Amazing Deal Alert: Buy Airline Miles for Less Than a Cent Each Via Daily Getaways and Wyndham

by on April 23, 2012 · 96 comments

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Update: The pre-sale promo code on Wyndham Rewards’ Facebook  page just went live and is: 15940. Get in on it quickly since there are only 60 presale packages available!

The third week of Daily Getaways travel promotions sponsored by American Express and U.S Travel Association continues with another five daily travel deals which go live at 1:00 pm EDT, though some will have a pre-sale beginning at 12:00 pm EDT which you can access by liking their Facebook page the day of the sale and getting the pre-sale code (which they haven’t released yet).

Remember, American Express cardmembers receive an additional 10% off so be sure to use your American Express card for maximum savings.

Today’s sale is actually pretty amazing- even if you never plan to stay at a Wyndham (but you’ll need to have a Wyndham Rewards account, so click here to join).

Monday, April 23: Wyndham Points
These are being promoted as free nights at Wyndham chain hotels, but in effect, you’re buying Wyndham Rewards points and can redeem them however you’d like. Here is the breakdown of the offers:

-1 night (16,000 Wyndham points) at a Super 8 for $55. ($90 value) 750 available/150 during presale.
-2 nights (28,000 Wyndham points) at a Days Inn for $76. ($124 value) 350 available/75 during presale.
-2 nights at a Ramada (32,000 Wyndham points) for $110 ($180 value) 350 available/70 during presale.
-2 nights (50,000 Wyndham points) at a Wyndham Hotels & Resorts for $143 ($234 value) 300 available/60 during presale.
-3 nights (48,000 Wyndham points) at Wingate for $165 ($270 value) 250 available/ 50 during presale.

Basically for all of these you are buying the respective amount of points required to stay at the brands listed above but there really isn’t any reason you couldn’t redeem at any of the brands or just to build up your Wyndham Rewards points for an even better award, like airline miles. These points expire 4 years from the date of deposit unless you cancel your account or it remains inactive for 18 months. No more than one set of points purchased through this offer are allowed per Wyndham Reward number.

Is this worth it since these points are being sold for as little as 3/10 of a cent each? Yes if you plan to redeem for free nights at Wyndham properties and even more so to purchase airline miles on the cheap.

They transfer into a bunch of airline programs at a 2.5:1 ratio in segments of 8,000 points -> 3,200 miles. That would mean if you purchased the largest package of 50,000 points for $128.70 (10% discount with Amex card), you could convert those points into 19,200 airline miles (including American, Aeroplan, Air Berlin, Delta, US Airways, United and US Airways) and you’d still have 2,000 points leftover. Spending $128.70 to get 19,200 airline miles is paying less than 7/10th of a cent per piece- an amazing deal, no matter how you slice it! Airlines normally sell miles for ~3 cents a piece and even 1.5 is an amazing deal. For example, US Airways has 90,000 mile business class awards to certain countries in Asia. That means if you theoretically paid .67 cents per mile, that roundtrip would cost you less than $603 (plus taxes)!

Wyndham Airline Transfers: 8,000 points = 3,200 Airline miles

They allow you to use your points for gift cards on dining (Panera, Starbucks, Subway, etc) and 6,500 points = $25 or 4/10 of a cent in value. So while that’s more than 3/10 of a cent purchase price. So for example, you can get 32,000 points for $99 and then you’d be just 500 points shy of redeeming for 5 $25 gift cards, so coming back with almost a 25% return on investment. Not really amazing, but still an opportunity.

Overall, this Wyndham deal has several angles and I will most likely try to get in for the airline miles- especially since they transfer to US Airways and I may hold off transferring until this fall when US hopefully runs another Grand Slam promotion.

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  • John

    I have liked Wyndam on Facebook but I do not see the promo code on their page, anyone having this issue?

  • Wesley Choate

    Quick question, in your example you used the 48k for $165 (then the discount) but wouldn’t the 50k at $143 be better? I just want to make sure I am not reading it wrong. It appears you can get 50k points less than 48k points. Just curious.

  • Wesley Choate

    I “liked” them as well and no code. Maybe it shows up closer to noon?

  • thepointsguy

    Correct- I updated- the best deal is the 50k points for $128.70 (which includes 10% amex discount)

  • Winger13

    Two questions:

    1) Is there any fee (e.g. handling fee, processing fee,etc) imposed for transferring the points from Wyndham account to the airline FF account?

    2) Is there a deadline for this deal ? I mean, it will take me about three to five days (from now) to:
    a) signup for the account and
    b) make a Wyndham point purchase.

    OR, do both a) and b) need to be done today (4/23 Monday) to qualify?


  • Pat

    When creating the Wyndham account, does it matter which award preference is noted (i.e. airlines miles or Wyndham points)?

  • Wesley Choate

    Last time I bought something on these Daily Getaways offer it was sold out within a few minutes. I literally had to sit and hit refresh waiting on it to open, and then click and buy fast. So I would say most likely all of these will sell out today. (Although if someone has different information, please feel free to correct me).

  • The Deal Mommy

    if it’s like the PC promo, the code will show up just before noon.

  • sfobuddy

    Love this promotion. Hate that everyone on your blog now knows about it ;-)

  • Grant

    There is a limit of 1 set of points purchased per Wyndham account.
    What You Receive: 50,000 points, valid for a 2-night stay, at this reward tier deposited into your Wyndham Rewards® account
    Dates of Travel: Anytime until points expire 4 years from date of deposit, unless forfeited or canceled earlier due to membership inactivity for eighteen (18) months.
    Max. Quantity per Purchase: 1. No more than 1 set of points purchased through this offer are allowed per Wyndham Rewards® number.

    Experience rewards and rewarding experiences.

    Whether you’re planning a shopping excursion to New York City or a romantic getaway to San Francisco, Wyndham Rewards® has you covered.
    Receive 50,000 Wyndham Rewards points you can use for 2 nights at Wyndham Hotels and Resorts – or choose from thousands of other locations, including TRYP by Wyndham®, Wingate by Wyndham®, Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham®, Dream, Night, Ramada®, Days Inn®, Super 8®, Baymont Inn & Suites®, Microtel Inns & Suites®, Howard Johnson®, Travelodge®, and Knights Inn®. The choice is yours.
    These points can be redeemed for 2 nights in a standard room at participating locations and brands (including Wyndham Hotels & Resorts). Includes room rate and tax. No blackout dates apply to reward stays.
    You must be a Wyndham Rewards member to take advantage of this offer, so be sure to sign up here=.
    Check out some of the great destinations where you can stay using your 50,000 points:

    New York
    San Francisco
    And more!
    For further details, please refer to the “Redemption” and “Terms & Conditions” tabs.

  • Jack Barnes

    Can we confirm that they can also be transferred to airline partners?

  • Travelkeys

    I am signing up for a Wyndham account. Does it matter what I select here for this question?

    How would you like to be rewarded? Choose to earn Wyndham Rewards points, airline miles or rail points.
    NOTE: If you prefer airline miles or rail points, be sure to enter your frequent traveler number and name as it appears on your account.

  • Phil

    unfortunately with all the blogging of the daily getaways the juicy stuff like this will turn into a lotto and very few people will get in on the deal. good luck…!

  • thepointsguy

    Doesn’t matter- that’s only for when you Stay at a Wyndham and want to bank airline miles instead of points

  • thepointsguy

    Yes- you are simply buying Wyndham points which can be used to transfer to airlines

  • Eric

    Of course I would have to be in China this week where I can’t access Facebook.

  • thepointsguy

    Use astrill VPN to get around the great firewall- worked like a charm for me

  • Wesley Choate

    Nope. That is only how you want points accrued when you stay at Wyndham (per TPG on a different post)

  • Pete

    Can we make two or more Wyndham accounts and buy 2 deals (e.g. transfer 50,000 points into united and another 50,000 into a different program)? Anyone doing this?

  • Eric

    Thanks for the tip. I didn’t even know that existed. I’ve really missed Twitter the past few days.

  • Pete

    Can’t even create a Wyndham account right now, they are having technical difficulties

  • Aaron Reese

    I think a lot of people are missing the fact that you can’t just transfer these points straight up. They have to be done in bundles of 8,000, 17,500, or 30,000 points. Thus, only the 16,000, 32,000, and 48,000 packages (the “bad deals”) transfer evenly (in increments of 8k). If you buy the 28,000 package, the closest you can get is 8,000+17,500=25,500 with 2,500 leftover. With the 50k, you can do 8,000 x 7 = 48,000 points with 2,000 left over. If you could somehow get an extra 1,000 wyndham points, then you could do 17,500+17,500+8,000+8,000 = 51,000 points.

    Is my math wrong here, or are people just sitting on some extra Wyndham points that help them work the transfer ratios?

  • thepointsguy

    The 50k package is the best deal- cheaper than the 48k by $20- and you have a couple thousand left over after the 48k transfer

  • Pete

    Pointsguy, any suggestion on creating >1 account and buying >1 deal?

  • Erik

    As I tweeted. I’d never tell anyone not to share information. I’m just sad that in this particular case there are going to be far more disappointed people than usual. Nearly every travel blog has written about it, some more than once.

  • thepointsguy

    I’m sure it can be done.. Good luck being able to buy multiple packages though!

  • thepointsguy

    I’d personally rather be disappointed than clueless

  • iahphx

    The problem is that all the bloggers are making it impossible for the FOLKS MOST INTERESTED in these deals — the ones who follow it closely — to “win” points. It’s probably impossible to put the genie back in the bottle, but it would be best for everyone — including the bloggers themselves — not to post stories about offers where the supply simply cannot handle the demand created by the blogs.

  • Erik

    I agree with that statement.

    I just don’t think many realize how few of these packages there are. Which really begs the question why the quantity hasn’t increased over the several years they’ve done this. Between the travel blogs and Amex and USTA both using social media to push this more than the previous two years, one might think this has the risk of creating negative publicity for the program.

  • Viva_luckenbac


    Maybe there should be a contest for the “FOLKS MOST INTERESTED”. Whomever raises their hand up the fastest and highest “wins”.

    Suck it up and get in line like the rest of us.

  • Stavraetos

    It says that you can only buy 1 set of points, can someone verify, does this mean you can only pick one of the deals? Or… can you buy 1 of each?

    I know some programs allow you to transfer your points to anybody’s account, does Wyndham have any such transfer partners? This would allow someone else to buy this deal (SO, other family, friend) and then transfer the points to one of your airline accounts.

  • Caroline

    Do you guys know if it really takes 6-8 weeks for the miles to post? I need some Skymiles soon, I am afraid this won’t work.

  • Erik


  • Erik

    Exactly. Thinking someone has greater privilege than another is ridiculous.

    I just miss the days when we all had to work for this info and it wasn’t so readily spoonfed to everyone. That’s why I prefer forums to blogs. But this game is mainstream now and it’s simply the reality we must all deal with – win some, lose some.

  • dakid23

    If i use my Amex i got 10% automatically?

  • Ram Kashyap

    Code # 15940

  • Jon

    Pre-sale code is 15940

  • ATLJason

    Presale was sold out by 12:02

  • Ram Kashyap

    I cannot get any of the packs. Will keep trying.

  • Jackdaniels

    They had to post the code last second..thanks Wyndham

  • Andrew L

    Got 50k! :)
    Did anyone else here manage to grab a pre-sale?

  • Dbennett

    Don’t get discouraged…I snagged the 32,000 pt deal about 10 minutes in to the presale. Kept telling me to “Try Again” and finally went through. Also, the Citi Am Ex does give you the 10% discount.

  • SeattleTrick

    I got the same error, but I got an email that they detected a duplicate account and sent me the account details. I dont recall creating wyndham account, my only dealing with them has been a timeshare presentation.

  • MoneyHoney

    Oh well…maybe I will get it at 1pm or maybe not…wish they offered more of them. Thanks for the info!

  • Rpj2k002

    Blah no luck

  • Mallory

    I also got 50k, a few minutes after the code was released at 12pm as promised. Going to try for 28k more at 1pm.

  • Dbennett

    You get the points in 7-10 days. Not sure how long it takes to convert to Skymiles.

  • Rich Bakken

    Just managed to get the 32k offer for $99…still seems like a steal. Tried the 50k offer first and got the cart notice…

  • ShopDroid

    Sorry, the item(s) you selected
    is currently in someone else’s cart.

  • pcg

    Nothing but this. (Why does this remind me of trying to buy Radiohead tickets that are sold out before they even go on sale?!)

  • Samuel Adams

    I clicked on the buy now about 10 seconds after 1 pm and got the message it is already in someone else’s card and to please try again. What a bunch of boloney

  • ShopDroid

    I clicked buy now at 1pm sharp, and actually got to put in my windham number, but then got an error after that. Then it’s nothing but this. None of these sites (even is set up to handle large volume correctly. Sigh, another waste of time.

  • Dgitalia

    Got one

  • Yi

    Click almost 5 seconds after 1:00pm and got the message like “in other’s cart”. But hey, don’t give up, about 2 minutes later, I got to buy 50K points.

  • MrAOK

    Thanks for the tip! I got in at 1 p.m. for the 50,000 points

  • tber

    Fantastic! presale was sold out but got the 50K at 1pm. Looking forward to a future transfer to US Airways for United use! Thanks TPG!

  • Pkerr

    Got 3 of the packages! One on pre-sale and two the “regular” way.

  • MrAOK

    Did you buy for multiple accounts? I thought it was one per account

  • Sold Out


  • MilesRunner

    I was clicking in less than 5 sec, and got nothing on any offer!

  • Jon

    “There is a limit of 1 set of points purchased per Wyndham account.”
    FYI, this statement means you can purchase one set of points PER DEAL (or 2 sets of points for the Super 8/16,000 points offer). Not that it matters much since the quantity is so limited and this offer has been publicized so much.

  • Gary72

    Lost on the pre sale, but at 10:00 sharp was able to pull in the 32,000 points for $99. While my original intent was to just transfer to UAL, I may have to reconsider as I see that some of the NYC properties can be had for 2 nights with the 32,000 points (a $400-550) value…

  • Dan Bielik

    Managed to get 28K points after a few refreshes.

  • Jon

    Grabbed 28k points after the offer expired from someones’ cart. This was extremely hard to come by! I was hoping for 50k as well, but you can’t win them all!

  • Stavraetos

    All sold out… I tried and tried to no avail… I had no clue how crazy it was going to be until I saw the facebook page, 100+ likes and dozens of comments just for the presale!

  • Elenagarcia07

    looks like they are all sold out already :/

  • msp2anywhere

    Skunked! Started pinging from two computers at 1200CT, no joy. Resubmitted every few seconds for 10 min…

    Congrats to those that scored!

  • arcticbull

    Total of 32K for $100, just like last year. This time though, I’m going to save one bundle for Grand Slam :D Favorite event of the year haha, been planning since the last one ended…

  • Coutureguy

    “very few people will get in on the deal.” Well… there are a fixed number of packages being offered, so that fixed number of people are going to get in on the deal, no matter how many people blog about it. I agree that they should increase the number of packages, otherwise as someone else said below, folks will be disappointed and get a negative view of these “specials”

  • john

    This was very entertaining. Thanks TPG for the post .

  • Miro

    Not fair and good that cannot be used by non-US and non-Canadian citizens… :(((

  • Miro Haček

    Not fair and not good that it cannot be used by non-US/Canada citizens :((((

  • lu

    scored 82k for $227.70
    1x 32k
    1x 50k

  • x†c

    waiting for a 50% transfer bonus to either US or AA like they did in the past ( and hopefully turn that 19.2k miles into 28.8k, or .5cpm for me (i got in on the $165 deal at .77cpm)

  • Bob

    Manager to buy 80k total, Will end up as 32k UA.

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  • iahphx

    It’s not “greater privilege,” but if you market a promo “to the masses,” you have to compete with the masses. There is no doubt that sites like this make it MUCH EASIER to figure out these promos and participate. Heck, thepointsguy even posts the ratios and tells you which offer to try to buy (which is a bit like “magic hours” in Disney — it’s better to go to the parks without them). It’s why flyertalkers are increasingly reluctant to share their best deals. If you share, it becomes a lottery, and your knowledge becomes much less useful.

    On the other hand, unless they all got together and agreed, I don’t see how the ff bloggers would ever exercise the restraint necessary not to kill these golden geese.

  • john

    Can Wyndam points be transferred to anyone’s Frequent Flyer account?

  • Andrew L

    I got 50k @ 12 and 48k @ 1. :-)

  • Joel

    404 error. Take out the parentheses and the link works.

  • Aaron Reese

    It was one package per account (except the 16k deal, which was 2 per account). In theory, if it didn’t sell out so quick, you could get 2 16ks, 1 28k, 1 32k, 1 48k, and 1 50k package with one Rewards account.

  • Aaron Reese

    Managed to get a 16k deal at noon, and a 28k deal at 1 pm (after refreshing for 5 minutes because it was “in someone’s cart”). Wished I could have gotten the 50 and called it a day, but I was on an iPhone…so I consider my fingers to be pretty fast!

    I have to say though, I loved watching the people on the Wyndham FB page flip out for 2 hours previous to the sale, with various iterations of “OMG CODE PLEASE WHERE” and people posting fake codes to troll people. Someone was trying to call in to Wyndham customer support to buy a deal. Amazed at how little reading comprehension some people have.

  • mchao

    Got 16,000 pts. for $49.50 using my Amex card. Decided to play it safe since there were a lot more of these packages available, and I mainly needed them to top off my Aadvantage account.

  • Bill

    But Travel blogs sponsored by these companies will get rich!

  • Karl Mitchell

    Thanks for this! 50,000 pts scored before 1:01pm EST! Wish I’d had time for the 28,000 one too, but c’est la vie. Any idea if it goes straight into your Wyndham account even if your earning preference is for miles?

  • Winger13

    looks like all sold out

  • Thunderstorm

    I would say, A day late and a dollar short, BK.
    Why don’t the bloggers alert us the evening before?
    Yes, I’m a bitter bitter man who never got in on this and posted the same on MMSecrets, but WHY, WHY couldn’t we have read this ultra-super-urgent analysis about this specific deal yesterday????!!! If it was that super important (which it was) why not tell us about it in advance?! Some of us are on West Coast time and lose out big time (including the Oscars).

    This Sucks!!!

  • Thunderstorm

    BK, now you owe it to sell me 140,000 Wyndham points which I need to spend 10 days at the Days Inn Manhattan in June. So delve into your stash and fork it over.

    Come on now…

  • thepointsguy

    I wish I could, but I didn’t even get a package!

  • Jake

    I can’t figure out how to buy these on the site – when i click your link, says presale – click and nothing…frustrated…thoughts?

  • Aaron Reese

    Many, many bloggers talked about this when Dailygetaways first revealed it! Just gotta read =)

  • Asdf

    I bought 1 x 50,000 and 1 x 32,000.
    Plan to redeem for UA via 1 x 17,000 = 17,000 and
    8 x 8,000 = 64,000 for a total of 81,500 of 82k converted
    to 32,600 UA miles for a total of $227.70 = 0.699 cents / mile.

  • arcticbull

    Haha I had an alert on my calendar for all the good ones a week ago :D

  • Cmtrepp

    a little late, wouldn’t you say?

  • boponcek

    I read you everyday…. This, however, is a little …. late…..

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  • Andrew L

    My 98,000 points posted this morning.

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