138,000+ Club Carlson Points With Big Night Promotion And Bonuses

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Club Carlson’s “Big Night” promotion is back and this time not only can you earn bonuses staying at hotels worldwide, but you can actually stack three separate promotions into one and earn up to 138,000 bonus Gold Points. Here’s how.

The Promotion
First, let’s talk about the “Big Night” promotion—or rather, all three stackable “Big Night” promotions. You have to register separately for each promotion on its individual page and complete a stay starting on or after May 15 and checking out on or before July 15 to qualify. All registrations will go live at 12:01 am CDT on May 15 (and May 22 for the Country Inns & Suites). Even a single night counts as a qualifying stay, so if you can book some cheap rooms at various properties, you can really maximize this deal.

The Radisson promo clock is counting down to May 15.

50,000 points: Radisson/Radisson Blu. Here is the promo page where you can register starting on May 15. Then, when you stay in a Radisson or Radisson Blu property for a night, you earn 50,000 points.

44,000 points: Country Inn & Suites. Again, you have to register directly on the page for this specific promo, which you will be able to find here.

44,000 points: Park Inn by Radisson. Begins May 22 and active until July 22 from what we have read, though no official terms have been posted. The registration link will supposedly be here, though it does not seem to be working at the moment, but keep checking back and please report when it’s up!

Terms & Conditions: Carlson hasn’t released the exact terms yet, but it’s likely that only the first 100,000 members to register for the Radisson/Radisson Blu promotion will get the full 50,000 points, and thereafter people will just get 15,000 points. For the Country Inn & Suites promo, the first 35,000 registrants will get the full bonus, and thereafter, registrants will get 15,000 points; and for the Park Inn promo, the first 20,000 registrants get the full promo, and only 15,000 points thereafter. Again, this is speculation. Also, it’s likely that each Club Carlson account will only be eligible for one of each bonus, that the bonus is not valid on existing reservations, and that the member must be there in person to check-in and check-out. I’ll report back as soon as the verifiable terms and conditions are available.

138,000 points is enough for almost three nights at a Radisson or Radisson Blu property (they cost 50,000 points for a free night redemption). Granted, in terms of hotels that cost only around $200 a night, of which there are plenty in the Radisson family, that’s not so impressive, but when you consider using these points at properties like the Radisson Blu Ambassadors in Paris or the Radisson Blu Resort Marina & Spa on St. Martin where rates are regularly in the several hundreds of dollars, you could be saving some real money here. Alternatively, you could use your 138,000 points to spend 15 nights at Carlson’s Category 1 hotels, where free nights cost just 9,000 points.

Even if you don’t want to redeem for free nights, 100,000 Club Carlson points = 18,000 airline miles, so overall this promo could net you a lot more airline miles after 3 stays vs. Hyatt’s summer airline mile promo.

But we’re not done yet…

Status Matching
Because Club Carlson is really ramping up its program to compete with the other big dogs out there, if  you have elite status in other programs like Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Priority Club, and Starwood they will match your current hotel elite status up to their Gold Status level, which gives:

  • Complimentary room upgrades as available
  • 50% point bonus on every eligible stay
  • 2,000 point online booking bonus at or any Carlson Rezidor hotel website
  • Early check-ins and late checkouts as available upon request
  • Roll Over Nights (unused elite-qualifying nights count again next year toward elite status)
  • 72-hour room availability guarantee at participating hotels
  • Elite Customer Service Line

All you need to do is email them here and include a screen shot of your current hotel elite status, your Carlson GoldPoints number and request a status match.

Even if you don’t currently have elite status in another program, you still have time to register today—the deadline is May 11!—for the 90-Day trial Hyatt Platinum status with an eligible Visa Signature card like the Sapphire Preferred.

Try to get the status match before your qualifying stays so you’ll earn an extra 6,000 points from making your reservations online at and let’s say you spend a total of $100 on all your three qualifying stays with 50% more points on them thanks to your status (for a total of 450 points). Suddenly Club Carlson is looking a lot more interesting.

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  • Mark M

    I thought the registration and promo for Park Inn begins on May 22?

  • Dave

    Hard to make this worth it in NYC, eh? Anyone have any ideas?

  • Fred

    i have never stayed at a Country Inn ( usually go to Hampton Inn with the kids = free hot bkfast! )
    i see that there is a Country Inn Orlando (free shuttle to Disney) that is a Category 1 = 9000 pts.
    gosh that seems really cheap. is the hotel a dump? they also have another property just as close in Buena Vista but that jumps to 28,000 pts!
    i need advice on if the catwgory 3 is worth the extra points

  • Michael W Travels

    Nice job explaining this deal. I think everyone is looking forward to it! I am hoping to maximize the points for my wife and I.

  • W Brian Duncan (aka IPBrian)

    Its my understanding you get status match for top tier status to Club Carlson Gold, and Mid-tier to their silver. Thus the Platinum status match with the Hyatt Visa promo will get you Club Carlson Silver. Still worth an email!

  • Nick E

    Now the big question is this: will I need to set my alarm for 1am EST in order to be one of the first 100,000? My guess is yes…

  • LarryInNYC

    Freehold and Atlantic City, NJ are your best bets.

  • The Points Guy

    Thanks for the comment! The Park Inn promo *is* supposedly going live on May 22 and active until July 22, so we’ve updated the post to reflect that, though as we state, we’re not able to verify that info anywhere, so we’ll keep reporting on any updates.

  • ClubCarlsonFanCAM

    I picked up over 120,000 Club Carlson points in the past 6 months, but I’ve only had to stay 3 nights TOTAL thanks to TPG!!!
    My boyfriend and I will be using the points for 3 free nights at RADISSON AIRPORT HOTEL in Narita, Japan this coming November. We enjoyed a week in Tokyo last year thanks to this fantastic blog.
    And we will also enjoy a free night at PARK HYATT TOKYO!!
    Thank You again TPG!!

  • Spencer Wheelwright

    When you say stackable, does that mean that with a SINGLE one-night stay, you could get all these points? If so, at what type/level of Carlson property would the stay need to occurr? THANKS!

  • 2B

    I’m pretty sure that “stackable” in this case means that if you stay one night at each of Radisson, Park Inn, and Country Inn, you’ll get 50K+44K+44K. So three nights paid for 138K. Still pretty amazing, though.

  • Justcurious

    Just curious, why stay at Narita. You mentioned that you’ve been to Tokyo, so you must have a good grasp of locations, distances, etc. What’s around Narita that makes you want to stay there?

  • RT

    they picked a bad day to start the promotion since Diablo III also comes out that day

  • ClubCarlsonFanCAM

    The Narita Radisson Airport Hotel is the only place I can use CLUB CARLSON points in the Tokyo area.

  • Longmanzz

    to get the booking bonus and stay bonus for status, do I need a status at time of booking or time of stay?

  • Jeanne

    Does anyone know when the club Carlson Status Match Expires? I have a nice stay coming up in March (March 15-17th, 2013) and I don’t want to pull the trigger too early.

  • AlexOlsen

    This post is just regurgitating Mommy Points post about it. TPG, you should read this FT thread about bloggers regurgitating information and killing it…

  • Benny Hsu

    Yeah you can’t stack them. Have to stay at them individually.

  • thepointsguy

    Do you really feel like this deal will be killed by multiple bloggers writing about it? We all have different audiences, so even if others have covered it, I will still write about it to inform my readers- many of whom don’t have the time to read numerous other blogs.

  • thepointsguy

    Time of stay

  • thepointsguy

    Well you can stack as in be eligible for all three. But as Benny said, you need to stay three times because each promo has different stay requirements

  • thepointsguy

    Can’t hurt to ask!

  • AlexOlsen

    Not necessarily this deal, but the bigger picture in general. No new content is coming from bloggers anymore, it’s just pulled from FT threads. I honestly haven’t seen a unique post here since your Nordstrom BA post.

  • Misty

    The only category 1 Club Carlson hotel in Orlando is the Radisson on International Drive. It’s not a dump and is on par with other Radissons in the USA.

  • Stefanelaine

    Alex, another whining FTer…why not just stop reading the blogs and stay there and pretend the world owes you something special because you are part of the “elite” FT club!

  • Stefanelaine

    Just to clarify… I happen to read FT religiously as well and, unfortunately, wading through the mess that some of the threads become, it is not surprising that people are seeking alternative sources of concise information!
    Moreover, I am becoming increasingly dismayed by the attitude of some of its members, who seem to believe that only they should be the beneficiaries of some secret entitlements.

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  • JamesW

    I wonder if they would status match Le Club Accorhotels Loyalty Platinum which I found for free on some blog.

  • W Brian Duncan (aka IPBrian)

    Exactly! :-)

  • Stephen

    I like not having to wade through FT and read multiple blogs – I just don’t have the time during the day. Being able to check 1-2 sites for 15 minutes and feel like I haven’t missed anything big is actually a huge benefit.

  • AlexOlsen

    You are missing the point. FT is not elite at all. I’m saying that bloggers simply copying FT info is not providing any benefit to anyone. Blogs should exist to provide an additional perspective, such as featuring unique deals or points of view NOT discovered in a long FT thread.

    It’s gotten to the point where there are a group of bloggers who just copy and paste information and push credit card referrals very hard. Again, not all bloggers are doing this, but there is a handful who are.

  • thepointsguy

    I found out about this promo along with the other bloggers. I chose to wait to write about it later because there wasn’t a reason it needed to be written about before all details were announced. You may see that as copying- I just classify it as having an editorial calendar and prioritizing the information I present to my readers.

  • Stefanelaine

    Alex, if you read the threads on FT it is clear people see bloggers as a threat to their little “club”. I don’t understand why. It is not as if anyone can’t join FT. So why do people feel they somehow have a special right to information that others should not know about? They righteously slam bloggers for “killing” the offers once these are discussed in “other” forums? Let’s get real. It is not as if the airlines don’t follow FT threads. The real reason is that these people are only interested in themselves and do not want others to know about these things, which IMO is a sad state of affairs.

  • AlexOlsen

    TPG, I appreciate the response. I’m not focusing just on this article, but merely using it as an example that there is very little unique content between bloggers anymore. Some try developing new ideas, like the pertpetual points machine, but many others seem to be content using their blogs to push credit cards while providing non unique content.

    I think bloggers need to be more ethical about pushing credit cards. It’s getting to the point that many points are nothing more than ads encouraging them to sign up.

  • TakeAAdvantage

    I’m planning on registering with 3 seperate but very similar names and seperate addresses right at 1am EST, so that’s 3 spots taken. I may do more if I find the time and my creativity spikes.

  • michaeljapan

    It is, but then again this hotel is only about $110 a night which puts it as one of the cheapest hotels there and to be honest it seems like a waste of points you could put to a much better use elsewhere. But that’s just my opinion of course. :)

  • michaeljapan

    ETA: actually I’ve just checked (as I’ll be staying there next month) and they have advance purchase deals at 6000 yen – that’s $75 a night!

    The two of you will actually spend more going to the city and back to the hotel using public transport (airport limousine coach for 2 people return is around 10 000 yen /$125/) – one way taxi fare is at least $250 depending on where in the city you want to go.

  • Pandaexpressrocks

    Brian wrote that…..

  • Mark M

    He has changed it to the 22nd since I posted my first comment. But now he has the Country Inn & Suites promo starting on the 22nd also, but it is the 15th like Radisson.

  • The Points Guy

    I only have the Park Inn as starting on the 22 if you read above, while the Radisson/Radisson Blu and the Country Inn & Suites starts on the 15, in about 7 hours!

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  • Klrsmith

    You’re comment isn’t valid. The information I read on a couple of these blogs is a HUGE benefit to me. As another commenter suggested, I don’t have 3 hours to sift though FT or MP threads to keep up with these deals and program changes. My suggestion to you is that if you get no benefit from the blogs… don’t read them.

  • Mark

    Assuming you have no need to stay in hotels before July 15, what are 138,000 points + driving to check in/out worth?

  • Morning Calm

    Thanks for the tips and links! Got them both! Their countdown timers were off by about 12 hours, so the first countdown was a “dud,” but Carlson re-set it and it finally took off – at a comfortable hour of 2 p.m. here in Seoul. Locked into both special sign-up bonuses, but the fine print seemed to say only one Bonus Points promo is allowed per customer so I’ll go with the Radisson. Has anyone else read that?

  • John777

    How long does it usually take for the status match to post after emailing Carlson?

  • mkvizag

    Sorry, nobody is putting a gun to your head to sign up for the credit cards. Lot of people are new to this and will be very excited to see all the points & sign up bonus. Its a shame that people like you even exist and do not feel the need to share information with others just because you are afraid you will lose your points & miles or it even gets harder to redeem awards since everyone and their mom has points. Its bound to happen some day, bitching about it does nothing other than to alienate yourself.

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  • Dr. T

    Just noticed a Groupon came out for the Park Inn in Fresno. Makes for an awesome bonus.

  • Bonds

    Alex, really, you need to get a life.

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  • mike

    Mommy points post? This is all public info, i received emails on all the above Club Carlson promotions before Mommy points wrote about it. I read all the blogs, and in my opinion thepointsguy , onemileatatime ,noobtraveller,millionmilesecrets , onlinetravel review and ,
    viewrfomthewing are the best in content.

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  • MiguelI

    Thank you so much for the tip! I was in west Africa for the kickoff so I missed your post and the big CIS promo, but I made it in under the wire for the Rad-Blu promo. I also made the Park Inn promo just in case I have time to get in a mileage run thru Minnesota. AND best of all, I got bumped to gold status by following your tip to send them proof of my Priority Platinum status. It’s Christmas in June!

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  • Dr Mcmanus

    Alex Olsen, no one needs you to come here to our friend’s blog and bad mouth him. I only read his blog and his information has benefited me greatly! Go somewhere else if you’re bored.

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