Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card 7% Yearly Dividend Notification

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Update:  As of July 20, 2014, the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card no longer offers the 7% annual points dividend. View the current sign up offer here.

Back in September I blogged that Chase had confirmed to me that the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card sign-up bonus of 50,000 points would indeed count towards the yearly 7% dividend, which is a nice perk of the card. And lo and behold, I just got my dividend summary and the 50,000 points were included – plus points that a friend had transferred to me from her Freedom account (which is another great perk of pairing up the quarterly 5x earning bonuses of the Freedom with the great redemption and transfer partners of the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card).  I also got credit for the 2,500 free and 4,500 point Pitney Bowes deals.

9,179 point dividend

The points aren’t yet in my account, but I assume that’s because my January statements already closed, so they will be included on my February statement.

Overall, I think the 7% annual dividend on all points earned is a pretty great benefit, especially since a ton of my points were earned by the 2x travel and dining- essentially allowing me to earn 2.14 points per dollar spent in those categories. This little bonus will help me top up my Continental balance so I can book a Virgin Atlantic award before that option ceases to exist after February 13, 2012!

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  • Larry

    If transferred points count, that’s rather amazing and could be a pretty large loophole. Did your friend also get the dividend? Can you confirm that your bonus was on all points you had during the year, or was it simply on the points you had in the account at the end of the year? Also, where does this notice appear? Was it something in the snail mail, or is it on the Chase site? Thanks much for the info!

  • JP

    How are you able to transfer points from one UR account to another?

    I have transferred points to other people’s FF accounts, but never UR accounts.

  • Anonymous

    Log-in -> Manage Ultimate Rewards -> Combine points. Anyone with points- Ben from freedom, can send you their points instantly for free. Great perk

  • Anonymous

    My friend had Freedom points so they wouldnt have gotten a dividend anyway. My account balance on 12/31 was only 60kish so it definitely accounts for all of the points received in your account over the year. I didn’t get the 50k bumped bonus like some people last summer, but Mommy Points reported that she didn’t get the dividend on that extra 50k.

  • mikes

    I was under the impression that a transfer from Freedom didn’t count. That is great news. I just got my 30k deposited, and those will eventually make their way into my wife Sapphire account. An extra 2100+ UR points is nothing to sneeze at, not to mention the extra bonus on the 5X point I’ll accrue through the year. I hope this continues to be true.

    I was surprised that Chase sent the email out-of-sync with the actual posting of the points.
    I didn’t actually read all the way through before I popped into awardwallet to check… and find they had not posted.
    I guess I’m spoiled, but that it seems a bit un-Chase-like to be that sloppy.

  • ChaseSPcard

    Points that were transferred to me did not count and I am not sure how Chase arrived at the number I got in the email. My brother had less points and no transfers but still got twice as much annual bonus points. I think there is a mistake here. We shall wait and see.

  • Talpiott

    Hi! If I transfer 50k from my INK BOLD acct to C. Saphire Preferred UM accnt, will I get 7% for the 50k transferred from INK BOLD also?

  • Anonymous

    I can’t guarantee but it can’t hurt to try since ink and sapphire have the same transfer partners anyway

  • Guest

    More good news: I just talked to a rep who said Chase plans to add EMV chips to this card sometime in 2012!

  • Anonymous

    got mine the other day too – GREAT post-holiday bonus !

  • Akleger

    Hi- so you think that $95 per year is a good price for the Sapphire Preferred? I just got the offer in the mail too, and actually kept it instead of it going straight to the trash. I have the regular Sapphire card already.

  • Ali

    I didn’t get the 7% on points transferred from a Freedom. But I did get Chase to add the 7% to my extra 50,000 I received.

  • Mariana Giraudo

    My husband just got the same email for the Sapphire but the total bonus points are something like 300. I am a bit annoyed because he has already reached the spending limit of $3000 but Chase hasn’t credited the account the 50K registration bonus so the 7% dividend was based on the first month of ‘low’ spending. I am going to call them tonight to clarify.

  • Anonymous

    He will get the 7% on the 50k bonus next year since it will post in 2012. The annual dividend is based on all points posted per calendar year (jan 1-dec 31)

  • Lark

    $95 is probably worth it.

    But, the first year fee is waived, so definitely worth it!

  • Larry

    Excellent — thanks. We also got our e-mail. We got the bonus on the entire 100k — the first 50k plus the bumped bonus of 50k, plus all other points earned, for nearly 8k extra points.

  • Gary Pickavet

    and I believe for clarification you only get the 50K bonus in 2011 if you hit the spend requirement by the closing of your last statement in December… not 12/31 (which is stupid if you ask me) :-)

  • Anonymous

    Correct- you get the 7% bonus for all miles posted within that calendar year. Miles usually post shortly after your statement closes

  • Anonymous

    I never received an email from Chase. Should I be concerned here?

  • Anonymous

    No- I’m sure they are just sent out in batches and yours probably hasn’t gone out yet.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I just got lucky or Chase felt bad for me or something… but my dividend definitely included the extra 50k bonus I got last Summer.

    I suppose for those that got the extra 50k bonus, it doesn’t hurt to ask for those points to be included in the dividend.

  • Mariana Giraudo

    Thanks for the clarification. But we still won’t be able to enjoy a larger dividend return since we are planning on using the points for traveling in the next month or so. oh well, bad timing on our part in terms of application.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry- you will still earn the dividend even if you use the points!

  • Windcloud5

    If the freedom transfer would count for the 7% bonus, then all you have to do is transfer points back and forth and you can net a lot of points at the end of the year, since chase let you transfer between your own freedom and sapphire (intra), and other people’s points and your points (inter).

  • Joseph

    I got a math fail one…haha
    The bonus amount is correct, however the total points is not

  • Anonymous

    Same thing happened with me.

  • Ddavid1101

    Strange, I was shooting for the 100K(50+50K) last year but didnt get it. Ended up only with 50K bonus. But the Yearend Dividend was based on a total of 115K which includes the 50K I never got. So I ended up with 8K in Dividend on my statement.

  • ilimas

    Hey TPG! Congrats!

    Wouldn’t it have been more advantageous to spend $25K on the UA/CO card and receive the 10K point (40%) bonus?

  • Andy

    Do UR bonuses count toward the 7% bonus?

  • CherylD

    I still haven’t received the 7% bonus – should I call?

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  • Mike

    Is the 7% bonus paid on a calendar basis or on the anniversary of when you received the card?

  • flyatlanta

    I just was told by Chase Saphhire rep that sign on bonus won’t count towards 7% yearly dividend!

    I asked the rep since when it has changed, she told me that it is always be that way since the dividend is for spending not for signing bonus.

    She did create a escalation to the Chase Marketing Department though, waiting for response in 7-10 business days.

    Want to know anyone has similar experience ?

  • Eduardo Angel

    I haven’t received my 7% so I just called Chase Cust. Serv. The sign up bonus does NOT count towards the 7% not the points I have transfered from my Freedom account. Out of 100k points I currently have I’ll get only 1,000 points as a dividend.

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