Delta Economy Comfort Review: Is It Worth It?

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This past weekend I went to Dublin (and had a fantastic time) and since I snagged a super-cheap $379 total roundtrip airfare, I knew I’d be stuck in coach since Delta has a super-annoying (read: expensive) international upgrade policy. For anyone unaware, you need to book full fare (Y, B, M class) economy fares, which are often around the same price as discounted business class, and then use 25,000 miles each way to upgrade. They don’t even do upgrades at check-in or with a co-pay. If you book a cheap fare, you need to completely re-price your ticket to the full-fare (which includes a $250 re-ticketing surcharge) and then use 25,000 miles each way to upgrade. It’s one of the biggest issues I have with the SkyMiles program and I think they lag sorely behind their competitors in this department. To contrast, as a top-tier elite on American Airlines, I get 8 one-way systemwide upgrade certificates that are good on any fare class.

/rant off

However, the JFK to Dublin flight is only 6 hours and as a Diamond Medallion, I got free Economy Comfort seating as my consolation prize. I also booked 4 months in advance, so I snagged seat 19C, which is ostensibly the best seat on the plane because it’s an aisle exit row in the bulkhead with about 6 feet of legroom when the flight attendant isn’t in the jumpseat. It’s also at door 2L, which means you can deplane before just about anyone else, which makes the customs line shorter.

Row 19 bulkhead exit row on Delta's international 757. My seat was the aisle one to the left, 19C

Economy Comfort seats are the same exact width as normal coach seats, except they have up to 4 inches more of legroom and 50% more recline. Additionally, you get complimentary spirits on international flights (beer and wine are already free) and zone 2 boarding. Delta is installing Economy Comfort on domestic flights, but it will only feature the 4″ more legroom and no free drinks.

Free for Diamond and Platinum Medallions, Flying Blue Platinum and those who purchase Y, B, M (expensive) coach fares.
50% off for Gold Medallion, Flying Blue Gold, SkyTeam Elite Plus, and Alaska Airlines MVP Gold.
25% off for Silver Medallion, Flying Blue Silver, SkyTeam Elite, Alaska Airlines MVP.

My experience:
The legroom was nice, but I found the increased recline to be nominal. Service was brusque and I don’t feel like Economy Comfort was treated any differently than coach, versus many other airlines, like KLM, who treat their Economy Comfort passengers to an elevated level of service and many even have better, wider seats all together. British Airways even gives Premium Economy passengers a bigger seat and Business Class food!

I think my biggest issue was the lack of padding on the seat. After 6 hours my bottom half felt numb and there’s not much room to walk around on a cramped single-aisle 757 (plus the forward coach restroom was out of service for the entire flight).

A view of the legroom from behind my seat. The relatively tall man had a decent amount of space even with my seat reclined

I haven’t flown a lot of Premium Economy products on other airlines, but I do really like KLM’s Economy Comfort, which I’ve flown twice in the past year. The main difference is the completely separate Economy Comfort cabin and 100% increase in recline, which makes a huge difference. I remember thinking, “I could totally be comfortable in this seat going to Asia,” whereas with Delta’s I was maxed out after 6 hours.

My parents who sat two rows behind me liked the extra legroom (my Dad is 6’3″), but weren’t exactly raving about the product. Then again we paid $370 each roundtrip, so I think we were all just happy to be going back to our “homeland” and on the cheap.

Economy comfort on the 747 from my trip to Tokyo last summer

Economy comfort recline. 50% more still doesn't mean it's great for sleeping.

Overall, in my opinion it’s certainly better than a regular coach seat, but nothing to get too excited about. I don’t think I’d pay for it as a Gold/Silver/Non-Medallion unless I wasn’t able to secure an exit row, in which case I’d probably shell out the $80 (price for JFK-Dublin upgrade to Economy Comfort) for the sole sake of not going insane in a regular coach seat. Then again, I’m 6’7″ and sitting in a regular coach seat on an international flight with someone reclining into me is my worst nightmare!

Anyone else have opinions on Delta’s Economy Comfort product or any other airlines premium coach seating?

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  • Phil

    While your ranting about the upgrade policy is largely justified (they do seem to have the worst policy of all) I am not sure AA is so great given the abysmal quality of their product. Back in the days when the AA’s product was new and almost/vaguely competitive they used to restrict the fare, but nowadays I think they realize their product sucks so much only coach flyers upgrading would actually appreciate it! I fully expect upgrade fare restrictions to come in place on AA if and when they improve the quality of the product. DL’s product is a mix bag but generally have a lot of flat beds so the upgrade is “worth” more, though agree it is still a very stingy policy (But better product = more ability to sell for cold hard cash)

  • SeaBee3

    I was on the 777 to Japan last year in Economy Comfort and thought it was a huge improvement over the regular economy seats. LAX-HND was totally doable in the seat. The recline, though just a little better, was still enough that it was comfortable for a long-haul. I’m 6’1″

  • Guest

    As someone who is 6’3″ and 250lb I too welcomed a bit of extra legroom and recline as I go to Dublin 4-5 times a year to do business and see family. I tried the EC last year and pretty much agree with you about the nice placement (19C was awesome) and Zone 2 boarding. However, 3 hrs into the flight my butt went numb from the lack of padding and I went and got 2 extra blankets from the attendant, folded them into squares the same size as the seat and made my own seat cushion, which made everything better. I complained to delta about that upon my return and they said I was not alone in my complaint and they were working on the problem but in the meantime they;d give me 3000 extra miles and a few Delta lounge passes. Id deft pay for it again but the first thing I do now is grab extra blankets and pad the seat.

  • commander flatus

    Thanks for the review. I’m doing ATL to FCO next week in EC. I’m 6’6″, and was going to be sure to grab blankets when I board to make the seat more comfortable.

  • Adam


    My wife and I flew the exact same route last May and we purchased the economy comfort seats and we weren’t impressed either. The free drinks were nice, but the seat pitch and comfort were not any better than a regular coach seat — plus our seats were directly behind the galley, so foot room was worse. Over we flew a 757, but coming back it was an Air France Aerobus on the way back, in regular coach and the seat was better. I don’t think it is worth it on Delta, plus, I live in Chicago and can’t fly anywhere with Delta unless stopping at JFK or ATL.

  • Jetstream007

    Hi Mike,
    as far as service goes you are totally right! No difference at all. The last few flights (EU-US and vv) the purser told the folks in the ‘main cabin’ the the first few rows were occupied by people “who paid hundreds of dollars” to sit there and the few open seats left were not to be used for ‘self-upgrading’ after the door was closed. She had to because nobody could tell the difference…

    You had some extra legroom because the 757 (and 767) actually have that. On the A330′s (I mostly fly) that is not the case. The seats are 100% identical to the others (apart from the color of the headrest :-) ). No more legspace or recline. Crazy if you think people have to pay extra for that.

    KLM has very nice EC seats and service, it’s good value and whenever possible, that’s the way to go. On KLM in E or EC now you can also preorder a choice of ‘better quality’ maincourses, (I think Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Dutch, Italian food and a few more, your choice) that will cost anything 6-12 euro’s. Now that combined with their EC service gets close to Delta 757 BC imo. Anyway, EC on Delta is definitely NOT worth it if you have to pay for it. But often it’s the only (reasonable) option I have…..

    BTW I’m looking at two M class tickets I booked and then the agent couldn’t get the upgrade timely done (which showed on EF on booking), so now paid M class AND have no upgrade. Yes, I’m waitlisted, but if you can think of any other trick…let me know (I’m already looking to push this itinery forward to a date that still shows Z availablility and fly back on the original date using a different routing)….Thanks and good luck!


    You also get free movies, HBO, etc. Not a huge perk, but worth noting.

  • Winfield Featherston

    I think/ hope I did it right but I am doing a big European trip in March where I am flying into London and then out of Zurich 10 days later. Round trip cost me 90,000 miles (I looked for best one way routes and then combined them when I did my multi-city booking. Input appreciated.

    Anyways, the booking agent got me Economy Comfort for both legs to and from Atlanta. So I’ll have my own opinion in just a few weeks!

  • Bryan

    When I flew to Osaka, Japan last year, I upgraded to Economy Comfort. It was the only direct flight to Osaka and was 11.5 hours from Seattle. The upgrade on the way there was worth it, as Delta was using a Airbus 330. The flight home though was an old Boeing 767, which has the arm rests that don’t fold up and no individual TVs on the head rests. Thank goodness I had no one next to me, so I had a row to myself. Otherwise it would’ve been a deal breaker on trusting Delta ever again. Delta now only offers the 767 plane for flights to Osaka. This also means those of you who enjoy first class will be enjoying the level of first class that was more common in the 1980s, when this plane was more prevalent. Economy Comfort is worth it, if you are doing the long haul, but check what type of plane you’re stuck on. Otherwise, there are better levels of experience.

  • Jetstream007

    To Europe you have the AF and KLM options (codeshared with Delta) out of ORD, both have far better EC.

  • thepointsguy

    I’ll take an outdated AA business class seat over the very best brand new Delta EC seat any day of the week!

    Also, Deltas 757 and 763 BusinessElite is arguably more outdated than AAs business (though I actually find the recliner seats more comfortable than AA angled lie flat)

  • Carberrie

    I think this just exemplifies that it is wise of you to be switching from Delta Diamond to AA EXP! ;)

  • Mark

    That is a nice perk and worth noting. I did not know that.

  • bbieberitz

    I fly the Detroit to Hong Kong frequently and the EC is well worth it if I get the bulkhead. I am 6’2 so the extra, extra room is great fro reclining and stretching out. Every time so far I have received those seats and the legroom and ability to get up at any time from any of the three seats was well worth the price. Keep in mind this was on a 16 hour flight on a 777. ext weeks trip will have a stop in Tokyo so the direct 777 flight was not available so I am trying the EC in the 747. We will see if my impressions are the same after that one. Anybody got an extra system wide upgrade for this flight ;)

  • Adam

    I’ve never flown KLM, but I hear really good things about them overall — AF, however, is hit or miss for me and I’ve racked up more misses than hits. Delta would do better if they made a few direct flights from Chicago, its not like we’re in the middle of nowhere here.

  • Erik

    One quick note on Delta’s international upgrades. I found it pretty valuable flying round trip from Australia. Business class is always super expensive and awards are nearly impossible, but having a flat bed makes a big difference on a 13+ hour flight. I bought an upgradeable fare for around $2,700 compared to about $6,500 for the cheapest business. Granted, it took a bunch of miles to upgrade, but with my Gold status and the business class bonuses, I basically earned back all the miles I used since it’s 14K miles flown.

    As for Economy Comfort, it’s pretty clearly in the United Economy Plus vein, not the “Premium Economy” product that international carriers offer. Given that as a comparison, I’d be willing to spend $80 to have some extra legroom on a long flight.

  • TK

    Did you sit in row 31 (overhead) by chance? I’m taking a 777 from ICN to DTW (13hours) in row 31.

  • SilverEliteCAM

    My boyfriend and I upgraded to EC on our trip to TOKYO last November. We flew LAX – HND and it was very uncomfortable. We did not have the exit row seatz– might have made a difference on the 11 hour flight. Could not get comfortable– and the legroom is not all there in some seats do to bulky boxes underneath them which hold all the movie and entertainment electronics.

    The attendant tried to charge us for spirits we ordered until he remembered the should be NO CHARGE in EC seats.

    But I did enjoy all the HBO movies and current movies out at the time. I saw 2 Oscar winning movies on the flight over!! And it was nice to board before the herd.

    Overall, get a good nights rest if you want to upgrade to EC. We flew back from Tokyo in exit row seats that were not EC– and we liked it much better. We slept all the way back.

  • whendoublewidesfly

    Nice product for being free but not worth paying for. But it’s really the same concept as United’s Prem economy seats. It’s really just econ with free booze (something united doesn’t offer). Domestic Econ comfort is even more of a joke. I flew it (free) from JFK to LAX the other day. All I got to say was it’s no better then economy. However I did write a review of it also and can be seen here

  • BadTeacher

    I’ll echo the comments of TPG and others. Worth paying on ocean-crossings only if you can’t score exit row anyway. OK if free. Choice of spirits is nice, but they don’t refill your glass any more or less than anyone else in coach. Extra recline does not feel like much.

  • Darren Shupe

    I flew KLM EC last month from Amsterdam to JFK and was stunned by the difference in comfort. Much wider seats and more quiet. I have to say – I’m more impressed by KLM every time I fly with them. Great service – they really go out of their way to make the flying experience not only tolerable, but actually pleasant.

  • AKold

    BTW, the type of 757 you flew JFK-LAX and the 757 TPG flew JFK-DUB are the exact same. The only difference between the flights is the service.

    But yeah, I agree, EC is really nothing unless you can get seat 19C on that aircraft.

  • Raj B

    Thanks for the review, Brian. I understand as a Diamond/Plat, you get free EC upgrades on DL & KL flights. What’s the policy for AF flights? I believe their product is different.


  • thepointsguy

    You can use Delta miles to upgrade to Air France Premium Voyageur, but unfortunately they aren’t complimentary. Its a completely different seat, that I haven’t really heard great things about, but I think is much better than Delta/KLM.

  • Jmansour

    i flew from jfk-tlv on a full flight so for me it was worth over having a middle seat, being over 6 feet i appreciated the legroom but the recline isnt much. I think the key is also the early boarding especially when you have a lot of carry on.

  • Ten60

    I flew economy comfort from Istanbul to NYC and had the exit row. Had the same problem as the seats are very hard. I would still rather have the extra leg room due to my height. But I think they should be doing something better than they are doing for the price charged.

  • RaginBajin

    The extra leg room is definitely nice, but I could not sit in those seats like that for 6 hours. With the way I sit, the in ability to move the arm rest makes me feel like I’m stuck in a box.

  • Mikellenza

    I just flew 13.5 hours from Atl to Narita and I wholeheartedly concur on the padding and service. Lacking in both. My rear was in some serious pain.

  • Andrew L

    I paid $300 to upgrade a CO award ticket to premium economy JFK-LHR on Virgin Atlantic. I don’t know if I would always spend the money but it was well worth it for a flight on which I needed to sleep. The product is more “business class light” than “economy plus”.

  • Lanny

    I’ve flown EC on the 777 from LAX-NRT and the worthless piece of trash 767-300 from PDX-NRT and what my Wife and I did was to book both a window and isle seat, then hope that no one sat in between us (in which case we’d just ask them if they were willing to swap with one of us).. but on both flights no one sat in the middle, so we got 3 seats for the price of two which turned out to be a big help. I’m a big guy so having a bit of extra room made a difference. I used to be NWA Platinum and AS Gold but those days are done… so EC seems to be a reasonable way to get a bit more “comfort” at a reasonable price.

    One last note, I’m sure this has been brought up before, but I’d love to ask Delta, if Economy Comfort is “comfortable”… what is Economy… Seems to be a knock on how bad their regular economy is… just my .02.


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  • John Griesbacker

    I have to agree with the review. My family and I have used BA’s WT+, and have completely enjoyed its’ “business lite” feel. The separate cabin and better quality food are big plusses. Delta’s EC isn’t up to the same level, and the seats are a minimal plus compared to standard economy (only reason we’ve been flying EC is I have access to discount DL airfares). I’d love to try KLM’s version for the sake of comparison.

  • guest

    I’ve flown EC on DL and the BA and AF premium economy class and no, they don’t compare. But, the EC on DL is a small supplement over the regular coach fair for those who pay. The price of the separate cabin premium economy on both BA and AF is significantly higher than regular coach. You are paying for that higher class of service.

  • Crissy

    I flew last year in Economy Comfort right after the product launch. I felt the best benefits were if you were tall and need the leg room (I’m short so that isn’t a big deal for me) and getting off the plane sooner. If either of those are an issue for you then it’s definatly worth considering, otherwise not worth the money if you’re paying.

    I had flown earlier last year on the premium economy product on Virgin America and even though it was more expensive I felt like you were getting more for it – the extra leg room allowed the people in my row to get up without closing up the tray tables, free food and drink, free movies, guaranteed space for carry-on and free checked bag.

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  • Oldies50

    Nice post. I think I saw something similar on the other day. If it’s one thing I won’t sacrifice on flights is leg room!

  • newfie49

    thanks for the update on economy comfort seats, I thought about choosing EC over BE but the wife raised so much hell I decided against it, besides we both have a ton of miles so its a matter of choosing a good flight with low award mileage which is not often easy, thanks for the information, it was very helpful…………

  • Melina71

    When ever possible, I try to book myself in the Premium Economy seating for all my Transatlantic flights! I was on one of the newer Delta Airbus 330′s from JFK to ATH and it was gorgeous!! Lots of room, fantastic service, not to mention the free alcoholic beverages. I had more than ample room in the exit row seating. And I do not mind paying 40+ dollars extra for a 8+ hour flight! Well worth it and good job Delta! And I’ve flown on several other Delta flights in Premium Economy, and I have yet to be dissapointed!

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  • tootalltrucker

    I am flying ATL to London (LHR) in August on the 767-400ER and have booked the EC seat. I am 6’6″ but not too wide. I am currently in 15F which is bulkhead but not exit row. My two questions are: 1) will there be enough leg foom there and 2) is the personal video there be usable, meaning not too far away hanging on the wall. I am traveling with a friend and like the idea of sitting together and not having to disturb one another getting in and out of the seat. Row 30 on that plane would provide the same advantage but would mean getting off the plane much later.

    Would appreciate opinions and advice.

  • Norris B. Lee-Toney

    I flew to London in Feb on a 767-400 in EC with a bulkhead and learned my lesson. I am 6’2″ and just didn’t have enough foot room. Leg room is fine, but it’s horrible not being able to stretch out your legs. I should have kept my exit row window seat, but the allure of extra recline and free liquor got me. On the way back, I got an EC seat non-bulkhead and was quite satisfied with that one. I had enough foot room to stretch out. That along with Tylenol PM and Cognac and I forgot that I was on the plane!!!

  • Johnpresto

    I flew in Delta’s economy comfort to Japan from LAX and I liked it. The extra space meant I didn’t have the food tray pressing against my belly during meal time. It only cost $60(one way) as a GM. I was on a wide body plane. The recline doesn’t mean much to me as I watch movies the whole way.

  • Johnpresto

    I just won’t sly the 757 overseas

  • Johnpresto

    My A300 had extra legroom.

  • Gary

    iIs this true on the A330-300? I just booked EC on ATL – FCO for next month and agent on phone told me I could get a refund if i decided against the upgrade. Also seat guru claims row 13 C/D does not have power. That is the big attraction for me.

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  • Guest

    can anyone tell me if the EC seats better than Preferred seats ?

  • De Vries Ewout

    Since Economy Comfort was introduced on Delta, I have flown twice to South Africa and twice to Europe. I only sat there because I did not have to pay for it due to Medallion status. The service on all segments was exactly the same as in coach and horrible most times. Two weeks ago I flew regular economy on KLM to Amsterdam – I could only upgrade for free 48 hours before the flight and at that time there were no good seats left. However, the Delta staff could learn something from KLM staff. The service in KLM regular economy was far superior to any Comfort Class service I have had on Delta.

  • HS

    I have flown three times in Economy Comfort on the ATL-MAN routes, the last time bein in May 2012. If you have seats 15F and G or 16F and G at the front, depending on which plane is being used, it is impossible to use the tray table either for drinks or eating meals as they do not extend far enough. Neither my husband nor myself are huge (I am a size 16).
    I have complained to Delta about this and on the second occasion they gave me some extra Skymiles ( which ar enot of much use to me living in the UK) despite the fact that I had paid extra for the upgrades. Not sure I would pay again. The inflight movie screen also disturbs your sleep. Despite the fact that there is a restroom just in front of these seats, this is designated as a business class restroom and the stewardesses insist that you walk all the way to the back to use the restrooms. The only alternative is to walk across in front of the folk who are seated in the middle bulkhead seats which is no too satisfactory for them if they have paid $80 for the privilege!

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  • DeltaDiamond

    I am headed out on another international flight from ATL to FCO. I am wondering if I can handle the EC seats for 8 hours. I always fly first class, but this time I’m paying for it and have to go coach. Is it worth 325.000 miles to go First Class? Or would you stick it out in EC? I’m 6′ 2″ tall.

  • Kris & Ko

    The Delta Economy Comfort doesn’t really seem worth it from your description, other than priority boarding, perhaps. I’ve flown with Air France “Premium Voyageur” from Paris to LAX, and while more costly than the Delta program, it’s a HUGE upgrade.

    - Much better “shell” seating,
    - Wider seats with more leg room,
    - Premium noise canceling headphones (including individual ear covers for hygiene),
    - Individual flex shaft adjustable reading lights that don’t disturb others,
    - Adjustable footrests,
    - Genuine wool blankets, travel socks (and a bag for your shoes!) and a sleeping mask,
    - bottled water at your seat when you first board,
    - Hot hand towel “welcome” service,
    - Separate cabin with it’s own restrooms (so never so crowded as in regular economy),
    - Power ports and bigger screens than regular economy,
    - Priority boarding (of course),
    - Whatever else I haven’t mentioned …

    This sounds much more like your KLM experience than Delta. The seat comfort, while not Business or First class, totally solved my wife’s discomfort with long distance economy, and because it’s a hard shell with the seat reclining inside it, the issue of others reclining into your space is completely eliminated.

    The food is still economy, but on Air France, I find that to be already a notch above most economy food, so certainly quite edible, with acceptable budget wine and coffee to help wash it down.

  • Jimswood4

    I generally kick out the extra cash for it since I am only Silver on Delta. I am 6’3 250lbs and the extra space is welcome.

  • Outdors1

    I was flying alone JFK to DUB and was moved into EC without knowing. I agree my butt was numb on arrival, but the return trip in just Economy made me realize that the EC is well worth a few extra bucks if not for the ability to shift around more and regain blood flow to the posterior. I also suggest picking up a seat pad from REI. There are a couple of brands, but this is the best deal.

  • Teacherjim

    If you’re flying domestically on a Delta Airbus A319, try to get seats 4C or 4D, There is no bulkhead and you have first-class style stretch room for your legs.

  • Kikimartini2479

    Is this for only international flights. I just upgraded to Ecomony Comfort and I payed the extra charges BUT my sister used some of her miles to get me a flight. Would they charge her also?

  • Hbyers73

    my husband is traveling to south africa at the end of the month. he is 6’3 and has knee pain. he is currently booked with an aisle seat in economy. ive had family members tell me its not worth forking out over $150 each way to travel economy comfort when he could stretch his leg out into the aisle if it annoyed him. i told him it may be better to see if he can move to exit seating…any opinions?

  • Blank

    Too long; did not read.

  • reidmc

    Any thoughts about EC vs exit row? Legroom? Seat comfort?

  • Sehavey

    Exit row has more legroom. Took the 767-400 to London in August. sat in 16 C and then 16E on way back. They were OK for me, I am 6 ft 6 inches. The “C” side was better as it did not have the entertainment system box under the seat in front of me that others have mentioned. The difference in recline was hardly noticeable. The exit row seats at the rear would have been more comfortable, but it was nice getting off the plane sooner.

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  • Ashley

    Anyone go on this over 6’7? My husband is 6’11…. Not sure if he’ll fit.

  • Sean P

    Waking up without my penis is my worst nightmare

  • Thomas

    How do you know which plane you’ll be on? Delta changes flights/planes at the drop of a hat. My lie flat seat in Business is now an old angled seat after Deltas bait and switch tactic.

  • mike

    Then why the fuck did you come here to comment in the first place?

  • Erin

    Delta’s economy comfort is never going to win any prizes for being the best, but I’ll take all the extra room I can get. I recently flew it from ATL to SCL, and for a 10 hour flight, I was thrilled to have an extra couple of inches and to be closer to the exit for de-planing.

  • B_stein

    This is the biggest scam Delta has going. Economy Comfort seating = Paying for exit row seats which used to cost nothing extra. I would not pay one penny more for it, as it’s just another airline scam/rip-off. I hope they all go bankrupt for engaging in such shoddy practices.

  • thepointsguy

    Economy comfort does have 50% more recline and generally better padded than the exit row so it isn’t exactly the same.

  • B_stein

    With all due respect, that question depends on your own financial situation and budget. Certainly coach seats will not kill you, and you will survive it, with some discomfort. If you want to roll in style and comfort, I would pay the extra $$$. No different than in the steamboat days- Would you prefer steerage class, or to travel in luxurious splendor with the Astors and Rathskellers?

  • B_stein

    Standing up every once in a while, is better than sticking your legs out in front of you. EC is a scam, plain and simple. Get him an aisle seat where he can stand up and stretch every 30 minutes or so.

  • tootalltrucker

    Hi, not sure why B_stein thinks this is a scam, other than he wants everything his way. As a Delta Diamond he does not have to pay for EC anyway. I am 6’6″ and always try to book an exit row. Though EC did take up some the exit row seats they did not take all of them and there are still a few left on every flight, although you have to be Medallion to choose them at time of booking. I took EC to and from London last August on a 767-400. I could have booked an exit row farther in the back but chose EC instead. If you are looking for maximum comfort then I would rank it as A) Exit row aisle, B) EC aisle, C) Exit Row middle and D) EC middle. A regular aisle is not going to be as comfortable as an Exit Row or EC seat. One caveat, very few of the bulkhead seats, whether EC or Exit row, offer as much room as the non bulkhead version of either. In other words, an EC non bulkhead is preferable over an exit row bulkhead. Not a 100% rule but close enough. As mentioned above, I am 6’6″ and was much more comfortable in my EC seat than I would have been in a regular coach seat.

  • Earthtravelers

    We had the worst experience ever booking Comfort Plus seats on the Atlanta- London flight 089 – (on the way out the comfort plus seats were just ordinary seats with 4″ extra leg room and we thought that was not great…little did we know what the return was going to be!) We are totally disgusted with Delta, the seats were worse than a park bench and the service so totally awful we vowed to complain on every forum. Fortune magazine calls Delta one of the most admired companies in the world…what for? As the largest user of Boeing aircrafts could they possibly have afforded the fee of an ergonomics expert to advise those idiots when they decided to install the hideous seats they dare call “comfort”. No seat padding, no lumbar support…maybe next edition of that aircraft they could do away with the seats altogether, it can’t get much worse. Moreover the temperature inside the cabin (seat 21 A & B) was so low that the only decent flight attendant in the crew took pity on me and brought me an improvised hot water bottle so i could avoid hypothermia. The food was utter rubbish and wine was poured from a carton in a large plastic tumbler, totally gross. That red stuff they dare call wine was taken away by a totally unengaged flight attended who proceeded to pour the contents of the cup in the bathroom…telling enough?Grow up Delta, even British Airways still do better than you. This was trickery of the highest order, advice to all frequent flyers: STAY AWAY and travel BA or KLM if you want premium economy from Europe to the US.

  • Chris Ryan

    The cost for economy comfort on the JFK – LAX route is $89. You get Zone 1 boarding, a snack pack that had a piece of Ghirardelli chocolate, a Kind Bar and a small package of chips. You get free cocktails (but good luck trying to get more than 4 or 5 on this trip– the FAs are pretty slow after the first drink service). The recline seems just a tad better, but boy the seats are tough for the six hour flight. Delta seems to have gone to a free movies/tv shows on all their cross-country flights– so no difference from regular economy. I didn’t check if HBO was free in EC.
    I guess if you are tall, it might be worth it. For me, it didn’t seem like it was worth it at all. Virgin America even more expensive seating at least gets you some food and they seem to be much quicker at getting drinks.

  • Tr

    EC seats are more than uncomfortable, actually painful on the backside! Passengers all around me are sitting on pillows, blankets, clothing, anything to ease the pain! Delta get a clue!!

  • shay peleg

    Up to 50%

  • Floridastorm

    With reference to Delta’s Economy Comfort, I believe that Delta’s regular economy seat pitch is 31 inches just like most western airlines. Their Economy Comfort seat pitch is 35 inches only 4 inches more. Consider that many Asian airlines, like Thai and Korean, already have 35 inch pitch in their regular economy cabin and 40 inch pitch for Thai’s premium economy seats. Korean does not have premium economy yet. So, Delta is having you pay extra for 35 inch pitch where with Thai and Korean that seat pitch already comes with your excursion price ticket. Is Delta paying attention?

  • bpk123

    I found the 757 incredibly uncomfortable even on my 2 hour flight from Atlanta to Cancun. For any aviation geeks out there, the 757 is amazing performer and good looking but comfort is not its thing. Very narrow, hard seats, with limited leg room. I hate to admit it but i found my connecting flight on CRJ-700 more comfortable.

  • Frante Camar

    I was in Delta’s economy comfort in my trip to Barcelona and it epwas very comfortable. this seat and my stay at apartment made my trip to Barcelonavery pleasant.

  • PLV

    Actually there is a big difference between steamboat days and now. Then you could actually stand up and walk around without anyone yelling at you. You, also got to lie down. Which is a huge difference in my book.

  • Jim O’Donnell

    So, my travel last year was curtailed and I am rebuilding my status with delta now. Given that the domestic upgrade list has become quite competitive, even for platinums in some of my regular destinations, I started to wonder if EC might give me an edge for domestic upgrades. In speaking with a ticketing agent on Monday as I was moving my departure from RDU to MSP, I asked and she confirmed that fare class is a significant factor in determining placement on the upgrade list and that EC ($14 on my flight) is considered an upgrade in fare. I did pay for the EC and (as a silver, no less) received a medallion upgrade at boarding. Hopefully by May this won’t be an issue, but it’s something to consider when booking if you’re gold or silver.

  • JR Reynolds

    I’m sure the guy behind you loved how you kept your seat back the entire trip? sounds like your a business class wanna be. Pay business class or stop complaining about a glorified economy seat.

  • JR Reynolds

    Delta Airplanes are the most dirty and disgusting in my opinion even first class is dirty. I stopped flying there are too many sick and dirty people that get on these planes.. especially the international ones.

  • Guest

    We (family of 4) flew on Aug 12 2014 Heathrow – USA (daytime) and returned Aug 26 2014 (overnight). I knew the plane was completely full in both directions. I am tall ( 6’3”), I always find the 2-3 hour flights around Europe unpleasant, claustrophobic and a thing to be endured. I was dreading it.

    It was great. I had read so much about bad service, hard seats, cold planes, rubbish food, cramped seats, appalling IFE that would repeatedly break. I “upgraded” to economy comfort for us all. The extra I paid was the best money I spent all holiday. DO IT! We had the front row seats (29 ABCD). I had the aisle seat 29C. I could stretch out. I could see the Business class and realise it wasn’t worth the extra they had spent, I think I had the best seat on the plane outside of the Business class etc. We had early boarding and departure, food was more than enough (edible but instantly forgettable!), drinks were plenty and happily provided. I did go and ask for a few e.g. the extra free spirits but that was my choice (1) I was a bit embarrassed to ask for extras that others hadn’t got and 2) it was a bit of exercise and a change) Staff were all jolly, friendly and pleasant. A bit OTT for a Brit like me but it IS an American Airline so what did I expect? The criticism of staff’s ages seems very unfair. If you wanted a beauty show, there are subscription television channels just for that. I hoped for efficient and pleasant crew. They were. The seat extra recline made a difference trying to nap. Because it was with similar seats I didn’t need to feel bad about taking someone else’s space either. The seats weren’t generous but they were OK in both terms of comfort and width (only just OK). What did I expect in the cheapest flight I could get? I was well pleased with everything satisfactory. The blanket and pillow were clean (unlike site comments had repeatedly said) the earphones and eye set etc. were absolutely fine. The range of films, music, TV etc. was very good and all free. Everything worked well. Some of the sets were a little slow to respond on the touch screen (over use) but hardly a crisis. Coming back was still good but the overnight time difference, difficulty of sleep etc. isn’t fun unless you are paying mega bucks.

    I feel daft having read too many site reviews by unhappy fliers. I took a spare blanket, pillow, food, entertainment, seat cushion. None of them even made it out of my bag.

    Is it better with someone else? I don’t know it’s the only time I’ve flown transatlantic. Was I, and everyone else, just lucky travelling those days? Seems unlikely to me. Would I fly with Delta again? Yes, why not? Would I pay the extra for the economy comfort seat? Damn right I would!

  • mhammo

    In my opinion, you are being completely too kind regarding these crappy and sub-par seats. On your flight you MIGHT have had an extra 4 inches of knee space, but, based on the economy plus seats I have sat in they are at best 2 inches. As you correctly point out, absolutely no difference in width and “additional” 50% of about 2 inches of recline makes for a whopping 3 inches total of recline…a complete joke to the concept of “plus” seating.

    To top it off, as you also experienced, you are treated no different than regular coach. So, lucky if you get the upgrade for free but if anyone were to consider paying for those seats…don’t waste your money on the economy “plus” seats.

    Delta definitely needs to learn from the competition in this regard.

  • John

    These seats seem like a trick. I’m normal sized, 5’10, 170 lbs with broad shoulders. If big people tend to choose economy comfort and exit rows, I’d likely be bumping shoulders with them.

    My legs fit into normal economy seats, so I’d rather take my chances sitting by somebody who doesn’t need more leg room.

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