Amazing Deal Alert: Buy Cheap Hyatt Gold Passport Points Today With Daily Getaways

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As I wrote about on Tuesday, today is one of the better Daily Getaways deals: Hyatt Gold Passport points for less than a cent apiece.

This is probably the sale I’ve been most excited about this whole round. Basically it is varying amounts of Hyatt Gold Passport points, which I value as some of the best in terms of hotel redemption value, for less than half the price it would normally cost to buy them, meaning you can get huge value out of them if you play your points right.

Limited Quantities
There are only 165 packages (plus 20 presale) and thousands who will want them, so you’ll need to not only act quick, but be persistent as well. Even though many of these packages will show “In someone else’s cart,” you can still snag them by refreshing and trying to scoop them up when someone else decides to not actually purchase or their computer messes up. Hey, their loss is your gain – many TPG readers have gotten packages this way so don’t be afraid to be a little obsessive – it’ll pay off.

These points are good for stays anytime there is award availability (even though they market them as a set number of nights in a certain category level, they just do that to. Just note that no more than one or each set of points purchased through the offer is allowed per membership number, and a maximum of four sets of points is allowed per membership number across all these offers—so you can buy one of each of these offers.Points are deposited within 10 days of purchase, and you must be a Gold Passport member (sign-up here) to take advantage of this offer. Hyatt Gold Passport points cost 2.4 cents each to buy normally, so there are some substantial discounts to be had here.

There are several packages, but the majority of packages are being sold for 1.1 cents per point, but if you use an American Express card to purchase them, you get an additional 10% discount, so in fact, you’d be getting these points for as low as 0.975 cents. That’s nearly a 60% discount, and a price far below the value you can reap from these points – which can literally be in the thousands of dollars.

Gold Passport points can be had for as little as 0.975 cents each!

Here are the various packages.

-24,000 Gold Passport points for $260 ($480 value). 100 available, 20 presale.
They couch this in terms of redemptions at Category 3 hotels, which are 12,000 points a night, but you could also use 22,000 of these points for one night at a Category 6 hotel like the Park Hyatt Tokyo (rooms are starting at over $500 a night in May) or the Andaz Wall Street, where rooms start at $495 in May. You could also use these points for 3 nights in a Category 2 or 3 nights in a Category 1 hotel and have some leftover points.

With these points, you could be hanging out a la "Lost in Translation" at the Park Hyatt Tokyo's New York Grill.

-36,000 Gold Passport points for $415 ($720 value). 15 available
This is enough for 3 nights at a Category 3 property like the Hyatt Place Waikiki Beach or the Hyatt Regency Montreal; or 2 nights at a Category 5 property like the Andaz San Diego ($240 per night in May) or the Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt Buenos Aires (where rooms regularly go for over $400 a night).

The Park Hyatt Palacio Duhau in Buenos Aires is a good place to spend some of these points--and a TPG favorite.

-30,000 Gold Passport points for $330 ($600 value). 35 available
That’s enough for 2 nights at a Category 4 hotel like the Hyatt Regency San Francisco (where a rate for just one night is often well over $300), the Hyatt Escala Lodge Park City, or the Grand Hyatt Istanbul.

-69,000 Gold Passport points for $775 ($1,380 value). 15 available
That’s more than enough for a 3-night stay at top Category 6 properties like the Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow (rooms start at $650 this month) and the just-redone Park Hyatt Sydney where standard rooms go for upwards of $600 a night; and well over enough points for 4 nights at Category 4 properties like Hyatt 48 Lex in New York and the Grand Hyatt Berlin, both of which have rooms starting at over $300 a night in May.

The Park Hyatt Sydney was just redone and is another great place to put these points to use.

As always, check your upcoming travel and see if these deals make sense for you. is annoying in that it won’t show award availability is you don’t have enough points in your account, so call up reservations (1- 800-228-3360) to check on availability for any upcoming travel. But no matter what, extracting much more value than what you pay for shouldn’t be an issue with these packages.

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  • LarryInNYC

    In effect, this sounds like getting a few nights at a Hyatt for 50% off the rack rates in exchange for paying up front. Do I understand the economics correctly? That sounds like a good deal, but not necessarily an “amazing” one. Am I missing something?

  • Grant

    Can the points be redeemed for airfare or only hotel stays?

  • Kevin

    For me I am planning on going to Paris in the fall and staying at the park vendome, these rooms are 22k points and $900 eur a night. I can stay for $275 with this promo.

  • Jameso

    Point redemptions are not exactly reflective of room rates, although there is some correlation. the higher-end Hyatts that can charge upwards of $1000/night in peak seasons can be had for 22,000 points (cat 6). The Hyatt Huntington Beach which you could have for $207+ resort fee and tax tomorrow night costs the same 22,000 points/night.

  • David Jorden

    WTF – Do people have scripts or something that get them it immediately? I’ve hit refresh on these deals a few times (like constantly) and as soon as Buy Now appears I select it but there aren’t any left!

  • Jubin25

    PRESALE sold out in less that 5 min….

  • David Jorden

    less than 5 seconds…

  • LarryInNYC

    So really more like a 70% discount if applied to the most expensive hotels in the chain?

  • Jubin25

    ya i know.. just ridiculous… need more computers next time :P

  • David Jorden

    Well, didn’t get in on the suite one but did get in on the 2 nights at the cheapest hotel. 24,000 pts for $236 isn’t a bad deal!

  • Mjmileagerun

    Luckily I didn’t spend too much time on this…I’d like to know how many actually got thru to buy them…

  • Dgitalia

    Releasing an award for 30000 in one minute

  • Logan Lamson

    Just have to refresh right on the time mark and get in quick, I didn’t have a script or anything and I got in on the pre-sale.

  • Sanders0906

    all three offers now sold out

  • Ted F

    Got in on 69,000 points

  • Ken

    got 2 offers. Thats enough points for me to stay 2 nights at Park Hyatt Paris! Thanks TPG!

  • Rich Bakken

    Got in on the 24k offer…no complaints!

  • Rak Siam

    well, since it sold out it should be easy to determine how many got through. :-)

    I got 30K.

  • Rak Siam

    No script here either. Just started refreshing the page for the offer I wanted at about 12:59. Buy button popped up, and voila.

  • Rak Siam

    once you have the points in your account you can do anything you want with them. Transfer to airlines are not a great value though at 2.5 points per FF mile.

  • Greg

    Do you get a kickback from this? Is there a special code that allows people to buy these.

    This year I didn’t even bother wasting my time as these offers are always sold out. I would not consider this an amazing deal as if you look at the hours (1000′s of people spending 10-15 minutes trying to get to a computer to bid for a miniscule chance. And in reality it is only a small savings over stay certificates.

    I do realize you wrote
    “you’ll need to not only act quick, but be persistent as well” but in reality, it should be you may have a 1 in 1000 chance to be able to buy Hyatt points at $x per point.

    Perhaps next year your should change the title to
    “A chance to possibly be able to buy Hyatt points” and emphasize that it is only a chance.

    You would think that if they can sell the points out at such a good price, why would they not double the price. They should make the offer 30,000 points for say $600 and how long it takes sells out.

    Possibly also mention you can purchase stay certificates for $325 while although more expensive then the $260 they offer for the 24k points, they are always available to purchase. (However can not be used a few hotels or for suites)

  • mullising

    I am in for 24K

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  • Brad Flynn
  • Faetche

    did you sell your points? I’m looking to buy

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