Amazing Deal Alert: Today Only- 75,000 Points for Amex Business Rewards Gold!

by on February 29, 2012 · 79 comments

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Update: There is no current sign up bonus for the American Express Business Gold Rewards Card.

TPG reader Ted sends in an awesome deal: 75,000 American Express Membership Rewards points for opening the Business Rewards Gold card and spending $10,000 within the first four months. Application link which appears only valid for applications received on February 29, 2012.
This card currently has a 0 point public sign-up bonus and even when it first launched in August it was 50,000, but they did run another one-day only 75,000 point promotion in November that many TPG readers were able to take advantage of.

This card earns triple points on airfare, double points on gasoline at U.S. stand-alone gas stations, double points at U.S. stand-alone supermarkets, and single points on other purchases. The T&C state that you need to apply by today using Bonus ID A2AA, but there is nowhere on the application to enter that promo code. However, if you go through the application I recommend taking a screen shot of your information with the 75,000 point sign-on bonus information along the right hand side of the screen just to be safe.

2 To be eligible to receive the bonus points, you must (1) apply for the new Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN using Bonus ID A2AA prior to termination of this offer, but in no event later than February 29, 2012, and (2) charge $10,000 of eligible purchases on the Business Gold Rewards Card in the first 120 days of Card membership. The bonus points will be credited to your Membership Rewards® account 6-8 weeks after you have met the purchase requirement. Offer limited to 75,000 bonus points per Card account. Existing American Express OPEN Gold Card members are not eligible for this offer. This is a limited time offer, which may be terminated by American Express at any time. Offer may not be combined with any other promotional offers. Membership Rewards program terms and conditions apply.

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  • Victoria Plum

    Is American Express as flexible as Citi has been with approving business cards for folks who don’t actually have a business but instead use their own name and social security number for their business info?

  • John McGowan

    Thanks TPG and Ted! I have been waiting for a great bonus, just got off the phone (had to verify some info from the online app) and they approved with confirmation of the 75k MR with $10k spend.

  • Phil

    Thanks to Ted and thank you TPG for posting on. I have ribbed you plenty for pimping credit card referals so glad to see this gets posted even though you won’t get credited for it… i.e. posted because it’s just a great deal

  • DoubleA

    I assume people holding the personal premier gold rewards card are still eligible for this offer?

  • thepointsguy


  • thepointsguy

    Yes from what I hear ( I actually have an LLC and EIN), but others feel free to chime in

  • Dutchkin_77

    I got my card and 50,000 pts recently. Would they bump me?

  • RyanY

    I just got it! I have a tutoring business as a Sole Proprietorship. I had to call customer care but I had an amazingly friendly woman ask me about my business. I was worried they’d ask for some tax returns or something like that but she approved me within 5 minutes. She asked questions about what I want to use the card for, what kind of business I have, etc.

  • thepointsguy

    Certainly never hurts to ask!

  • Jon

    He still snuck in a couple links to other cards that he earns a commission on….though this is how he earns his income, and I would certainly do the same if I were in his shoes!

  • Neel

    Stupid question- I have AMEX plat already. Am I able to combine points I’ve already earned from that with this AMEX card?

  • thepointsguy

    Yes- all cards enrolled in Membership Rewards link to one account

  • Shids

    I have 2 Premier rewards for two different businesses, The first, they refused me the 50k bonus miles which was offered, unfortunately I did not take a screen shot. The second, I applied for the 75k November special, they refused to give the 75k only 50k. Fortunately I did make a screen shot and am still fighting with them. They repeatedly deny all my requests for bonuses even with legitimate entitlement. Another example is the 2x postage points. They do not apply on their own you have to constantly call to get anything .Its a great program and I spend a lot, you would think they value the business, but they give me such a hard time its almost not worth the aggravation.

  • LarryinNYC

    Any creative suggestions on meeting the relatively high spending requirement?

  • Ben

    Just scored this offer using my social security number. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  • Roburg

    Just signed up myself and my wife for a fast 150K points, nice!

  • Enigma

    Amex is much more flexible than citi in approving the card with just SSN and your own name as business.

  • NickM

    What’s the annual fee?

  • studd

    AMEX just does not award these bonuses, u have to fight for it. So you have to ask yourself if its worth all that trouble…

  • Mike

    Just got activated. Thanks so much!

  • oldmanpeabody

    Anybody else get this message at the end of the application?

    “Your application has been received and is being processed.”

  • oldmanpeabody

    Just kidding, guess that was the intermediate step. Approved!

    Took screenshots of the entire process just to be certain that Amex doesn’t try to pull a fast one…

    Thanks so much TPG and Ted!!

  • pcovington

    I got this card for my business last year with a similar bonus– have an LLC with EIN. Is it possible for my business partner to get the bonus using business EIN and their social security number or would my getting a the bonus last year negate this?

  • econjon

    Awesome! Thanks!!!

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  • RJ

    I got this card in late 2010. Got the 75k bonus, and closed the card late 2011. Would I be eligible for the bonus if I reapplied? I also have the personal Premier Rewards gold card.

  • TravelShooter

    Go to hospital in foreign country;
    (must be emergency)
    Pay with credit card;
    Report expenditures to your BCBS plan;
    Get refund check.
    (except for non-approved FDA drugs)

    Is that creative enough?

  • M.

    Can we get a post on the best use of Amex points? I have a ton but with the BA devaluation, am not really sure how best to use them.

    Thanks for everything on this blog -it’s a huge help.

  • xtc

    applied for same card back in november for 75k twice, got the points both times no problem

  • Mike A

    If buying an airlinne ticket through the Amex website, will this card get you 4x the points?

  • thepointsguy

    Yep though make sure the price isn’t more than other places

  • Mike A

    Woohoo, just got approved by using my own name as a Sole Proprietorship.

  • Cc

    what can you do with american expres points?

  • moibm

    Just Got Approved in 60 secs…. awesome. Now have to figure out a way to put 10K on the card in 4 months….Any suggestions?

  • MilesRunner

    My wife got this card last year using our LLC and EIN. If I apply in my name with the same EIN now, will I be eligible for the bonus?

  • calbear77

    I can report the same experience for my Business Gold Card in that Amex credited the 75K as soon as I reached the spending limit. I didn’t even have to wait until the next statement date, and I didn’t even have to pay off the $10K before I saw the points in my account. My experience with Amex so far has been very good.

    Perhaps studd is referring to the fact that Amex seems to have left some people high and dry on that bump bonus fiasco back in August. My wife applied for that while it was definitely a lot of work to get them to post those points, persistence did pay off and we got the 75K.

    Now we’re just hoping for a lucrative Delta bonus (67%, I hope!!!) in order to transfer the points.

  • calbear77

    yes. Spend lavishly.

    Ok, in all seriousness, try frontloading some of your spending, for example if you go to Costco, buy a very large gift card that you can spend over time. Or, put all your yearly charitable donations on the card.

    I make a yearly gift to my university that allowed me to get this card back in November and barely eek out the spending limit.

    But my experience with Amex cards has been a little mixed since the acceptance rate of these cards is far from 100%. Some of my planned spending had to be put on other cards, and that made it doubly tough. So not only do you have to spend a lot of money, you have to do it at places that actually take Amex.

  • SeattleTrick

    Sweet, I got mine in Nov, was PO’d I didnt apply for my wife at that time, did it now, got approved, looking good so far.
    Sole Proprietorship, business name same as name

  • calbear77

    The “BA devaluation” was a long haul devaluation. The short haul flights are actually an incredible value now, because what used to cost 12500 miles can now cost as little as 4500. Plus, the fact that Amex often offers bonuses for transferring points to various programs, you can do even better. My wife and I recently got 2 one way tickets from Lima to Cusco for our upcoming trip that would have cost us over $500. But with the 30% bonus that Amex offered for BA transfers, this was only 7000 total points for the two tickets.

    If we could continue to get awards at that clip, the 75K bonus would be worth over five grand. And of course, depending on how you spend the $10K minimum, you’ll have at least 85K total points after this, which would be worth over six grand, or over 60% of the value of your spend.

    And that’s just BA and doesn’t consider any other possible benefit. Not bad, I say.

  • Cruisr

    Thanks. Just applied and was instantly approved via the link you provided. I printed out the screen shot that shows 75K for the spend. Now to get creative with the spend.

  • thepointsguy

    Generally taking advantage of transfer bonuses. Delta awards are good on partners (which are always at the low level). British Airways great for short haul- anything not to Europe/Australia/Ultra long haul. Flying Blue for Promo Awards in business class. Aeroplan for round the world routings.

    Have written about all of them at one point or another.. if you can do the 10k spend you should be able to get a ton of value out of the 75k!

  • Roburg

    Amazon Payments from person A to B then B to C then C to A ($3K a month for 4 months = $12K)

    $3K AMEX Gift cards only cost $12 so spend $4000 over 4 months then buy two of those for less than $25 in fees.

    Buy something worth $10K with a 90 day return policy like nice watch, get the points deposited, transfer them out, the return teh watch

  • MJLouise

    I can’t believe just today I was thinking gosh I don’t have any minimum spends coming up for a while. Guess I’ll need to be creative. I’m going to be buying gift cards at business office stores, online and IRL, to help stack the 5% MR points back.

  • Roburg

    Since this is a business charge card once you hit the spending can you just let the balance sit on the card until you can pay it off since there isn’t any interest on charge cards or will this hurt your personal credit score?

  • AK

    Got this message: “Your application has been received and is being processed.” I have a Amex Plat (got it under the 100K promo). Applied using my own name as a Sole Proprietorship. Should I be calling customer care or just wait for the written response?

  • thepointsguy

    Mine said that and then when I went through the final stages it said approved. I would wait until tomorrow and then call for the status and try to talk your way into an approval if needed.

  • thepointsguy

    You have to pay the balance off in full by the due date or else you face insane interest charges

  • Breedlovej

    Valuing these points for travel at a minimum of 1.2 cpm (standing 20% rebate when booking flights through them) you look like you come out with $900. Using squareup to just pay yourself, the transaction cost of $10000 is $275 netting you $625 if you absolutely don’t spend any of that another way. Thoughts?

  • AK

    Thanks. I called customer care and they mentioned a specialized team is processing the application and would need some more time to finalize/approve the application. I’ll wait until tomorrow before reaching out to them again.

  • TravelShooter

    Is there a way to buy stocks/equities with credit card?

  • Marylynn

    Just got mine. We’re traveling to Thailand and Nepal – maybe I’ll have a LOT of custom clothing made in Bangkok.

  • MilesRunner

    I couldn’t resist all these free points. Applied and approved in minutes. Saved all the pages. Now just make the spend then wait 8 weeks.

  • Travelgirl

    I am getting this message, “We are sorry.

    Currently, our systems are not responding. Please try again later or call us at 1-800-519-OPEN (6736) to apply for a Card. We apologize for any inconvenience. ”

    Should I call and do the application over the phone? Any suggestions…

  • Travelgirl

    NM. I got it to work thirty minutes later after calling customer service. FYI only good for sign ups online.

    This is totally Awesome!!!

  • Jon

    Thanks for posting! I applied via your link and was instantly approved. Now just have to figure out how to get $10k in spend!

  • LarryInNYC

    Your CostCo suggestion is interesting since we do a lot of shopping at Costco, including business related spending. I see they have a “Cash Card” which can be charged with between $10 and $1000. The cards have the name of a recipient on them. Can you have more than one outstanding card per recipient at the same time?

  • LarryInNYC

    Purchase of AMEX gift cards qualifies as a purchase and not some kind of cash transaction?

  • PJ

    It was such a good deal for people with business proof. My wife was wowed by this deal while I had hard time to get her on same deal with 1000 spend in summer 2011

  • PJ

    prepay your cable wireless bills as much as you can ; interest rate is so low theses days anyway

  • PJ

    I have been shy since citi amex business card asked for proof as business for my future reference, does AMEX really question business proof?

  • PJ

    same discovery on Avios for booking PMC(?) to San Diago(?) Chile; i also discovered quick tickets in between IGR ( Iguazzu falls ) to AEP ( Buenos Aires) are very available for booking with Avios while 30 days out are not. Betting on Avios to shine again for me when the trip is coming up

    May I know how far ahead you book your Lima to Cusco flight?

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  • Jean W

    Damn. Sorry I missed this, but appreciate you posting it!

  • calbear77

    It was about 8 weeks. We did it on the last day of the the british airways 30% bonus in Jan, and the flight was for beginning of April.

    I will be looking for some short hauls in October along the lines you are talking about. Need to get from Quito to Bogota and also over the the Galapagos. Having a hard time finding awards for those flights right now.

  • Susiesan

    I applied and got the card under this offer A2AA and AX will not honor it. After 3 phone calls and being told 3 different things, no one at AX can see the offer applied to my account. it appears this was false advertising on AX part. So before you start wasting your spending on this card only to find out you won’t get the bonus points, you might want to call AX and verify that you are getting the bonus. This is very bad business practice on AX’s part.

  • SeattleTrick

    I have already received the card! I confirmed the 75k offer while activating. Now, start hitting at least 2.5k every month for the next 4 months.

  • oldmanpeabody

    And where do you purchase the higher value Amex gift cards? I’ve only seen the ones with the $500 limit (and $5.95 activation fee). Still not a bad way to get a few thousand in spend for a relatively low cost, but a higher-value card would be better. Suggestions?

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