100 Free American AAdvantage Miles With Facebook Sign-up

by on June 19, 2012 · 9 comments

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American AAdvantage is running a summer promotion to build awareness around their Kids in Need charity program, which allows AAdvantage members to donate miles to children in need.

By visiting the Facebook page here and entering your AAdvantage number and email address, you’ll automatically get 100 miles posted to your account within 6-8 weeks. Plus, AAdvantage will donate 1 mile to the charity and you’ll be entered in chances to win up to 100,000 miles. Seems like a win-win all around!

By registering to get your 100 free miles, AA will donate a mile to the charity. A win-win all around

While 100 miles isn’t going to get you even close to an award, it’s a great way to keep your miles active and every mile counts (just imagine if you are 99 miles away from redeeming for an award- you’ll wish you would have done this easy promotion)! I value AA miles at around 2 cents a piece, so 100 = $2.. not bad for 45 seconds of “work”.

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  • Chad

    Thanks for this post! I agree this is worth it because it takes no time at all, and it’s something every visitor you have should do. I just flew AA two weeks ago, so keeping those miles current isn’t a concern, but this is a great “save” for people who are near expiration. However, I just discovered that my JetBlue points expired because it had been 12 months since I’d had any activity…this is a good reminder for people to check their points expiry dates.

  • Cyrus

    My AA Miles will expire in Mid-August, so this is great timing for a promo like this!

  • Jfed

    Not sure expiry is a word Chad. This is a good reminder for people like you to check the spelling of “expiration”.

  • HateDumbSmartAsses

    Expiry is a word, used more commonly in the UK. Look it up in the dictionary (I know that last word was 4 syllables…following Jfed?).

  • Chris

    Wow, that must be really embarrassing for you, Jfed. Maybe next time let’s stick to topics we know about when calling out others, guy. You should probably sit the next one out and really think about what you’ve done here.

  • Rowergirl7531

    Anyone else having problems with the link? It takes me to the Summer Challenge page, then quickly flips to a blank screen.

  • jFedMustBePopped

    Hey Jfed, if you are not sure of something keep your fingers on your sack and away from the keyboard. Your comment is now the ingrown hair on, what was otherwise, a finely groomed taint.

  • maewest

    it’s tied to a fb app (which I hate and will prevent me from taking part in this nice way to earn easy miles) which is what pops after you like them on the initial link, so maybe it’s a browser issue for you?

  • Mike

    For me, looks like it requires you to “like” them first before you can register.

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