Oneworld Megado at American Airlines and Systemwide Upgrade Giveaway

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Congrats to Tom A. who won the British Airways goody bag and 13,000 Avios points! His BA redemption tip was: “Los Angeles to Honolulu: Avios: 12,500 points and $10.70.” I’ll be in touch to arrange prize delivery shortly.

I already shared some of the more lighthearted moments from our day at DFW on the Oneworld Megado, but I thought I’d also give you a rundown of the full roster of the day’s activities since there was a lot to see, do and learn while we were at American Airlines’ Dallas headquarters. Plus, I’ll be giving away two systemwide AA upgrades, an AA gift card and an Admirals Club day pass so read more about that at the end.

Later this week: Behind the scenes at Boeing and exclusive tours of Cathay Pacific and Qantas jets.

Hyatt Regency DFW

Pretty standard Hyatt Regency room

After my unscheduled arrival from LHR-DFW aboard British Airways, I checked into the Hyatt Regency DFW. The hotel is huge, but nice, I thought, with several restaurants and a lot of activity in the lobby. For a standard room, mine was average sized with a king-size bed, an armchair and ottoman, a work desk, a chest of drawers with a flatscreen TV on top, and a separate bathroom that was actually pretty small and poorly lit, with just one sink and a walk-in shower.

Work desk (no electrical outlets) and the flatscreen TV.

A few of the downsides were that there was no electrical outlet anywhere near the desk (that I could find), so if you don’t have  good battery, you can’t work there. Also, no minibar in the room, and like I said, no bathtub. By far the worst thing, however, was how bad the internet connection was. The hotel was literally a blackhole of internet – my Verizon Mifi didn’t even get service, which is the #1 way to stress out a full-time blogger. I talked to a lot of other Megadoers who had the same issue. For this reason alone, I’ll never return to the hotel (but appreciated their hospitality for the event).

That evening I met Eric and the Seatmate Contest winner Conor down in the lobby to attend the opening night reception, which was hosted by Hyatt. We heard a humorous presentation from Hyatt’s head of the Gold Passport Program, Jeff Zidell, who also told us about the chain’s upcoming spring promotion. Then the new head of American Airlines AAdvantage, Suzanne Rubin, introduced the slew of American executives in attendance, which was a pretty impressive showing.

The American Airlines Pitch

Arriving at American Airlines' CR Smith Museum near DFW.

First our group was taken to a small amphitheater and shown a few AA promotional films about the AAdvantage program, Oneworld partners, and the airline’s past initiatives to increase redemption options on partner airlines and non-airline partners (still waiting to redeem those systemwide upgrades on  partners!). One thing that a lot of the crowd seemed unfamiliar with was AA’s n Air Awards that create flexible (somewhere between MileSAAver and AAnytime) award redemption offers for elite members, but only on domestic flights. If you follow me on Twitter, I was live Tweeting most of the interesting information:

Fun Facts

Most lifetime miles ever earned by one person: 77,560,592

Most miles ever redeemed by one person: 61,845,000

Most segments flown in 2011: 271

Most miles flown in 2011: 1,033,694

Total miles earned by all participants during the Megado: 5,308,399

That’s a lot of time in the air, even by Megado standards!

AA’s New Aircraft

The planned entryway into the 777-300's on order, with a self-serve snack bar meant to be more welcoming.

We also heard from the airline’s Director of Marketing, Rob Friedman, who told us that the airline is expecting the beginning of delivery of 460 new aircraft this year, including new 737′s, the first 777-300′s and Airbuses as they try to build the youngest, most efficient fleet in the world at the moment.

He also showed us pictures of the airline’s new flagship classes including business class seats that look like Cathay Pacific’s new ones, and first class suites with 17-inch screen, USB plugins and power ports, plus (finally!) a 6’8″ lie-flat bed I might actually be able to stretch out in! Coach is going to have thinner seats for more passenger space (supposedly) and 9-inch monitors in every seat back.

AA's new flagship business class. Looks a lot like Cathay Pacific's and a big step up from the current business class.

He also mentioned AA’s Flagship Check-In program at LAX with expedited, escorted check-in for first class passengers on three-class planes and international flights, as well as putting WiFi on more of their planes. Right now 300 have it with the goal of putting it on all 737′s and MD80′s by the end of 2012, and all 757′s next year.

The new first class suite. Can't tell much about it yet, but looks like a sleeker model of the current version.

Technology Improvements

Next up was Andrew Watson, the VP of Customer Technology. He told us about the airline’s plans to make their agents more mobile by giving them handheld tablets and PDA’s to serve customers’ airport needs on the fly, and an exciting new function of that will allow customers to book British Airways flights directly on the site by the end of Q1 2012 (and possibly Qantas, Royal Jordanian and Finnair soon after).

Water Rescues and Emergency Exits

As you could tell from the pictures in Saturday’s posts, Conor, Eric and I had a lot of fun during the afternoon at CR Smith. At various points we got to participate in the following flight attendant training activities:

-Learning to use the emergency exits in a 767 complete with instruction calls. Lifting the doors isn’t as easy as it looks, although in most cases flight attendants will do the lifting, but I found it good to practice in the rare chance I do ever need to assist in an evacuation.

Preparation I hope I never have to use: jumping down the emergency slide.

-Sliding down a 767 emergency slide–you go really fast and have to cross your arms and brace for impact at the bottom.

Making it into the raft one by one.

-Watching Megadoers who had won a bidding auction for charity participate in a simulated water rescue. One of the participants went in a full suit and tie to get the full experience. I watched from afar, but it was good to watch them not only all enter the raft, but also put up the protective cover and learn about all of the different emergency supplies they keep onboard.

Is that fire outside the safety-training 757 set!?

-Testing out a 757 module that simulates turbulence and a cabin fire, which was good training and even a little bit stressful. Lesson learned: you should actually pay attention to the safety briefings – even if you are a frequent flyer.

AA's practice flight simulators for training pilots on various aircraft. Each one costs about $15 million.

-Watching pilots training on how to fly various aircraft in AA’s high-tech simulators.

AA's Services Operations Control room, lots going on here from monitoring weather and routing flights to handling crises

-Visiting the Systems Operations Control room (well, the crisis room that overlooks it) and learning about how the airline’s systems controllers are in touch with every plane in the sky and on the ground on various routes and how they handle issues like my plane at LHR not being able to fly — rerouting equipment, passengers and flights.


I’m giving away the two American Airlines systemwide upgrades I was given because of the London plane mishap. These upgrades are eligible on any coach fare – so you’ll purchase a flight and I’ll apply them (there are no fees). Each upgrade will work one-way for one person from either economy to business class or from paid business to first class. Second place prize is a $50 American Airlines gift card and third is an Admiral’s club lounge pass.

You have three ways to enter:

1) Comment on this post with an example of how you are a points/miles geek. (For example “I check my frequent flyer mile balances more than my bank accounts”)

2) Follow and Tweet me with the American Airlines route that you’d use your systemwide upgrades on if you won

3) Like Me on Facebook and comment on my wall and repeat one nugget of information from in-flight safety announcements that stands out to you the most

I’ll randomly assign a prize to each entry method and announce winners on Wednesday at 8:30am EST with the next Megado post.

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  • Danny

    I know more airport codes than your typical Delta agent – no wait, that’s not actually impressive, is it? Fine, fine. I am willingly taking 51 hours to fly from Chicago to Hong Kong in May (including layovers but no stopovers) so that I can experience as many airline products and airports as I can.

  • David

    Last year, Delta was running a double MQM bonus for flights out of Pittsburgh. We were flying to Portland from NYC, so we used miles to pay for a round-trip to Pitt., then booked a round-trip ticket from Pitt. to Portland, which was routed through NYC. Our final itinerary looked like


    We got off the plane from JFK->PIT, sat around for an hour, then literally got back on the same plane with the same exact flight crew.

    This is probably a common story for miles whores, but I thought I’d share. :)

  • Gpapadop

    My kids had frequent flier accounts (and some hotel frequent guest accounts) with miles/points in them even before they were born! Names were picked out well in advance so I really had to guess on the birthdates:-) No elite statuses for them though :-)

  • Djsinger

    Geek? It’s 5:45 AM and I’m reading your blog and entering this contest!

  • AeroMini1

    Bumming that I didn’t try to get in on the Megado… it looks to be interesting and a lot of fun too.

    I think I may be a points/miles geek because I truly look forward to reading your email every day, I have more airline and hotel credit cards than I know what to do with and I find myself telling friends and family about what someone who calls himself “The Points Guy” is up to… all with a straight face! :)

  • Andrew

    When I open my browser, The Points Guy and Boarding Area open automatically alongside Gmail and The New York Times. I need to keep in the know!

  • Anonymous

    After being involuntarily bumped from KLM to Lufthansa on a Sunday flight from SFO to LED, I spent the following Monday finding an internet cafe in Saint Petersburg where I could scan my Lufthansa boarding passes and e-mail them to my girlfriend in the states, so she could fax them to Delta for my original routing credit.

    Naturally, I also got the 50% bonus EQMs from MileagePlus, since KLM was nice enough to book me into a Y/Y fare class.

  • Tanya-ann Marie Rausch

    I must check 11 or 12 times a day for new sign up offers and other tips; pretty much everytime I get a break. Thanks to this site; I haven’t purchased a cash airfare in over a year :)

  • JB

    On a recent trip to Los Angeles, I specifically chose Delta because I needed the miles to top off my account for for my next free flights.

  • infamousdx

    As the shower was heating up this morning, I was reading this post. That’s geek enough!

  • btime333

    Check FT mileage run thread maybe 7-10 times a day and have already registered for just about every mileage/hotel program available, even with 0 balances. I am an addict!

  • Bruce

    My family says i am hooked on “airplane porn”. They ain’t complaining when its time to fly away!!!!!

  • Barb

    miles over coupons…i have switched my addiction

  • MWN

    Realtively new to being serious about points and miles, but I check your website each morning before Icheck my email!

  • Nrhandy

    I spend more time checking the mileage accounts of my family more than most people check their own.

  • sarah

    just graduated college. I can’t afford to spit. I am collecting miles and have big dreams.

  • Sam

    I wanna go—anywhere—anytime!

  • Shadywood

    I don’t just check my miles more often than my dollars… I check them more often than my Facebook page. Now THAT’S miles geekery!

  • Chirag

    Relatively new to the game, but the first thing I check in the morning is!
    Eversince, I have gotten the chase sapphire, I have gotten atleast 15 coworkers to sign up for it as well!

  • Jabrams72

    Great post and great meeting you this weekend! The MegaDo was one of the best experiences of my life!

  • Nick E

    I have memorized my Delta, Southwest, AA, US Airways, and Hilton account numbers but have a reminder in Outlook for my wedding anniversary and wife’s birthday!

  • Jeff

    I’m easily sold on things with the comment “we’ll earn miles”

  • Aaron

    I check all my accounts via awardwallet twice a day and plan trips 2 years out with all my points.

  • jumpcut

    I fought my way to AA Lifetime Platinum last year with 4 credit card signup bonuses.

  • Candace

    I gather/manage miles for myself and my husband, as well as, for several co-workers. It makes it so much easier when traveling together–particularly when it comes to hotel upgrades!

  • Cody

    If FT, your blog, and other headline blogs were blocked here at work, I would consider moving jobs.

  • Rom

    Instead of playing the lottery, I check the AA award search engine to see whether any holiday travel dates might open up (got lucky once and was able to book a one-way segment to CUN for a Thanksgiving 2012 trip). Wish me luck!

  • Jay

    I try to travel during peak bump times!

  • Ryan

    The first sites I visit every morning are milepoint, thepointsguy, and frugaltravelguy. Every. Morning.

  • Shawn

    Icalculate the odds of winning (2/3)*29 at posting to decide whether it’s worth while to enter.

  • dave m

    How am I a points/miles geek? All my friends think I’m crazy. Award Wallet is pretty much the first site I check every morning even if I know my balances are the same. I also, in the past three months have accrued more than 150K points between Chase Sapphire Preferred and American Express Mercedes Benz Platinum without flying a single mile.

  • Ralph L

    Before buying anything, I always check first. Even if I know I can get it in store, I don’t mind waiting for a few days if I can get 5-10x bonus miles for ordering online and having it shipped.

  • Rosenbergjames

    While you are the points guy, in my house i am the “points manager”-a title universally bestowed on me by every member of my family. Why? It is because i manage all of the points. My daughter will ask me-”Dad, can i get to Aruba? or Dad, is there a free hotel available? I love it. While I don’t have the power of life and death, it is still a rather cool status i have earned by devotedly reading your blog.

    Jim Rosenberg

  • Mordy B.

    the first thing i check every morning is

  • Hao

    I’m a 19 year old student and manage my parents’ finances and credit cards!

  • Ben B

    My wife now calls me before she buys groceries or gasoline to check which card she should use to meet minimum spend requirements!

  • Scott

    I sign up for every promotion available, big or small, even if I don’t currently have any plans to stay or fly with that particular hotel or airline. Also, I partake in ALL earning opportunities, no matter how few points may be awarded.

  • Shahyan Ahmad

    If I can’t get it at the Ultimate Rewards Mall (love my Chase points) for 2x points or more, I feel bad buying it.

  • Brian L

    The SPG app has made it’s way to the front of my iPhone. I refresh it constantly like the points might suddenly increase for no reason.

  • Iain_scott81

    I have convinced my wife that anything bought online should preferably be done through the ultimate rewards mall

  • Jon Huang

    i juggle 5 credit cards at once to maximize miles/cashback

  • Bob

    I’ve got my once novice wife eagerly asking if any new trip reports have been posted at yours and other blogs every weekend.

  • Ian

    Dinner conversations in our house always seem to revolve around how to collect the next batch of miles/points, or where we should plan to go next using our miles!

  • Terry

    Can’t help but remind friends of the free travel they are passing up by not getting/using miles.

  • Euan

    I can only dream about collecting 603,500 miles through credit card sign ups… unfortunately not possible in the UK. Then again if I had a 150 friends I could recommend for the premium BA Amex (and they take it!) in the UK I could… “all I have to do is Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam”

  • Anonymous

    have 5+ windows with travel sites open at any given time

  • Anonymous

    All the apps on my iPhone are ones that tell me how many points I have in my programs.

  • Sharon

    Great update! Wish I could have attended!

    I’m crazy about miles/earning points with flying and credit card promotions–I keep handing my husband a different credit card to use each time and he’s wearily accepted it now :)

  • Neal

    Your contest reminds me that although I check my SkyPesos and SPG accounts daily, I should check my AA account. And frankly, after reading all this great MegaDo news I should give AA AAnother look. Some SWUs would be a great way to do that ;)

  • Jordan

    The first thing my wife says to me everytime I try to start a conversation is “I dont want to talk about miles/points”

  • bspn

    another good post! thanks TPG. huge fan of using miles/points for travel in business class and staying in a nice hotel.

  • Matthew Nguyen

    I just woke up (7 am Pacific) and the first websites i checked were: Gmail, Hotmail, Sorry you’re not first! but I am a huge fan and points geek and I absolutely love the benefits of being one.

  • JA

    I’ve stopped using cash – no points left on the table

  • Spillway

    Back in college, when I was first building my credit history, I was issued a credit card with my last name misspelled. I briefly considered keeping it that way and applying for another card with the correct name, figuring I could eventually find a way to merge the point bonuses. However, the implications of creating a fraudulent identify were too much :(

  • Jglenn16

    TPG is the first blog I bring up very morning on my iPhone after I turn off my alarm!

  • Anonymous

    I made a laminated card for my wife to keep in her purse that lists instructions on which point/miles credit card to use at which stores/hotel, etc.

  • Brendan

    I read travel blogs and flyertalk more than I pay attention to actual daily local & world news items…does that make me a points & miles geek?

  • Keith

    When booking my girlfriend’s flight from MAD back to NYC, I tried to convince her to go SkyTeam on Aeroflot MAD-SVO-JFK with an overnight in the Moscow airport rather than a cheaper, 20 hour shorter trip on a discount carrier!

  • Romsdeals3

    I check award wallet and the points guy everyday. I hate paying with cash.

  • Incongruities

    I’m a miles/points geek: I keep all of my points tracking spreadsheets on Google docs, so I can access and update them anywhere. You just never know when you’ll need to know how many Ultimate rewards points will be posting from bonus categories…

  • Chananya

    I think I make more worth of money from all my miles, than my actual wage. Thanks to you TPG.

  • DJM_Traveller

    Hello! Over here in the UK I can convert my Tesco Clubcard Points into Avios miles….. This month, rather than the £2.50 = 600 Avios points, £2.50 = 1,000 Avios points. So, in order to get as many points as possible during this offer period, I have started a Tesco online diet =4,000 Avios and I started a DVD rental contract = 3,000 Avios. On top of my usual spend and bonus point vouchers that I was sent. I’ve been checking my balance pretty much every day.

  • Cory

    I find myself angry at friends when they pay cash for something I could have easily paid with my points card for. And get really angry every month when I have to pay my mortgage but can’t get any points to do it.

  • Andrew Yu

    I read 13 different travel blogs everyday and travel out of my way to get bonus on my credit cards.

  • Dave

    My three home pages in Firefox are:

  • akgw

    I traveled 4x in 2011 on points, all earned due to TPG tips. 3 domestic and 1 to Argentina!

  • harvson3

    I have explained to at least five friends what “cpm” is, and how to maximize it with the ITA tool.

  • Lance

    I check and recheck my mileage account about 4 times a day and research possible award travel flights for no reason at all – if only to find availability no one else knows about. I also spend hours and hours a day maximizing the exact number of nights I should stay at which hotel to find the best way to get the hotels promo’s free nights during each quarter!

  • Anonymous

    I love SWU’s and business class!

  • Eric

    I put mileage to be earned on my calendar along with flight dates, times, and destinations…

  • Marianag

    Before I buy anything online I check which airline or credit card gives me the most points for my money and spend accordingly. And yes, I check my points more often than I check my bank accounts.

  • Andrew

    I’ve got eight travel blogs and sites that open on a click of a button … and I check them multiple times each day.

  • Pkerr

    Geek? How about a miles dork? I’ve even thought about trying to get a FF number for my dog!

  • Goosh

    I study airline routings within an alliance and the best reward redemption options.

  • DC Flyer

    My wife recently made up a new rule….I’m not allowed to (1) search for the best use of miles online or (2) be on phone with US Airways or Delta agents to work out a complicated trip for longer than the air trip itself. Luckily, I havent made it to that point yet!

  • Mark

    I am a Million Miler on AA and that’s without the sign up bonuses that don’t exist in Brazil so that tells how much of a miles freak I am for the last 10+ years.

    I already have a flight to use the SWU! GRU – MIA – LHR or the return trip LHR – JFK – GRU.

    Hope I win. It will be a long trip… LOL

  • eric

    The embarrassing number of credit cards i’ve signed up for just the points and miles

  • tivoboy

    I have an automated script that logs in to my UA account and checks my Lifetime miles total. (well, now 1MM 0P it doesn’t really matter anymore) but that was overkill.

  • Mkamman

    I actually emailed friends the day I became a “mile-ionaire” (crossed the one million mile threshold in my airline accounts).

  • Mr V

    When I’m in one of my law school classes, I don’t make any notes: I’d rather use my laptop and the wifi for checking my mileage accounts, booking mileage runs and studying airline routes and airport codes. My fellow students think I’m crazy, but I’m just addicted to earning/spending miles! I’ll use my time in the air to catch up with my classes! I’ll be studying Contract Law on my way to Singapore next weekend :)!

  • samuel

    I have checked my mileage accounts recently more than any time in my life time. I am getting more and more into this points/mile thing. It’s been fun.

  • Nicholas Franklin

    I realized last night while I was logging into my AA account that even though I have never been able to remember my driver’s license number (which I have had for 16 years) I can always type in my AA account number with no problem. Although to be fair, this is mostly AA’s fault since they don’t integrate with Award Wallet any more and I have to type it in all the time. Perhaps, that is what their goal was all along!

  • JM

    I’m hooked, the mega-do looks like it was awesome, I’ll plan on attending the next one.

  • MJLouise

    I’ve got the whole year planned out with which credit cards I’m going to apply for when, and how much minimum spend I need for each, in a spreadsheet. I’ve given my awardwallet password to my sister who travels, in case I die unexpectedly — I know she will put the miles to good use where my DH will not LOL.

  • Maxim K

    I make my relatives and friends sign up for random free miles promotions

  • Mark P

    I know all my FF numbers by heart.

  • Larry

    I delay buying things at some local stores (like Home Depot) so I can instead order them through a shopping portal and pick them up a few days later, thus generating extra points and miles.

  • charles

    I read TPG every mornin’ with my coffee!!

  • Duc Nguyen

    I go to flyertalk more than I use my facebook

  • ketan

    I click Update All on my Award Wallet account at least thrice a week.

  • Alessandra

    I am just starting on collecting miles because of my husband.

    We are planning a trip to Hawaii and we would love to travel in style! :-)

  • rob

    Awardwallet is my homepage. I look at it more often than I go tot he google homepage.

  • Teddy Winstead

    I prize my miles more than the dollars in my retirement account! I think I have more miles, too!

  • Charbel Barakat

    I am a “frequest flyer mile” and “points” evangelist. I spend a great deal of time spreading the TPG gospel, and have gotten my relatives and friends sign up for random free miles promotions, and credit cards as a result. Thanks for all you do.

  • Abby

    i check myself from bringing up miles/points/credit spend at least 5 times a day in hopes that people won’t recognize the crazy. i’m not sure it’s working

  • Anonymous

    I just got a look from my boss as I tried to explain what a system-wide upgrade was.

  • Andy Johnson

    I feel I’ve been cheated any time I spend a dollar that DOESN’T earn me miles. Thankfully that almost never happens. :)

  • Jeffrey

    For every purchase I try to get miles or points, and preferably double- or tripledipping while at it. Also I check blogs for free miles and points.

  • Jamie Hensley

    I really do check my miles everyday! :) Trying hard to get my husband’s Alaska miles, and my AA miles to be able to actually merge up and work on the SAME FLIGHT! :) (Hence, how I found your lovely blog!)

  • Robert

    I’m a miles and point geek because I’ve never been to Hawaii except on mileage runs. (I’ve only seen the airport).

  • Byroshi

    I check out travel blogs and forums more frequently than any other sites.. bought a tablet specifically for reading travel sites/blogs

  • A. S.

    I’m such a miles geek that I’ll probably be checking your blog every 5 minutes to see if I won the 2 SWUs — and hopefully I will have! :) By the time you award me those babies I will have grown a beard and had a few arguments with my wife over why I’m being a bum. But it will have all been worth it!

  • M124

    I check the MilesBuzz forum on FT every day to see what new credit cards I can include in my next churn.

  • HoKo

    AwardWallet is literally always open in one of my browser tabs, it never gets closed!

  • Ted

    1) I do check my awardwallet account several times a day. It has 93 active loyalty program accounts in it (including family and friends’ accounts)! I also check FlyerTalk and MilePoint subscription emails before any other emails.

  • Aleks

    Points/miles geek? My AwardWallet page is open in a tab on both my work and personal computer at all times and it’s the first page I refresh each day. I have a spreadsheet showing each CC I (and my wife) have, with dates opened/received/spend reached, bonus awarded, annual fee amount/date and date to call to cancel/ask for retention bonus.

    OTHER than that, I don’t obsess. Much.

  • Funkrp

    Yesterday I was checking my other account balances while on an AA flight with the free 30 minute internet connection. I also ordered dinner on line to be delivered when I arrived at home.

  • Marcos Carreño

    For my birthday, my family knows to give me miles rather than presents!

  • Nshelledy

    I am a total mileage geek – I make dummy bookings every week just to see how I can maximize my mile usage, like using the stopover rules to get a ‘free’ trip to Hawaii months after returning from an intl trip.

  • Joseph

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  • Loweeel

    I *DO* check my mileage balances way more than my bank accounts.

  • JoeL

    I wouldn’t say I’m a points geek, but I do keep all my Frequent Flyer/Hotel travel cards in a pocket protector. I’m thinking about getting a hip holster to keep them in, sort of like a frequent traveler cowboy.

  • Mighty Mouse

    While I regularly check my Awards Wallet to ensure I’m not about to lose points… getting more points is the priority and as such the FIRST thing I do every morning is read your post.

  • Stefan

    I’m such a mileage geek! I get more excited about a great new credit card sign up bonus than I do about sex!

  • Mitch

    My miles geekdom is most clearly expressed by my frequent checking of fare rules for international trips so that I can take advantage of strange ticketed point deductions for making connections in certain cities, thereby increasing the miles I earn.

  • Ncweigel

    I NEED a reward at the end of my tunnel! I just had knee replacement surgery on one leg and am due to have the second done in March. Having been a member of the Advantage program now for 30+ years, it’s about time I’d say, to treat myself and my husband to a relaxing business class flight to some wonderful destination as yet, unexplored. I’m thinking Portugal, with the hilly countryside, with bad knees I’d avoided to date!

  • Anonymous

    I’m such a points/miles geek that I once talked to a girl at a bar about frequent flyer miles; I don’t know if I got her number or one of her frequent flyer accounts.

  • Anonymous

    I need to reposition the order of my credit cards in my wallet on a monthly basis so I know which ones I should use when to earn the most points.

  • Jamison

    I’m such a TPG fan that this is the first page I look forward to reading when I wake up every morning (west coast time)! Thanks, love your content buddy

  • Brian

    I walk 10 city blocks everyday to get lunch at a participating dining rewards restaurant to earn extra miles.

  • Jamesrkunz

    I am such a miles geek that I get my mother flowers for Mothers’ Day solely so that I can get miles on the purchase

  • Oramos713

    I pay more attention to you than my own spouse :-/

  • MCSquared

    Hey TPG, I am such a mileage nerd that I have my frequent flier numbers memorized for my major brands. Instead of checking in with my flight number, I just type in my FF#’s all the time. At least it’s fewer digits than the credit card numbers I memorize.

    Thanks for offering up this contest!

  • Anonymous

    For every trip I calculate the miles per segment and try to squeeze as much as possible from the fare, specially when traveling internationally I tend to add a bit of a detour to the trip.

  • Rewinslow

    I am reading this instead of finishing my dissertation :).

  • Anonymous

    Even my friends think I’m a mileage/points geek – they all come to me with their points/miles/credit card questions.

  • Ty is my homepage! And i send out TPG info to friends and family desparately trying to get them to understand why I never pay for all my travel!

  • Federico

    I check this blog more than my work’s email account!!!

  • Philphactor

    How am I a points/miles geek? When I plan my personal budget every year, I include how many miles/points should be earned each and spent each month.

  • Greg

    I keep spreadsheets of my FF accounts to make sure the totals are all correct

  • HenryTV

    In the mornings I check the travel blog RSS’s before my email!

  • Anonymous

    I’m a newbie awards geek – but I’ve already wracked up nearly 54,000 avios in just one month!

  • Gina-schmitz

    I can’t remember my two daughthers birthdays, but I could recite to you mine AND my husband’s Delta & SPG account numbers.

  • Nik

    I’ve been in SFO so much this month (though I live in Texas) for DEQ11 and DEQAA that not only did a couple of the AC staff start to recognize me (and greet me with “wait, what are you doing back here?”), but one of the TSA screeners did too.

  • Mooper

    Despite having about 12 million miles among various accounts, I still earn more than I burn. Can you say “points hoarder”?

  • nicole harris

    just the amount i make my friends and family listen to me talk about mileage/credit card sign-ups/churning/etc – im a geek!

  • Dan M.

    I don’t purchase anything without earning miles for it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m such a mileage geek that I cringe when I hear of people flying non-stop!

  • Lenny L

    i set up my phone to receive an alert every time there is new content on this site!

  • Timothy

    I check FT and MP more than I check the news!

  • Erik Heinz

    I find it easier to remember airline and hotel account numbers than other allegedly more important numbers. Don’t tell my wife. At least our anniversary and her birthday are written on a sticky note!

  • msally

    I know my SPG and United Mileage Plus numbers by heart

  • Peter

    Hi. My name is Peter and I’m a miles and points-aholic. I let myy wife convince me (wink wink, nudge nudge!) to take AAdvantage of the double elite qualifying miles this month. And how did you know I check those more than my bank account?

  • Stahl Mike

    Have my kids trained to ask about bonus mile opportunities when making purchases.

  • Chatelaine

    i’m a geek in-progress and a regular blog reader!

  • Chatelaine

    I’m an RSS follower and often reset mileage accounts by dining or shopping

  • Bryan Schmiedeler

    I would love to have the system-wide upgrades.

    I’m such a mileage geek I signed up my step-kids in frequent flyer programs!

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t reading this blog prove it?

  • Jonathan Palmer

    I’m such a mileage lover and geek that I read your blog every day before I even check my email!

  • Tricia

    Other than groceries, I do all my shopping through online portals that give me extra points per $. I no longer can enjoy shopping in regular stores because of the guilt associated with knowing I can and should be earning more points by buying online!

  • Alex G

    My family never makes a purchase without asking which card is the most rewarding.

  • Ted

    I value miles more than cash!

  • Jeff Han

    Well, I guess going to the BME (Best. MegaDo. Ever.) puts me in the category of a miles/points geek. I actually got emotional going inside the first 747 over at Boeing. That there is genesis. The first jumbo jet that changed flying forever.

  • Scott

    I’m a mileage geek because…I went on the Oneworld Megado!! :)

  • Rocky Horan

    How am I a FF geek?? I check my mile account, new routes, skyteam web pages, airlines frequently flyer accounts and new more then anything. My favorite thing to do is go to yahoo finance and read the news related tick stock tickers like LCC, DAL, ALK, etc. In fact I’ve take this obsession to a new level and started my own blog, because after 2 days of searching online I couldn’t even find a trip review for the KE flight LAX to ICN that leaves at night, or a Business class review of ICN to JFK on the A380 (both trips I’m doing in Feb). So Due to this here comes Its official, after being my friends and family free travel agent for the last 5 years and flying about 400,00 miles for my own pleasure int he last 5 years I’ve started a blog. I folded!

  • Anonymous

    I just became a mileage geek and need the upgrades for my upcoming international flights. My credit score just dropped 20+ points but I also got 100K+ mileage/points as sign-on bonus.

  • BR

    I fly from Denver to Washington DC via San Francisco.

  • Eddy

    Miles geekiness means carrying an unnecessarily fat wallet just so I have the proper credit card to maximize miles for dining, gas, groceries, travel, etc.

  • Ron B

    I check travel links throughout the day & browse at least 16 travel blogs each day.

  • Scott

    Award Wallet is my homepage!

  • AJK

    I’ve amassed >1MM miles and points in the last 5 months.

  • Lilian Haney

    A perfectly fun Saturday night for my boyfriend and me would be looking at SeatGuru to see whether we should try to sit next to each in the middle or each grab window seats on the first-class tickets we’ve booked through miles…

  • Matt

    I have my wife’s social security number memorized from all the credit card apps I sign her up for :)
    She just rolls her eyes and tells me not to get us arrested.

  • MelissAA

    I have notes on the back of all my credit cards noting which I should use for which type of purchase to maximize points!

  • Anonymous

    Every single blog on my Google Reader is a miles and points blog.

  • Brian M

    I keep a spreadsheet of all my mileage credit cared signup bonus and plan for the entire year for the new ones. Thanks again for all the good advice. keep it up! It makes traveling on small money much easier!!!

  • Ang

    I read 10 different blogs on a daily basis – saved as favorites!

  • Lauren

    I have an excel sheet with 8 tabs – each tab is for a different dream trip and has the amount of miles and points needed!

  • Tony

    To become Qatar Silver Privilege, I needed 4 Qmiles. Shortest trip from Doha to Dubai = 16 Qmiles. I called QA and “begged” for 45 minutes and 3 officers to get waived on the 4 Qmiles. They just offered my a discounted economy flight to Dubai.

    I ended flying on December 24th to Dubai so I could get Christmas presentes: 1) Two angry birds for my 6 year old twins, 2) A bag for my wife, 3) Access to the Qatar Lounge, priority boarding, extra baggage allowance and a picture of the Burj Khalifa for me! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  • Carberrie

    I always read your blog as well as Lucky’s and Gary’s. I never skip any of your articles… I am indeed a points/miles geek!

  • TDA

    Read blogs religiously. Thanks to TPG and the likes I have accumulated hundreds of thousands miles/points.

  • Austin

    I insist on using my points-earning credit cards to pay for everyone at dinner or even if I’m shopping with a friend (with them paying me back in cash of course!) All of my friends think I’m insane but I just go laughing while sipping champagne in my BA F seat!

  • Vinyl Slider

    My weekly update email from AwardWallet will cause me to cease any other activity.

  • Chief

    I check TPG everyday day bc I would hate to miss out on any great offers!

  • Matt Culhane

    I visit flyertalk more than any other website, including my homepage.

  • Bonnie

    Although I am a real frequent traveler like poor people are real Republicans, I check my airline miles and Hyatt points at least weekly. And they aren’t changing because I am not going anywhere. Loser.

  • Silvia

    I check my miles-related websites, including htis one, several times per day.

  • Jerlovestravel

    Everything I purchase must earn me miles, or it becomes an agonizing decision. :)

  • Zev

    OK where to start!! How about racking up over 1.8 million miles on credit card bonuses this year (having a wife with good credit doesnt hurt).

    Do you ever find yourself pricing out award tickets just to see how far you can stretch those miles. I PAY FOR KVS TOOL AND EXPERT FLYER BECAUSE FOR ME CHECKING FOR MILEAGE TICKETS IS “FUN”!






  • Chase

    I put off buying decisions until I am sure I’ve found the best way to earn the most miles possible. Sometimes it’s quite an agonizing decision!

  • CharlesG

    Not only to I track my point balances online, but I maintain an excel spreadsheet for both my points/miles and my wife’s. Also, I try to fly enough every year so I don’t have to face the embarrassment of having my status tag on my handle fall to GLD from PLT!

  • Andrew S

    I am more concerned with my points getting deposited correctly into my accounts than I am with my paycheck making it to my bank account!

  • AdamUS-1

    In 2010 I used to search Google for coupon/promo codes to offset my ticket costs. In 2011 I went to Las Vegas (twice!), Florida (twice!), Texas (three times!), and Los Angeles (once) — ALL on miles/points. And I got to enjoy ‘domestic’ First/Biz class experiences on some of those flights, which used to be wishful thinking. I think once you put the good bloggers (like yourself) + FT into perspective…one can describe it as the place “Where Dreams Come True!” …. sort of like Disney for miles junkies :D

  • Alexis

    I keep a spreadsheet with points earning opportunities for myself and my husband and religiously check my point balances to make sure points post.

  • Kcncsy

    i log onto my delta app to check my flight status, and mileage while sitting on a delta flight arriving at the gate :-) Thanks!

  • Alan

    I’m a mileage geek that I’ve convinced my dad, my mom, my brother, my sister and my sister-in-law to open/participate in the mileage chasing through credit card/sign-up bonus/eshopping etc. Hey if my dog can get a SSN, I will do the same on him too!

  • John Moore

    When we go out to dinner, it is not about “what would you like tonight,” but instead, “what’s the best point/mile bonus tonight.”

  • Jilltraveler

    I asked my husband to buy my Christmas present through my personal Skymiles shopping link, using my own Chase Sapphire card, so I could earn miles/points on my own gift. He reimbursed me later. So romantic. ;)

  • sb

    I am such a mileage geek, that I’m unhappy that because of the Megado you are now talking about much mileage offers!

  • Angelina Aucello

    I’m a points and miles geek because I traded my old car with my brother for 12,000 SPG points

  • sb

    ‘not talking’

  • John Shim

    All my friends have now learned to roll their eyes whenever I give them grief for paying with cash. Points earning cards, people! On a related note, ethnic shopkeepers (especially Asians) hate me. :)

  • Anonymous

    I use AwardWallet to keep all my family points and miles. I reached 1M points late last year and was over 1.4M as of 1/21/12. I love watching the number grow.

  • Jeff W

    I’ve now forced my wife to use all the appropriate shopping portals for any purchase. This was a challenge at first…until we traveled in business on CX from LA to Thailand. Since that trip she is “on board” so to speak.

  • Mandrake

    My Awardwallet account gets at least one daily visit , complete with a ‘refresh all’ update.

  • Shelbyhcraig

    For me the “what’s in your wallet” slogan can be answered with “award wallet?”

  • Sandeep

    Awardwallet is the home page on my browser!

  • Darrell Roch

    I am a miles geek, when I open my browser it opens up to the Flyertalk Miles Buzz, Amex and other credit card forums. Along with special notifications for emails coming in from your blog and other miles blogs.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry- there are some big ones in the pipeline.. Hang right!

  • Steve

    I can’t resist trying to convert everyone I know into a points fiend, and I just don’t understand how they could not care.

  • thrashsoundly

    I’m now the “go to” person in the extended family for any travel question, whether or not I have any clue what the answer should be, and I don’t have a problem with that. At least it’s not annoying computer questions any more.

  • Balderdash

    I’m such a miles geek, I’m sort of secretly planning my honeymoon around the mileage that my fiancee and I will accrue. Sorry, hon.

  • Angie

    I track not only my points balances, but also my husband’s, my mother’s, my father’s, my brother’s (who’s not a miles geek), my other brother’s (who IS a miles geek — he lets me see what he’s up to in some of his accounts via Award Wallet), and my mother in law’s. Woo!

  • Jennifer

    When I discuss our upcoming Sydney trip my husband asks “So how many points is that?” :)

  • Onemakaveli130

    Let’s say I consistently dine at Dividend Miles Dining partners nearly exclusively and hold onto every receipt until the miles post. My girlfriend says it’s sad that I have a box for receipts next to “OUR” box. She goes on to ask sometimes ” Were you born this way?”. Which my response is always “How”, she says playfully “stupid”. I love it.

  • JP

    My girlfriend has over 1 million points/miles in her various accounts, and couldn’t tell you one thing about a single frequent flyer program.

    She knows that she can trust me with her info, and that I’ll sign her up for the best promotions/credit cards (of course brought to me by TPG) and we’ll travel the world together for free.

    I’d say that’s a pretty sweet deal for the both of us.


  • Anonymous

    Spend several hours a day at work reading travel blogs and FT; hope this doesn’t catch up with me :-o

  • Jeff Pilz

    I spend hours every week trying to figure out the best way to maximize my points for overseas vacations. I’ve already finished my credit card applications and now I’m looking to point my way into trips. I haven’t started milage running yet but I’m willing to learn, although living in Chicago can make that difficult I hear. My wife thinks this is an obsession, but she never complains about the rewards!! I’ve just started finding the really good bloggers, and I look at the posts in my mail more than my email.

  • Dan

    IAD – IAH – DEN and back same day for points!

  • Stefanelaine

    I have become a points geek. I get it now! But I’m just a newieb, working on my CC churns as you’ve taught, but it is difficult up here in Canada – hardly any promos available like there are for you folks in the US. I try my best checking your blog and the Boarding Area daily! My goal is to see my relatives in Arizona regularly and make that ultimate trip to Europe come true!

  • Matt Steele

    I think it feels weird when my spending just earns regular points and isn’t to meet minimum spend on some new cards.

  • Anonymous

    I got a nice Valentine’s day flower (12 yellow roses) for my wife because I wanted to get 40 Delta miles/$ on that 1-800-flowers purchase.

  • HansGolden

    Oh yeah, definitely check my miles balance more often than my bank account. After all, my bank account is a carefully choreographed balance and I know exactly when a payment is going to show or a debit is going to pull. On the other hand, my 68 mileage balances that AwardWallet checks could have one of tens of deals post to my account at any time! So you’re never sure WHAT you’re going to find! Thus, it’s essential to check AwardWallet at least 3-6 times/day.

    But the above was not a bit original and it would be really embarrassing to win with the above boilerplate which any unimaginative travel blogger (Did anyone else read the blog of one of the recent MMS interviewees and CRINGE to see the cliche mantra of something like “I’m a points junkie” in the introduction post?) could type blindfolded without even looking at ten other BoardingArea blogs first.

    My proof of being a points/miles junkie isn’t all that earth-shattering, mind you, but at least it’s not the example.

    I had my first points-earning credit card at age 13, at least, if my credit report is to be believed. I kinda thought I was younger and it probably got canceled since. My dad is very points savvy (for his generation, no offense intended to either him or his generation, as without his training from an early age, I would not be where I am re: FFPs; yes, it IS fun to stun him with FF deals that he never dreamed of.) and signed all of us kids for mileage CCs lo00ng before we could even get our learning permits at 15. He flew the whole family for free to Hawaii on PanAm when I was like 4. But anyway, that’s my little claim (excuse?) to mileage/points dependency–I was started young.

    (My apologies if any of this is overly verbose and/or incoherent. I’m in India and it’s 3:12 AM here.)

  • TravelWithParents

    When I procrastinate doing my homework, I don’t watch TV, I read travel blogs. Like right now.

  • Anonymous

    I’m new to this whole world of maximizing points for trip rewards, but I couldn’t be more excited to become a “points/miles geek” and taking my wife on an exotic vacation (or two or three!). She’s a former peace corps volunteer and misses the many exotic trips she used to take “back in the day” and often laments that she needs some trip to look forward to to get through the current work-day grind. I can hardly wait to surprise her with an all expenses paid trip to Costa Rica using the methods I’ve learned from this site!

  • James_gavin

    I now actually understand most of what I read on Flyertalk!

  • AngiS

    I update my awardwallet account twice a day


    It’s funny that you mention the “I check my frequent flyer balances more than my bank account balance”… b/c I think I mayyyyy actually refresh my Award Wallet & Credit Karma accounts more than my online Banking… Kind of makes me think a little :0 haha
    PS – pick me for the SWU :)

  • Ucipass

    I would use these upgrade for 4 people total. That’s right!

    I am flying from ORD-HKG with my wife and 2 kids, so I could upgrade 2 people to business while leaving 2 on Economy. Since this is a LONG (one of the longest) flight there is14-16 hours, we would switch halfway and I’d be willing to throw in a review on your blog if it works out!
    I have heard that flight attendant will allow you to switch seats if you don’t abuse the situation.
    What would make this a great trip is that I could use some of my adios points for short side trips from Hongkong to Vietnam/Laos.

  • Stuart Falk

    I’m a points/miles geek because my nightmares always revolve around my having expired unused frequent flyer points and I’d love to use those upgrades on a June trip to Miami.

  • Adamce

    I just started this year but used the Hilton Twitter contest to get a free room at the Waldorf and got a sweet (also in a suite) upgrade

  • Sytrino

    I follow travel blogs religiously. My google reader flags new posts as “most important”

  • Ray

    I’m a mileage geek. My work friends make fun of me constantly for checking @ 8AM every day when I first get to work.

  • Chris

    The first thing I do each day is check out Flyertalk and selected other blogs. thanks for your posts each day!

  • Marine

    Before buying something, I always calculate which one of my credit cards will give me more points !!

  • Murali Y

    I follow Rick and Gary every day through RSS feed. Now I will start following you

  • Anna

    I like to churn cards and go to wonderful national / international desitinations

  • Turtle

    I look up my on line bank statement once every two months. I do the same for award wallet once every two days.

  • Emily Lai

    I started being a points enthusiast last fall when I was just trying to cut my honeymoon trip in half by getting one free flight. Just 3 months later, we booked both flights and hotel on points! Now, I’m obsessed and already planning my anniversary trip!

  • Hunter

    When I get sad, the first thing I do to cheer myself up is apply for a mileage credit card. The day I got approved for the Chase Sapphire Preferred was one of the best days of my life!

  • Anonymous

    All my spare time at work is spent reading my travel blog RSS feed!

  • Sclarkenator

    Yeah, I’m the husband that makes sure his wife spends enough on her credit cards. I’ll borrow my wife’s credit cards to buy things just to make sure she hits the spending threshold.

  • Christopher Krystofiak

    Not only have you caused me to spend money on my credit cards to obtain mileage, but you have also helped my buy Christmas gifts for my family with FREE gift cards earned from mileage, and allowed me the freedom to travel without a huge amount of my cash paid towards tickets. My wife is catching on and we will be getting her started really soon! Love you guys!

  • BreadCity

    How am I a points geek? I’ve spent the past week figuring out how to buy a pair of headphones through the UR mall that I can get for $20 on Amazon.

  • Adrienne B

    I talk to anyone who will listen about my credit card/points strategies for free travel. Coworkers, boss, parents, dentist, the cashier at the grocery store, my priest….

  • Kushaljn

    I check awardwallet 2-3 times. With more than 50 accounts that is a lot of time savings across 4 family members.

  • Sheldonchristensen

    My wife and I are going to Europe with our 10 month old boy. The Business class SWU would be luxurious. Especially because we are flying on points and we have SLC to DFW, DFW to CVG, CVG to JFK, JFK to ZRH. Ouch!!

  • JMC

    I think of points and miles all day; check my awardwallet account at least 3x a week.

  • Thomas

    I avoid lower priced flights in the hopes of getting a mileage upgrade.

  • Ebodley

    I have a draft email of all the points/miles blogs I follow to share with friends once I have talked their ear off enough that they decide to join the fun.

  • Anonymous

    I’m technology averse. However, because of points and miles, I now have a facebook, twitter, and Foursquare account set up just to take advantage of promotions. Now I just need to figure out how to set up a RSS feed! I have bookmarks for Award Wallet, Credit Karma and Credit Sesame, 2 of which I check daily. And I’ve convinced my immediate and extended family to let me manage all their accounts…they’re getting used to me saying “just trust me on this one!”

  • Charlotte

    I used to just book flights, now I check to see if there are codes to have double miles or discounts. I used to not even know such things existed. Now, I checked my last ten bookmarks in Firefox- six of them were travel related. And I now keep an Excel spreadsheet of points/miles..

  • Henry M.

    Every time the check comes around at dinner with friends, I get the obligatory joke of ” are you gonna get bonus miles for this?”

  • Houstonmama

    I’ve become a miles/points geek because I anxiously wait all week for Sunday! My husband thought it’s because I can’t wait to watch Desperate Housewives but I can’t wait to read your “Sunday reader question”! I’ve learned so so much from others questions…I recently learned what a systemwide upgrade actually is!! :)

  • Bill K.

    I am a miles geek because as I was reading this I was on hold with Hawaiian Air about transferring miles to my Hilton account!

  • sammy

    I check your site as much as I check ESPN! Add a mail client and you’d be my #1 most used website

  • TomW

    My fiancee no longer freaks out when I say I’m applying for a new credit card. She just asks how much I have to spend to get the points.

  • Terence J Lau

    I’m a mileage geek because last night I couldn’t fall asleep due to thinking about how to get more Ultimate Rewards points. I finally had to pop an Ambien, which I usually save for flying. True story.

  • Scooter2002 Bears

    i am crazy about award travel

  • Brad

    Not only do I know almost all my FF #’s by heart, but I can’t bear to think about ever losing my status on an airline as it gives me anxiety.

  • jennifera

    I am such a mileage geek, I tell way too many people how many places I’ve gone for free (including Japan, Europe a bunch of times, Australia and Hawaii many times)!

  • Jim Willson

    I did 2 MRs LAX>ORD for the DEQ on AA in Jan. That was in addition to flights to LHR, JFK and LAS…

  • theMilesKid

    I started reading your site a year ago as a 17 year who thought that the only way to earn miles was by flying, a year later my friend and I have book two roundrip flights to Asia for our graduation trip using miles and hotel points, all we have to pay for is walking around money, and now I cant stop accruing miles. this is all thanks to your website.

  • Jeff

    I can remember my AA mileage number off the top of my head but rarely do I remember my social security number!

  • Scotti Mac

    I check my AA account daily just to if Citi will ever deposit my sign-up bonus for opening the Citi Gold Checking Account. I hear they are notorious for not giving sign up bonuses.

  • GreenCleaning

    I figure my miles and points into my net worth.

  • April Freeburn

    I am somewhat new to the points accumulation geekdom, but scouring your blogsite and reading your facebook feed has become an almost-daily habit. Also, your links to other travel blog sites have been enormously helpful. Thanks, pointsguy!

  • Anonymous

    During a week of business travel I booked unnecessary connecting flights to get extra miles (DEQM), additional segments in case I get low on miles for Exec Plat, hotel hopped for four nights, purchased a hotel eVoucher for one of the nights to get the $20 gift car, and booked hotels via Ultimate Rewards to get the additional bonus points. Oh, I thought about taking the rental car back each of the four days to get extra free weekend days from AVIS but ended up finding a coupon code for 2000 AA miles instead. All the meals that week went on the Sapphire so I could get a few extra points there as well, one or two might have been on the AA Dining program for another little bonus. All in all, it was a good points week but my wife thinks I lost my mind!

  • Jay

    I check the KVS Tool when I wake up and followed by multiple times in the day waiting for my award avail. to open up! Not to mention I am waking up earlier than I have to!

  • Annm

    I make notes on my ipad from The Points Guy blog!

  • JeffreyK

    I have 2 kids, so I am constantly trying to scheme ways to get enough miles to fly all of us around the world. It was easy when it was just me, but now I have to do 4x the work to get us all there!

  • Obsessed with Travel

    I obsessively check my AwardWallet app on my iPhone as well as my AA account on Before I purchase an item, I immediately check to see where I can maximize points. I have had my AA account # memorized since I was 14 and keep the membership cards in a travel wallet that I have. My parents don’t understand when I tell them to give me the money to buy my own Christmas presents because I will be able to maximize the points I could earn on the purchase. Travel has become an addiction and I talk about redeeming points (for instance, 35,000 US Dividend Miles R/T from DCA>CDG in February) like people who use coupons to get free groceries on “Extreme Couponing”. I would love to see a travel show like that on the Travel Channel!!

  • Shayna

    I talk about you and your blog so much, that my friends ask how you are when I talk about my family!

  • Brownma

    I’m 6’7 and flew to LHR in December just to get Gold status in order to get exit row seats from now on. I also designed a mileage run for my dad to hit EXP in December during the Double EQM offer.

  • Ray B.

    Nothing gets me more exited than researching for mileage First Class/Business Class seats availabilty and then coming up with the perfect itinerary!!

  • ASen

    My regular routine is: Wake up; turn on computer; check BoardingArea, TPG, FTG,MMS, FT, MP..keep on checking multiple times a day.. Need I say more?

  • Secretary Toaster

    I am such a points / miles geek that I’m already planning vacations and allocating time off from work and points / miles for trips through mid-2014, which sucks because it means i have NO VACATION TIME left!

  • Andy

    After found, I checked it everyday, even every hour to see my points and miles balances.

  • smedleyb

    My first thought each morning: how do I achieve the minimum spend on all these damn cards!

  • Greg Hansen

    I check 6 blogs a day, my mileage balance for hotels and airlines, and update my wife about new promotions daily-even though she could care less!

  • Trevor

    I use the Cabin Crew Ready app to study airport codes in check-out lines (and dentist offices, bus stops, etc).

  • Nick

    I mattress hop for more points/miles with Marriott and Hyatt!

  • JW

    I now only accept new friends if they think points and miles is an interesting hobby.

  • jc

    I check flyertalk and milepoint for mileage run deals constantly!

  • Claire

    Proof that I’m now a miles geek: the spouse and I went from 1 to 8 credit cards each in the space of one year. All of them have a zero balance!

  • Russkr

    Never won anything. May be this is the time.

  • Joseph Williams

    I religiously ignore all personal emails during the workday, except… I can’t wait to find out what the latest points guy post is.

    I want to put together a youtube video summing up the points experience. It starts out with two students sadly shaking their heads while looking at exorbitant prices on kayak, transitions to a web surfer clicking from page to page, when suddenly randomly shows up in a google hit. The mouse pauses for a second and then moves towards that fateful click. [Overdramatized hallelujah chorus as son as the cursor touches the link]. Then speeded up time shows the computer clock advancing over 5 hours as link after link is clicked.

    Next scene is someone opening letter after letter with new credit cards – Chase Sapphire, American Airlines CitiAdvantage, Continental, United, British Airways. There’s a sudden knock on the door, and a gigantic brown box is delivered. After a momentary perplexed look, the person opens it up, sees “Pitney Bowes” and beams broadly, giving a shrug, whipping out their “points tracker book” and chalking in the newest acquisition.

    Of course it needs to end in some incredible but realistic vacation place like the Turkey or India. Maybe even 10, streamed by quickly at high speed.

  • baqa

    I wake up my groggy self in the morning by reading all the travel blogs in bed on my phone.

  • Thomasporay

    I once made my friends “owe me one” and picked up a $500 tab so I could meet my spend on my sapphire preferred card so the points would post that next statement and use the points to go to Oktoberfest.

    Started in march last year, I now have 11 credit cards and I sound like a bank pitch man!!! thats why im a geek!!

    also i could use the upgrade in march boston to miami.

  • Chris

    I do check my award balances more than my bank accounts. Though it drives nuts that I’m still not part of the AwardWallet beta so I can see my AA balance.

  • jman

    You can travel for free using points and miles? Wait…what?

    BTW, check out the iPhone app Room 77 to find the best room in the house.

  • Jini Kim

    I check your blog more than my email

  • IainG

    Thanks to TPG and Frugal Travel Guy my wife and I have about 600K points/miles in the bank. Already have a trip to LHR and BCN for the summer (with our 3 kids), traveling in First/Business there, economy back. Staying 5 nights (in 2 rooms) for free in BCN thanks to SPG. Hilton Gold (thanks to the Visa Signature link) which has come with many perks and free nights. Free stays with Marriott. W0uld love the systemwide upgrades, they would help me start to use our 300K AAdvantage points. Thanks for all your help.

  • Zach

    I check my frequent flyer mile balances more than my bank accounts…I really do this.

  • wanderlust

    I subscribed to expert flyer like a true miles aficionado.

  • Victor Yiu

    I did two zero day turns to SFO, one before and one after an international trip, to get more EQM’s in Jan while AA’s promotion was on.

  • IPBrian

    I just emailed @mommypoints to get a referral for the Amex Plat card. None of this 25,000 point business when I know there is an easy 50,000.

  • DavidAL

    I have awardwallet as my home page.

  • Jessica

    I take 5 hours to get to MKE for work using a connection rather than take the 1 hour direct flight on Frontier just to collect more Skypesos and segments.

  • Ike

    My wife and I earned 2 MM miles/points in the last year and only made three round-trip flights a piece.

  • BothofUs2

    Started serious points collecting Sept 2011 and wound up with about 700,000 by the end of Dec 2011 between wife and I. My wife thought it odd that I was spending so much time reading blogs and websites but I kept telling her to be patient. Going to Hawaii and Europe this year mostly with points so that made her a believer-thanks for all your great advice!

  • Jared

    I’m so into points/miles that I had to stop and think at a restaurant on Saturday before paying to make sure I was using the credit card that would give me the most rewards for dining!

  • Scuta

    I’ve memorize each of my frequent flyer account numbers!

  • Robbiesam

    I check the miles blogs at least 10 times a day

  • BOShappyflyer

    I check the blogs and flyertalk several times a day!

  • Benjo

    I’ve translated the AA timetable into a spreadsheet to calculate my elite status mileage needs

  • Amit Bansal

    I’m the ultimate points geek because I successfully convinced my wife to have our wedding last year at a Hyatt, so we could score a boatload of points…..180K all said and done because it was all put on our new Hyatt card opened because of what I learned on your website!! Definately worth it. Kudos to you. Will be enjoying those for quite some time into the future.

  • Phuucnguyen

    I go to Ultimate Rewards Mall before I buy anything online. Got more than 8000 pts for purchased thing at staples that I do anyways

  • Wanderluster

    I’m far more concerned with becoming a mileage millionaire than an actual money millionaire.

  • Neal

    I check award route options daily for my favorite cities from Houston!

  • Fasturo

    I’m a miles geek because I convinced my friend to churn cards AND transfer his UR and MR points to me.

  • Jimgotkp

    Flyertalk and Milepoint are the #2 and #3 most visited websites on my browser. I wake up every morning and the first thing I do is read the BoardingArea, TPG, MMS, and FTG blogs.

  • KP

    I for some reason login to award wallet to look at my points balance because I’m always thinking about my next adventure. It helps me determine if I want to pay for my cash to earn more EQMS/miles or burn them since I have so many!

  • YesMissWin

    My boyfriend knows that he’s not allowed to buy ANYTHING online (tonight it was a $4 memory card from Amazon) unless he asks me if I want to earn points by making the purchase on his behalf.

  • Anonymous

    I have more credit cards than my three roommates combined.

  • GizmoD

    Between blogs, and flyertalk I think that takes up 75% of my daily Internet usage. Thanks for filling us in on Megado. As an EXP for the past three years, I think you will develop a love for AA… And an occasional hate when upgrades do not clear.

  • mattolo

    I check TPG as soon as I wake up every morning!!

  • NY

    I check your blog obsessively :)

  • Flamingo

    I hope my brain is big enough to save all 10+ FF blogs I read daily..

  • J210277

    I get excited using route explorer in from this site) to identify interesting routes to locations along with the mileage requirements at different times of the year

  • Steelsnow

    Signing up for both an airline club membership (for possible alliance benefits) and for hotel club membership (for possible status matches) probably qualifies me…

  • Rookie10

    I know more ff card numbers than I do telephone numbers. Keep in mind I probably can only remember 3-4 numbers since everything is already stored in my phone.

  • Gogators12

    I read miles and travel forums everyday first thing when I wake up and last thing before I fall asleep on my phone.

  • Mindamcc

    Whenever I say to my mom, “I have some good news!” she always says, “does this have to do with airlines or hotels?” And it always does! I sign up for things I may never even use because….it keeps the dream alive. I keep waiting for that mistake fare to Hawaii, however….

  • xpo

    I check my wife’s frequent flyer mile balances more than my bank accounts!

  • Anonymous

    When I help friends with their points and miles, they think they are doing ME a favor by letting me help them – must be the look on my face! :)

  • Anonymous

    I routed the return flight from my BVI sailing trip next week to fly EIS-SJU-JFK-LAX specifically to maximize miles earned. Those SWU’s sure would come in handy after a week of roughing it on a little sailboat! By the way, this is a one-way return flight; the flight out there was booked using LA as my stopover from a first class award redemption to Tokyo last fall!

  • Dan Berson

    I now offer to pay the check every time I dine out with friends!

  • snuggliestbear

    I try to show off to my wife when they announce the list of connections when we get to our destination – most of the time I can give almost all of the airport codes they list off – she thinks I’m really nerdy!

  • David

    I debated whether I should save $200 on an Asian budget airline or fly on a Star Alliance partner to earn 2 segments or 150 EQMs. My logic was that what if I got to the end of the year and needed to 2 EQS to qualify for status. My wife reminded me that we could use the $200 on our trip. Oh yeah…good point.

  • avalondon


  • avalondon3

    I think I have pretty much opened every single credit card that awards airline miles as an account opening bonus. I’ve racked up a significant amount of miles doing this.

  • Jim

    “I check my frequent flyer mile/point balances more than my heart beats per minute!

  • Anonymous

    I look at this site & others in ways of earning extra miles every day, wife thinks I’m crazy. But when you have a kid in college on the opposite side of the country you need free flights. Too bad we can’t bonus points for tuition!

  • Ben

    Keep the Awardwallet app on my second page (exclusive list)

  • Daman0817

    I check my award wallet account and boarding area website (as well as the points guy) every day as part of my daily routine. I also recently transferred 20,000 SPG points to American Airlines and got the 5,000 miles/points bonus!

  • Rechavia

    Thanks to the Points Guy, my husband and I are now on a Delta Points Trip “Round the World” and are planning our next one!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t spend a dime without getting a mile for it.

  • Joy

    Before I married my hubby, I insisted that we have a strategy discussion regarding our miles, he found it hilarious as he had not payed any attention to his mileage accounts before, now he appreciates seeing the rewards!

  • worldtraveller2

    When my kids walk into the room and I am on my computer, they ask me “What are you doing? and then they answer “are you doing that point stuff again?”

  • Mike Chung

    I’m so obsessed with miles while planning my wedding and honeymoon, I don’t buy ANYTHING, service, product or favor without making sure we get some sort of miles/hotel points for it!

  • Deant

    I have a spreadsheet that is larger than my financial tracking spreadsheet to keep track of my miles and cc applications

  • Mike

    I’m a miles/points geek because I almost don’t want to redeem them and see my balance go down…

  • Michael

    Bank account schmank account. At least I know how many points I have in my ff accounts!

  • Tim7777

    We fly to HKG every year in business on points.

  • John

    I am such a points geek that you are my home page.

  • Becca

    I could make a Halloween costume out of all of my points/miles credit cards.

  • hartd

    i change the seats on my flights once every couple of days just to have an excuse to log in…

  • Bluekz7479

    I have picked up something at a store and then put it back on the shelf because I realized I could double-dip by ordering the same item, at the same store, on an online airline mall.

  • Joel Giefer

    I am a small player in this game, but I definitely track my points. Use my miles for one way confirmed flights to visit my parents (domestic, of course).

  • Ragster7

    I refresh my reader to look for new blog posts more often than I check my emails.

  • Tara L

    It *pains* me when my Award Wallet grand total dips below a half-million miles, and it often does, since I’ve been earning-and-burning a lot lately, plus I’m redeeming for 2-3 people each time. I got into this “game” about 11 months ago and have *redeemed* 900,000ish miles already, though a couple of the trips are still yet to come.

  • Anonymous

    I convinced my brother in law to get married at the Westin so that I could get referral bonuses for getting everyone to sign up for the SPG card.

  • Catherine Morrison

    I check my points balance first thing every morning.

  • Matt Corcoran

    I even signed up for the Frontier Airlines credit card…

  • Anonymous

    It’s not that I hate my job, but talking about work is too painful once 5:00 P.M. rolls around. During after work socials, inevitably there is lots of work talk which generally leads me to zoning out or contemplating how to derail the conversation. I have done this for years and up until my Point Nerdiness kicked into warp drive I was mostly unsuccessful. Now I have the entire group frequently discussing how many AA points they have obtained through the various marketplace purchases, flights, etc. The free flow of App information and newly discovered flight deals now runs rampant during our meetings. Talks of random $37 turn arounds to Austin and $89 dollar long weekends to ABQ pepper the banter. It’s been a great boast to my morale and general outlook on after work social functions. Your Megado reports and posts will provide a wealth of material for the next several meetings.

    Thank you,

  • Greg

    all my awardwallet accounts don’t fit on one page :p

  • Globetrekker22

    My mileage geekiness caused me to buy everyone a round of whiskey cokes at a bar that was part of the Skymiles Dining program so that I could get a enough miles for an award flight on Czech Air between Prague and Berlin!

  • Anonymous

    Every year my goal is to gather enough points/miles to pay for my Mom’s ticket to visit us. This 1st year was AA miles from business trips, 2nd year was DL miles from honeymoon trip, this year is Chase S. Pref. points. I love accumulating miles!

  • qbrain

    Mileage runs, need I say more?

  • MerRhosyn

    As soon as my friends mention travel plans, I ask them if they’re earning points and miles with their excursions…

  • Ron the Man

    I read 7 or 8 different mileage/points blogs!

  • Rob S.

    The first thing I do when I get to work in the morning, is not check my work e-mail but check my daily travel blogs like!

  • Reagan Hillier

    I took two extra trips at the end of last year just to reach next elite status on AA. Never thought I’d find myself doing that, now have to utilize it in 2012!

  • craigpd

    First thing I do when i sit down at the computer every morning is check TPG and then FT. Every day. Without fail.

  • Anonymous

    I value my points/miles more than I value my bank account!!!!

  • Lantean

    Given the current economic environment, I care about my ff balances more than I do about my 401k…

  • Anshuman Saha

    Wake up in the morning. check miles-points blog like this site (and others), check awardwallet (in case some points magically appeared overnight), check hotmail-gmail and THEN brush your teeth.

    Not the everyone’s way to start the day but that’s just the way I roll !!

  • Joe

    I get depressed when I talk miles and points with my friends and they just don’t get it.

  • Ray

    I manage the miles and points for myself, my sister and my parents… and I have Award Wallet accounts for all four of us! I check balances daily even when it’s not necessary, just for that moment when an unexpected 25 starpoints or 150 AA miles or dining program bump from an unexpectedly miles-earning meal pops up in an account. I’m a miles and points person now, it’s fantastic. After garnering so many free flights and hotel stays, especially with the help of The Points Guy, there’s no turning back!

  • Benthelefty

    Not only do I try and maximize all the points and miles that I can, I encourage my parents and wife to do the same. I send them e-mails with links to cards to sign up for and start saving!

    And when the AwardWallet gold card came out I asked for it for Christmas! (Plus i check miles and points more than my bank account!)

  • THos

    My friends think I’m nuts with all my mileage trivia.

  • miffsc

    My +1 says to me one night, as I was reading FT and MP and checking points balances, “I think you are obsessed with all of this stuff!” To which, I replied sweetly, “Yes, and you have a problem with that because?”
    I look at my points balances as just as valuable as money in the bank!

  • David

    I used the British Airways credit card signup bonus to book flights for me, my brother and half my friend’s flight to Peru and then used the Starwoods credit card signup bonus for all the hotels and I still have over 500,000 miles amongst the various programs.

  • Tripp Costas

    At the end of the road to 1 million miles stands a Unicorn.

    I want to ride a Unicorn.

  • Anonymous

    I check my frequent flyer mile balances more than my email box

  • Abbas

    I designed a custom made cabinet where I keep all my credit cards, and pin up charts tracking expenditures and bonuses.

  • Ssgtravel

    All of our international trips for pleasure are booked using points for the airfare.

  • Andrew L

    My friends won’t talk to me anymore… unless they need an award ticket or want to know what credit card to open.

  • RandomThundercloud

    I recently flew to LA to take advantage of the stackable DEQM promotions. I was more excited about the miles than seeing my friends who live there and whom I haven’t seen in 5 years.

  • Rambiboi

    The first thing I check when I wake up is FlyerTalk and AwardWallet!

  • Jsaksak

    I have to go through many websites for work but I check travel sites, blogs more than my work related sites, kinda becoming an addiction…

  • Dave Mo

    I booked my first major award last year, LAX-BKK in Cathay business class. I paid for my hotels, a night train/ferry combo and a domestic BKK-CNX flight with CapitalOne Points. I’m about to sign up for Amex Plat to top off my MR pts for my GF and I to go to a birthday party in STT. I earned 160k AA pts last year, your upgrades would help immensely to get the two of us back to BKK or our first trip to IST! Thanks!

  • richard

    crap – i really do check my award wallet account more than my bank account.

  • Cyril Bergeron

    I bought a Touchpad to read ff blogs on google reader first thing in the morning (sitting on the throne)

  • Anonymous

    I convince friends to get credit cards, change hotel rooms daily, refresh award wallet twice a day, and read atleast 10 blogs everyday…

  • Jackie

    The points and miles I have worked so hard to accrue in my frequent flyer/stayer accounts are SO valuable to me that I would like to add them into my will the next time I update it! Not joking!

  • Anonymous

    I shopped our way to China this year. Okay, well, not completely, but my friends think we spend ridiculous amounts of money on travel. Not so. As all points geeks know, one way you earn your way to award travel by shopping through your favorite airline and credit card websites and receiving those double, triple, etc. mileage points. It took over a year, but I earned us enough points to fly business class to China. And, I agree with the comment from Joe about friends who don’t get it. I’ll be your friend, because I totally get it! It’s a hobby, a vocation to earn a vacation!

  • Rachel

    I have my own travel blog that discusses miles/points strategies (among other things!).

  • Arthur Loubeau

    The San Francisco-based AA flight attendants recognize me every time I fly AA from SFO :)

  • mrsstas

    I’m a miles geek because I know the ins and outs of every shopping portal program.

  • Matthew F Dolan

    When I’m at work, I spend more time reading travel blogs/forums than I spend actually doing work.

  • Hector!

    I know I am a points geek because that is my favorite topic to talk about. Just ask my wife!

  • Emailbrianjohns

    I’m such a geek that I literally dream about credit cards. I just did a churn and woke up at 4am dreaming I was clutching hundreds of cards to my chest in a game where your status in society was randomly determined by which cards you received from a pile…or maybe that’s wasn’t a dream – maybe its reality!

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  • Anonymous

    This is the one year anniversary of becoming a miles geek. I saw a youtube video on a presentation of how to “Hack the Frequent Flyer Programs,” which was really an explanation of all the ins and outs of how these programs work. It opened my eyes and since then my wife and I earned Gold status on AA by enrolling in a challenge that was satisfied with a trip to Europe we were already going to take. We also have earned 425,000 in the past year by just taking advantage of the offers listed on this site and Flyertalk :-)

  • Harvey Yang

    every time I make a purchase at a merchant that doesnt accept Amex I lament at all the points I missed out on

  • David Esquiliano

    I don’t know if I’m late, but here we go… My friends keep asking me, so “where are you going for free in first class next time?”

  • Grace

    I am so sad I am only seeing this now :-( given that I live in chicago and from ireland and every month my boyfriend, who lives in ireland, and I have to fly to see each other it would have made it so awesome to have had a system-wide upgrade. I am such a points geek that i get a lot of abuse from it (although its funny cause the same people gain so much from my advice!) that i fwded your email on the AA promotion double points/platinum and exec platinum offers that got sent to selective people (not me!) to my colleagues and they came back with “when are you going to start your own points website?”. I got lots of tips on what to call it too! Anyways – I am new to your website, barely a month since I heard about it, but love it and now I fear I am checking that nearly as often as i check my points balances! when you travel as much as i for work, and thwn for pleasure when doing long distance I value my points too much! too much and I am always delting anything I seem to earn way too quick!

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