Citi Decreases Thank You Premier Card Sign-up Bonus

by on February 4, 2012 · 32 comments

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Out of nowhere, Citi cut the sign-up bonus for their Thank You Premiercard from 50,000 to 30,000 points. 50,000 points were worth $665 in travel and now 30,000 equates to $399. While 30,000 isn’t really noteworthy these days, it’s also not horrible for a card that has the first year waived – especially if you use those $399 to buy a mileage run worthy fare that can net you a boatload of miles and elite miles.

I am kicking myself because I wanted to get the Premier at 50,000 as part of my 2012 credit card strategy, but I was holding off until I got closer to meeting the $5,000 spend on my Ink Bold card- since I really value those 50,000 points because they can be transferred to a bunch of partners like United and Hyatt. I even had the application up in my browser at one point last week, but I was going to hold off on my next round of applications until this week. Just goes to show that you snooze, you lose in the credit card game.

That being said, I’m not totally upset about it. Citi changes the bonus on that card every couple months so I’ll probably just wait and see if it goes back to 50,000.

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  • Jody Nichols

    Dang, this was next on my list too. I’m nervous about the Bold too seeing as I don’t have a biz.

  • Kathy K

    it was literally on my “to do” list.

  • jcmitchell21

    I got one without any verification needed

  • Brian(J)

    Although I used to refuse to spend even $1 extra for points, I have changed my tune and now routinely ‘buy’ the spend by using the CC to pay property and IRS (estimated) taxes. Yes it costs 2%, or $100, to buy a $5,000 spend but it takes the stress out of it and you are set for the next card instantly.

  • Cory

    I am quite fortunate. I just received my Citi Premier card yesterday. I applied for the card last week of January. Timing seems to be everything in life. Sadly, Chase has at least for the moment declined my Chase Freedom application.

  • Jasher

    So are the links not valid? I just googled “Citi premier 50000″ and the second result shows an active 50K promo.

  • Captaincool
  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t look like the annual fee is waived though

  • Anonymous

    That link is from when the promo ran last summer and the annual fee was not waived. Citi is a mess in terms of IT so you very well may get the 50k points, but as C75K points out, you still have to pay the $125 annual fee. I’d personally rather wait and see if the 50k and waived annual fee offer comes back

  • Anonymous

    Thats the offer from last summer where the $125 annual fee wasn’t waived, so im not sure if you’d get the points if you applied. I’m personally going to wait to see if the most recent offer of 50k and waived $125 annual fee comes back

  • smedleyb

    Wow, just got my wifes’s premier yesterday. This is about the third card bonus that has been downgraded in less than a week after I/wife get accepted.


  • Asdfasdf

    I do not speak any Asian languages. The thank you companion pass is very good for expensive domestic tickets. Also this card is good for Sam’s club because you can get a MC. The citi web site sucks. 兩個瀏覽器中招工作以及與此有關。

  • Perry Platypus

    Can you apply for the Chase Sapphire & Ink simultaneously to net 100,000 points?

  • Anonymous

    Yes- just make sure you can meet the spend requirements of both

  • Kmcgee

    Brian, you must not know what you’re talking about when saying that Citi is a mess in terms of IT. Is your statement based on some factual evidence, or are you just speculating? Citi has been ranked the No.1 financial company in terms of IT innovation and implementation for the past 3 years (source: CIO monthly).

    The truth is that they have various promotions, some of which have annual fees and higher points bonuses, and/or vice versa.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry- I didn’t explain well. I didn’t mean that Citi has a bad worldwide IT infrastructure.. I meant Citi cards often have random outdated offer pages that are still up and sometimes you can still get the promotion- sometimes not. There are also some other weird glitches with Citi card applications.. .and while they can still benefit the consumer, its a bit of the wild wild west.

  • Aaron

    That’s odd; I signed up a month ago and I’m pretty sure the paperwork (I received a pre-approval letter in the mail) said it was expiring in March. I have it at my office so I’ll check on Monday.

  • PJ

    Time to call in Chase Reconsideration line

  • Dan

    This card was actually on my “when I’m bored and have nothing better to get” list. I tried poking around Citi’s TY travel partners, and it seemed that the prices were marked up. IOW, it didn’t look like $500 even bought $500 worth of hotels.

    I managed to get the VS BofA co-branded AmEx card the day they pulled the links down. It was on my radar, and the minute the links went down, I called and got the card under the old promo, which was pretty decent.

  • against cloggers

    This kind of post is precisely the reason why I would never use a clogger’s card link. You cry about Citi having reduced the bonus points significantly and yet you feel the need to advertise the really inferior 30k offer with an affiliate link.

    If you had bothered to keep track of the application link in the landing page, you would know that it still works. There are two more links which will even show you the landing page. I will leave it to you to do figure them out.

  • Anonymous

    I clearly stated that I was going to wait and hope for the 50k to come back, but if anyone still wants $399 in free travel they could still get the 30k offer. There’s no guarantee that 50k will come back so someone who wants this card may want to get it now. It’s not my job to make the decision of what card is best for everyone’s personal situation.

  • Anonymous

    And as for the 50k link- its an expired one from last summer that has the $125 annual few- not a good deal

  • Anonymous

    Well, regardless of what people think about excessive credit card posts, this change didn’t exactly come out of nowhere…I did hear before they devalued it. I’m not sure if anyone else reported it, but Rene at Delta points did catch this news before it happened:

  • Asdfasdf

    don’t respond to haterz™ or trollz™

    you have a great blog.

  • Milesmomma

    Funny! Because this card was on my list too and I was holding off till this week too because of other min. spends to finish and waiting from my last Chase apps. This card wasn’t on the top of my list but I figured I’d get it. I’ll just wait. It’ll be back later in the year for sure. Plenty others to keep you busy.

  • James

    Do you think Citi’s decision to devalue the ThankYou Premier’s initial sign-up bonus and Chase slapping “limited time offer” on the Sapphire Preferred’s 50K bonus is a precursor of things to come this year, or is this a case of crying wolf too early in the game?

  • Anonymous

    Too early to tell. I do know that the Sapphire 50k bonus will be dropping at some point this quarter, but others may be going up. I have to admit I’m not really happy with where they are all going, but I’m hopeful things will pick up again soon

  • StM

    TPG – do you think the Ink Bold may be dropping too?

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t heard anything about that, but at some point it probably will- especially considering the comparable Amex product (Business Rewards Gold) currently has a 0 point signup (that had dropped from 50k as well)

  • David

    Million Miles Secrets provides a link today for the 50K Thank you card with 1st year fee waived.

  • Phil

    It is very, very easy to find an active link to the 50k offer with first year waived.

    Sadly this is the smoking gun Brian that your blog is biased towards offers that make you $$$s.

    I note that some Boardingarea guys went even further in saying the 50k offer is “Dead” and then closing the post to comments.

    These guys must be paying you big bucks.

    Thanks to Darius, at least one of the blogging community still has some ethics.

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