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The Oneworld Megado madness continues in Los Angeles this weekend, and seatmate contest winner Conor, Eric and I have been busy in Dallas and Seattle this week hanging out with the folks at American Airlines and Boeing.

We’re still in the midst of all the events, but I thought I’d share some of the lighter moments from our day in Dallas at American Airlines’ CR Smith Center. Don’t worry, I’ll give you the inside scoop from the new head of AAdvantage, Suzanne Rubin, soon, as well as glimpses at a simulated water evacuation, the high-tech flight simulators they use to train pilots, the bustling Systems Operations Control room, and a few interesting facts and figures from the morning seminar.

In the meantime, here are a few photos from the more fun afternoon activities we enjoyed while going through an abbreviated version of the safety training that all AA flight attendants undergo.

Here’s one of me playing the hero as I guide my fellow passengers to safety through the back emergency exit of a Boeing 767. “Come this way! Leave everything behind!” I think I got the hang of it.

Leave your belongings behind and follow me to safety!

Conor, meanwhile, got into character as a panicked passenger dashing from the flames and smoke inside a Boeing 757 simulator. Think he’ll make it out in time? The passenger behind him, meanwhile doesn’t look like he has a care in the world.

Don't panic, Conor, you'll get out of there!

And in this final photo, Eric puts some muscle into operating one of the emergency row exits on the 767 set before shepherding his fellow Megadoers to safety through the overwing exit.

These doors are heavy! Or, at least, Eric thinks so.

British Airways Giveaway

You might not have gotten to participate in the Megado, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a little piece of it home with you.

To commemorate the Oneworld Megado and British Airways’ hospitality in London, I’m going to give away a BA amenity kit, insulated mug, a collectible A320 model, luggage tag, and 10,000 American Express Membership Rewards transferred into your Avios account.

To get the 30% bonus and a total of 13,000 Avios points (more than enough for a roundtrip short-haul flight of 600 miles or less each way), this transfer must happen by January 31, 2012, otherwise you’ll just get 10,000. So hurry up!

Enter the giveaway by leaving a comment below with a tip on redeeming Avios miles for the best possible awards. If you need a little assistance or inspiration, you can check out my previous post on maximizing British Airways’ Avios. I’ll draw a random winner on Monday at 8am ET and announce it on the blog Monday morning with details on the next (more lucrative) Oneworld Mega Do giveaway!

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  • Tormapleaf

    Redeem for short haul nonstop flights on American

  • Mattolo

    AwesOme thanks tpg. My tip, use Avios for awesome shorthaul redemptions like LAX-LAS/SFO for great value!!

  • Nadine

    I am planning to use my Avios miles in conjunction with my companion ticket that I got with my chase cc to fly to Europe with my husband from Boston. Though the fuel charges are high, we would never be able to buy two biz class tickets for that price.

  • David

    I would love to make up some fake comment but I have never flown BA nor transferred Amex points to an Avios account. I do have an account though. Does that qualify me for the giveaway?

  • SgFm

    Have redeemed for JFK-BOS @ 4,500 + tax.

  • boriscolumbus

    NYC/Salt Lake for some spring skiing this March


  • Randy

    The short hauls on AA are excellent. I think the best ones are various non-stops to Caribbean islands out of Miami (some at 9k and most of the rest at 15k round trip). Also, DFW to Florida panhanle cities (e.g. Ft Walton Beach) for a quick beach trip are only 9k round trip.

  • Dan

    Short haul trips to ORD, JFK or MIA on AA. And there’s always the Caribbean!

  • Miss

    Love the photos. Looks like great fun.

    I love using my Avios miles for domestic flights.

    I am a huge theatre fan so 15,000 avios miles takes me roundtrip to NYC so I can keep up with all the amazing theatre. I think that’s a real bargain.


  • Kathy K

    The Avios are useful for short haul flights- I booked a trip to Montreal from LGA for 9000 Avios ($55 taxes). Way cool. I missed owmd but lived it vicariously. Thx

  • Steven

    Looking at using 4,500 Avios miles (+$2.50) for NYC->YUL (o/w flight on AA) and taking Amtrak Adirondack back to enjoy scenery in Fall . Taking train saves me $48 in aiport taxes/fees that would be incurred if I redeem Avios miles on return. Saving Avios miles for BETTER future redemption opportunities.

  • Matt

    I’m a big fan of using Avios for short-haul last-minute trips on American domestic flights. BA seems to open up availability close to the flight date.

  • Elizabeth

    Great pictures! I’d use 13k Avios points towards a trip to DC and back.

  • Hao

    Best redemption I’ve made: LAX-HNL/OGG for 25k miles + tax roundtrip.

  • Kevincure

    Some foreign short haul flights are great for Avios too – think TPE-ICN on Cathay direct, which I need to fly shortly.

  • Anonymous

    Either short haul AA or Transatlantic F with a Chase 2 for 1 award

  • jc

    WAS-ORD for 9k Avios. Route regularly sells at $300+

  • James

    Last year my wife and I wanted to fly to Canada. We booked tickets on LAN from JFK to YYZ! …and then they stopped that route a month before we flew. Talk about the worst downgrade ever: from an LA 763 to an AA CR7. Part of the reason I planned the damn trip was just to fly LAN cheaply, not that Toronto wasn’t fun. And that’s where you and your AVIOS points come in. You can help me fly LAN and fulfill the dream! Or take another crappy AA CR7 to YUL, but for only 2.50 a leg this time instead of the absurd US-Canada prices we paid last time! :)

  • Dennis

    After redeeming BA miles on a long haul flight to Asia on CX, I’ve now appreciated what Avios can do for short haul trips like New York-Toronto. Avios isn’t all that bad after all.

  • Matt

    I find short-haul domestic between AA hubs and smaller regional airports to be the best bang for the buck. Think DFW to Santa Fe (9k rt) or Aspen (15k). From DFW, Mexico is really close as well, so DFW to CUN/SJD are 15k plus about $100 in taxes. I’m one of the ones that feared the Avios devaluation and burned 70k points on a DFW-SJD trip late last year, to realize that I would have been better off waiting.

  • Andrew

    LGA-YHZ (Halifax) for 9000 Avios roundtrip in the summer. Flights average $500 then, so ~5.5cpm value in coach! Also looking into flights in the Caribbean — SJM-DOM (Dominica) is 15000 roundtrip, which can run $500 on average.

  • Lance

    AA redemption has always been a lucrative choice for BA miles, and with the new short haul rates, it is even better! Seeing as Miami or Dallas is so close to the southern vacation spots, I would choose a destination in Mexico or Caribbean for not many more points than whats being given away here!

  • Zach Hanlon

    Awesome giveaway. It makes me feel like I was basically at the DO. No it doesn’t but I’m still excited! I love model airplanes as much as I love flying on real airplanes.

  • Sheila

    Going to Peru this summer. I would use the miles to fly to Iquitos that I previously couldn’t get added in as a stopover before the devaluation.

  • Lance

    I would look to fly out of an AA hub for short flights within the US. I’ve been looking at some flights, and can do short hauls for 4500 Avios, with semi-decent availability.

  • MJLouise

    RT ICT-ORD for 9K each, for me and the kids = 27K. Great for an extended weekend of sight seeing and museum hopping — Shedd Aquarium, Museum of Science and Industry. Add Hilton points for 4 nights and we are all set!

  • Scott

    Short hops from Canada to east coast US seem to have a really high valuation, plus using Avios on intra-south america flights still have a good valuation on LAN as well.

  • Mrredskin

    Already stated, I’m sure, but they’re a great use for positioning yourself to a city for a mileage run or great fare for somewhere you want to vacation.

  • Abigail

    I’m planning to use my avios for short hauls on aa, of course, but also for one way flights within Asia — since aa doesnt allow stopovers, I’ll combine an open jaw aa trip to Asia with cheap avios interregional flights.

  • Mark

    I think using Avios for short haul AA flights to be the best use

  • Rob

    I’ll be using my Avios miles for short haul redemptions and AA miles for long haul. Try 13,500 Avios for CX Frist Class HKG-TPE. Only around 90 minutes gate to gate but CX first is worth it…….

  • Jason Bell

    One of the great things about Avios is that you get several options for how many you’d like to use on a given booking. Just did a few quick searches, and just a couple weeks out, I could use 6300X2=12600 of those 13000 Avios (+~$180-$200 in taxes in fees) to book TWO roundtrip tickets to Toronto (my home town) or Montreal from New York – or if I wanted to get off the beaten path a bit, Halifax. Best prices for direct flights on those routes are ~$500pp to Toronto, ~$670pp to Montreal, and ~$980pp to Halifax!

  • Jgar030283

    I currently live in the DFW area so a good value for me has been redeeming Avios points for short haul flight out of DFW or another really good value is the 35k redemption to a lot of Caribbean destinations or Mexico (Aruba, Curacao, Nassau).

  • Gpapadop

    Can u accept one more comment recommending short haul redemptions on AA? Fly regularly to New York City to see family and spending 9k Avios miles from Detroit (or anywhere in the Midwest) is just AWESOME!

  • Mark

    Should be enough miles to redeem on short haul getaway for warm weather in MIA on American.

  • Anonymous

    short hop!! mia to a caribbean destination!

  • David Esquiliano

    I’d be initially tempted to redeem Avios points for LHR-EZE in a premium cabin. It is their longest non-stop flight, and because of the distance it would probably be expensive, but it would allow me to enjoy their premium service for the longest. Anyhow, if I could afford it with Avios, I’d probably do it… Otherwise I’d use it to do short intra-Asia or intra-South America flights.

  • Chris C

    Just made two great short-haul redemptions:

    ORD-BUF (474 miles) for 4500 Avios + $5 where the ticket price was $300….for next weekend!

    LIN-LHR (611 miles) for 4500 Avios + $52 to set up a return from a last minute vacation in Italy.

  • Vike80

    I hate to repeat, but short-haul on AA.

  • Michael

    i just took advantage of the Amex 30% bonus for BA Avios and booked JFK-YVR round trip in March on Cathay business class for only 50,000 points and $105 co-pay. That’s a win.

  • Anonymous

    MIA to Providenciales, Turks & Caicos is 9,000 miles RT with $122 in actual taxes (no fuel surcharge). This would cost $440 + $123 in taxes. That’s a 4.8 cpp redemption rate.

  • PanAm

    Avios turned out to be a great deal for travel within Australia and between Australia and New Zealand. Even using miles to get to OZ you still can have a lot of expenses (and the poor USD exchange rate to Australian dollars) so for our family of 3 this saved us a lot of cash for not many Avios for our trip in March.

    These are all one-way prices but often that’s what folks will be doing hopping around the Land Down Under on vacation:

    SYD-CNS (Cairns) is 10,000 Avios and ~$22 total taxes/fees (all fees shown in US Dollars)
    CNS-BNE (Brisbane) is only 7,500 Avios and $22 in fees
    SYD-BNE is 4,500 Avios and $12 in fees
    SYD-MEL (Melbourne) is 4,500 Avios and $12 in fees
    SYD-ASP (Alice Springs) is 10,000 Avios and $25 (same Avios and $45 to AYQ [Uluru])
    SYD-DRW (Darwin) 10,000 Avios and $25
    SYD (or MEL) to HBA (Hobart) is 4,500 Avios and $12

    SYD-AKL on LAN airlines for 10,000 Avios and ~$88 in fees (also on QF but fees are $148)

    Have fun!

  • jacob

    I would love to do one of these one day!
    Tip: Last minute is the way to go!

  • Nrhandy

    Last minute short hops. CLT to Chicago or New York and back for only 9000 points and $5!

  • Hcsmooth66

    Be sure to fly out of an AA hub city. A flight from Chicago to New Orleans might be 15,000 Avios whereas a flight from Milwaukee to New Orleans might be 24,000 Avios. MKE and ORD are a mere 90 miles apart. But the connection nearly doubles the redemption

  • Dan

    Redeem for short-haul flights on American Airlines.

  • Lawrence Dalsemer

    Avios lost some of the prior BA luster, but short haul flights are the way to go. Used Avios to go from Turks and Caikos to Miami for 7000 points each. Fights were costing over $400. Certainly, the value of these short-hauls compliment some of the longer haul benefits found in AAdvantage and Continental One Pass.

  • Maryjanice

    I am using my points for a first class ticket on BA from ORD to. Johannesburg south africa so I can go on a safari. Also see the falls.

  • Eddy

    ORD to YYZ for 4500 avios each way. Flights are typically in the $400-$500 range.

  • Anonymous

    4500 points MEL-SYD in first class on Qantas, about $20 tax, lounge access included for domestic first class.

  • oldmanpeabody

    Slight variation but even if AA doesn’t have a hub in your city, they’ve got direct flights from most major cities to Miami. Redeem that for as low as 9000 Avios RT (from ATL, CLT, RDU, CHS, etc), then rent a car (average rates out of MIA are $25/day without even doing Priceline or Hotwire) and take the 1-3 hour drive down to the Keys!

  • Tim

    Best tip for my family: LAX-Hawaii only 25K miles plus $21

  • tivoboy

    I gotta say, Avios as an NA BAEC member really only represent good value up and down the coasts, on AA or EAST coast to LHR in premium classes. NTL, with a 241 getting two people from NYC to LHR is pretty darm reasonable and agreeable. :-)

  • Cones42230

    LAX-CABO 15000 round trip. Not bad for a quick beach getaway!

  • Linda

    Use points for US domestic flights…

  • baqa

    Since Avios are generally best used direct, don’t forget to check for direct AS flights – especially if (like me in SEA) AS has a large presence at your home airport.

  • Eddie

    I’d combine the 13000 Avios with the surprise 19634 Avios that I found in my BA account earlier this week for a total of 32634 Avios. (I guess it pays to never use your old BA Executive miles?! Thanks for the earlier TPG article on Avios too- I would have never checked my account otherwise!)

    Since there has been loads of solar activity recently I’d use the Avios to fly from London (my home base) to Helsinki on BA. This cost would be 7500 Avios o/w (15000 Avios RT) + approx. GBP27 in fees.

    I’d spend the day in Helsinki (never been there before!) and before taking a flight to Ivalo, Finland on OneWorld partner Finnair for the low cost of 4500 avios (9000 Avios RT) and taxes and fees.

    The lights in northern Finland are seen over 200 times a year so I’d be willing to bet 24,000 Avios on my first aurora borealis sighting!

    Total cost: 24,000 Avios + taxes and fees
    Airline Ticket Purchase Cost: ~USD$500

    I’d also use the insulated mug to hold some hot chocolate- I hear sky gazing can get quite cold in northern Finland!

    p.s. this is my first post- yay! :)

  • UAL777

    Short hauls can be a good value!

  • antk8

    Love that it is only 9000 avios ORD-WAS, more trips to visit my son and DIL. Not sure if they feel the same……:)

  • Andrew T

    Being based out of NYC, short haul flights to Canada have an amazing value when redeemed using Avios. Flights to Montreal and Toronto in the summer can all be had for 9000 points, which would otherwise cost $400-600 depending on the time of year.

  • aviousaurous

    Cheap way to Hawaii

  • C Jensenperro

    LAX to California destinations like SFO, SMF, SJC an American. $5 tax, no booking fees.

  • Emmylou Trombley

    I plan on using them for flights inside Australia. You get a much better deal using Avios there then you can using QANTAS points.

  • esquish

    avios dominate short one ways, especially to/from canada. just booked two from toronto to chicago for 90k avios (70k MR points) and $108 in taxes. brillig.

  • Amanda C

    I just used Avios to book NYC-LIM on American Airlines!

  • Benthelefty

    Miami to central America is awfully cheap!

  • Chris

    It’s actually a good deal to use them within Europe. Most redemptions only require a $40 roundtrip copay and you don’t get hit with the exorbitant fuel surcharges like you will on the transatlantic flights. And, as Europe is rather small, they will take advantage of the short-haul value.

  • Dustin

    I live in LAX and it seems that one of the better awards is to Hawaii on AA. 25k is a very good deal.

  • Shadywood

    Using British Airways miles to Central America used to be why I flew BA. Now, with AVIOS, my preferred trips are DFW to the West Coast, particularly SFO, on American.

  • Jackie

    I’d also use the points for a short trip from Toronto to NY for my step-daughter to come visit us… The fares we have been paying for her flights from Canada to have her visit us each summer have gotten outrageous! A low points redemption fare is just what we need right now!

  • Sara G.

    My husband and I will be doing a long weekend in London next month, and we’re looking at going to another European city for a couple of days before returning to the US. By departing out of a different city, we’ll be saving over $200 on the ridiculous UK departure taxes when we come home, making the 9000 Avios and $40 we’ll spend on the one way flight even that much more valuable!

  • Ty

    Internal flights SYD – Anywhere. Australia is the best, unfortunately had to cancel an Easter Island booking and will be in Sydney instead!

  • Joel Giefer

    I don’t have an Avios account, but I’ll gladly make one if I win! I’d use the miles for an AA trip, since I have miles with them.

  • Rewinslow

    Definitely the short haul AA flights with less than 21 days to spare (huge value for me from So Cal to Nor Cal).

  • seattlite

    Short haul flight for my upcoming Jamaica trip on AA. With avios it only costs 4500 miles one way for short haul flight from MIA. I will be using my AS credit and companion certificate to fly to MIA.

  • jax

    Avios are my favorite loophole for transferring Amex MMR to book American Airlines reward trips! So, you don’t just have the option of BA first class, but the Oneworld Partners, too… quite helpful!

  • Alex Shoyket

    short haul flights looking at NY to FL

  • Jason74

    Using Avios on Alaska. Have to call but a great way to get up and down the west coast, to Hawaii, or Alaska

  • Flyballetguy

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, Avios for short hops, but I think someone needs to mention you look smokin’ hot when you’re being heroically butch.

  • Anonymous

    Short trips across the border to CA. These flights are usually very expensive.

  • Aaron

    Best use of BA Avios is on intra alaska flight on Alaska Airlines. Since they’re pretty much a monopoly on most of the routes. FAI-Barrow, ANC-Prudhoe Bay etc can cost $800 RT . Flights are under 650 miles so 9000 Avios or 8+ CPM! Take into account the current 30% bonus it’s nearly 11CPM! Also don’t forget the Canadian Routes from SEA on Alaska. comparable prices to the NYC-Canada routes.

  • Ralph L

    They are great for last minute, unexpected trips for things like funerals or other important family events since there is no “quick ticketing fee”

  • Dave G

    I booked my honeymoon to Bali a few weeks ago and think I got a pretty nice usage of Avios miles. 200,000 AMEX points to Avios = 260,000. Book through BA on Cathay Pacific for 2 Business Class to Bali through HK. Would have cost $15,000. Total cost = 200,000 AMEX points and $804 in taxes.
    7.1 cents per point.

  • charles

    I booked 70,000 avios points for a one way from JFK to HKG on Cathay business on the BA website, truly effortless

  • adlibitum

    Short-haul intra-Asia OneWorld partner flights, we are doing HKG-KHH (Kaohsiung) in First on Dragonair, 5.2 cpm value, including first class lounge access in HKG at the Wing or the Pier, plus the Dragonair lounge, PLUS one guest access each which is huge when traveling with family.
    Also PEK-HND on JAL in Business another good value.

  • Jimgotkp

    Okay those pictures are rather funny. Best ways to redeem Avios miles is by using it for domestic-US flights if you live in the States.

  • Jason

    I use them for short trips. NYC-ORD etc

  • Mac

    lax-Hawaiian islands in F is 25,000 o/w. For West coast flyers the represents about a 50% savings over most US award charts.

  • Robert Barcos

    Check out the avios to $ ratio of this:
    a west coast to Europe world traveller+ (BA’s premium economy) is usually a bit under $2,000 all-in. A Club World (BA’s Buisiness Class) ticket can be $5,500. The difference is easily $3,500.

    For 29,000 Avios I can buy a WT+ ticket and fly business so 29,000 Avios = $3,500. The kicker is that I still get the miles for flying WT+ so I get back a bit over 13,000 Avios bring the total outlay to a bit over 15,000 which values them at well over 20 cents a piece.

    My bank offers a 50% bonus on Avios transfers about twice a year so I spend $100 on my Cisa card, get 100 bank points = 150 Avios which, for my use are worth over $30

    My net result: $30 return on a $100 credit card spend. I challenge anyone to find better value than that.

  • Coif55101

    Useful if you can get through the very slow phone line and find a helpful operator to assist and find space on a partner airline. Ridiculous for actual BA flights (taxes/fees)

  • Chris

    Best use for Avios in NYC has to be a quick trip to escape the cold (MIA), or for a short trip to Boston or DC to avoid the bus.

  • Robert Barcos

    correction: “Cisa” above should be Visa

  • Steve W

    I’m loving the MÍA – Cancun and Caribbean locations. 4500 one way makes a long weekend trip to some fun destinations truly afordable.

  • Mike

    9000 Avios miles roundtrip + $50 taxes for a normally $550 flight from NYC to Montreal on AA! That’s 5.5 cents per mile, for a coach redemption — an incredible value!

  • Thabraize

    I’ve done the ORD to MCO for 15,000 roundtrip. I redeemed my Avios points instead of my AA b/c AA would have cost me 25K miles. Though, I flew AA from ORD to MCO and back.

  • Anne

    Oh man, I really, really, really want that model airplane.

  • Anonymous

    Although I find booking business or first class tickets the best use of miles, due to the high fees and taxes associated with BA flights I find the best redemption value of Avios to be for weekend trips to Montreal and Toronto, two beautiful cities only 1.5 hours away from NYC. However, because of high taxes these trips can run anywhere between 360-900 USD!!! Using Avios however they are only 60 USD and 9,000 points, even when booking last minute. That, for me, is a great value and a great excuse to hop to one of these two beautiful cities for any weekend (once the temperatures go above freezing that is!)

  • Charlotte

    Visiting friends in New York. Used 9K for roundtrip flight into Nova Scotia, Halifax. Short flight in economy, but one of the expensive short flights- so great use of points.

  • Michael

    My favorite use is shorthaul segments on LAN intra South America. These can be very expensive, and availability is good. I’ve done LIM-CUZ, IQT, GRU, and EZE. Cash and points stretches those BAvios even further, something like 2250 miles + $40 for a one way within Peru.

  • Davidhoman Md

    Use Avios for travel from US to Mexico. Short distance, great reward value.

  • JW

    JFK to SXM is 10k pts and 170 cash and fees. That’s normally a 800 ticket, or 6.3 cents per mile for a coach ticket.

  • Silvia

    I like flying from LAX to Maui since it cost half as much as other airlines.

  • Andy

    For me it’s PHL-IAD. this flight can be very expensive with last minute booking

  • michelin

    I was amazed at the difference in pricing out two F tickets for SFO-LHR-SFO versus SFO-LHR, BCN-SFO through LHR. The first was 300,000 Avios and about $2,000 in surcharges/fees. The second was 330,000 Avios, and $1,356 in fees. Not too bad flying in to LHR, but much better flying back from somewhere else.

    I went with the latter, which made sense since I wanted to go to BCN as part of this trip anyway.

  • Darren

    Anyone who booked a flight on American Airlines using British Airways miles before the switch to Avios should consider cancelling their flight and re-booking. A lot of times cancelling and getting your miles re-deposited can be an expensive affair. Not so in this case, you simply forfeit your booking fee of $5. Be sure to check that the flight you want still has award availability before proceeding. In my case a round trip from LAX-EGE for 3 passengers was re-booked for $15 online, 30,000 Avois points were re-deposited.

  • Dan Lack

    A great use of Avios is on short haul expensive one way tickets in the US. I need to go one way from Palm Springs to DFW – $681! So I booked using only 7500 Avios, and paid only $5 in taxes, wahoo!

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to using Avios to book Oneworld to anywhere but Europe.

  • Diana

    Short haul LAN flights within South America are a great value!

  • Hector.o

    short intra south America flights on LAN is a great option. those flights can get real pricy.

  • Sigushi

    Use avious points for short haul flights to maximize usage.

  • Paul W

    Avios from LAX to Mexico (anywhere) is far fewer points than other options.

  • Frequent Miler

    Often flights are cheap in one direction, but expensive the other way. Use your Avios points to book the expensive leg and buy the cheap leg in order to earn elite and redeemable miles

  • Vikas Nigam

    Obviously any short haul trip from any oneworld hub. So far, I’ve been redeeming for last minute flights between NYC and Toronto but am looking forward to using some more when I head out to asia later in the year – especially with both Kingfisher and Malaysian Airlines due to join for even more cheap options.

  • Mandrake

    Use Avios points for short haul US domestic flights. You’ll get much better value and avoid the insanely high fuel surcharges and taxes you would get from redeeming them on BA transatlantic flights to LHR.

  • Tim J

    I’m going to use my Avios for ORD-CMI and/or ORD-YYZ — 9,000 Avios vs. $300 round trip!

  • Joediver

    Love the bargain LAX to Honolulu @ 12,500 each way!

  • Mike

    This really isn’t taking into the 30% bonus, but I think the best use of Avios is on CX so that would be a short haul flight from HKG-TPE or HKG-HAN. Either one of the those flights goes for $350-$500 bucks one way depending on when you book and when you fly.

  • Andrew L

    Great for Cathay intra-asia redemption (HKG-TPE for 4,500 each way, HKG-SIN for 10,000 each way).

  • Adam1222

    American flights to Canada are a great deal, as well as intra-south america.

  • ketan

    NYC – ORD for Chicago Do this fall. Only for only 15k Avios + $5

  • Tom Simunek

    I use my Avios points on short flights, thereby avoiding high fuel surcharges.

  • Matt MSP

    I’m planning to use them for OW domestic trips for times when I can’t or don’t want to use my 110k RapidRewards and Companion Pass. I’ll be saving my AAdvantage miles for an overseas trip

  • Susan Lee

    Tip: Redeeming for domestic flights on American Airlines!

  • Fro

    Tip: try to book 11 months out.

  • deltaGOLDflyer

    for me ORD-SLC just 20K for a trip to ski in the mtns. great direct flights and availability. laugh at winter and play in the snow is what I suggest!

  • David

    4500 Avios for ORD – DCA

  • Joann

    JFK-YVR on CX J still hasn’t changed! 25k each way!

  • infamousdx

    JFK-YUL 4500 each way all day.

  • Theweeklyflyer

    Book using Avios from American’s Puerto Rico hub. Great island hopping for little points.

  • Anonymous

    Long haul on AA to South America is good too.

  • Courtney

    Short flights are your best bet to avoid high fuel surcharges

  • Scott

    Love using Avios for short hop flights up and down the East coast on AA metal. Miles and miles cheaper than most other carriers.

  • Kevin

    7500 Avios for a OW award from Stockholm to London to see the Olympics.

  • Kate

    I know I should use it for short mileage flights, but I am saving up for a trip to the Turks and Caicos, so I would apply it towards that!

  • Boorss

    Best for short flights that I have ever seem anywhere with any airline

  • Connor

    Best short haul redemption:

    Los Angeles to San Francisco for 9,000 miles Nd $5 in fees. Not bad!

  • Brian Lockhart

    4,500 points for one way YYZ-JFK tickets are a great value. I also enjoy the cash and points options on these tickets as it makes upgrading to buisness class relatively cheap out of pocket.

  • Alex R

    Already stated, but any short haul from hubs, NYC – YVR are great value as well as CX flights. I spent my 100k BA miles from NYC to HK right before the conversion in biz. They jumped to 100k each way in Avios. Ouch

  • Ben Law

    Planning to go to Europe with my companion pass. Once you get pass the fuel charges and are in London, there are many places you can go for 9k Avios points like Prague. Also love the SFO-LAX. Always available.

  • Alexis

    I’m looking forward to using my avios for ORD – LGA. Round trip is only 15,000 avois compared to 25,000 on American.

  • David

    Short Haul AA flights! For me that means SLC to LAX 45oo each way.

  • BothofUs2

    Short hops on aa metal, particularly out of my home airport ORD would be what I would look for as a best value for those points!

  • Nick

    LAX to Hawaii is the best deal for me!

  • Djsinger

    Best redemption of Avios: 4,500 + $5 for LAX – LAS. Then play the tables for a few hours and win enough money for another trip!

  • David Hotz

    Always redeem miles for something that fits what you need/want. Is it a good deal to spend a ton of miles to go somewhere? If you want to, it is.

  • Aitchly

    Short Haul positioning flights for a longer redemption that requires one carrier

  • George Smart

    Using BA for AA short hauls is a great deal!

  • Aaron

    Definitely short range flights. But, if you can use them to cross traditional regional boundaries, even better. For example, Easter Island to Tahiti.

  • Lasoundy

    Short haul domestic, FSD-ORD

  • Gas_man_gone_mad

    Using Avios for last minute one-way flights can be a great deal, starting at only 4,500 Avios for many short haul flights.

  • K2O

    I was thrilled to use short haul award to get my daughter home with a last min flight over holidays. Easy to book and a great use of 4500 avios as the ow fares were sky high!

  • Jare

    It’s been said before but bears reiterating: use Avios points for shorter domestic flights. $500+ in fuel surcharges isn’t exactly a steal for international flights; i’m chipping away at my 100,000 Avios points from my BA credit card on shorter flights and saving my AAdvantage miles for a summer trip abroad. Good luck!

  • Jason Minard

    Absolutely must use those Avios points on US domestic travel now. 15k points to send my wife roundtrip to New Orleans from Chicago (cheapest flight currently $391!!!) is a fantastic redemption!

  • Anna

    Tel Aviv – Madrid for 12,500 Avios (on Iberia) and $20 in taxes one way. This was 10,000 before the switch to Avios… still a great deal, though!

  • AwardTravelConsulting

    Avios can be very valuable if used with a 2-4-1 companion voucher and traveling in a higher class of service (only on BA).

  • Jorge Soros

    A lot of people use avios for flights, but their selection of hotels is excellent; my wife & just booked 4 nights in london and 3 nights in paris using avios we got from an amex transfer.

  • nd

    9000 RT YYZ-JFK

  • Carl

    Those short-haul domestics @ 4500 Avois are hard to beat!

  • TraceyK

    The best use of avios or any points is to book the award that makes you happy, be it long haul, a short trip, business, coach, first class or an upgraded ticket. It’s the value that you put on the booking that is most important.

  • Paul

    Columbus OH (CMH) to ORD (or any such small midwestern city with no hub) that’s less than 450 miles = 9000 Avios roundtrip + $5

  • Philatravelgirl

    I love to use my Avios points to upgrade my longhaul Europe trips WT+ to Club World and also get my Silver benefits and Chase BA points.

  • Erik Lindstrom

    My use of Avios: NYC to Ohio this coming Thanksgiving to visit family and friends when flights are expensive!

  • Philatravelgirl

    I love to use my Avios points to upgrade my longhaul Europe trips from PHL in WT+ to Club World and also get my Silver benefits and Chase BA points.

  • helixcardinal

    As others have said, since the devaluation, the best use of avios points in my opinion is short hauls for just 9000 points.

  • Ray L.

    Best use of Avios is for short flights in Asia (especially from Cathay’s base in HK, which is 1-4 hours away from almost all desired vacation spots in Asia).

  • Kevin F

    A lot of great ideas on here!

    CVG-MIA-PLS for 24k in economy. This can also be done to NAS, MBJ, or GCM for the same price. It’s a great way to explore the Caribbean and just pay taxes. Right now, this trip would cost 18.5k with the Amex transfer bonus, which can be great value if you don’t mind economy. It also allows Miami trips for just 15k without amex bonus, which can make for a great weekend getaway with the SO.

  • Andy

    Definitely using the Chase BA 2-for-1 for First or Business class cabin to Europe from NA.

  • Chiefmbh

    Like everyone else, I’m using points on short hauls. My wife and I are traveling ORD-HKG and we used 9000 points to get from our home airport to the gateway city. Remarkable redemption

  • Ryan

    Cathay Pacific First class to Bali!

  • Brian

    I use LAX-SFO as well. Great value!

  • Sonnypatel94

    Avios for New York-Toronto LAN Economy/Business Class award! A steal!

  • Sonnypatel94

    Avios for New York-Toronto LAN Economy/Business Class award! A steal!

  • theblakefish

    Use Avios for 5 LAN Peru flights to get from Miami to Lima, then Lima to Cuzco to see Machu Picchu, Cuzco to Juliaca to see Lake Titicaca, then finally Juliaca back to Lima to Miami. Should be donw for a song and no busses or LCC’s in a very expensive country to travel in!!!

  • Ron B

    For those of you who redeemed BA Executive Club miles for Easter Island with a stopover in LIM,
    I would suggest redeeming Avios miles on LAN for LIM-CUZ … 9k RT is better than $348 RT!

  • akace

    DTW->LGA to surprise my brother

  • Nguyen

    Tip: Best use for short trip and no last minute booking fee. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    My main use for Avios points is last minute flights from BOS –> MIA non-stop on American. With Avios, 10K points each way and no fees. The same flight with AAdvantage would be 12.5K + $77.50 in fees.

  • ben

    MIA-CUZ in J for 40k Avios. They price $1000 for Y and $2000 for J.

  • Sandeep

    I am actually trying to use these for a LAX-MSY redemption. Airfare is showing up as $431 and when I try to plug it into the Avios calculator it tells me it is operated by BA and a partner so it wont give me the right amount redemption. Weird since I can find direct AA flights from LA to MSY.

  • Kyle B

    LAX – SFO great value for the points!

  • bearfish

    I was nervous about the switch to Avios because I’d intended to use them for transpacific flights on CX. But being based in SEA, there are some deals to be had on AS coach fares! 15,000 Avios points R/T to San Diego or Palm Springs (headed there in February), 25,000 Avios points R/T to four different Hawaiian islands. And if I get a little crazy maybe head up to Barrow, Alaska.

  • Aaron Schuett

    South America is by far one of the best Avios deals. Give it a shot!

  • Claire

    I was nervous about the switch to Avios because I’d intended to use them for transpacific flights on CX. But being based in SEA, there are some deals to be had on AS coach fares! 15,000 Avios points R/T to San Diego or Palm Springs (headed there in February), 25,000 Avios points R/T to four different Hawaiian islands. And if I get a little crazy maybe head up to Barrow, Alaska.

  • Cudchew

    LAX-HNL only 25,000 points RT

  • Chris E.S.

    I’m sure it’s been mentioned elsewhere, but for everyone who got in on the BA SA madness, the relatively short but extremely expensive flight from LIM-CUZ is a great deal for 9000 Avios r/t. And with at least a dozen daily flights, availability tends to be quite good. So add this segment to your itinerary!!

  • Jonathan

    NYC to YUL. At 4,500 Avios, that’s about one-third of the requirement to use Aadvantage miles.

  • Michael W.

    We used our BA miles before they switched to Avios. If I had miles left, I’d use them on a bunch of domestic flights or for South America from JFK.

  • JC

    I’ve used Avios points to redeem flights from LAX to LAS – 4,500, with great weekend availability. Can’t get a better deal than that, especially last minute! Those flights can go for $400+, so it’s truly an amazing deal.

  • Sina

    Flying from USA to Canada can come in handy with the Chase Sapphire Preferred. Transfer UR points to BA, then book flight on BA, and they will service it through American.

  • Get Gowing

    JFK-MIA in Y is 7,500 one way, or 15,000 round trip. MIA is a great gateway if you want to use LAN or AA to get to Central/South America.

  • Ted

    Always keep in mind the Avios calculator to quickly price out award tickets, and also the “reward flight map” found here: can also be a useful tool

  • AUSMatt

    I’ve found the following related to Avios:

    1. They are useful for last minute trips. As discussed extensively on TPG, their best value is in short haul direct flights. But AA domestically tends to open award inventory dramatically at 2-7 days out so Avios are useful for last minute travel (or surprising your significant other with a trip like I just did on a trip to San Fran).

    2. Lower redeposit fees. Unless you are Ex Plat on AA, they will charge you $150 to redeposit AA miles. Whereas BA redeposit is only $75

  • Matt

    I used 9,000 Avios points to travel RT from MCI-DFW for the Cotton Bowl. Maybe not best use for a lot of people, but it was perfect for me.

  • JD Donboch

    Avios provide an amazing value for short trips, better than most other programs I am aware of!

  • Rjp610

    I’d use the points for a diving trip to the Keys. Thanks for the contest!

  • MichiganMiler

    I really like using Avios for short haul flights. With the new Hawaiian Airlines route from New York to HNL, we are hoping to use some Avios points to fly from Detroit to New York (9,000 Avios RT) and then use Hawaiian Air miles (from the BofA credit cards) to fly from New York to Hawaii. We’ve been wanting to do a short trip to NY anyway so this would be a nice way to combine 2 trips that we are looking to do.

  • Anonymous

    Living in Seattle, I’d go for the one of the expensive AS routes.

  • Ray B.

    Great giveaway! Use your Avios points and consolidate among household accounts for a better return on your miles!

  • Tyson

    A good tip for using Avios points would be last minute short haul direct flights within a given region, especially if last minute revenue fare would be expensive.

  • Adam G

    Is it bad if I’m stoked about getting a luggage tag? Not sure why I collect them but – I do. On behalf of all, thanks so much for your kind giveaways to your readers. Onward and upward!

  • Ozaer

    Im finding that Avios points make great redemptions on Alaska Airlines

  • Rambiboi

    A good value can be had by redeeming NYC -YUL for 4.5k Avios points!

  • Seattle Flyer

    Upgrading World Traveler+ to New Club World for long-hauls.

  • MaskZZZ

    Best use is to redeem for AA from JFK to SFO

  • Steven Webb

    My best use for Avios points is to go the major hubs that used to cost me 25k miles! My favorite is NYC, which is now just 15k points. What a steal!

  • Anonymous

    I use Avios to the the short-haul flights at a much cheaper rate! Very slick!

  • AAP

    DCA-MIA one way requires 7500 Avios points (in coach) but at least 12500 AA miles

  • Jay Hawk

    Thank for this giveaway! The best tip is to read The Points Guy’s post on redeeming British Airways’ Avios!

  • tpat

    I use Avios for short-haul domestic flights. I recently redeemed 9,000 Avios each way to/from Montreal. A paid ticket would have cost me well over $700!

  • Anonymous

    Here is a great Avios redemption I found (one way):

    15,000 points in BUSINESS from Bangkok to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific. 15,000 Avios and $51.29 in taxes/charges. Availability looked good too!

    Economy on this route is 7500 and $51.29. Availability was a lot less than business but still there!

    Second tip: The calculator does not always show the proper taxes and fees. For this one above it said $0 on the calculator. When I did a fake booking it came to $51.29. Always double check before transferring points.

  • Mike Acevedo

    Check your options with other FF programs. With the new redesigned BA Program it’s far often better to focus on avios points for short redemptions as opposed to further routes.

  • Johnruda

    I havent earned Avios miles previously but i would love to get started with an initial balance.

  • Justin Bachus

    One of the best ways is using it in conjunction with a free gateway city stopover on an AA award. I booked tickets to Santiago over the summer on AA with a stopover in Dallas for nearly a year on the way to Barbados. I’m planning on booking Barbados to Santiago again with a stopover in Dallas and then returning from Lima to Hawaii with a stopover in LAX. Avois miles are an excellent value for getting to these stopover cities from my home in SLC – just 7,500 each way to Dallas (where a non-stop round trip is usually in the $400 range) or 4,500 to LAX.

  • Ssgtravel

    The best use is for short hop last minute tickets.

  • David

    I for one am even more excited about avios points now that AA is flying out of SUX airport now. So that means 4,500 avios for a one way direct flight to chicago! 9,000 round trip. No brainer!!

  • Darrell Roch

    Best use of Avios Points is in conjunction with the BA Chase credit card. Spend 30000 and get a 2-4-1 companion points certificate. Then book yourself a great trip in First Class and fly in style while only using 1/2 the points it would normally take. Yes the taxes are a bit high, but I did a dummy booking to see the actual cost and I received over $30K in tickets for 1400 in taxes and 150k points. Its something I would never pay for outright and I got to see a lot of great places in Europe and also got to see some stars in the Concorde Room.

  • Allensun

    Avios from shanghai to hong kong on Cathay pacific! This is a very expensive route at about $400.

  • PatMike

    I’m planning to use my 700,000 + (eeeeekkk) Avios points for 2 for 1 First class trips (with the Chase voucher). Even with the fuel surcharge, I like this aspirational redemption and the use of the Concorde room at LHR. I would not generally book First on award travel and am usually satisfied with business class on miles redemptions in order to conserve miles. With business, I still get the perks of lie flat seats, lounge access and priority check in/security access. The 2 for 1 is a great way to FORCE me to fly on First.

  • Henri

    Redeem on BA for direct flights from SAN to LHR . Same price as any other West Coast hub but no stop-over.

  • Ron MAn

    Use the points for shorter flights.

  • Sara

    Love using BA points for last minute points from LGA to DTW to visit the fam. A $600+ ticket becomes 9,000 points + $10 on a direct AA flight. What could be better!

  • Richard

    Domestic short hauls, using the distance chart.

  • Peter Bailey

    There are some interesting additional Avios redemptions on the site. A great option is using 9000 Avios points for a round-trip ticket on the Eurostar train from London to Paris.

  • Jayjay

    Short haul domestics is the way to go

  • Ben

    Redeeming Avios miles entry – look for flights that leave LCY rather than LHR. You can often snag a seat on a plane leaving from within sight of London, while all the other Avios members are fighting to escape LHR.

  • Sommers Jeffrey

    Using points for shorter more expensive flights is the way to go

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be very happy with any avios points! Anywhere those points can help me in anyway to Asia would be much appreciated!

  • Ian

    Short east coast hops to JFK for only 4500I avios each way are a steal!

  • Captain Sloth

    Because of the high taxes it only ever makes sense to book into Club or First, and when you know your dates check the Executive Club site everyday.

  • John Field

    I like to redeem as Business from Gatwick to Jersey – exceptionally short flight but so funny to watch them try and serve a meal in under an hour!

  • Michael Bowden

    4,500 British Airways Avios points for one-way short-haul (650 miles or less) economy flights.

  • Keith Mason

    My best use for Avios has to be on some of the intra Asia routes that Cathay Pacific offer first class. Top of my list would be HKG – Tokyo for 30,000 Avios for 4 hours in First on a Cathay 777.

  • Anonymous

    LGA to ATL for 4500 points!

  • Peter Lee

    Love being able to book 3 very last minute business seats from HKG-TPE on CX during this chinese new year! My relatives called me and said they weren’t able to find any seats, so I checked via BA and voila! Just 9000 points each for business.

  • Anonymous

    MIA-BOG on AA for my mother in law on really short notice. Really cheap flight for someone in a pinch and I come out looking good, too.

  • Anonymous

    Avios for within Asia.
    It looks like 22K Avios for Singapore to Japan one way on CX.
    Or from US West Coast to Hawaii.

  • Katie S

    I plan on using my avios points for small hops. I will do some in the US and some in Europe on upcoming trips.

  • Globe Trotter

    Last minute short hops are the best way to use your Avios Points. If you can avoid London, even better!

  • Jeanne

    Plan to use my Avios in intra Australia flights this year.

  • Junodee

    For best use of Avios miles, do not miss one day of the Points Guy’s blog

  • Dalem

    Best use of Avios points are those short hops when time is running short. Pick me, pick me!

  • Chris L.

    LAX to Maui (OGG) for 25K miles is a great use for Avios!

  • steelsnow

    Being that it’s Super Bowl week, JFK to Boston (or back) to harass the opposing side…

  • Tara L

    For me, it’s using 4500 Avios for a flight to Knoxville, TN to see my family – b/c TYS is a small airport, this route normally costs me $450ish.

    So, in general, short domestic hops, or short hops in Asia.

  • Pc8488

    I would use avios for short haul flights on AA, a much better deal

  • Cherri M.

    NYC to Toronto at 4,500 is an amazing bargain!

  • Staying5Star

    Definitely flights within Australia..especially the Mel/Perth leg (which for those of you in the US…slightly shorter than LAX to JFK nonstop). The route can be anywhere upwards of$600 plus even when booking in advance, so the points offer excellent value.

  • John Moore

    If you are already in Europe, Short and Medium Haul Routes are a great deal.

  • msp2anywhere

    My best use of Avios- MSP-MIA in the dead. of. winter. Even 24 hours of warm sunshine on your skin, and wearing shorts outside, is worth burning the miles. Icing on the cake is the great availability (tues-thurs), and you can book short notice.

    On another note, kudos on the method to gauge and engage readership! You go TPG!!!!

  • anne

    short haul domestic flights are pretty good value.

  • Lauren

    50K round-trip for JFK to BUE. I’d highly recommend Argentina!

  • Cruiserted

    Use them for F to LHR from JFK w/companion. Live a little!

  • Lesley

    Getting to visit family in Atlanta for 4,500 miles from NYC!

  • Joe

    A first class redemption through LHR with a visit to the Concorde Room and Elemis Spa makes for a pretty happy spouse.

  • oneeyejack

    short haul from hong kong to taiwan. these flights are usually ~$500 USD

  • Stephen

    Being comment #254, I think pretty much every permutation has been covered. But for me, it has to be the numerous short-haul flights for minimal mileage. Up and down the Eastern seaboard (and to Canada), intra-Alaska or intra-Europe… lots of possibilities for cheap.

  • Chris

    As has been said before, living in Hong Kong you can’t beat short intra-Asia flights on CX.

  • Dan

    Avios points redemption within South America (heck, within Alaska) are very cheap! Good way to use these points wisely.

  • YesMissWin

    I just used 4,500 each way from LIM to CUZ to visit Machu Picchu, but any of the short haul flights for 4,500 are awesome. In terms of value / $ I would say it has to be intra-Alaska. There often aren’t any options up there to drive or train and with Alaska Airlines’ monopoly you’re often paying $800+ for sub-1 hour flights.

  • Andy

    I think best use of BA Avios is for short haul flights, especially for those between two zones, e.g. from MIA (which falls in Continental U.S. & Canada) to CUN (which is in Mexico & Caribbeans). For AA, you need 12500~17500 miles one-way, while for BA, it only take 4500 Avios points. Plus, you get Priority AAcess if you redeem BA points for an AA ticket.

  • Carberrie

    NYC to Toronto! Cost is often $400 r/t, but I’d rather pay 9,000 Avios points + $65 in fees.

  • TravelWithParents

    short hall regional flights

  • Samuel

    I would use them for short haul flights starting at only 4500 points each way! I travel to South America a lot and would try to use them on LAN to get around once I am there.

  • Lynn

    My family has tickets already for Peru this July but still need 4 small hop flights (4×4,500). I’ve been working on getting Avios as it appears this is the best plan for us…..would be a great head start. Actually, more than a head start! Flights are pricing out at $300 each so a great use.

  • Deirdre

    I like the fact that one can book unlimited stopover awards with Avios, allowing unusual itineraries.

    If I’m the lucky person, I plan to pool it with my existing Avios and book legs to get me to the FlyerTalk DXB MegaDo.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, with Avios each leg of a journey now prices separately, so the free stopover benefit is no longer useful :-(

    If you fly Detroit-Chicago-London-Dubai each individual leg will price based on the distance.

  • Mike

    Short hops to small, out of the way cities.

  • Dan

    I’m going to do this same YesMissWin. I have a question for you. You’ll land in CUZ. How long will you be in CUZ and MP before returning? Are there multiple flights in each direction> I haven’t checked yet. Trip is in the spring. Thanks.

  • Andrew

    Already been covered, but best use now is short hauls. Really a shame that the new program prices out each leg separately, since I don’t live in a hub and have to go through dfw for avios redemptions. So maybe I should add, as a “tip,” to try and live with a good OW hub airport in driving distance.

  • Arcanum

    Short-haul QANTAS flight from an international gateway to Ayers Rock, otherwise $400+ o/w.

  • David Kahn

    Use Avios for HKG-BKK in 3 cabin F on Cathay Pacific for 22.5k avios one way. Enjoy the Wing and legendary F service on CX.

  • Anonymous

    Amex will even let you advance points for free as long as you earn them back within a year – 15,000 for Premier Rewards Gold/ Gold/ Green and up to 60,000 points for Platinum. Remember, you can also set up a Household Account to pool your Avios points, which makes the logistics of booking travel amongst several accounts much easier

  • Russ

    Use on domestic AA flights

  • Nelly

    LAN or AA flughts

  • Glenn

    Short haul non stop international flights.

  • Muna

    Use it for short last minute weekend trip to Miami to avoid the east coast winter! 7500 miles one way only? Sign me up!

  • Anonymous

    Use BA Avios in South America on LAN! LIM-CUZ r/t is $450, but only 9K Avios + $13 tax.

  • Tom A

    Awesome! Los Angeles to Honolulu
    Avios: 12,500 points and $10.70

  • Kathi

    Love the companion option with $30,000 spend on BA card.

  • Richard Bennett

    BA points for last minute flights to aruba

  • Anonymous

    Use Avios for short haul flights around europe.. Take advantage of what is now the better deal, short trips… Specifically london to madrid on iberia. Non stop out of gatwick or heathrow. Once you’re in europe, use the star alliance partners to venture around.

  • Jr8633

    Short flight NYC and clt

  • Anonymous

    Thanks TPG. Here is my tip:
    Redeem Avios miles for RJ flights. BA doesn’t charge Fuel Surchages for those flights (at least not based on my experience). This can be very handy for connections to TLV (AMM-TLV is only 4500 Avios miles one way), and availability is very good!

    From North America, RJ flies from ORD, JFK, DTW and YUL. From NA, RJ flies very spacious A340′s and also A330′s.

  • Gino

    I’d use them to fly LAN to S. America.

  • Shaul13

    great site love following all updates and great deals

  • SR121

    Use your Avios points to visit New Caledonia! One of the most exotic, beautiful and picturesque places in the world!

    Also, one of the mot expensive and difficult to get to with points. You can use your Avios points to redeem on QF for example, DFW-SYD-NOU. Book in business as an award, and let’s say your an exec plat or plat on AA, call QF res and request a seat in the first four rows of “C” ….. Which are actually F sleepers! Not bad for a C award on a 19 hour flight to syd.

    Alternatively. Use your Avios points for an Australia noumea only award for much less points, and nest it into a OW rtw award….even better value! When you think about how many F/C flights there are.

    New caledonia is definitely on my dream list!!

  • Jeff

    I would use Avios points for a Cathay Pacific flight (economy plus) from Vancouver to JFK roundtrip. The fares on this route are astoundingly high throughout the year and there is no better way to go coast to coast than in a brand new Cathay 777-300 in their new premium economy cabin.

  • Fred

    Intra Europe

  • Muflyer

    I see great value in using them for a short hop flight from MCI-to ORD as that flight has gone up dramatically recently. With BA its 4500 Avios + $2.50…not bad.

  • Todd

    Non-stop US to Madrid on Iberia in business class is only 40K miles, which is lower than most other airlines. Taxes are a bit steep though.

  • Mike

    As many have said, short-haul last minute flights are a bargain, but make sure you have good routing options. For example, if you are redeeming on American in the US, you may have to fly the wrong direction to connect in Miami or Dallas, and the mileage required is per segment, not the full itinerary.

  • Rebecca

    9k for a positioning RT to get to JFK for the CX direct flight to HKG!

  • rob

    I love using the points for the flight from JFK to SFO on AA.

  • Kcncsy

    Love using BA points for last minute points from LGA to DTW for a last minute surprise getaway with the wife

  • Mkamman

    short haul, short haul, short haul!

  • Arnold

    JFK to Buenos Aires for 50,000 miles round-trip coach

  • Nate

    BA (Comair) flights intra-Southern Africa. Usually very expensive short flights and great service.

  • Gary Pickavet

    I love the ability to use the miles for a spur of the moment trip. I am going to use some of mine to book me and my buddies a trip to Vegas for his bachelor party!

  • Jackson J

    Short Hall redemptions sound like a surefire bet. Side note: Having never flown business, an amenity kit sounds scrumptious.

  • Anonymous

    NYC to Boston for 4,500 Avios one way on AA. That is way better than sitting on a 4+ hour bus ride that feels like a cattle car. Last minute flights like Delta Shuttle LGA-BOS can cost over $700 (seriously) for a 30 min flight.

  • Scuta

    expensive short flights such as NYC/Montreal

  • Rachel

    I’m aiming for JFK > LHR in first class for myself and my husband for 125k each. The best thing I realized recently, however, is that if Chase doesn’t want to waive our annual fees on the BA cards, we can just switch over to the SPG Amex, transfer accordingly, and have more than enough to book the ticket without investing any more money. I was getting nervous there for a while…

  • Anonymous

    I use my BA miles to book short AA flights at the last minute all the time. For these the new redemption table is actually not awful!

  • Daniel Millar

    Point per dollar, short haul rewards are very attractive if you need to travel short distances; however, I always prefer to use miles of any variety for long-haul, generally expensive rewards. My Avios are earmarked for two BA First tickets either round-trip JFK-LHR-SYD or JFK-LHR-ATH for my boyfriend and I using the Chase BA Visa 2-for-1 offer for achieving $30k spend. Since Avios required are based on distance, I’ve planned for JFK-SYD, 210,000 Avios. That was 100,000 for signing up for the Chase Visa, ~37.5k for $30k of purchases and 56k of AmEx Membership rewards miles transferred with the 30% bonus through January 31. Since AmEx Membership Rewards are linked to my corporate card, all of this cost me ~$0.

  • David

    I`m from msp, so the best use of avios points for me is 4,500 one-way from msp-ord. Now that’s a steal!

  • Charbel Barakat

    I recommend Avios for short-haul domestic flights on AA. Very inexpensive redemptions. I’m located in South Florida, so there are many direct options to major US cities.

  • GizmoD

    The new avios redemptions for short haul travel makes redemption better thn Oneworld pAArtner in economy. I occasionally use AA miles for LGA-ORD-LGA when flights are expensive. These new awards are more economical with Avios now.

  • AT

    Short hauls out of LGA or JFK, especially out of the way places that usually have high fares (especially last minute).

  • Amanda C

    I just booked LIM-CUZ on Star peru for ~$150 r/t

  • Anonymous

    For my dates, Star Peru was $280 r/t, while LAN was $450. On a route with a lot of delays and cancellations, I still feel more comfortable with LAN’s >10x daily frequency on A319/320s vs. Star Peru’s 4x daily on smaller BAe jets. Lastly, since my LIM-CUZ r/t is bookended with international LAN segments, I’d rather stay within company in case of delays.

  • Mon

    Short haul AA domestic flights

  • Brandon

    I love redeeming Avios for short-haul flights within the US.

  • Apex

    Avios has definitely made budget air travel including last minute plans an awesome value. Many have already commented on the tremendous value you can have, 3-5 cents per point vs going rate is typical. With Chase UR points and Amex MR (with about 3 times a year bonus opportunities) , plus Chase card for British Airways, there are numerous ways to get going with Avios. All I can say is Avios nicely fits into a niche (budget short haul flights) and helps fits a piece to get to a well rounded miles/points portfolio.

  • AC

    Short haul flight from LAX-SAN is a great deal!

  • Rob H

    Finding partner availability on can be really cumbersome, so I recommend signing up for a free awardnexus trial

  • John-Paul

    The new Avios system isn’t great, but by far the best deals are to be had by redeeming for short-haul trips, especially in Western Europe or short-but-expensive flights within the US.

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  • luxuryvacationclub_com

    Avios is good fro short trip like LAX to SFO

  • Amit Bansal

    I was quite bummed not being able to go to my cousins wedding in Michigan due to the high ticket cost. I was psyched when I was able to use 9000 points for a AA flight from LGA – DTW round trip plus $10. The ticket was costing $389. Amazing deal in my opinion for me and my wife!

  • Jfadds

    ORD to northwest arkansas tomvisit new crystal bridge art museum

  • Solomon Smith

    I booked SFO-DFW one way for 10,000 avios + $2.50, great deal!

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  • Dave

    Best redemption I’ve found is LGA-STL for 15K vs. tickets which typically run $300

  • Livingonanisland

    Caribbean on AA using part cash part miles, 5K one way with $65USD cash and $23.70USD tax.
    Two people hop into the Caribbean for 10K rt/ $130USD and $47.40 in tax. Possible to even island hop-
    Part cash part miles on American with Avios is the only way to stretch your miles.

  • Disappointed

    I had similar hopes. Unfortunately the Companion voucher cannot be used for flights to Sydney as BA doesn’t fly there directly. Companion voucher can’t be used on partner airlines like Quantas.

    My voucher may expire. I was going to use it for a trip to Sweden this summer because even though each passenger would pay $750 in fees we could fly in any class with our point balance. However, BA has nothing available in biz/first class within several days of our desired travel. Even the economy flights available require spending most a day to get from Heathrow to City airport in London at our own additional expense. In retrospect, I wouldn’t have focused so much spending on the BA card.

  • Ditty

    Hello, I have tried using Avios to book a trip to many destinations from SFO but with very little luck. have tried peak and off peak times. I have been mainly trying on the BA website. is there a better way?

  • Anonymous

    Use to find milesaaver awards and then call to book. Or use to find Oneworld availability

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