Three American Airlines Admirals Club Passes for $5 With BusinessExtrAA

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Last week, I wrote about airlines’ business frequent flyer programs, and it turns out that American Airlines sent out an email offering 1,000 bonus points to members of its ExtrAA Business program for signing up for an online marketing company called Vertical Response with the following link and spending $5 or more before May 31,2012. The easiest way to get to the $5 spend requirement is to purchase credits for 334 emails at $0.015 each, and you’re there.

This is a lucrative offer because the BusinessExtrAA program normally 1 point per $10 spent on AA airfare (from most airports except Dallas and Miami), so 1,000 points would be the equivalent of spending $10,000!

The 1,000 bonus ExtrAA points you earn are enough for 3 Admirals Club day passes (300 points each), or half of what you need for the lowest flight award, a roundtrip domestic ticket, which takes 2,000 ExtrAA points to redeem. So for $5 and two minutes’ time, you’ve earned half a roundtrip ticket. Not bad.

The Business ExtrAA promo email American Airlines sent out.

Then you can either leave your account open if you plan to use it (or not, it doesn’t cost anything just to have), or close it once your ExtrAA points post to your account—which might be all the way in June if the T&C that claim it will be 6-8 weeks after the promotion ends, so keep an eye out.

Hat tip: TPG reader Matt!

Here are the other T&C specific to this promotion:

“This offer is available only to recipients of the email sent by American Airlines to select Business ExtrAA® members and is valid through May 31, 2012. Promotional bonus points available for new VerticalResponse customers only, who provide the requested information using the enrollment site provided via link from this email ( and complete a qualifying purchase with VerticalResponse of $5 or more between January 26, 2012, and May 31, 2012.

Points will post to your company’s Business ExtrAA account 6-8 weeks after promotion ends. Companies earn two points for every $10 spent for all qualifying tickets on American Airlines®, American Eagle® and AmericanConnection® carriers. Companies earn one point for every $10 spent on eligible itineraries from Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) and Miami (MIA). For complete details on eligible travel, visit”

500 Points Enrollment Bonus

According to this thread on FlyerTalk, If you haven’t enrolled in BusinessExtrAA, you can score an additional 500 points for signing up. The sign-up site is here, and when you create your account, enter the referral code FLYAA, and you should find the points posted to your account 60 days after the end of the quarter in which you enroll. This code was originally created in November 2008, so I’m not sure it still works, but can’t hurt to try!

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  • Lindadukess

    I have been trying to find a link/information about redeeming points for Admiral’s club day passes but haven’t had any luck. Can you point me in the right direction ? Thanks

  • Chris Atwood

    I Just wanted to Add vertical response is an email marketing company and partners with organizations like who i work for with an integrated product. Ie building out your emails,campaigns, and customers from your CRM. If you are a nonprofit you can get 10k emails per month from Vertical response for free! It’s a great company.

  • zasm

    Here are all of your redemption options:

  • James5675

    Frequent Flyer University has a 500 pt sign up bonus for AA Business Extras. You might want to update your post with that since 500 pts sign up + 1000 from this promotion = 1500 pts. 2000 points is a free domestic saver.

  • James D Goldman

    Sorry not sure what happened to my previous comment.

    Frequent Flyer University had a post for 500 points for signing up. Those 500 pts + this 1,000 pts = 1,500 pts. You only need 2000 for a domestic saver.

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  • Wesley Choate

    Thanks for the link to the other site. I tried to use that 500 point referral code, and it gave me an error stating that it had expired. Might work for others, but a no go for me.

  • JP

    Targeted only? I didn’t get an email, so wondering if I should still spend the $5. Already have a BusinessExtrAA account.

  • Julia

    This may be a stupid question but can you do this without a business?

  • James D Goldman

    Try FLYAA

  • James D Goldman

    Yes, you don’t need a business.

  • James D Goldman

    It should work, there is no code involved with the link

  • Rebecca

    I just signed up for the 500 point offer and the 1,000 point promo (bought the 334 credits). I’m hoping all 1,500 points post before April 1 so I can buy 5 one day Admiral Club passes for a Central America trip! It’s worth a shot! If not, hopefully the points eventually show up in June!

  • Diana Millerproperties

    I went to the site. How do I get 6 digit BusinessextrAA number that they ask for??

  • EnJoy

    Sorry for the newbie question. Do I need flying on AA flight in order to use the Admiral’s club day passes? Thanks.

  • Curtis

    Giving this a shot. Already have biz Extraa account so signed up for the Vertical Response promo and bought 334 emails for $5.01. I “think” that I received the email targeting this, however I cannot find it now.

  • Kirik

    You need to register a AA BusinessExtraAA account first (use FLYAA to get 500 bonus). Then use the 6 digit BusinessExtraAA number for signing up with the vertical thing.

  • Guest

    How do you know if the businessextrAA referral code worked? I didn’t get a confirmation that a code was accepted (or an error).

  • Aaron
  • Aaron

    Read TPG’s post! TPG provides a LINK for your convenience!!!

  • Fran Walker

    If I don’t have a business but want to sign up for the Bus ExtrAA account, what should I put as my business name which is a required item?

  • Aaron L

    I screwed up and forgot to enter the referral code so if you do this, you do have the ability to remove yourself as a travel manager and sign up again. Your AAdvantage# can only be linked to one company so hopefully I do end up getting the 500 point bonus.

  • Craig

    Can these rewards be booked as one way? I just happen to need a flt from SAT to BOS on a multi-leg trip and American seems like it might be the best availability.

  • AAJunkie

    I forgot to add a referral code as well. I contacted Customer Service and they wouldn’t add it. How did you remove yourself and sign up again without calling customer service?


    I still dont undsertand the service they offer, why would I use them to send emails for a fee, if I can do it for free with gmail,yahoo, etc? I just want to put to work the credits i bought,

  • Aedgagt

    So how do you earn more Business AA miles other than these mentioned here?

  • Brenda R

    They make it easy to send create and send newsletters, promotional offers, event invitations. These are emails that look professional and function very nicely. They also provide complete reporting such as opens, clicks and forwards. All of this is useful data for small businesses and can even generate sales with the right type of promotion.

    Oh and you can also easily share your message with twitter and facebook.

  • Rebecca

    I just entered my first and last name as my company name.

  • Dirk

    the AA email says spend $5, but the link says you get the 1000 for your first purchase (no min. spend amount). Is following the $5 just to satisfy the AA email?

  • Evan

    you can purchase gold status for 2300 ExtraAA points. Is that a good deal?

  • Thunderstorm00

    I think its 333 emails

  • Thunderstorm00

    Hi TPG
    I’d like to know the answer to this too, please. Thanks.

  • Evan

    its actually 2400 points, but that still seems like a low amount.

  • Rob Perelman

    I really want to try this but have a feeling it won’t work. On the link TPG provides on’s site, the small print says the following (note the part that mentions January 26th in the second paragraph):

    Offer valid for new VerticalResponse customers only who are direct recipients of American Airlines communications including email, Business ExtrAA newsletter, and/or AA Sales collateral.

    To qualify for this bonus point offer, you must be an existing AmericanAirlines BizExtrAA member as of January 26, 2012 and complete a qualifying purchase with VerticalResponse between January 26, 2012 and May 31, 2012. Points will post to your company’s Business ExtrAA account 6-8 weeks after promotion ends. Companies earn two points for every $10 spent for all qualifying tickets on American Airlines®, American Eagle® and AmericanConnection® carriers. Companies earn one point for every $10 spent on eligible itineraries from Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) and Miami (MIA). For complete details on eligible travel, visit For questions regarding this promotion, please contact [email protected].

  • Travel and Credit

    If this ends up working it will be a great deal!
    I posted about how for only $33 you can get reimbursed for 12 lounge passes at any airline up to $50 each time… So you get to put up to $600 in spend on your card, and get reimbursed for it! Score:

  • David

    Looks like the promotion from Vertical Response has ended. Damn I am too late!

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  • edbyu

    A nice bonus if you put this on your Ink Business Bold card from Chase – 10% cash back from its “Easy Savings Program.”

  • Gregg

    Has anyone gotten the points yet?

  • Jason

    No, I have yet to receive anything??

  • maksimk82

    Has anyone received their ExtrAA points yet? Nothing on my account yet.

  • ali

    Has anyone had these points post yet?

  • Tim J

    I just received a call from a nice woman who told me that this was a targeted offer, and because I wasn’t targeted, I wouldn’t be receiving the points… BUT! If I or one of my employees fly on American by July 31st (I’m pretty sure that’s the date), they will credit the 1,000 points. Yay!

  • Aaron

    Just got a call from American telling me that this offer was targeted and that I would not be getting the bonus. At least it was a small purchase. Bummer.

  • J R

    No go! AMR called today, months later, targetted only. Refunded the money.

  • Jason

    Same here, they left me a VM yesterday. I know that it’s only $5, but how did you get the money refunded.. They didn’t say anything about that in the message they left me??

  • Slomichael

    signed up Feb. 22, still have not gotten my miles, has anyone?

  • Mark Trickey

    Has anyone received their points yet. I was targeted via the ExtrAA monthly email and made the required spend. Has anyone spoken to Vertical Response?

  • Stvr

    I still haven’t gotten points! Have you, TPG?

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