US Airways 50% Discount on Purchased Miles: Good Deal?

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US Airways is running a 50% off sale on their purchased points for people who purchased them in 2011. Normally they cost 3.5 cents a piece, but with this promo you can get 50,000 for a total of $940.65, or 1.9 cents a mile. This offer is targeted towards people who purchased miles in 2011, but you can try using this link to see if you are eligible.

So is this a good deal? It depends.

US Airways used to sell miles for 1.4 cents a piece, so if you simply look at the price increase it may not be such a good deal. However, US Airways is a Star Alliance member and has a pretty generous award chart, so buying miles may still make sense – especially if you value business or first class international travel.

For domestic roundtrip awards in coach, it would be like paying $475 for restricted low level awards and remember – you don’t earn miles and can’t get upgraded on award tickets. In that case, I’d recommend just buying your ticket unless you fly super expensive routes, like to Alaska, or small markets that charge a bundle.

The value gets better when you think about international travel. I can fly from Miami to Beijing for only 90,000 miles in business class, which at 1.9 cents a mile would cost me $1,710 plus any award taxes. I don’t know about you, but I’d easily pay $2,000 for confirmed business class to Northern China (For the same amount you can also go to Japan, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macau, Mongolia, S. Korea, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.)

US Airways also has offpeak awards, so you can fly to Europe for 60,000 miles ($1,140) in business class from January 15- February 28. Pretty good deal, especially since US Airways has a decent business class product that they are currently in the process of upgrading to fully lie flat beds.

Before you purchase miles, make sure you have a goal in mind. I’d recommend reviewing their Star Alliance award chart here and deciding on what awards you might eventually redeem for and then decide whether you are okay paying for that amount at 1.9 cents a mile. If so, then buy the miles! If not, you may want to wait for more lucrative deals or just try building up your accounts the old fashioned way by flying or buying needless stuff for the next Grand Slam promotion!

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  • PJ

    I have 40K US Airways miles from Barclays as gift ( ie no fees no spend ) Can anybody show me how to take advantage of non stop flights on United with US airways miles ?

  • Anonymous

    Go to and search for award flights. Once you find SaverPass flights, they can be booked with US Airways miles by calling US Airways ( only shows US Airways flights)

  • DE

    can I convert US airways miles to Continental 1:1?

  • Anonymous

    No. You can use them to book continental flights, but you cannot transfer them into a Onepass account

  • JohnnieD

    If you have the Us Airways credit card,then your trip is 5K less. My wife and I are going to Paris for a week in Feb in Envoy class for 55K each..though the fees to use CDG are about $275…….

  • DE

    What I do if I have points in both accounts(US/CO) and I want to use both for CO flight? Thank

  • Aaron

    Unless you have the amount of points required for the flight in one or the other account, there is no way to combine accounts across airlines.

  • PJ

    New good news: i was told show flights available on other partners too

    Often, I wonder why people are staying away thier Dividend Miles Master Card offer with 40K singon bonus and no strings attached.

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  • Anonymous

    another off topic question, I have citi thank premier MASTER card, could you also apply for Visa card as well, or it is considered duplicate application?

    Thank you Brian…have a good day.

  • tassojunior

    Remember many of us have the US CC which gives an additional 5K off awards on US. 30K rt to Rio (and soon San Paulo) on the frequent off-peaks there is a good deal, and J is a bargain.

  • dale m

    I tried this recently (calling USAir), having researched flights and seat availability pretty darn carefully via CO web site (which is excellent). When I called USAir, it was a bust – there was tons of availability as evidenced on CO, but “our system does not show those seats as available” was the common refrain. Very disappointing, having bought a lot of USAir miles.

  • Brad

    This US airways promo is 50% discount. That is equivalent to a 100% bonus.

  • The Points Guy

    Yes, our mistake, we used the word bonus instead of discount. Just changed the title to reflect the correction.

  • Anonymous

    I bought none so it wouldn’t let me buy any now… :-( sigh….

  • Adam

    I had 34k in my account and buying 50,000 for 940$ was a great deal. I’m only 6k short of a business class trip to Japan now. What a steal! I live in Tennessee and this is more than pays for itself.

  • Adam

    I forgot to add that I also used my Chase Sapphire card so the purchase counts toward my 50,000 point 3,000 spend. My trip to Europe this year will put me over the spend.

  • kiran mai

    It is a nice article and good presentation. This offer is really good, it is equal to 100% discount for us.
    Does we get the offer on Master card and visa card? If we get this offer through master and visa card, what are the steps to book a ticket? Can you give reply for this. Thanks in advance.


  • view with a room

    aeroplan dot com is an excellent tool to explore options for award availability; and the US Airways rep also advised as such. After two purchases of miles at 100% bonus and the credit card bonus and a Wyndham point transfer bonus I accumulated 220,000 miles. The US Airways staff were very good to work with but did have issues with booking seats available on aeroplan and ANA and was advised to call back again in a few hours. End result after a few hours and a few calls, First class from USA to Mumbai, India the first week of July via United and Swiss for 160,000 miles. Each and every loyalty program is associated with advantages and disadvantages and the goal is to focus on the advantages of the program.

  • pilotb757

    All these are run by After the 3rd purchase on usairways of 50k miles, one for me and 2 as a gift , it started giving me the message your card has been declined, i called the Barclays cs and was told it was good on their end, called US Airways and was told nothing to do with them, it is, a company like ebay, with no phone number listed, only email contact, i do not know who owns this or how big or small this is , i really think it should not be allowed for any business not to list a cs number

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