hundred dollars more than sky-high coach fares have been this summer, so if you were thinking about taking a trip to Europe (or to England especially), this is a great way to get there in style without spending an unconscionable amount of money and without having to pay the normally onerous taxes and fuel surcharges associated with flying through London.

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  • Neil

    I believe you meant “June 27″ for the start date of the offer…

  • Parag

    Also with the BA Card you earn 2.5 Avios per $1 spent, so a $2,000 fare will net you 5,000 Avios plus any additional Avios for actually flying. I am really tempted to take advantage of this fare sale especially given how expensive Coach seats are!

  • Guest

    Would this qualify for a free companion ticket with amex?

  • The Points Guy

    Great point, we added similar information in.

  • The Points Guy

    Thanks for the typo correction, we fixed it!

  • Guest

    Is there any way to book on with the BA visa but switch the FF# to earn AA miles?

  • Guest

    Does it make sense to cancel an existing bc fare and rebook the offer?

  • thepointsguy

    No- unfortunately those have to be full fare business class- these are discounted

  • thepointsguy

    Great question.. I imagine you must be able to add your AA at time of purchase or change it after? haven’t done it myself so not 100% sure

  • thepointsguy

    Depends on how many Avios you used and how much in taxes. I value Avios at 1.5 cents a piece so if getting back over $1,500 saved me 100,000 avios, I’d think about it

  • Stephan

    Also available from Seattle

  • pomseekt

    it is good and will the last date be postponed???

  • Polgermbah

    I took the offer x 3 using my BA Visa for the extra 10% cut. A good price, especially from the West Coast. That said have been reading various online airline reviews re: recent BA Club World service; the traveling folks out there cite a goofy cabin layout, beat up 747 (which I’ll be flying on) cabin interiors, rude and disinterested cabin staff, and less than inspiring food quality. Hmmm, so great afterall? We’ll see. The bonuses: price, the lie-flat seat, a non-stop, and mileage points. Oh, and did I mention that even with business class paid tickets BA charges for reserving a seat in advance. How nice of overpaid BA CEO Willie Walsh and the gang in London. This might very well be my last run with BA. They truly have gone down hill over the years. Emirates, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia, Eithad et al will soon show BA the door and ‘on yer bike’. The pilots are superb, but it’s the management (what else) and the greed of investors that’s slowing down the once glorious

  • rob

    Be careful about trying to accumulate AA miles on BA trans-Atlantic routes. Unless they have changed their policy, there are certain routes between US and UK on BA that will not allow you to accumulate miles on American. Even though they are the same alliance, there is a loophole. It may have changed though.

  • bob

    It has changed, and there is no problem at all to earn with AA. Just book the ticket and call in later to have the FF# changed–I’ve never had a problem.

  • NBA

    I booked this and got the deal from San Diego. One thing I noticed though is that the 10% discount would only work if it’s a non-stop flight. Did anyone else have the same error if you had to connect using AA? On the plus side I am headed to go watch the Olympics for a few days.

  • Nathan

    I don’t agree with your concerns re: the reviews you’ve been reading about BA’s business class. I think it’s the best value in the industry. If you can get the upper deck, then it’s like having your own 20-seat Biz class enclave. Quiet, cozy, comfortable. The layout isn’t goofy unless you get a window seat and are too short to step over the legs of the person adjacent who’s got their seat in full-flat mode. Cabin interiors are typical, and no more or less beat up than others, staff are friendly and kind — esp. if YOU are — and the food is typical for Biz class, which means more than good enough. If you want extra posh, then pay for it and stop griping. For VALUE, BA business class is tops, in my opinion. As to greed of investors, what a crock to indict people who put their money at risk for wanting a return on it. If any one thing is degrading the airlines, it’s the unions. BTW, Willie Walsh hasn’t been CEO at BA for a few years now. Check your facts to go with your rant. My wonderful woman and I will continue to enjoy BA business class, including priority security, BA lounge admission, and the amazing realization that we’re not in a hurry for the flight to end — because it’s such a nice way to fly. Especially at the end of a vacation, it’s just another part of the fun, instead of a drudge to merely survive.

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