Amazing Deal Alert: Chase Ink Bold 60,000 Point Offer

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Update: The offers mentioned below for the Chase Ink credit cards has expired. View the current offers here – Ink Plus, Ink Bold, Ink Cash.  

There is currently a 60,000 point sign-up bonus being offered on the Chase Ink Bold card, which is the highest offer I’ve ever seen on this card. I got the “old” Ink Bold card in November before they changed the new one to have no foreign transaction fees and 5x spend categories. I have two LLCs so I just applied for my other business, but got a “pending review” message. However, many TPG readers who don’t have official business have been able to apply for the Ink Bold cards using their Social Security number as sole proprietors.

Key Card details:
-60,000 points after $5,000 spend within 3 months
-$95 annual fee waived the first year
-5x points on wireless/telecommunications services (excluding equipment such as phones and fax machines), cable and satellite television and radio services, office supply stores and wholesale distributors of office supplies.
-2x points on gas and hotels/motels
-No foreign transaction fees

*If you’ve recently applied for the Ink Bold with 50,000 points, you can always ask them to honor this promotion by sending them a Secure Message through -> Log-in -> Secure Message Center

At this point I already have a hard inquiry from Chase, I also applied for the Freedom card for 20,000 extra points so I can maximize my Ultimate Rewards earnings as I wrote about on Monday. (Update: the Freedom card’s sign-up bonus is currently 10,000 points) With these two new cards, the puzzle will be complete, since I already have the Sapphire Preferred and Chase checking accounts.

However, I also just applied for the Hyatt Visa less than a month ago, so I’m not surprised that I got pending review for both. In order to get approved, I will have to call the reconsideration line for the Freedom card and the business reconsideration line to get my New Bold.

The bottom line is that while I generally try to wait at least a month between Chase applications, I have great credit and a good business relationship with Chase so I’m confident I’ll get approved. I have all of my personal and business checking accounts and multiple personal and business credit cards that I pay off in full every month- as well as an auto loan. Chase knows I am a good customer and the reconsideration line agents have always done the right thing and opened the cards- even if it means shifting around the balances from my other Chase cards. If need be, I can always get my business banker to help usher along these approvals because his main goal is to make me happy.

There have been 30,000 point Freedom card offers floating around for months, so I plan to send a secure message and request the additional 10,000 points when I’m approved for Freedom. Update: the current sign-up bonus for the Freedom card is 10,000 points. Between these two new cards today I stand to gain up to 90,000 Ultimate Rewards points (which can be transferred to United, British Airways, Korean, Southwest, Hyatt, Marriott, Priority Club and Amtrak) and will pay $0 in annual fees and only $5,500 in spend over the next three months.

Hat tip Sun_AA over at Flyertalk for breaking this deal!

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  • LarryInNYC

    Any hint on how long this offer will be around? I’m already planning this as my next card but, because I’m currently working off the $10K minimum spend on the recent Amex Business Gold I wasn’t planning to apply for two or three months.

  • thepointsguy

    No idea- this isn’t one of my links so it’s anyone’s guess at this point. My gut tells me it won’t last long

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  • DCFoodAdvocate

    Is there anything specific that should be included in the secure message. Screen shot? Offer ID code? Thanks!

  • Kamancali

    Rejected for match! Shall I try again?

    Thank you for your interest in the Chase Sapphire bonus
    points offer.

    The 60,000 bonus points offer was made through a small
    direct mail test and is non-transferable. The Offer Code
    and Invitation Number included in the mailing can only be
    applied to the recipient?s account. If you are not listed
    as the addressee of the mailing, we will be unable to
    apply the offer to your account. I understand you may be
    disappointed and I am sincerely sorry for any confusion.
    Please know that we will consider reviewing the terms of
    other offers you receive in the future.

  • Kamancali

    Going to press them saying its a public application page…

  • DavidSafko

    Another Chase Credit Card Post… I was hoping with the Sapphire Bonus done the amount would decline….

  • Kathy K

    I got the Ink Bold about a month ago. I phoned them this morning to ask for the additional 10,000 points. they said they’d have an answer to me within 2 days. (by the way, they let me get the card based on my “business” – my blog). I’ve never gotten the Freedom card. should I add it to the collection?

  • Michael W Travels

    Sounds like an awesome offer… Too bad I recently received two Chase cards (Southwest- personal & biz) and was just approved for another Citi AA Business card. I am hoping this offer is around in a couple of months from now!

  • thepointsguy

    As long as its a great deal I’ll write about it. There are other non-credit card posts on the way today

  • Karo

    Isn’t there some way I can apply for this and close my BA Chase Visa without the negative effect on my credit score? It’s coming up on a year and I don’t want to pay the annual fee on that one again.

  • RakSiam

    Should be possible without any issues at all. Just apply for the new card. When you get the pending review message give the reconsideration line a call and tell them you are willing to close the BA card. They will just take the credit line from the BA card and apply it to the new card and you will be all set. I have done exactly that a couple of times. And I plan to do it again when I close the BA card in a month or so. I suppose you may lost a couple of points on your score since your average age of credit may go down slightly. But I don’t think it’s a huge hit.

  • Matt Langdon

    So, these points can all be combined into a single account, right? If I get 60,000 from here, I can just add that to the 50,000 I got from the Sapphire?

  • Scott Bernard

    TPG – what’s the standard amount of time to wait before calling the reconsideration line? I got the same message as you, but am not sure if I should wait a day or call now.

  • Fran and Rowena

    The offer on the website is 50,000; I just called and was told the offer is 50,000 points and they have no way of making it 60,000 points. Any help or suggestions?

  • DealsSeeker

    Do you know if you still get the 5x offer for internet/phone service made in another country?

  • JD Miles

    TPG, question about Chase CC apps:

    I (greedily, I confess) tried to get a Chase Freedom Visa on the 30k offer, despite having a Chase Freedom MC. I got rejected. This was about 3 months ago.

    Now I want to apply to Chase cards – do I need to wait for 3 more months, as there’s a check box for not being rejected in the last six months? Or is this another “soft” six month rule?


  • thepointsguy

    Correct- chase let’s you transfer points between cards so if you have ink bold you can combine them with your sapphire points

  • thepointsguy

    I usually wait a day

  • Scott Bernard


  • thepointsguy

    There’s no set rule- I generally waiting at least 1 month between apps. Even if you get autodenied you can always call the reconsideration line which generally approves

  • thepointsguy

    I don’t see why not as long as the expense is properly coded in the right category

  • thepointsguy

    Did you click the 60k link in the beginning of this post?

  • Ian Stifle

    Is this only a Visa, or is it possible to get a Mastercard? I only ask because I would like to put my mortgage payment on it a couple times to hit the minimum spend and it appears I can only use Matercard/Discover through chargesmart and my particular lender.

  • thepointsguy

    This is a world MasterCard

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  • DealsSeeker

    Thanks for answering my previous question. Here’s another one. I have a Chase Checking and Freedom and for some reason they haven’t been linked (earning 10 points per transaction on the Freedom etc.). When I sent a secure message to Chase, they didn’t know what I was talking about when I said “linked”. What do you suggest I do?

  • thepointsguy

    Sometimes it takes a month or so, but just confirm that you’d like to be enrolled in the Chase Exclusives program and retro credit for all transactions from the day you had both freedom and checking

  • Elena

    I just wanted to confirm that I am calculating this correctly. If I sign up for the card and spend $5,000 I will get 60,000 ultimate rewards points. So if I charge my Verizon cell phone bill ($300/mo) and my Time Warner Cable bill ($200/mo), I will get 2500 ($500 x 5x points) ultimate reward points/month. If this calculation is right, I will earn an additional 30,000 points just by charging those 2 bills and then I can transfer these to BA. Is that right? Is this a permanent offer or only quarterly like other offers Chase runs through freedom?

  • thepointsguy

    These are permanent categories and your calculations look correct to me

  • Craig

    This has probably been mentioned before, but… While they clearly check personal credit to guarentee the business products. Would this card show up on my personal credit report once the account opened?

  • Krish

    The offer is no longer available

  • thepointsguy

    Nope it sits on your business credit line

  • Matt

    Looks like it just disappeared. I opened it, got the screen shot, started filling in my Chase login info, and after I submitted my login info, it said the offer was no longer available. Rats.

  • crazypalooza

    anyone else having a problem with the link? I keep clicking but i’m getting an error about the offer not being available.

  • thepointsguy

    Looks like it was pulled :-(

  • Tj

    Clicking the link I get a message stating the offer is no longer available…

  • Matt

    If I got a screen shot, is there any chance if I apply I’ll still get the 60k? Sounds like from the Flyer Talk thread people aren’t having any luck getting their bonuses bumped.

  • thepointsguy

    I wouldn’t count on it but it never hurts to try!

  • egwg

    that was fast

  • Fran and Rowena

    Yes, thank you I did – immediately. I’ve been reading on other sites. It appears they may have pulled that offer. If you have a link that’s working, please let me know.

    I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks so much for all the information you post!

  • PJ

    it is certainly one of the best cards if not the best out ever ; I have been drooling on it :)
    a headup for people without InkBOLD. Citi world Dividend also has 5 % rebate on quarterly rotated categories..when you see ( too late this year) Utilities and Fitness and Dr Bills up for 5 % you just prepay the whole year on those items ; however 5 % on Citi is NOT as good as 5 % on Chase UR.. which I value easily 1.5 cents per point when you use them for travel as a frugal traveller

  • Matt

    I applied for the 50k Ink Bold with your link above and got approved after a call to the reconsideration line. I’ll let you know if I can get the bump (though I’m not too hopeful at this point).

  • Meghan Bell

    I just wrote in (through the secure message center) and was told that once I spent my $5k they would increase my bonus from the original 50k miles to the new 60k miles. THANK YOU TPG!!

  • Matt C

    Ink Bold 60K dead but Chase SP 50K is back!

  • DM

    I received a pending message after applying for the 30k Freedom message yesterday. I called Reconsideration immediately and an agent put me on hold for about ten minutes and returned. He told me that it would take up to two weeks to hear from Chase. I asked if he declined me; he informed me that he had recommended a 6k credit limit. I call today, there was no record of the call and the person stated that I had been declined yesterday for applying for two cards within 30 days with Chase. I asked for Reconsideration and the woman told me that I was aggressively applying for credit and she would do no such thing. After another call, I was a little luckier and lowered some limits to get the card. It has been a strange two days at Chase for me.

  • xina

    I applied early in this morning because I didn’t want to miss the opportunity. I just called them because I didn’t want to wait for another day. The agent asked a lot of things about the business. She approved me by allocating some of my personal CL to the new business card. I asked her about the bonus and she told me I would get the info in the package they would send.

  • Joshcom

    is there some way to sign up for your amazing deal alerts so I get a text message or email when you post it?

  • DM

    Apparently after calling Reconsideration at Chase, the rude representative pulled all three of my credit reports and hence told me I was aggressively seeking credit. Beware with Chase Reconsideration, if you get a surly rep, he or she may pull two additional credit reports for a mere credit card.

  • tringuyen82

    I was fortunate, applied when the 60k link was live… I love UR!

    However, I had to call the reconsideration line since I got pending review and didn’t want to wait for the letter in the mail. THANKS TPG for the link and the reconsider line. I’ve gotten approved by offering immediately to move the personal credit line to the new biz line. Great luck with the Chase rep… super nice guy. I’m starting to really really like Chase. (I’ve always held Amex in the highest regard.) Hopefully, will get the 60k or at least get the amount confirmed when I call to activate. Now… how will spend 5k in 3months?

  • Eugene Lipsky

    hey you have a typo, you list 1-800-453-9719 as both personal and business reconsideration line numbers and that’s the number for business. But no big deal, chase will transfer you to the right department.

    The reason I learned this is that I was finally declined for a credit card, first time ever :) I think the fact that this is my 3rd Chase card app in 2 months, plus all the other cards that I have including 3 other chase cards.

    Just wanted to add to my experience. First call I was turned down. Agent refused to reconsider saying it was impossible to horse trade, I was trying to do that with my Chase BA card that was due for cancellation. So I called a second time and fortunately this agent was very helpful and had no problem with approving my new card (Chase Freedom, 35K point card) and at the same time closing my BA Chase card.

    Thanks again for all your helpful posts. Wish me luck later this year when I finally start applying for new hotel cards which will of course all be chase cards.

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  • Elena

    50k bonus points + 30k for cable/cell phone here I come! I initially got the dreaded “we’ll contact you in 10 days” 9 days ago and I currently have the card in hand. By the way, I checked Chase’s website and the min spend to get the bonus 50k miles is at $10k now, so be careful which link you choose to apply for the card. I highly recommend using TPG’s link to apply.

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  • gomike

    your 50k link on this page is dead

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