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 … another Pan Am review comes to us from Danielle …

After a four-week hiatus, Pan Am returned with episode 10: “Secrets and Lies.” From the title I expected a titillating 60 minutes to usher loyal fans back into the season, but instead what followed was a series of rather bland, soap opera-esque storylines that barely took flight.

In the forefront are Colette and Dean. The two have been presumably hot and heavy since the barn floor until Bridgette suddenly arrives back on deck after shedding her spy ties. Colette is understandably ruffled by her lover’s ex-fiance’s surprise appearance and gives Dean some distance to figure out his unfinished business with Bridgette though he says he only wants to be with Colette. Bridgette finds Dean later drowning his sorrows in the hotel bar and comes clean to him that the reason she fled from his proposal was because of her role within MI-6. Though angry at first, Dean caves to Bridgette’s seduction and takes her back to his room, confirming Colette’s suspicions.

Meanwhile, Ted is getting chummy with childhood friend Amanda, though she refuses to take their relationship beyond kissing. After a talk with Laura, Ted maturely realizes some things are worth waiting for–especially because she can keep Ted’s father in line when he starts picking on his son. Kate decides to remain with the CIA after passing an MI-6 lie-detector test about shooting an enemy spy, and Maggie writes an angry diatribe slamming Congressman Rawling’s pro-nuclear views but changes her mind after being wined and dined by the Senator. It’s too late to halt the presses, though, and the article goes to print.

Although this episode didn’t contain many vintage Pan Am vignettes, several 60′s icons were mentioned. Colette’s got a crush on Robert Redford from “Barefoot in the Park” and Beatle mania grips the girls of London near the hotel where the crew is staying. Pan Am also dabbles into the issue of sexual morality when Ted is both disappointed that Amanda won’t “open the lockbox,” but shell-shocked when Laura admits she’s not waiting around for a ring. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Maggie and Dean seem to bed-hop with utter abandon – making up for the show’s rather  slow start in that department.

Given the ever-changing minds and decisions of the cast I think a more apt title would have been, “Finicky and Fickle” for this episode. Let’s hope next week brings some clearer, and more exciting, plot and character navigation to Pan Am!

Until next time, Danielle

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  • Tp G

    does anybody actually read these reviews?

  • Frank Sweep

    Just fly the planes…

  • John Moore

    With two Sundays left to go, do you think it will be cancelled Danielle? Wikipedia shows that the “Season” ends on 2/19. Strange date for a season to end…

  • Danielle

    Supposedly the “entire” first season (14 episodes total) will air, but ABC admits that the season was shortened bc of competition from other network shows – which can’t be a good sign. And as a side note: I read that “Romance Languages” (Feb 12th) was actually an episode from last year that was pulled – so it will be strange to see how that works in. According to the network, Pan Am is still “in the running” for a season 2, but a decision won’t be announced until May. As much as I love the show – I don’t think at this point that it will be renewed … but a girl can dream :)

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