Delta Rollover MQMs Posted!

by on January 4, 2012 · 46 comments

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I just logged into my account and saw that my rollover MQMs posted. I am starting this year off at 33,593 MQMs without stepping on a Delta plane in 2012 – gotta love rollover!

How many rollover miles do you have?

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  • Jamesrkunz

    8500 (which was kinda cool since I guess the odds are 1 in 500 of it ending up as such a round number) but they haven’t posted yet

  • Anonymous

    I had a crazy year last year and ended up with just over 80,000 rollover MQM’s. With 20k in DL Platinum AMEX MQM’s and trips to S. Africa, China, and London in the next couple of months, I should be around 150k by end of April.

  • Howie

    185,328 for me!

  • Spicy B

    Crazy Double Diamonds

  • Asdfasdf

    mine haven’t! what to do?

  • Howie

    yeah … but what did I get for it? Just more unlimited domestic upgrades :)

  • mendy

    Not posted yet.

  • Rocky Horan

    ya but my question is if you don’t fly delta AT ALL this year, would 40,000 roll over next year?

  • Howie

    @Rocky – they will.

  • Brogan

    192,558. My wife is so impressed…

  • Randall

    Does the 10,000 mqm boost post automatically from Delta Amex Platinum or do you have to request it? It used to post automatically.

  • Medspirit74

    Im rolling over 1,550 :) better than my 899 from last year lol!

  • sfobuddy

    My plans to rollover into Platinum status were ruined by the fact that DL does not allow you to change your FF number for the return portion of a trip. I’ve done this a number of time with United, so I was shocked and ANNOYED that I lost the opportunity to roll over 48,000 miles. I’m hopeful being Delta Diamond doesn’t ‘suck’, but who knows.

  • FieldOfBurch

    2,652, but haven’t posted yet. I got a little worried and called Delta….friendly agent told me that they audit accounts individually, and it will be up to 3 weeks.
    By the way, last year was my first experience as a Medallion and I LOVE it – I call, put in my SM numbers, and get an answer right away!

  • PCP

    Please update us regarding using that Lexington Law company you mentioned in August. This will benefit many of your readers. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick E

    Zero for me as a second-time Diamond. I managed to requalify on segments (flew #’s 139 and 140 on December 31st) but only wound up with 113k MQM’s. Here’s hoping I continue flying short hops to keep DM for next year as well!

  • Anonymous

    Look like my 1701 haven’t rolled over yet. This will be my first time as with status and rollover miles. Can’t wait to see them post! :)

  • Diego R Gastmann

    40,980! DL rocks!

  • Diego R Gastmann

    IMPRESSIVE!!! Congrats!

  • foofiter69

    Mine have not posted either as a Silver.

  • Riann

    I am wondering the same thing! Still waiting…and the link to the member guide does not work for me online.

  • Wbarbera


  • bearcat74

    Just got my miniscule rollover as a Gold today. Wife still doesn’t have hers yet as a Silver so probably workign their way through processing them.

  • JC

    I made diamond this year and with a little help from the AmEx promo for moving 50k MR points to SkyMiles I’m rolling over 36,800 MQMs

  • Anonymous

    Holy Moly! I got Platinum last year on the “fly three domestic R/T” promo. I had 68,468 MQMs at year end so I didn’t expect any rollover. Turns out that they rolled over 18,468 miles! I hope that doesn’t mean I go back to Gold in February. Did anyone else get the promo status bump last year? What was your rollover?

  • Bolter

    Just got my 46,987 miles rolled over!!!!

  • ZeroMQMsCAM

    I became SILVER MEDALLION last May 2011 by transferring 50,000 AMEX p0ints to DELTA. As part of a promotion, they gave me 25,000 MQMs with the transfer deal. (TPG showed me how and I thank him again.)

    I have flown roughly 13,000 Delta miles since joining in May, as a SILVER. As of today I have zero rollover MQM’s. I was about 7,300 SkyMiles short of GOLD MEDALLION.

    Should I be expecting a rollover or does the promotion eat the SkyMiles I’ve flown thus far?

  • Cindy12632

    12,059 — Yay !! I love Delta

  • Pstampf

    I noticed that I have 53,000 million miler miles. Is this considered MQM?

  • Kk

    Bump on this- same boat same no mqms. Was holding back from gold to keep silver- all for naught?

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t fret- your account probably just hasn’t been processed yet

  • Anonymous

    No- that’s just your million mile counter- once that hits a million you get silver status for life.

  • y99

    I had 33,485 MQMs but none rolled over, can anyone help @y99

  • Melina71

    I had 14.292 MQM’s with another 6.2k MQM’s I will earn flying out tomorrow!! But no rollover has posted yet. This is my 2nd year for being a Silver Medallion!! Missed the Gold Medallion by 10k MQM’s in 2011 by far the most rollover MQM’s ever for me…I will most definately aim for higher Medallion Tier this year!.

  • Yess!

    Made Diamond for 2012 and had over 56,000 miles roll over….not too shabby!!

  • DavidB

    I’ve got 19,009. If only I’d traveled an additional 5,993 miles last year, I would have made Platinum!

  • DavidB

    Make that 5,991 miles…

  • Newlimos

    I’m in the exact same boat as of 1/6/2012.

  • Monyline

    91,827 roll over miles and Diamond for 2012. Its going to be a breeze to requalify for Diamond. This is a great feature of the Delta Program.

  • EdG

    38,513 MQMs rolled over and two round trips to the West Coast from Florida in January. I should have no problem making Platinum again this year and maybe even Diamond.

  • Smith4jd

    I got Gold last year from the “fly two domestic R/T” promo and had 40,595 MQM at the end of 2011. I had a 15,595 MQM rollover post today. I confirmed my Gold status is good through Feb 2013 as expected.

  • Bill

    I was in almost exactly the same situation. The rollover miles have since been withdrawn :-(

  • guest

    The bonus does not count for rollover. Sorry they actually took my rollover miles back. Called them up and they explained that the AMEX bonus did not qualify

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