Daily Getaways Hilton HHonors Points – Worth It?

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It sounds like a lot of you got in on Monday’s Daily Getaways offer of Wyndham Rewards points that equated to getting airline miles for about 7/10′s of a cent each – an amazing deal no matter how you slice it. Today’s offer is also for bundles of hotel points – this time Hilton HHonors and much less lucrative – at least for those of us who want airline miles. Here are the details:

Wednesday April 25: Hilton HHonors Points

There are three different offers for Hilton HHonors points, but keep in mind, only one set of points may be purchased per offer, though all three sets of points may be purchased per Hilton HHonors account. (So you can get one of each, but not three of each).

-100,000 Hilton HHonors Points for $550 ($1,000 value) 80 available.
-150,000 Hilton HHonors Points for $825 ($1,500 value) 100 available.
-250,000 Hilton HHonors Points for $1375 ($2,500 value) 100 available.


So, is it worth it? For all of these offers, it works out to .55 cents per point, and if you use an Amex, you will pay .495 cents per point because you get a 10% discount.

Hilton Free Night Awards

Hilton free nights start out at 7,500 and go up to 50,000 a night.
So basically if you buy points at half a cent, each free night would cost:
Level 1: $37.50
Level 2: $62.50
Level 3: $125
Level 4: $150
Level 5: $175
Level 6: $200
Level 7: $250

Hilton Arc de Triomphe Paris

I’m sure there are examples in each level that do and don’t make sense. I pulled up a random Wednesday night in Paris and the Level 7 Hilton Arc de Triomphe is available for 50,000 points or 400 Euros ($527) a night. So in this case, buying the 50,000 points for $250 is an absolute no-brainer.
However, on the same day another Level 7 property, the Conrad Chicago, is also 50,000 points, but only $205 a night! Plus, you don’t accrue points/promotions, so buying Hilton points at .5 cents a piece does not make sense if you have redemptions like this in your future.

Conrad Chicago example- does not make sense!

Airline miles?
Hilton allows you to transfer points to airlines and most are at a 10,000 Hilton = 1,000 airline miles. At that ratio you’d pay $550 for 10,000 airline miles- 5.5 cents apiece – no thank you!  There are a bunch of different ratios, but none of them makes sense to me so I’d avoid buying these packages if it’s airline miles you’re ultimately after – it’ll be cheaper to purchase them directly through the airline or credit card company.

Just as a reminder, Daily Getaways is a travel promotions sponsored by American Express and U.S Travel Association continues with deals that go live at 1:00 pm EDT - no pre-sales on these Hilton packages.

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  • Puppydogs

    Great analysis. Got 50k Wyndham points the other day but I think I will stay away from this one.

  • Jeffjefferson

    HGV Timeshares (“Hilton Grand Vacations”) transfer their points to Hilton points at a ratio of 1:25. There is an opportunity cost that should be considered in “holding/owning a property”, but otherwise the yearly maintenance fee make HH points cost (marginally), about 0.35cents/point. That is figured based on one of the “better” timeshare point/$ properties (in Las Vegas). In any case, 0.55cents/point does not excite me, and I’d generally be interested in selling them at that rate. That’s not a solicitation, but just a perspective. Further, the HH cash & points typically gives you the option “to buy” points at around 0.39cents/HH.

  • Nick E

    Actually, Hilton does count award stays towards elite status.

  • thepointsguy

    Brainfart- thanks for points out. Fixed

  • Bonehead

    The math gets much more compelling when considering the usual 10-15% fees and local taxes hotel stays are accessed. Using up some of my $10K spend requirement on my Business AMEX (thanks TPG) for this one today and I will view the points like a gift card!!

  • Ben

    I’ll never understand why you choose to ignore some of the more valuable uses for Hhonors points. For instance, an 8 night stay in November at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is currently $11,200 + taxes. If you bought the 250,000 points on this offer and also applied for the Hilton Amex (no yearly fee, 40,000 point bonus after $750 spending in the first 90 days), you would have over 290,000 (including points for spend). With 290,000 points is enough to book two back-to-back 4 night AXON awards (a benefit that comes with the Amex card), so you effectively get the 8 nights for $1237.50 + one hard credit inquiry + taxes, a savings of nearly $10,000 off the going rate. This puts a redemption value at almost 3.5 cents per point.

    Usually you do an incredible job of finding the most valuable uses for points, but consistently miss with Hilton. What’s with the grudge?

  • thepointsguy

    No grudge whatsoever! It’s just that I need to speak to a broad audience, so I just figured more people would relate to Paris and Chicago than Maldives

  • Mark

    so..ummm, what i want to know is– if i don’t want to “jet around the world in First Class and sit at a 5 star resort and contemplate my navel” are these points worth it?

  • thepointsguy

    Do the math and see if the properties you want to redeem at make sense. There are thousands of hotels and prices vary greatly by day. Only you can make the decision whether it makes sense

  • Ken

    Agree with TPG. In the end, it depends on how you redeem them. However, I took a different approach. I value HH points at half a cent so I calculated how much value the points would bring and then compared to the cost with and without AMEX. Not sure if this will help or not.

  • Ken

    In terms of straight up dollars spent, you come out slightly ahead purchasing with an AMEX. Without an AMEX, you are down $50 – $125 right off the bat, depending on which set of points you get.

  • Mark

    i shall, and seeing that i find deals “on the ground” when i travel–i think i’ll pass. Got enough points for Paris/Tokyo/fill in overpriced city here

  • Hc

    I tried finding a random night at a few Hiltons like paris, maldives, seychelles.. I could not find any award availability at any of the hotels. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? Is it because I do not have enough points in my account?

  • Mark

    thanks for the analysis Ken, helped with my decision–cheers!

  • Hc

    I tried searching the same hotels as TPG on the same dates and it’s a no go. I have zero points in my account. Can anyone confirm that’s the reason?

  • Hc


  • Dan

    Well, you’re mixing two different point sources and attributing the benefits to just paying for the 250,000 point package, which isn’t a valid comparison. If you really want to find a cheap stay at that property, why don’t we talk about amassing points from several credit card offers (easy to do) to get 290,000 points? You’ll pay a lot less than $1237.50 to boot. If you really just want to evaluate the benefit of buying 250,000 points in this scenario, stay for fewer days on a VIP award, or purchase 40,000 points at $0.01 each. Consider your real cost for those 8 nights to be $1637.50, not just the $1237.50 you list.

    Further, when considering the Maldives, you have to include the sea plane charges as well, and there’s no way to avoid paying cold hard cash for that. You’re looking at $1000+ for two people, which ain’t cheap. Finally, particularly at the Maldives, the coup de gras is an overwater villa, which you can’t reasonably get on point. Think $500+/night for an upgrade. Now, your 8 nights cost you $1637+$1000+$500*8 = $6637. Sure, it’s a discount offer the “sticker” but it’s still *not cheap.*

    Finally, I’m not always a huge fan of resorts for award stays, because food and beverage prices can get astronomical, particularly at the Maldives. Figure a minimum of $300/night at the Conrad, which tacks on another $2400 to your stay.

    I don’t fault Brian for over looking the Maldives as a “great use of points”. If your goal is to take the nicest possible vacation for the lowest cash outlay, the Maldives ain’t the way to do it.

  • john

    Haha. Silly me. I just realized I can’t get the deal for my trip to Charleston, because so many other people need the deal to get to places like the Maldives!

  • Per Elmbrandt
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