10,000 Free Amex Points For Enrolling in Extended Payment Option

by on April 10, 2012 · 65 comments

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Update: Offers for the Extended Payment Option are no longer available.

American Express charge cards are known for requiring payment in full every month or else you get hit with sky-high interest rates and fees. However, American Express is now offering the option to pay certain large purchases over time and most importantly, they are offering 5,000-10,000 Membership Rewards points for cardholders who add this Extended Payment Option to accounts on charge cards like the Platinum and Premier Rewards Gold. I remember seeing this promo in the fall and when I tried to enroll, it rejected my cards. However, this time around I registered and it accepted so I have 5,000 Amex points coming my way! This may still be targeted, so don’t get angry if it doesn’t accept your card.

There are two current offers – I’d try for 10,000 then 5,000

10,000 point registration link

5,000 point Registration link.

The great thing is that you don’t actually have to use this optional service to get the points- per the T&C. “To be eligible to get bonus points, you must be enrolled in the Membership Rewards® program at the time of enrollment in these features. Only one bonus offer per Membership Rewards account is permitted, and bonus points will be credited to your account within 6-8 weeks after enrollment. Maximum 5,000 points per account. Bonus ID: 7908 and 7906

The Amex Extended Payment Option enrollment page with promo details.

I’d just caution that, as usual, whenever you incur interest charges, they basically negate the value of any points you earn from charging an expense in the first place, so this isn’t a chance to rack up huge amounts of consequence-free points, but rather is designed as a stop-gap for small businesses or individuals who need to make purchases beyond their current means without ruining their credit.

Hat tip TPG Twitter follower @Manuel_C!

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  • Sean Buchanan

    This hasn’t worked for me any time it’s been offered. The only MR card I have is the Premier Gold Business though so maybe it’s only for personal cards?

  • Priceline

    Thank you! I just enrolled. User your link, entered my card number and voila.

  • Sam

    Looks like there is a 10,000 point offer via this FT link:

    I registered using that link yesterday and it accepted my registration. Now it’s wait and see if I get the points.

  • Clay

    They offered it to me on my business platinum last year. I took the points but I am afraid of my staff missing a payment and getting charged interest on our large monthly spend..

  • Valerie M

    It would not allow me to register either my gold or my husband’s gold cards. =(

  • ThatGuy64

    “We’re sorry but we are unable to approve your request. If you have questions, please call the customer service phone number on the back of your Card.”

    Any thoughts? I’m using a Gold Premier Personal

  • David

    I got this offer in an email last week and applied. I was accepted and I got my 5,000 points credited to my account yesterday so it does not take the 6 to 8 weeks mentioned in the terms and conditions.

  • Andre LaPlume

    Already enrolled. Drat!

  • Karo

    I was too fast on the trigger and enrolled via the 5k link, so I called Platinum customer service and they noted my account so that I’ll be awarded the additional 5k points.

  • GE

    Says I’m already enrolled. Don’t remember receiving bonus MR points for such an offer. Sent them a message asking if I could get credited the points anyway. Any experience in getting points retroactively?

  • Sam

    just clicked on the link, put in my login and it asked my annual income. got the message “Thank You. You are now enrolled in the Extended Payment Option for your Premier Rewards Gold Card – 21xxx. Please allow 24-48 hours for your enrollment to be processed.” Should i assume it worked?

  • noel

    enrolled successfully under the 10,000 point link. hopefully the points post. Thanks!

  • Priceline

    Good to know. I was too fast too and registered via the 5K promo :(

  • Matt MSP

    Unable to get the 5k or 10k to work on my Platinum. Bummer!

  • PG

    I’m plat and it rejected mine.

  • Xu_ziheng

    couldn’t get approved for the ‘extended payment option’ … when I first enrolled my Plat online i had declined Amex’s ‘pay over time’ offer. guess it’s karma

  • Gavinmac11

    Thanks, enrolled my PRG for the 10k deal. It would not let me enroll my other card, a business platinum.

  • Bud

    Was apporved instantly.. but saw no mention of the 10k… when will that take effect do you know? :)

  • CU

    nice — thanks TPG. My husband and I each got the 10,000 points :)

  • Rob

    The 10k is for Platinum cards only. My PRG went through instantly (yay! 5k!), my Platinum failed, the rep told me its because the card is too new and to wait a few months and try again. Hope there is an offer then!

  • Andrew

    for credit reports, does this now turn into a “credit card” as opposed to a charge card?

  • peter

    Was denied via the link but called AMEX to see if they can add the offer to my card. They said they weren’t able to do it over the phone but the system is currently being updated so to try again later…(I tried the 10,000 pts link)

  • db

    Same thing here plat card accepted on the 10K link, but no confirmation of the 10K MR, any ideas if they will post?

  • onlytoto

    Ouch, I just registered the 5k link and then see the 10k one.

  • Evan

    I was able to enroll my AXP PRG card last night with the 5,000 point link. Is it worth secure messaging AXP to ask for an additional 5,000 points? If yes, thoughts on doing that before or after the points post?

  • Tt

    Enrolled both a plat and gold premier rewards… now to see if the bonuses come in

  • Modernhaus

    Lame! AMEX added the extended payment option onto my account automatically after I had the charge card for a year, and now I can’t get the points for doing it :(

  • arcticbull

    10,000 free points. Thanks!

  • arcticbull

    Nope, it doesn’t. You still have the soft limit, and they will still report the maximum you’ve ever charged as your credit limit.

  • Clay

    Called AMEX and they said in order to enroll you have to have be a member for 13 months…anyone know if there’s a way to get around this?

  • Peach Front

    Oh man, YESTERDAY Amex sent me a direct email asking me to sign up for this option. ZERO points offered in the email. I don’t sign into my account any time I come from an email, or I would have taken the bait. At least I now have a chance of getting the points. Signed up through the 10K link and was accepted after I confirmed my income. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Suzannehendrix

    Did not work for me. I tried online, no luck, then called in and was on the phone for 30+ minutes, back and forth with a rep, and ultimately they said my Platinum card was not eligible. I got the Platinum card last July, so maybe it has to be open longer to qualify.

  • PJ

    targeted invitaton only ? :(

  • PJ

    i think I put in my Platinum ,GPR was already sweettalked into it ( silly me) , and 3 other GPRs for my family member tho it is sad did not work for the CEO of my family – my wife

    thanks for the headup

  • PJ

    that is NOT true other than me, all my family members got their GPR cards around last aug-sep

  • PJ

    i got my Platinum last july i think

  • Shannon Anderson

    Worked for me. Platinum enrolled 10k points. w00t! My Gold Card is a biz card and I couldn’t see a way to enroll it. I guess this is for personal only.

  • jimmy threatt

    Dangit, I wish this was available for the spg amex as well.

  • Michael Crook

    It says I’m already enrolled (PRG). I have no recollection of ever enrolling. Does anyone think it’s worth sending a secure message and asking if they’ll comp me the points?

  • Anon

    they ask for annual salary .. do you think they will do a credit check also? (hard or soft?)

  • Jon

    I have the Business Rewards Gold card, and I can’t successfully register for either the 5k or 10k point promo. I may send AmEx Customer Service a secure message to see if there are any offers available for my business card.

  • Mike

    Wohoo, 10k link worked for me as well =D

    It enrolled automatically under my Platinum card.

  • Scott

    I enrolled for the 5k back in novemeber and the points never posted. the annual fee is coming due, so im just going to cancel the card

  • Cognitive Bias

    Enrolled, now waiting for the bonus to show up.
    Thanks TPG!

  • Tm1128

    Signe up for 10,000 Free Amex Points For Enrolling in Extended Payment Option in January. Just called the
    number in back of my card to find out the status of the 10,000 free points and was told that I had to call
    and talk to a representative in order to get the points and the current offer was no longer valid. And since
    I signed up online they will not give me the points. This after I fought tooth and nail to get the promised
    50k bonus points for the original signup bonus for the card, I’ve had it with Amex. I’ve been with them
    for 17 years now.

  • Steve

    I registered using the 10k link. There was no mentio of 10k points after clicking through. Hopefully they post!

  • Kirik

    Got my PRG Card enrolled with the 10k link. Thanks. :)

  • Lawrence

    Wasn’t there some downside to doing this? I thought I remembered something about this a while back. Maybe you gave up some right or something? Anyone remember or know of a downside?

  • Nick M.

    Does anybody know if they do a hard pull for this? There is language in there about checking your credit but it does not make it clear. Thanks!

  • Sean

    yesterday Plat, today PRG
    will I get 20, we shall see

  • Clarke Gasper

    same here =(

  • Nick M.

    Points Guy, did you do this? If so, did they do a hard pull on you? Thanks!

  • PJ

    IT IS NOT the card you have had for less than year that caused the rejection; IT must be the credit score on the primary user of the account;

    I am an AU for 5 accounts which were opened at the same time ; the one rejected have much lower credit socre due to a disputed billing error with Verizon and the delinquency was reported by the collection agency

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  • PJ

    anybody got the 10K bonus posted yet ?
    the Amess ( not amex) asked me to provide bonus ID etc what a mess after we all went through the link and was confirmed we were in

  • maksimk82

    So I was accepted for the 5k for my PRG card back in April but have not received any points yet. I know it says 6-8 weeks and it’s only been 5 weeks but has anyone received their points yet?

  • Jfreudiger

    Yes, right after i enrolled i copied and pasted the bonus points T&C in an email and sent it to them in the secure message center. I got my 10k points about 5 days after that. I sent the email 3 business days after i signed up.

  • R-info

    Signed up successfully but didn’t get points. Called Amex to request them, was told that I had to be targeted for the offer.

  • Milezjunkie

    Did anyone get the bonus points for signing up for this? I signed up for both my Platinum and Gold cards and never received any bonus points. I guess it’s time to call MR.

  • Sean

    It let me enroll my Plat and PRG in the 10k promotion above on April 11. No points so I called today, was able to get 5k for each card posted instantly. I’ll take it.

  • milezjunkie

    I sent a SM a week ago asking for my points. They said it was targeted and were forwarding my message to the marketing department to research. Yesterday I got the points. I too had signed up for both Gold and Platinum but it says max 10K per MR account, not credit card account. I’m happy with 10K.

  • Kaman Cali

    Finally posted! Took 3 months…..

  • luvmypoints

    got points on 2 accounts today!

  • Kirik

    I called a week ago about the bonus not being posted to my account. CSR opened up a ticket/investigation or something and 10k MR points posted today to my PRG account. :)

  • noname

    You had to verify your income and they made a soft pull on your credit. You also had to make sure you paid off everything, because the eligible purchases are automatically put in the pay-over-time pool.

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