Ink Bold 50,000 Point Offer Changing Tomorrow, Spend Requirement Likely to Double

by on April 17, 2012 · 19 comments

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Update: The current offer for the Ink Plus and Ink Bold is 50,000 points after $5,000 spent in 3 months.

The current 50,000 point offer for the Chase Ink Bold with Ultimate Rewards card is one of the best deals on the market right now since it only requires $5,000 spend within 3 months and the first year annual fee of $95 is waived. Not only do you accrue 5 points per dollar on office supply stores, cable and wireless service, and landline communications and 2x on gas and hotel- those points can be transferred to United, British Airways, Southwest, Korean, Hyatt, Marriott, Priority Club and Amtrak.

However, my offer will be changing tomorrow at 10am ET and will likely be aligned with what is currently being offered on, which is also a 50,000 point offer, but requires $10,000 spent within the first three months.

This is a business credit card, but you can use your Social Security Number to sign-up if you have your own side business or plan to start one in the near future. As always with Chase, if you don’t get approved right away you can call the friendly business credit reconsideration line.  These points can be combined if you also have the Sapphire Preferred or Freedom cards- I personally have all three (plus an Old Ink Bold card) and a Chase Checking account, so I’m maximizing Ultimate Rewards points from multiple angles and spend categories.

Business cards will still require a hard pull on your personal credit, but once opened they will sit on your business credit report. If you apply for the Bold, you can also apply for a personal card on the same day since your credit will only get pulled once. The British Airways 100,000 mile offer is probably the other best Chase offer at the moment and while that card also has a hefty spend requirement to get the full bonus ($20,000), you at least have a year to do it.

Update: The current offer for the British Airways Visa is 50,000 Avios with $2,000 spend in the first 3 months.

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  • Andy Kremer

    Just got started in Travel Hacking, and got a good recommendation to check out your site. Already have the Chase Freedom card (turned down for Preferred, boo), so I’m looking for other ways to increase my Ultimate Rewards points. $10,000 is tough to put on one CC though, when I just opened up the VISA and AMEX AAdvantage Citi cards.

    Any other great ways to get some Ultimate Rewards points?

  • LarryInNYC

    Bummer. Still working on the AMEX one-day 75K special and my wife’s Sapphire Preferred. I’ll either have to wait until there’s a better offer on the Ink Bold or see if I can reasonably meet the higher spend later in the year.

  • Curios

    So what do you guys put in the business name if you don’t actually have a business? Your actual name, or some made up business name?

    Doing the independent contractor thing I always just use my name and SS for 1099s, etc. but not sure on this.

  • Dave

    hmm … on 4/11 got Chase United card …. kinda scared to apply so soon for another chase card. OR is the business card has some sort of different approach???

  • PJ

    what is the problem ? no job is too big :) chase let you buy gift cards even on amex gift cards
    you might have read this also prepay cable wireless bills phone bills etc is a way to finish SPEND ; you dont lose too much interest at alll since $ in the banks is not grwoing interest anyway

  • AceTracer

    You failed to mention that it’s 25,000 after first purchase, and another after $10k. Which for those of us that don’t spend quite so much to meet the previous spending requirement is not a bad deal.

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  • thepointsguy

    It all depends on your credit score and relationship with Chase. Even if you get denied, just call the business reconsideration line and they’ll be able to possibly approve you

  • thepointsguy

    Shopping via maxing out the Freedom spend categories (like buying gift cards at grocery stores this quarter and then use them to buy merchandise via Ultimate Rewards).

  • simonc

    Hi there! Sorry, maybe a dumb question…

    Does Chase have a different credit line for Biz cards? For instance, they made me cancel my Continental Signiture card to get the Sapphire preferred, because I didn’t have the minimum $5000 line to spare for the Sapphire.

    Will Chase give me a separate credit line for the biz cards, or will I run into the same problem as last time when I didn’t have enough credit to spare for a new line in my personal cards?

    Thank you for your help.

  • ThatGuy64

    Let me tell you folks why you shouldn’t be in a rush to lock in the current offer. You have two scenarios, you either go for the current offer, or take the new one. This is how each plays out:

    Current offer: You spend 5k in 3 months and end up with 50k points.
    New Offer: You spend nothing (ok, one purchase, but you get where I’m going) and get 25k points.

    So, essentially, you’d have to spend 5k with the current offer to pick up an additional 25k points. While that’s not a bad deal, especially if you value ultimate rewards, it’s not a crazy, insane deal. So if you miss out, I wouldn’t sweat it much.

  • ThatGuy64

    Hey Dave, I had the same concerns: opened several Chase cards recently. I received instant approval for the Ink, so who knows. And, like TPG says, worst-case scenario, you just call up reconsideration line.

  • PJ

    Please dont bankrupt the mighty and generous Chase :) you are so right if i can unlimited cards coming my way not that bad to spend 5K and get all together 5K plus 55 K UR which is worth ~1000 dollars for many frugal travellers considering a NYC West coast non stop r/t tickets normally runs 500+ but it takes only 25K

  • Asdf

    So I applied for this card (50K offer with $5k spend) – using your link – on Monday night 4/16. Did not get instant approval (does anyone with this?). I’ve got/have had plenty of other Chase cards, have great credit, good income, own a home and Chase has the mortgage. I should look very good to them.

    As luck would have it, I’m looking at about $4,000 (out-of-pocket) in dental work over the next 2 months, so I should be able to hit the spend easily.

    When I applied for the Ink Bold card last night, I got the “Thank you for applying for the Ink Bold World Elite card. Your application requires further review before we make a decision. Here’s what to expect: our goal is to notify you within 10 days, however in some circumstances it may take up to 30 days…”

    I definitely applied for the 50k offer with $5k spend (have screen shots).
    I’d like to get the card ASAP (have a big dentist bill coming up in about 2 weeks, want the card by then).

    I assume it’s time to call. *WHAT NUMBER DO I CALL FOR THIS ONE?*

    I used my name and SSN for the business, listed as open for 1 year (that was the lowest number you could enter), and a small number for gross annual sales.

    My story is I have done some side business in the past, and expect to do some this year. Card will be used to keep business expenses separate from other expenses. It’s OK with me if they want to re-allocate some credit from one of the other 6 Chase cards I have.

    Anything else I should anticipate?


  • Jfbruin

    Your link still shows the 50k, $5k spend offer. Do you know if the offer is still available?

  • lana

    What is I have 2 businesses with 2 seperate tax ids. Can I open up two seperate ink bold cards and get the bonus twice?

  • Asdf

    Called this morning, answered a few questions, moved $10k in credit from the Explorer card I had opened in January, approved and the card is on the way.

  • Lai Viet Dung

    @ Lana: I think so. You should try!!! ~Basically Chase system wouldn’t have a way to easily identify 2 of those businesses are owned by you. And I doubt they say that in the rules?

  • Lai Viet Dung

    @TPG: Hey, so my Chase Ink Bold came in the mail today. I already got 126,000 points waiting at Ultimate Chase Rewards, which could now be transferred to Chase Ink, then to airlines.
    This basically open a whole new world to how I can spend points. Say I am trying to book a flight on Southwest, 1 way says 174 dollars, but only 9,000 points (=90$).
    I guess my questions are:
    - Is it that good? Wow, really? Almost half price.
    - Which airline would you transfer your point to and book? I look up United and it would be 25,000 points round trip, clearly not = Southwest.
    (I’m just looking up cheap coach fares :) )

    Big thanks!

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