Possible New Hyatt Visa Sign-up Offer Coming Monday

by on February 24, 2012 · 48 comments

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I just got an email that the Chase Hyatt Visa will have a new offer on Monday February 27, 2012 and that I should stop promoting the current sign-up bonus as of today, February 24 at 6pm EST. I’ve tried my hardest to find out what the offer will be, but I haven’t been able to get any answers. Usually when a card is deactivated and reactivated, it’s a major change like what happened in the fall with the Ink Bold card. They said changes were going to happen and instead of the 50,000 point sign-up bonus changing, they actually introduced a completely new Ink Bold card with new benefits like no foreign transaction fees and category spend bonuses like 5 points per dollar on wireless, cable and office supplies.

I applied for the Ink Bold before the changes went into effect because I most valued the 50k bonus. Even though the bonus didn’t change with the new card, Chase now treats the new Ink Bold as a completely new product, so I can apply for the new Ink Bold for another 50,000 points!

Today I finally applied for the Hyatt Visa because the sign-up bonus is two free nights at any Hyatt in the world after $1,000 spend within 3 months and if you are Diamond member, the bonus is two free nights confirmed in a suite and earned after first purchase. I am a Hyatt Diamond and I’m planning a trip to Paris soon, which means I can get two nights in a suite at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome (easily $1,000 per night) for simply applying for the card and paying the $75 annual fee. Not only that, Hyatt recently introduced the annual benefit of a free night at a category 1-4 hotel, so that more than covers the annual fee.

I also wanted to get the card sooner or later because Hyatt’s current promotion gives you a 25% bonus if you have the Hyatt Visa (you don’t actually need to pay for your stay with it). Additionally, it’s good to have because it doesn’t have foreign transaction fees and if you don’t have Hyatt elite status, you automatically get Platinum for being a cardholder.

I did hesitate for a minute debating whether I should wait to hear the new offer in case it’s better, but that wouldn’t make any sense because Chase will generally give you the best offer for a card within 90 days of applying. So if the offer on Monday does change to something better, I’ll just contact Chase and ask to be given the better offer.

So there you have it – I don’t know what the new offer is, but if it is something negative at least you’ve been warned! Now I’m off to enjoy my weekend in Dublin… thanks for all of the great tips so far!

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  • indifly

    Hi, I have question regarding 2 free night suit for diamond. My understanding Is Free nights certificate can not be used at Park Hyatt Paris Vendome and Park Hyatt Sydney . Is that correct?

  • Anonymous

    thanks for the heads up. i just applied for this card at the beginning of the month. if the terms change, i’ll also be able to have them switch it.

  • Anonymous

    That is incorrect. There are no restrictions

  • Anonymous

    Indeed. I don’t know what the change is (and it might even be minor), but I thought I’d give everyone the heads up just in case it does become less lucrative

  • James

    Is it really that easy to redeem at the Park Hyatt Vendome? Isn’t it one of the nicest Hyatts?

  • indifly

    I applied for Visa card as a diamond, 2 free nights awards are in my account. But this is what it says in T&C

    Hyatt Gold Passport Suite Upgrade Free Night Awards are not redeemable for suites at Hyatt Regency Kyoto, Hyatt Regency Paris-Madeleine, Park Hyatt Sydney and Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort, Hyatt Place, or Hyatt Residence Club Resorts

  • Amitdelia

    I just used my 2 night certicates for me and my wife’s at the park Hyatt Sydney for April for 4 nights plus 66k points for 3 nights — total retail cost is $ 6800 and my cost is $0.

  • CodeAdam10

    My guess is they may switch to a points-based promo (ie: 50k after first purchase).

  • Tothetrail

    I’d like to apply for this, and some others today, to take advantage of the same-day apply method. Any recommendations?

  • Ron

    “Chase now treats the new Ink Bold as a completely new product, so I can apply for the new Ink Bold for another 50,000 points!”

    Has anyone actually done this and got another 50K already? Thanks.

  • Jason Minard

    Thanks! I also just added this card earlier this month in advance of a Paris trip in April (Park Hyatt Vendome please………….)

  • Anonymous

    I already have 4 Chase credit cards. Will Chase see this 5th card as too many cards?

  • Dan

    If they do, close one :) But wait until you’re denied before you start “horse trading.”

  • Dan

    You know what? I like that guess. I’d rather have 44,000 points than 2 free nights. Why? For one, points don’t expire. Second, 44,000 points gets you more than two free nights at lower tier properties.

  • Jason

    Just got back from Paris and stayed at the Park Hyatt Vendome. I had no problem using my free nights.

  • Jeff

    It is that easy… I did! I got the card as a diamond member and redeemed my free nights in Paris after buying a pack of gum.

  • Grizzle

    Hi there. the “Hyatt’s current promotion” reference hyperlink is to a 03/2011 posting…..assuming that has to be an error somehow, somewhere..?

  • Shahyan Ahmad

    Got my first Ink Bold in October, got my second one with the better rewards options in February… they pulled all three credit scores both times, but I got the cards without having to make a call either time. Agent confirmed that the new card is 50K bonus eligible. Counting my blessings, and not going to push my luck with Chase for a few months at least.

  • calbear77

    I currently have 5 chase cards (Sapphire Preferred, Southwest Premier, Marriott Premier, Amazon, and Southwest Business). The trick seems to be that you don’t have to horse trade by turning in a card, but rather it has to do with the overall credit limit over the cards that Chase is willing to extend you. For me, they gave me a far higher credit limit than I could have imagined. The key is to have at least one card that can handle any major purchases that max out my normal spending habits, and then the other cards just get me the benefits I want.

  • Gege

    which state are you in that chase pulled all three reports?

  • PJ

    play by Chase rules: 1. once you reach their max credit limit>>they take credit from one or two cards to give you a new card 2. if you apply two many cards within a certain time frame, they take away one card and give you a new card 3. try to pace out about 2 months in between two applications. with decent credt it seems i get what I want except last November they insist to take away my BA and gave me only Sapphire Preferred but NOT marriott at the same time ; I was given two cards one time when I called in Chase Reconsideration

    If your Experian score is in the bottom of Excellent range ( 740-745) you might want to minimize the credit pulls. My score is around 800 i could hardly feel the pinch.

    After applying around 15 cards from Chase AMex Barclays Citi , my credit score moved from mid 760 to now 802

  • Chris S.

    There are no blackout dates; any time a revenue reservation is available, so is a points reservation.

  • Sanrafaelca

    PJ Thank you for your insightful post on multiple cards. I applied for the United card (60K miles) a few days ago using the tips from this great site.

    When my application was not immediately approved, I called the reconsideration line, offering to lower other Chase card limits. Though the person was quite knowledgeable and friendly, he said to wait for their decision.

  • Gawst999

    Thanks PG very informative
    I am approved for Chase HYATT card but have not yet received it , despite calling recon # several times – due to Hyatt still doing the necessary

    My Q ‘s
    : as soon as I get the card in my hands & make 1st purchase / min spend – how soon will I see the 2 free nights credited to my a/c and available for use ?

    I want to use them @ Grand Hyatt on Maui just after Xmas – checked the hotel room availability – OK now -just don’t want to miss out during the busy Xmas period – any thoughts PG ?

  • Anne

    Chase’s policies absolutely mystify me. I have excellent credit and got my first Chase card last October. Got a Marriott because I was just starting out and didn’t know what I was doing. Two weeks later I applied for the Sapphire and was turned down. Talked them into it though.

    Then I was targeted for the United Explorer so I applied. They turned me down. I was stunned because I had been targeted. I let it go, waited over three months and applied for the United Explorer again. I have heard over and over that 90 days is the magic number. I was turned down again.

    I called them and am being reconsidered. I don’t know if that means yes or not. I just can’t understand Chase’s stinginess with me when others seem to have 5 or 6 cards.

  • MileHigh

    Once you get the two free night certificates, do they expire? Do you have to use the 2 free nights within a certain time frame after receiving the bonus offer? Many thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Actually I’m not sure about the bit of Chase giving the best offer within 90 days is accurate, based on my experiences.

    When I applied for the Ink Bold, I did it before the new one came out…but then, when the new one did turn out ot be better (for me), I asked to get that one instead. However, I asked a couple of times on the phone and once through secure message, and Chase’s responses were to apply again under the new offer, and that I had to wait 12 months to change an existing account (I’ve never heard the 12 month thing, but whatever). Now the anecdotal evidence seems to be that people can get the sign up bonus twice…so I’m now planning to apply for the Ink Bold again down the road :)

  • number21

    TPG, I really appreciate the heads up. I’m going for Diamond this year and was going to wait to apply for this card so that I would get the 2 suite nights instead of the regular room nights (I’m platinum as of now). I applied on Friday figuring I was better to get the current offer instead of taking a chance.

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  • Gac

    Anyone know what the reconsideration Number is?

  • PJ

    I got mine in August 2011, yes about a year I have to used them up . Moreover i did get another anniversary night to boot . i am using 2 anywhere hyatt nights at Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires and anniversary night at Grand Hyatt Santiago with another night there coming from Sapphire Preferred UR @8K points. all 3 night i paid $75 ish meembership fees Thanks Chase

  • PJ

    only one call which did not work from people i talked to was from my daughter who failed to follow up with Chase Reconsideration in 30 days after the first reject for her to get Sapphire Preferred while she was targeted by REGULAR Sapphire and already collected 50K.
    also reminding everybody: dont be shy your kids, your spouse/significant the other half should all apply as long as they have decent credit . Manage your credit well a lot of credit cards DO NOT lead to lower credit score

  • PJ

    When CHase denies my application last august, I told CHase Reconsideration I was planning to take my wife to celebrate our 41st anniversary in Park Hyatt Paris… welll we are now sort of trying to use 2 anywhere hyatt nights in Buenos Aires

  • PJ

    reminding people: if your kids are getting married this is a very good way to send newly weds off for honeymoon.. 6 Hyatt cards (2 newly love birds’ + 4 parents’)= 12 nights anywhre hyattsssss.

  • PJ

    BOOK NOW !! costs nothing to change

  • PJ

    i am telling you this: you broke chase rule : well too many applications and cards already offerred to you. you were trying to get your 4th chase card in 4 months.. that is a no no .

    I was asked to slow down when i did this: early may i got my BA, mid august I got 2 cards on same day ( Hyatt and Southwest) and mid November I had to turn in BA card for Sapphire Preferred . Hope you sense they dont give me 4th card in a span of about 6 months. I was trying to get marriott in November as well.that was a no go and another no go when I asked to move credit from my other 2 Freedom cards..

  • Lynn


  • Shahyan Ahmad


  • David

    I just an email from Chase indicating I’ll be getting a brand new hyatt card to replace my existing one. The only new thing they mentioned was that the card will have a smart chip embedded in it. No indication of changes to benefits so maybe that’s the only change?

  • Sun

    So it’s now Monday. Any updates on the new Hyatt Visa Sign-up Offer?

  • Sanjay Rajpal

    I had a quick glance at their new hyatt visa site, which I can’t seem to find when searching on google any longer and it appeared the $1,000 spend for the second free night was dropped. I didn’t read the T&C too carefully though, so I may be wrong. But I can confirm the chip was added.

  • Anonymous

    I’m waiting to hear officially from Chase…will post an update in this post when I have it

  • Sanjay Rajpal


  • brian mcgarry

    Any news on this one today?

  • Keith Sanders

    Looks like the new microchip card mentioned earlier is now shown on the Hyatt Visa Application page

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  • Mason A

    I saw that there is a new offer for this card that is the same except adds a $75 statement credit after 1st purchase. I messaged chase with a link to the offer and quoted the verbage about the credit and they gave it to me. Only took a couple days from the time they said yes until it showed up on my account. See

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