Two Free Lounge Passes With Ink Bold Lounge Club Benefit

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Update: The offer mentioned below for the Platinum Card from American Express has expired. View the current offer here

I have several Chase Ink Bold business charge cards and I love them because not only do they provide big sign-up bonuses (50,000 valuable Ultimate Rewards points after $5,000 spent within 3 months), but they have great benefits, like 5 points per dollar spent on wireless/telecommunications services, cable and satellite television and radio services, office supply stores and wholesale distributors of office supplies.

However, one of the benefits that I never noticed, but TPG reader Grant recently brought to my attention, is free membership in The Lounge Club program, which includes two free lounge visits a year. The Lounge Club is very similar to Priority Pass and after a little research, I found out that they are owned by the same company. The only difference that I found was that Priority Pass has 650 participating clubs vs. 350 with The Lounge Club since United clubs are only a part of Priority Pass. I bet they created this new brand to be able to market the service to different cardholders, since American Express Platinum already offers Priority Pass access.

You can’t normally sign-up for The Lounge Club, so you need an invite landing page, which is To get the promo code, call the number on the back of your Ink Bold card.

You will see a confirmation on the enrollment page indicating the free membership and two free entries a year. You’ll then have to sign up and include credit card information so they can charge you if you use the membership for more than two visits. It doesn’t specifically state you need to use your Ink Bold card, but it did only provide Visa/MasterCard options, so they will probably crosscheck to make sure you actually have an Ink Bold card.

Upon enrollment, you and your guest can enjoy access to all participating lounges in the LOUNGE CLUB™ network worldwide. After your first two complimentary visits to participating lounges, a fee of just US$27 per person, per visit will be charged for yourself and any accompanying guest(s).

JFK locations include Oasis and Korean Airlines lounge

I checked the directory and one of my favorite airport lounges for plane watching, The Oasis Lounge at JFK, is included which is nice because it is before security at JFK, so you don’t need a boarding pass to enter. Click here to browse the full list of lounges.

Overall, I think this is a great benefit on top of a card that’s already loaded with value – especially since the reasonable $95 annual fee is waived the first year.

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  • Sil

    I signed up and received the Card which You need in order to use the Lounge. Every year, I will receive a new card. Never knew you could use any card so I used my Ink Bold

  • Jcvaughan1

    Thanks for the good info but your link takes me to a lounge club home page but it does not have a box in the upper left for entering the code. I get a search box in the upper left when I click on the link. Help?

  • Jkramb

    That link didn’t direct me to the correct page. I hope we can get a proper link as it would be great to have lounge access on my upcoming trip.

  • Andre LaPlume

    Just backspace on the web address and then add inkclub after the slash and it comes up.

  • thepointsguy

    Its fixed.. try again or go here

  • Action 6

    Does it matter which airlines hou are flying?

  • thepointsguy

    yea the correct link is

  • PJ

    Priority Pass Select associated with the Amex Platinum does not mingle with Terminal dominated by United flights- not at EWR terminal C ; neither will it get you into lounges in many terminals. I was struck out at Norita airport a very annoying experience

    those free passes can really come in handy indeed

  • Fran and Rowena

    I found the link –

    Mine needed “https” in front, instead of “http”

  • John

    any benefit to have this if you already have the amex plat with it’s priority pass?

  • tringuyen82

    are the comp visits for you and a guest? e.g. can you and a guest visit twice or is that considered four separate visits?

  • GH83

    How did you manage to score “several” Chase Ink Bold cards? I thought Chase was pretty strict about not giving more than one sign up bonus for each type of card.

  • Grant

    I’m glad you all enjoyed the tip. I got my lounge club card a few days ago and am eager to try out the lounge.

    You get 2 free passes each year, no annual fee the first year. Each person who visits counts as a pass. So you can visit twice or two people can visit once.

  • mcoflyer

    Here is the official language about guests in the FAQs for the Lounge Club

    “What is your policy for taking guests into a lounge?
    You can invite friends or guests to join you in a lounge. Most lounges will allow any number of guests but where there are limits, details are shown in the lounge details if you search on this website. When you enter the lounge you will receive a voucher which you must check before signing. This will note if any guests are with you at the time and it is your responsibility to ensure this is correct. If applicable, the lounge visit fee for your visit and for any guests will be charged directly to your designated payment

    Looks to me like you could take one guest with you and it would use up both of your free visits. Anything beyond one guest on one visit would be charged at the $27 rate per additional guest. Anyone else have a different interpretation?

  • Ozaer N.

    awesome! I have two ink cards…so does that mean I get 4 passes?

  • mcoflyer

    (response to Ocaer N.)
    Not sure. If you have 2 cards (one for you and one for an authorized user with a different cc number) you can get 4 passes – two for you and two for the authorized user with a different number. I’ve done this. I would suggest you go to the link and try to register both your cards (I assume two cards under the same name but with different numbers?) and see what happens. And then, of course, come back here and post and let us all know your result. (Smile)

  • tringuyen82

    thanks for the comments re guests. i signed up for the lounge passes when I received the ink bold… i thought it was a nice perk. finding lounges might be difficult for me (and others) since im based in houston. the lounge availability isn’t that great; possibly a great use for int’l trips, when not flying business/first, of course.

  • tringuyen82

    very interesting idea… authorized users… e.g. my spouse.

  • Shawn

    Is this just for the NEW ink bold card with 5 points per dollar on office supplies?
    How about the OLD ink bold card?

  • worldtraveller2

    This was posted on MOMMA MILES a few days ago! great info!

  • Jtgray

    Only for getting in a guest free. Amex priority pass will charge you $27 for guests.

  • Jtgray

    Now that I think about this it might not be easy to do as the Lounge Club membership will be in your name – might be hard to show up and use your platinum for yourself and the lounge club card for your guest – I haven’t tried it so I’m not sure if it would be allowed.

  • Phiota

    Off Topic – Anyone know if you contact Chase and transfer from an existing Chase business card to a Chase Ink Bold card will they give you the bonus signup benefits?


  • Ed

    I’ve also got 2 Ink Bold cards. I signed up for Lounge Club with each card. They sent me a separate membership card and number for the OLD Ink Bold and for the NEW Ink Bold.

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  • Arlington Traveler

    TPG, thanks for the post. One thing to point out is that the difference between the 650 lounges in the Priority Pass Program and the 350 in Lounge Club can’t be explained by the absence of United Clubs. There are many lounges other than United which are participating lounges in the Priority Pass program but not in the Lounge Club program.

  • thepointsguy

    I didn’t mean that was the only difference- just the easiest to quantify barring going through the list one by one

  • thepointsguy

    Generally no- the bonus is for new accounts

  • thepointsguy

    Definitely for the new, but it doesn’t say the old one is not qualified so I’m not 100% sure

  • Slickdeals

    can anyone tell me which airline’s lounge club i can go to with this? do you have to pay for any airline ticket to use this pass? can this be used on any airport lounge?

  • Guest

    As of Sept or Oct 1, 2011, you cannot use Priority Pass that you receive through the AmEx Plat to get into United Clubs. This is incredibly annoying, especially since the website for Priority Pass continues to list the United Clubs as an option. But Brian seems to suggest in the text above that the PP is supposed to good at United Clubs. What gives?

  • thepointsguy

    The Amex platinum priority pass is the select version which does not include united clubs. You can pay for a full PP which does include united clubs, which is what I mentioned

  • thepointsguy

    Click the link in the post to browse the club list

  • thepointsguy

    You can have multiple bolds of you have multiple businesses

  • phil

    Does it say in the paperwork you received that “Each person who visits counts as a pass. So you can visit twice or two people can visit once”. I just joined and don’t have the TOS yet. Thanks.

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  • Guest

    A quick qtn guys, spouse just got this card. My qtn qtn is the 2 passes are good for 2 person for 1 visit or 1 person 2 visits. I was looking at the lounges list and some allow you to bring a family member for free. Does this free pass allow you to bring a family member into the lounge for free?


  • Liz

    Do I have to have a Chase Ink Bold card to sign up for the Lounge Club?

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  • Sofi

    I would like to get a credit card to use to charge expenses related to administering a family trust. Would this be considered a business eligible to get the Chase Ink Bold?

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  • thepointsguy


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  • Kachnik

    so, is the year the calendar year or the card year? Do you get 2 new pases in January and “lose” the previous year’s passes if they aren’t used by Dec 31st?

  • Iris97

    just enrolled today – invitation code is: chaseink

  • shignu

    Yes, you can make a lounge account for every single ink bold you have…i.e. 10 employee cards = 10 lounge members.

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  • Bajkonyr

    can I use my family member pass?

  • Tyler Tiecke


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  • Joseph

    Oy, only 4 lounges at LAX and 2 are in the international terminal…Still a great benefit, especially for the AF waived for the first year.

  • Po

    Quick question: You say the annual fee is waived the first year. I was under the impression there was no annual fee. Should I cancel the membership to avoid the annual fee if I don’t use LoungeCkub much. I like the free passes. And would even pay $29 to use it once in a while. But don’t want to pay $95 on top of that.

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  • Andre Grant

    I just spoke with the Rep and she said the card year.

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  • Cyclops

    I have used my two free lounge visits for 2013. Do I get two free visits in 2014 also?

  • TimmyD

    If you got the lounge club membership with 2 passes for this Ink credit card, can you get two more when you get the Fairmont card, which also has this benefit? Do you just apply as new, meaning that you would get another Lounge Club membership card, or are they able to add 2 more free visits to the current Lounge Club membership?

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  • Adam

    How about 2 adults + toddler using the free pass? Will the toddler count as the 3rd guest?

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  • jmartin

    I just got the Ink Bold card and an employee card for my wife, registered both of the cards and got the complementary lounge passes for both. Didn’t think it was actually work, but was surprised when it did

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  • John Ciacci, Esq.

    Link is not working is the server down?

  • lee mehta

    I have Chase ink card and i have my daughter as second card holder can we both get 2 lounge pass or since I am primary card holder only i will get lounge card.

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