Sunday Reader Question: How Long Does It Take For Credit Card Sign-up Bonuses to Post?

by on May 20, 2012 · 8 comments

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TPG reader Paul writes:

“Saw your post a couple months ago about the Chase Sapphire Preferred.  I wondered if you could tell me how long it took Chase to post the bonus points to your account after reaching the minimum spend?” 

Chase is probably the best credit card issuer when it comes to posting points. They generally deposit to your account once your statement closes in the month that you hit your spend requirement (which is $3,000 within 3 months for the Sapphire Preferred).

American Express will usually post the points a month after the statement closes when you meet the spend. Points go into “pending” status for a month, but if your account is in good standing, you can call and ask for them to be posted into your account if you need to use them.

I only have a couple Citi cards, but I remember those bonuses posting in a relatively timely fashion – within a month of hitting the spend, though feel free to share your experience.

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  • Grant

    The BA visa from chase is very fast too. All you need to do is charge your card once, pay for the annual fee and the points will be in your account right away.

  • Aleks

    In my experience with Citi, and granted, a limited one, the bonus posts a day or two at the most after the statement close on which the required spend is reached. My most recent one, the Amex add-on to my existing AA Visa, had a 25K miles bonus after a $750 spend. I reached that spend in the first use of the card (thank you, dentist), and 25K posted the day after the statement closed.

  • Choonwing

    Same here Citi posts bonuses very fast.

  • Philipp

    My SPG bonus points were posted when I hit the spending requirement, it did not even wait till the cycle end.

  • Scotti Mac

    Just did the Chase Sapphire in January for 50k. Points posted as soon as the statement closed after I met the spend requirement.

    SPG Amex last year was the same.

    Citi on the other hand… I am currently doing the AA 50k spend so we will see. Last year however I tried to do the Citi Gold checking promotion and got stiffed on the miles, I called several times and they told me it takes up to 6 months to post, they never did, and now they say I didn’t complete the requirements, which I did. Moral of the story is to document all steps with Citi, I have heard this from many other people, too.

  • Chris

    Barclays US bonus will post within a day or two of the statement close along with the regular miles earned that statement period much like Chase.

    On AMEX DL I’ve had initial spend bonuses post as soon as a day or two after the spend is reached, regardless of where in the statement cycle I am.

  • Jace0275

    I received a welcome bonus of 30,000 points ($300) essentially just for carrying the Chase Freedom card. I say this because, the pre-approved offer I received stated, “after your first purchase”. Well, if I remember correctly, my first purchase hadn’t even posted (it was still pending) when the 30,000 points posted to my account. I was shocked! But, then again, unlike a pre-requisite of spending X amount in 3 months, simply using your card for the first time is an easy target that everyone would probably hit. So far, so good with Chase. I’m still enjoying 0% APR for my first 11 months too!

  • stanolshefski

    For Amex, I believe you have to make the minimum payment in the month after you earned the points: Make spend –> Close Statement –> Minimum Payment –> Close Statement –> Minimum Payment –> Points Post

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