My Experience Debunking Chase Application Myths

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Update: The Chase Freedom card no longer offers a bonus of 10% on all purchases plus a 10 point per transaction bonus. Instead, both of those benefits have been replaced with a 10% annual bonus at the end of the year on all purchases. The sign-up bonus is currently 10,000 points with $500 spend within the first 3 months.

There’s no beating around the bush that Chase is the king of credit card offers at the moment. They are investing heavily to get market share in the credit card marketplace and in order to get new customers, they are offering extremely generous sign-up bonuses. But for the past couple years there have been a lot of rumors floating around about the rules of Chase applications, including:

1) You can only get one card every 6 months
2) You can only get one card every month
3) You can’t get two cards in one day
4) You can’t get a sign-up bonus twice for two cards in the same family

I debunked #1 a long time ago, but never personally tested 2,3 and 4 up until recently. On March 6 I was approved for the Hyatt Visa and on April 4th a 60,000 point Ink Bold offer comes out (which is now dead, by the way), which was the best I had ever seen for that card so I decided to apply. I already have an “old” Ink Bold that I got back in November before they rolled out the new card with the 5x spend categories,which include office supply stores, cable and wireless service, and landline communications. Even though it wasn’t a full month since my last approval, I decided to pull the trigger.

I had also been eying the Freedom card, which also has rotating 5x spend categories and since I am also a Chase checking customer, I’d get a 10% bonus and 10 points per transaction. And since I have the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and Ink Bold cards, those Freedom points, which normally can only be used as cash-back, can be transferred to the Ultimate Rewards transfer partners (United, British Airways, Southwest, Korean, Hyatt, Marriott, Priority Club and Amtrak). So I decided to apply for the Freedom on the same day as the Ink Bold and I got “pending decision” notices for both applications, which wasn’t surprising.

Anyway, I decided to start with the Freedom card, because I legitimately have a second business and thus I felt my argument was stronger to get approved for the Ink Bold. Upon calling, I was asked why I needed the Freedom card and I stated that I was a fan of rewards (understatement of the century) and I wanted to take advantage of the 5x spend categories and I would move spend from other card issuers if I got this card. That seemed sufficient for the rep and she put me on hold for two minutes. When she came back she asked if I would be comfortable moving around my credit line from other cards. I currently have a $30,000 line on my British Airways Visa which comes in handy as I finish up the $30,000 in spend to get the super valuable Companion Ticket, but I was more than comfortable taking $10,000 from it and putting that towards the Freedom card. The rep liked that idea and approved me on the spot for the Freedom card. Score.

Next up was the business reconsideration line and they were friendly as well. While business credit cards sit on your business credit line (they don’t show up on personal credit reports), they do pull your personal credit score when determining your creditworthiness. Business credit cards are secured by your personal line of credit, so if you fail to pay they will come after you personally. The rep asked me about my recent applications and why I needed so much credit with Chase. I simply explained that I am a small business owner and like to maximize my rewards and went through each card and why it makes sense to me. They actually seemed impressed with my knowledge and saw that I paid my bills in advance every month in full and that I am also a Chase personal and business checking and auto loan customer. I put a significant amount of spend on Chase cards, so I’m pretty comfortable asking Chase for some favors (approvals) since I give them a lot of my business. And lo and behold I got approved for my second Ink Bold card- another 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points in the bank!

So now I feel complete: I will be raking in the points left and right with my lineup of cards:
Freedom: 5x spend categories, which are currently grocery stores and movie theaters. . Current bonus: 10,000 points.
Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card: 2x travel and dining. Current bonus: 40,000 points
New Ink Bold: 5x points on office supply stores, cable and wireless service, and landline communications. Current bonus: 50,000 points.
Old Ink Bold: 20% bonus plus bonuses at $25,000, $50,000 and $100,000 in spend
British Airways: 1.25 miles on all spend, plus a Travel Together ticket at $30,000. Current bonus: 50,000 Avios.
Hyatt: 3 Hyatt points per dollar spent at Hyatt. Free category 1-4 night per year, which more than pays for the $75 annual fee. Current sign-up bonus: 2 free nights (in a suite for Diamond members and 2 suite upgrade certificates for Platinum members).

Bottom line: There are no formal rules towards applying for credit with Chase. The only thing you should worry about is maintaining a strong credit score and not running huge balances on your cards. Yes, your credit score will get dinged 2-5 points per hard inquiry, but if you are paying off your accounts in full and on time your score will rebound and possibly even increase. To me, the sign-up bonuses and spend category bonuses are well worth it, though you should consider what the best cards are for your needs and put together a sustainable application strategy.

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  • Ladenicola

    I had a great experience with the Chase reconsideration line recently.

    In the last 6 months I had gotten the Marriot rewards card (70kpts + 1 night voucher after first spend and no forex fee) and the Chase Freedom Card (30k). I’m about to head overseas and was planning on using the Marriot card for spending but realized that the Sapphire would give me a bigger bang for my buck plus the extra 50k UR points wouldn’t hurt. I applied and got an application notice. I called before the letter arrived saying I’d been declined and the rep was amazing!

    She said I was declined because I had received two new Chase cards in the last 6 months. Perhaps that is a rule?) I explained how I was travelling and wanted to use the Sapphire card for overseas spending. She asked if I still needed the Marriot card and offered to cancel that card and open the Sapphire which I readily agreed to. I got to keep the 70k Marriot pts as well as the voucher (which if anyone is in Eastern Europe check out the JW Marriot in Bucharest for the most amazing cat. 3 hotel ever) even though I had only made $5 in purchases on that card. They rushed the Sapphire to me and confirmed the 50k pts after $3k spend as well.

  • Scott

    I don’t think you completely debunked rule #3. I think it is widely accepted that you can get two cards from chase in one day if it is one business card and one personal card. However, I don’t think you can get two chase personal cards in one day.

  • Walid Neaz

    I recently applied for both the Southwest Premier and Plus card for the same day and while I was instantly approved for the Premier, I was denied the Plus for having too many inquiries and accounts with Chase. I’ve never gotten rejected before so this was a bit of a disappointment for me, though not completely unexpected. I did used to have 4 accounts with them before, a regular Chase that I had since early in my college years and recently with the Chase Sapphire and a United and Continental card from last year that got me 100k points just for spending $250 on each card, which allowed me to visit my parents and friends in Singapore while flying business and first class. I’ve since cancelled those 2 airline cards, so their position that I have too many account can’t be right since I’ve had 4 cards at the same time before. I was naive to not move my credit before closing my accounts, but remember having to reallocate my credit before I could get my Sapphire card.

    I’m seriously thinking of calling the reconsideration to say, hey, I’ve got 3 now and I had 4 before, I’m willing to reallocate my credit and that I’ve never been late on any payments and I really want the 50k (while not revealing that I got the other 50k so that I can get 100k). Do you guys think that’s a good strategy or will they hold firm in their stance on not extending me any more credit, especially since this is 2 Southwest application on the same day. Any advise is appreciated!

  • Guest111

    TPG, are you sure you can get the same bonus twice? Back in 2006 I got a Chase United Mileage Plus Visa. Now, I got a letter saying the card would automatically be converted to the United Explorer Card and that Mileage Plus visas were being phased out due to the merger with Continental. Since I’m going to get the Explorer card anyway I wanted to apply and get the 60k bonus points but the rep said that I would not get the bonus because I already had a Mileage Plus card.

  • Guest111

    I told the rep that Mileage Plus is not the same as Explorer, but he said that if you had ANY United card in the past, you cannot get the 60k points from the Explorer card. A few lucky people might be able to squeak through and get the points but the large majority of people would not get the points, he said

  • Brad Jones

    Applied for the Sapphire card two months ago with an instant approval. Was planning the Freedom for my next “churn” as I am now a Chase checking customer. The news of the impending bonus drop forced my hand and I was approved today after a call in to the reconsideration line and moving some credit from my Sapphire over to the Freedom. I’m probably right at 60 days between apps.

    They did tell me the reason I didn’t get instant approved was because I just had another app.

  • Rajnish

    Me and my fiancee got Chase Sapphire VISA and Mastercard same day and points posted too.

  • Marianag

    This post gives me hope to apply for the British Airways card. In the last 9 months I have applied for the Sapphire, the Continental, the United and last week, the Freedom. I moved credit line from Continental to Freedom and closed that account when Freedom was not approved immediately. The reps are very friendly and very willing to work with you. I will wait till May and hope BA’s offer is still available. I just need to find a reason to ask for that card, such as the companion ticket or something else.

  • Garrett

    Re: 4) You can’t get a sign-up bonus twice for the same card. You applied for a different Chase Ink Bold, so it remains that you can’t get the same bonus for the same card, correct?

  • PG

    I got the Explorer card less than 30 days ago, and I really want the Ink Bold before the spend goes up. Should I wait 30 days from last app, or does it matter? I currently hold 4 personal cards with Chase, 3 personal checking accts and a business checking.

  • Galtyman

    I currently have 3 Chase cards all opened within 8 months including the Freedom, which I had to call to get approved. I do not have a checking acct with Chase but would like to get the 10% bonus and 10 pts per transaction but I’m also looking to get the Sapphire Preferred. Does anyone think its best to go into the branch open up the checking and have the open up a Sapphire Preferred for me? It seems the personal banker would be able to do all the “talking for me” since I know I’ll have to face the recon line if I apply for the SP card.

  • dave

    I got a SW card and then a Sapphire card 8 days later with the justification that I was going to be needing a card with no international fees…It was not the same day but they were both personal cards from Chase within 8 days

  • globetrotter

    This is off the topic but I’d like to let you know the result of my request for the 10K bonus point two weeks ago when Chase accidently offered 60K sign up bonus point for Ink Bold. On the day of the offer, I emailed Chase that night to request 10k bonus point since I was approved for the card on Feb. 13th. I received no reply. The next morning, I called the number on the back of the card as Darius suggested, I was told my request would be forwarded to the business department. The following morning, I called again and was told to call back after I complete my spending requirement. I did at the end of March. Last night, I checked my account and there had been no change. I called last night and was told that I’d receive the 10K bonus points when my statement closes next month. I felt so relieved.

  • Jackknife

    A friend of mine was recently denied for the Chase SW Premier Biz card because his credit history (4 yrs) was not long enough to warrant being given the biz card. Even after a couple of reconsideration calls Chase wouldn’t budge!

    So, when he went to apply for the Chase SW Premier Personal Card, he noticed the field “Yes, I have NOT been denied credit by Chase within the last 6 months.” The application said you should be able to check all the boxes (of which the quoted field was one) in order to apply.

    Since he was denied by the Biz side, he was able to check this box. If he cannot check the box (because of the biz denial), can he still apply? or will this give him an automatic denial for this personal card? Has anyone had experience with this where they were approved for the card (either instantly or after calling the reconsideration line) when they did not check this particular box?

    Any thoughts or experiences with this issue would be very helpful!

  • Ace

    There are no rules for Chase credit card applications. None. I apply whenever I feel like it, with no heed for when the last card I applied for was. I like to tell the reconsideration line that I have American Express cards and would like to diminish my relationship with them because I need the benefits of being able to transfer points to United. I always ask them if they waffle if they would prefer if I went to another vendor with my business.
    I am always nice, but firm.

  • PJ

    get on ebay to get teh $200 new account balance for $20ish dollars you net $180 taxable interest.

    I would give them $1500 to dodge fees just in case and pray they computer will be “nosy” enough to issue you an invitation to DO dirECT DEPOSIT FOR $150 ( AGAIN taxable) ; In reality an ACH trasnfer from your account away from CHase will pocket this money.

    the chase 10/10 is really great; in real life my freedom Visa and Freedom Master card got lion’s share of my spending

    Personally, I dont think it matters how and where you apply Sapphire PReferred. if your credit is strong you definitely get it..

    by the way why did you misss the 50K ? hmmm

  • PJ

    GET THE EXPLORER NOW WITH 50K + 10K even you have old card out there you get it
    in case you dont see the 60K application link : log in mileage plus you might see right away or if you see CLub card instead try to fake a booking before you proceed to the payment page the 60K INVITATION will pop up REEL IN THE FISH
    my family meember cancelled old united cards continental cards last year and we ALL got 50K as ez as 123.. I do understand other friends GOT BONUS WHILE THEY ALSO HAD old UNITED CARD AND OLD CONTINENTAL CARD one even got CONTINENAL CARD in the last days and back to back United Explorer

  • PJ

    2 Southwest cards on one day? aren’t you pushing a bit too far ? sorry for my ignorance is one of these tow cards is business ?

  • PJ

    i got 2 one day one southewest and one hyatt all through relocation credits from other two accounts ( BA and Freedom) friends following my hunt also could get Freedom and Sapphire Preferred back to back tho they all have credit well into 800 ; my credit is 800+/-

  • PJ

    hehehe get the HYatt cards you and your fiancee all do, so do your parents best is to have 4+ approved applications then go on honeymoon on those Free Hyatt Nights each card comes with 2 free anywhere hyatt nights

  • PJ

    oh the Mighty Credit card king was taking care of you :)

  • Chip Malloy

    A friend of mine said that he can check the box since your friend was not denied credit by Chase, rather his business was.

  • Galtyman

    I was going to stop on the churning for a bit since I applied in the last a year 1 FIA card, 1 Citi, 2 Chase cards, 1 amex, and 2 refis so my credit score was getting a bit dinged up from inquiries alone and I was going to chill for a few months. After that I was going to get the chase sapphire preferred and freedom w/ checking on my next churn but I saw the $350 Freedom sign up bonus that was up for like 6hrs and just went for it. I got the “application will need further review” first time I didn’t get auto-approved for a CC =( I did call the recon line and was told I got that message b/c of the Priority Club I applied for 2 months ago but was asked if I wanted to move credit line around, I told them no, just give me something reasonable like $4k, then bam next day I got approved. I’m assuming I couldn’t pull that off with a sapphire preferred with a $4k limit since it’s a higher end card imho. I was thinking of just opening a chase checking at the branch and tell them I’ll open it if you can get the sapphire preferred opened for me with the current bonus. I was thinking of doing this in 3 or so months (i don’t plan to book any travels for awhile and want to milk the first year annual fee before I had to renew just in case)

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  • PJ

    for those Freedom Lovers:

    In case you can not exhaust the $1500 on grocery spending this quarter, buy some gas cards at supermarket and get the gas at cash price ( NOT credit price) at the pump this is even better than straight 5% off in the 1st quarter.

    a double+ dipping idea:some grocery store sell $1000 gift cards for $950 charged to Freedom and you then use store gift cards to buy gas cards which are good for CASH price at the pump

    Missing the old days you were getting 5 % rebate at home depo? you can still get 5 % first by buying Home Depo gift cards at your grocery stores.. or order first through Unlitmate Rewards link to Home Depo and get extra 4 points

    would love to hear how other reader best leverage the freedom cards ( I have master card and Visa)

    I was at my grocery score looking for $500 VISA GIFT CARD with 5.95 activation fees.. would be paying it with gift cards through buy 1000 pay only 950 discount.. no luck my store carries nothing more than $100 denomination with same activation fees 5.95

  • Guest

    Yeah. I applied for a Chase Freedom in Nov 2011. Then in Dec I also added a Saphire Preffered and a Chase Ink Bold. I want to do another app o rama and grab both SW cc, and 2 aa cc,but I have a business loan that I will need to apply for soon and I was told by my bank (PNC) that they look at TU scores, sadly all my Chase pulls are from TU. Ugggggg

  • Pirrc

    Quick question. I applied for the Sapphire Preferred on Apr1 of this year. Now I am looking to get in on the Ink Bold and Hyatt Cards as well. I have a separate LLC for my small business. How long should I wait to apply for the next 2? Is waiting worth risking not getting the lowered spend on the Ink Bold. Thanks for any responses.

  • TravelShooter

    One can have (2) Chase cards,
    (Sapphire Preferred, Freedom)
    then sign up for (2) more same day,
    (Sapphire, Marriott)
    without need for reconsideration line.
    Just call customer service, if rejected on one,
    & advise that two newest can split credit limit.

  • smizroch

    I signed up for the Chase British Airways card last year when the 100,000 bonus was live. I didn’t sign up for any more credit cards until I refinanced my house in early December last year. In late December, I signed up for the Chase Amazon (instant approval, $50 cash back, 3% on all Amazon purchases).

    In January, I signed up for the Chase United with the 50-60K bonus, the Citi Thankyou Premier card (50K bonus) and the Bank of America Alaska card (only so my Alaska miles wouldn’t expire, plus 25K bonus).

    In early February, I signed up for the Chase Priority Club card and soon I got a nice call from Chase asking if I would be willing to use some of my existing credit line for the new card. They initiated the call and I was happy to shift the credit around. In late February I signed up for the Chase Sapphire card and got another call from a nice Chase customer service rep and we shifted the existing credit around some more.

    In early March I signed up for the US Bank REI card ($100 cash back bonus and 5% on REI purchases) and was denied because I’d opened so many credit cards in the past few months. Total denial, seemingly with no recourse. I went up the chain (supervisors of supervisors, being really sweet) and finally got someone who understood that I was signing up for a bunch of rewards cards and was not turning into a credit card criminal. The card was approved with a low credit limit ($1000) at my suggestion.

    My credit score went from over 800 to about 760 during this time period, but I expect it to come back to its exalted level eventually. In the meantime, I don’t have any other refinances planned, so the lower credit score shouldn’t affect me too much.

  • Loquitur

    Via Chase, just for United miles, I had big fun sequencing the following
    four CC”sover the last 6-9 months for bonus points:
    United “Select” (my pre-existing card, 50K bonus), older Continental OnePass (30K),
    United “Explorer” (50K) , newer Continental OnePass Plus (50K).
    For me, the busted myth was that one couldn’t land repeated
    bonuses for essentially the same airline, because the affiliated Chase cards
    were apparently all sufficiently different products. All on the consumer side, too
    so folks with businesses have probably done better than this.

  • Walid Neaz

    Is it better to apply for the same card, but one personal and the other business, as opposed to applying for 2 separate cards, one being a Premier and the other being Plus?

  • Crismanila77

    Approved for Chase Sapphire Preferred & New Ink Bold the past 6 months. I was able to successfully request to get additional 10K to match up 60K Ink Bold offer 2 weeks ago because I signed up within the past 90 days via sending through secure message. I recently applied for Freedom via a 35K link that floated for several hours a couple of weeks ago & got a rejection letter in the mail this past week. I called the reconsideration link today & they agreed to approve my Freedom with 35K bonus IF I close one of my United Explorer Cards (I have two since CO One Pass will convert into United). I agreed right off the bat. I asked the operator if there’s a timeline between applying cards. He said he’s only an underwriter & doesn’t know when I can apply again. I think it’s safe for me to wait at least 3-4 months before applying again. I’m eyeing the Hyatt credit card next.

  • Jackknife

    Even if it is a sole proprietorship?

  • Bluecat

    Did you ever address issue #4?

  • thepointsguy

    The two Ink Bold cards. There used to be reports that you couldn’t get two of the same product family (like Sapphire and Sapphire Preferred) but I was able. I am not, however, saying you can get two of the same exact cards, for example United Explorer, and still get the bonus. I’ll clarify that point

  • thepointsguy

    The current Ink Bold deal with $5k spend is awesome, so if you think you’d have a hard time meeting the suspected increased threshold, I’d just apply now. If you have good credit and a good excuse to get the gets (which you do as a small business owner), you should be fine

  • thepointsguy

    Nicely done- it never hurts to ask!

  • thepointsguy

    The branch has no control over approvals- it all goes through the same approval process.

  • thepointsguy

    It really doesn’t matter.. even if you wait 30 days its very likely you’ll still have to call the reconsideration line

  • thepointsguy

    I rephrased #4 to say “in the same family”. I would not recommend applying for the same exact card twice

  • thepointsguy

    Yea they are heavily investing in that card, so I imagine they will work with you to get you approved

  • thepointsguy

    I rephrased to say “same card family”. You cannot get the same exact card bonus twice, to my knowledge.

  • thepointsguy

    With the SW its better to do one personal and one business

  • Mike H

    This is kind of off topic but I was thinking about getting the Hyatt card and I see you said that you get 2 suite upgrade certificates if you’re a platinum member. There is the link out there for free Platinum status for 90 days. Would I get those 2 free suite upgrades if I signed up for that even though I probably wouldn’t be platinum when I redeemed? Also, I’m assuming I’d sign up for platinum status before I apply, right?

  • PJ

    confirming to you all my friend got bonus on Sapphire Regular when he miscliked the application and later on he applied for Preferred he got BOTH signon bonuses . His wife got the target offer on Preferred with a single purchase. BOTH are very good credut

  • thepointsguy

    It would work- as long as your account shows Platinum at time of application, you’ll get the upgrade certs. More info w link to status challenge

  • Pirrc

    Just applied for both the Ink Bold and the Hyatt. Decision pending on both. How long should I wait before call the reconsideration line? I’ll probably call for the hyatt card first, and then the Ink Bold. Any advice?

  • PJ

    US BANK IS TUFF; the 1st bank I know citing ” too many applications with OTHER institutions”

  • Lwestbirch

    I agree…I got the Sapphire in Dec., Southwest in Jan., and the United in March….then on April 4th, I read various blogs that showed the Freedom at 35,000/$350 and the Ink bold at 60,000. I had been watching both for a while but had not moved on them due to the recent other Chase cards ( I also have the British Air card and recently canceled the Continental card so I could get the United!). With both bonuses being higher than normal, I took the plunge and applied for both within ten minutes..same browser.
    So, I was denied for both but I called each reconsideration # and was then successfully approved for both by shifting credit limit from my current personal cards to the new ones! I also had good reason why I needed these to new cards…Ink Bold to separate purchases from personal…Freedom because of no annual fee plus the quarterly bonus programs.

    I also got my wife approved for the 35,000 Freedom…she’s getting pretty good with her spiel!

    BTW: My credit score is between 760 and 800…mostly from credit card app pulls!

  • Lwestbirch

    Regarding checking the Chase denial boxes:

    I never check the “yes” even though I have been denied but later, approved, by the reconsideration call….to me, that means never denied!

  • AceTracer

    It took cancelling my BA card ($6500 limit) and lowering my United card ($13,000 to $8000) for them to approve me for the Chase Freedom. I haven’t bothered with the Ink Bold, because after the Sapphire, United, and Freedom apps I have a feeling it’ll be a tough sell.

    Still, in the last year from Chase alone I’ve gotten 100,000 from the BA, 50,000 from Sapphire, 50,000 from United, and 35,000 from Freedom. I’m okay with that.

  • AceTracer

    On the other hand, spending $5000 in three months is difficult for me. Even with all the tricks, paying my rent with it, etc. However, 25,000 points after first purchase is pretty easy.

  • Asdf

    That’s nonsense. Like thousands of others, I’ve had dozens of United cards for many years. Got the Explorer card, instant approval, with no hassles.

  • Pirrc

    Called the personal reconsideration line a day after applying for Hyatt and Ink Bold cards and was helped by two great representatives. First, spoke with a woman about the Hyatt card and was quickly approved. Moved 5,000 credit from Sapphire Preferred to Hyatt card. Then was transferred to the business reconsideration line where I was approved after answering a few a questions from the rep. That makes 3 Chase cards in a two week span (Sapphire Preferred, Ink Bold, Hyatt), and two on the same day (Ink Bold and Hyatt). Both reps were really friendly. I might have to move all my spending to Chase. I was treated very well.

  • Ph

    I was wondering whether some of you made the same experience – I signed up for the Chase Freedom card in the branch in March and was not offered any bonus like the 350 USD or the 100 USD. Is there a way I can get this bonus even after already having signed up?

  • olgsr

    Apply today for both Milageplus and BA chase cards today(btw united card is 65k now if you”re logged in).I’ve got decision pending for both.First called reconsideration line for the united card(since i want to score a one way business award in singapore).after confirming a few data i was approved for an initial 7k.BA card denied bec of 2 credit card inquiries whatever..waited 30mins,called again and got a nice rep.after asking the standard why do i need this card etc… got approved for 6,5k.will redeem for a sin-hkg & hkg-nrt cathay 20k business award.back to the us AA from haneda since i got enough for an award business…..can’t wait.thanks TPG and everyone for all the advices can wait for the best trip ever:)

  • Derek

    Applied for Hyatt card the other night. Got pending message. Called the number yesterday morning and got a very rude woman (Taneesha I believe), and right off the bat she seemed irritated that I was bothering her with this. After pulling up my SSN#, she said the reason I was denied was because I already have 5 Chase cards + a Business card. “Why do you need so many cards? That’s already above and beyond a normal credit line”. I explained that I like to take advantage of different cards’ point offers and I would be moving spending from a competitor’s card over to this new Hyatt card. That ‘sort of’ calmed her down, but she was still irritated. I came up with the suggestion that we can close one of my United cards (I had 2 open), and we’ll move credit line from my sapphire card over, so we can open the Hyatt with the minimum $5k credit line. Since my Sapphire card wasn’t paid yet (cycles May 3rd), we couldn’t move the credit line. I told her I’d make the manual payment today for full balance on the Sapphire card and call back today. She noted the acct and ‘click’ hung up. Called back this morning and got a MUCH friendlier rep. She seemed a bit confused as to what I wanted to do even after reading the notes, but after I laid it out a few times, she understood, and processed the Hyatt card. woot woot.

  • Drsifu77

    I know this is an old post, but here is my data point:

    Chase Ink Bold approved after phone call on 04/11/2012. Had to answer questions.
    Chase British Airways approved after phone call on 05/08/2012. No questions asked. Told me I had been approved even though website said “instant credit could not be approved”

  • Rynlau

    I would be interested in hearing how this turns out… this is my exact situation as well.

  • JP

    I would also like to add the “You can only have a maximum of 6 personal Chase cards at one time” myth to this list. I usually manage my chase cards to stay under that threshold, but would be curious on others’ experience in getting approved for a 7th or 8th personal card from Chase

  • Grant

    I opened Amazon Sept ’11, Priority Club Dec ’11, Freedom Feb ’12 not sure what this 2 card in 6 months is but I did have to call in for my Freedom but they gave me a new line of credit instead of moving thing around. Given this 6 months rule i’ll probably apply for the Sapphire in July/Aug. Hope the sign up bonus goes back to 50k.

  • Blongo

    Just wanted to add that I called the Reconsideration line and was told that there was no way I was going to get approved for the new British Airways card, that I simply had applied for too many Chase cards in too short a span of time. Well, a few days later I tried again and had absolutely no problem getting approved. So definitely worth trying, even at first you fail.

  • sproketz

    Re: #4 – Just for clarification, you ‘re saying you can’t receive a bonus on the same card twice even if the previous account is closed? I had a Southwest personal Visa card, but closed it a couple years ago. So, I’d never get a signup bonus on it again? I received a 50K offer in the mail the other day, so I was hoping to jump on it. Wish they’d send me a 50K business offer. I may call the number on the app to see if they could somehow change the offer to the business card, but I don’t know how that works. I’m a bit of a noob to all this, but thanks for all the GREAT info!

  • Jm33411

    Does anyone know what credit agency Chase pulls for the United explorer

  • thepointsguy

    Varies by state- check

  • Jack Reynolds

    I agree US Bank even pulls IDA/ ARS CRA’s that very few people know about. Its generally suggested to freeze these before applying to US Bank

  • Matt

    I tried signing up for 3 Chase cards at the same time. The approved 2 and denied the 3rd. I called and they said it is their policy to only allow 2 new cards per month. Just FYI.

  • R.

    Is it the “same card” if the bonus points and/or minimum spending are different?

    For example: A while back, I got the Chase Marriott personal card, with 70k bonus points after $1000 spend in 90 days. That card has since been canceled. Now, though, the Chase Marriott personal card offers 70k (or sometimes 50k) bonus points after $2000 spend in 90 days.

    Is this a whole new deal? Or am I likely to be denied based on previously having the same card in the past couple of years?

  • Mr. Cool

    is this a good way to churn the CSP please?
    -convert CSP to no-fee. wait 24mos (requirement to receive bonus again?). apply for CSP again. possible convert no-fee sapph to CSP, if chase says i have too many accts.

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