Positive Update: 3,000 British Airways Points for Realtytrac Now Pending

by on February 8, 2012 · 48 comments

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Update: A rep from Realtytrac just contacted me to let me know this promotion was unauthorized and they are working to shut it down via the British Airways EShopping Mall. I do not know what this means or whether the points will be honored. Something similar happened with and the Chase Ultimate Rewards Shopping mall and the Chase portal honored the points. Just FYI, this may not turn out as planned. Stay tuned.

Just a quick update that I currently show 3,000 pending Avios points for my free sign-up to Realtytrac through the British Airways Estore. I wrote about this the other day, so I’d recommend getting in on it sooner than later. Just remember to cancel within 7 days or else you’ll be hit with a $49,95 monthly fee! You can cancel your account by logging into -> My Account -> Cancel Free Trial.

To check your pending points, login to the Estore and then click “My Shopping History” on the top right.

Remember, you can pool the miles with up to 5 other accounts within your “household”. To read up on that benefit, check out this post.

It’s been a good month for racking up Avios points!

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  • Anonymous


    I just signed up.

  • chris

    When did you sign up, and/or when did your points show up? I joined on the 6th and still not showing as pending.

  • Ryan Kin

    How long does it usually take to go from pending to approved?

  • Andrew Fielding

    I used Avios points for a trip DEN-DFW, great value and I even got to me Yu Darvish in the Admirals Club.

  • Anonymous

    purchased on 2/3. no pending pts yet.

  • troy

    Sorry, there’s a problem with our systems. Please try again, and if it still doesn’t work, you might want to try again later.

    Anyone got the same message? I have been getting this for the past 3 days. No matter which browser I used, I even used different IP address…So weird :(

  • Anonymous

    Is that to sign up for an Executive Club account? Apparently they are having technical issues

  • Maury

    I also have not had anything posted as of yet and I signed up a few days ago. I am starting to question if I had to fill out more pages.

  • Anonymous

    Did you enter a credit card number? Are you receiving spammy emails from Realtytrac? If so, you should be fine

  • Andrew Rutherford

    That is a problem a lot of people are having. I called them and they said their tech department is aware of it. Couldn’t give me a fix time though.

  • Murali


    How long dud it take for the account reflect Pending? I signed on up the evening of 2/6. It shows that realtytrac on the click report but not on the purchase history.

  • Mommy Points

    Great news! Sure can’t beat free points. Especially 3,000 of them!

  • Tao

    Hi Brian, is there a way to avoid the booking fee for redeeming Avois points on AS? Thanks.

  • Russkr

    My BA shows a click history on 02/26/2012 but not pending purchase, however when I log-in to Realtytrac it shows that am currently in the free trial period.
    Go figure.

  • Maury

    I did input a CC and I have received one email from them soliciting business.

  • Bob

    I signed up on the 6th and still nothing. I entered my credit card info but haven’t received any spam-type emails from them and it does say I’m currently in free trial.

  • Josh MacDonald

    I was able to sign up after two days. I clicked the Estore link and went to sign up through that link.

  • Ram Kashyap

    I registered for RealtyTrac 2 days ago following the link on BA portal.
    But I did not enter the creit card info then, to start my free trial.
    I did that today. Will this hurt my 3000 miles?

  • MJLouise

    I noticed had a 100 point bonus for a free account. Anyone try that? Both and the realtrac show as click thrus but nothing pending yet.

  • Matt

    I’m in the same situation, click history on 02/06/2012, but no pending points.

  • Anonymous

    I got it to work by replacing en_gb in the URL bar with en_us :)

  • CodeAdam10

    I am curious if the Pending points can be retracted by the vendor upon cancellation? The terms at the bottom of “My Shopping History” states that the vendor must still approve the Pending points/purchase and deem it “qualified”. Does anyone have any previous experiences with BA Shopping mall?

  • Angelina Aucello


  • Kit O’Connor

    Thanks for the tip – that finally worked for me too.

  • Jamison

    thanks brian, great month for me too in regards to AVOIS …love the 30% amex transfer bonus, Nordstrom deal, and now the Reality Trak…. i’m thinking about signing up for the BA 50k card as well since I missed out on the 100k offer last year

  • Tcmaes

    It looks like the British Airways website is now allowing you to signup for a new account again. Just did it!

  • Samuel

    Me too! Thanks for the update

  • MJ

    I wonder – do you need to use the same e-mail address to for your RealtyTrac account as you used for the Executive Club? Does it matter? Or is clicking on a link through BA’s e-store enough to be recognized by the system?

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t matter. All that matters is that you click through while logged in at the BA estore

  • Anonymous

    Purchased 2/7, points show as pending today! Thanks TPG!

  • mattolo
  • Andrew Rutherford

    Just worked for me also – thanks for the update.

  • Anon99anon

    Why thoughts exactly, which is why I am not trying this. I assume they can easily do that at any point in the future.

  • Diorex

    This is not an authorized promotion by RealtyTrac and I suspect it is not legit with British Airways either.

  • MJLouise

    Where did you hear this?

  • MJLouise

    LOL is that your personal referral account? Wrong thread dude.

  • MJLouise

    Brian, just to be paranoid, is it best to us an AmEx card in case the DO charge you even after cancellation? Isn’t AmEx pretty good with the charge backs for fraudulent purchases? Or are any of the big brand name cards good with that?

  • Bohemiana

    This is maybe a stupid question but how does Realtytrac know my BA number? I signed up through the BA estore portal but I didn’t see anything that specifically links me to my BA number.

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  • Anonymous

    Hey all- this promo is apparently unauthorized. Not sure if poinst will be honored, but FYI

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  • David

    I’m at “Pending”. Should I feel free to cancel or wait till the 6th day?

  • Jerry Dugger

    Guess it will not be honored. There are now two pending entries in my account. One for 3000 avios and the other -3000 avios. Surprised BA is going to let this happen. I will be suspicious of anything coming from BA in the future…..

  • Jminard

    Yeah, I have a pending 3000 and a pending -3000, looks like a bust.

  • EnJoy

    My account was closed automatically by
    The agent indicated that all accounts signed up via BA website were closed by them.

  • sil

    Just want everyone to know that even thought your account has been canceled, your visa/amex/ mc information for billing will NOT be removed from your account. Since it is operated by the 3rd party, your credit card information can be used as fraud. I had tried to contact a supervisor as CS said your credit card information will NOT be removed even after canceling. Hopefully credit card fraud won’t be a result of this as this has happened with me with another company which refused to remove my credit card information after I told them I no longer want to shop on their website.

  • Leigh

    I also have a pending 3000 and pending -3000. My Realtytrac free trial has also been cancelled.

  • John

    Anyone have any luck arguing to get the 3,000 miles?

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